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NASA STS-107 Mission

NASA STS-107 Mission Patch

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Tragedy has brought us together.  You have come from all over the world for answers you don't have.  Politicians and pastors have failed you, and now you are looking further.  But knowledge of the truth about what God does only comes from God.  If you do not believe in God, if you have never been born again, you do not know God.  Please, first consider your own Salvation.  If you are a Christian who does not use Rebound, you are not filled with the Holy Spirit and are, therefore, not able to believe God.  The Word of God is foolishness to those who do not believe.  If you are an unbeliever or if you are a Christian who is not filled with the Holy Spirit, you are free to proceed, but you are really wasting your time.  This is for doctrinal Christians.  It is not for the faint of heart.

Columbia Accident Investigation

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April 9 (Day 99, Almost But Not Quite):  The preliminary findings of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board is that the leading edge of the Orbiter left wing was breached by hot gases on re-entry.  The left wing was likely damaged by a piece of insulation from the External Tank during Launch.  These findings are in agreement with the Mission Patch, which always comes true.

The patch is a view of the belly of the Orbiter, which means the Orbiter left wing is on the right side of the patch.  On the Orbiter left wing (right side of the patch) is the picture of an explosion and orbital trajectory.  The Columbia exploded upon re-entry along its orbital trajectory.

Not only did the Orbiter explode, but it exploded, according to the Columbia accident investigation due to a breach on the leading edge of the left wing.  A piece of frozen foam insulation from the External Tank was seen hitting the left wing of the Orbiter in the same spot as the Sunburst explosion on the patch.  The tiles on the left wing were apparently ruptured.  The Sunburst explosion on the patch is up toward (although not on) the leading edge of the wing.  Thus, the Sunburst on the Mission Patch portrays the breach in the Orbiter left wing, which led to the disaster.  This is in agreement with the findings of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

Columbia DisasterColumbia Debris, 2-1-03, 1400 GMT

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February 1 (Day 32, Conspiracy):  The Orbiter Columbia broke up and exploded upon re-entry and killed all 7 astronauts.  The fragments of the Orbiter rained down upon Nacogdoches, Texas.  The Orbiter broke up at 207,135 feet (39 miles) traveling at 12,500 mph (Mach 18) at 9:00 AM EST (1400 GMT), 16 minutes before its scheduled landing in Florida.  Those killed were:  Shuttle Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialists David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla and Laurel Clark, and Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon.

The debris field was over Nacogdoches, Texas at 31 N., for an evil king.  The city of Nacogdoches, which is east of Palestine, Texas, is the oldest city in Texas.  Nacogdoches is an Indian name based upon a legend.  An Indian chief had two sons, Nacogdoches and Natchitoches.  He told his sons to each travel three days and nights by horse, one to the east and one to the west, and establish a village there. The town of Nacogdoches is the site of one of the Indian villages. The other is located is Louisiana.  When Columbia exploded and rained down upon Nacogdoches, it was heard in Louisiana.  President Bush is from Texas, and the NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe is from Louisiana.

The Orbiter was returning across Texas from the West to the East when it exploded over Texas.  The day before over Florida near Kennedy Space Center, a horned mackerel sky that converged in the west and the east was overhead.  A lone buzzard circled low over the roof tops in nearby Titusville.  The day before a propane truck had fallen from an overpass in Flint, Michigan and exploded in a huge fireball that sent flames hundreds of feet into the air.

Florida Buzzard, 1-31-03, 1830 GMT
Florida Buzzard, 1-31-03, 1830 GMT Florida Buzzard, 1-31-03, 1830 GMT
Florida Mackerel Sky, 1-31-03, 1830 GMT
Florida Mackerel Sky, 1-31-03, 1801 GMT
Florida Mackerel Sky, 1-31,03, 1804 GMT

At Launch on January 16th, a chunk of External Tank foam insulation had hit Columbia's left wing.  The External Tank was ET-93, where 93 stands for guilt.  The Orbiter broke up 16 minutes before landing in Florida.  The Mission Patch, which always comes true, shows stars on the wing on the left, a symbol of Heaven, and the continents of the earth on the wing on the right.  The patch is a view of the belly of the Orbiter, which means the Orbiter left wing is on the right side of the patch.  On the Orbiter left wing (right side of the patch) is the picture of an explosion and orbital trajectory.  This happened.  Also on the left wing is a map of the world that stretches from the west to the east under the orbital trajectory.

There were 5 Orbiters in the Shuttle fleet.  The Challenger (OV-099) blew up in 1986, for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  And Columbia (OV-102) exploded during entry in 2003.  Now, there are only 3 Orbiters left in the Shuttle fleet, where 3 stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, the meaning of 2003.

What Happened

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During Launch on January 16, a piece of insulating foam from the External Tank came off and hit the left wing of Columbia.  Although thermal protection tiles have been lost on previous missions with no ill effects, this time it was different.  As Columbia entered the Earth's atmosphere, the tiles were needed to protect it from the intense heat of up to 3,000 degrees.  At 39 miles high, data was lost from temperature sensors on the left wing, followed by loss of data from tire pressure sensors on the Left Main Landing Gear.  The Orbiter began to break up and the tanks of hydrogen, oxygen, and propellants began to explode.  The large chunks of debris cracked the sound barrier and produced multiple sonic booms.Florida Sunset Eye, 1-30-03, 2038 GMT

Sunsets are heralds of the future.  The angels paint the Sunrises and Sunsets, and no two are ever the same.  The sensor failures were represented at Sunset on January 30th by the eye of the Sun shining through a cloud (right photo).  This sign has appeared many times over the years to represent sensor failures on NASA flights.  A power line runs directly under the eye on the photo, which means instrumentation at the end of a wire in the Orbiter.

The next day, January 31st, the eye of the Sun appeared to be covered by a cloud at Sunset.  This is a sign of God's covering, which solves all problems.  However, the eye of the Sun appears to be emerging from the covering into an electrical power pole.  This is the sign of an electrical problem.

Florida Sunset Covering, 1-31-03, 2038 GMT Florida Sunset Covering, 1-31-03, 2033 GMT
After the eye of the Sun emerged from the covering cloud, it soon ran into trouble.  It was first pierced by a horn from the North (right side of the photo), which is illustrated as Horn #1.  The eye of the Sun made it through that obstruction only to be smashed by Horn #2 from the South, which represents a sortie, or counterattack.  Horn #2 closed the eye.  Since the eye is a symbol of grace and the Sun never appeared again, this represented the death blow.  Horn #2 was shaped just like the debris field over Texas.
Florida Sunset Horn #2, 1-31-03, 2047 GMT Florida Sunset Horn #1, 1-31-03, 2046 GMT
The last word from Commander, Rick Husband, was "Roger," which means famous spear.  The spear is used for close, hand-to-hand combat to kill the evil king.  The horns in the photos can also symbolize spears (and cruise missiles).

WeatherLion, 2-1-03, 1615 GMT, PSC

The weather map portrayed a lion over the Pacific northwest, a wild boar over Mexico, and an eagle in the Atlantic off the east coast.  The lion represented the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent when He will return as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to conquer the enemies of Israel.  The eagle is gathered to eat the corpses of the Battle of Armageddon.  And the wild boar represents the abomination of desolation.  A boar was sacrificed on Christmas day by the Saxons in honor of Adonis, the Sun god, and the boar was the great article of the feast of Saturn in Rome.  Offering pigs on the altar in the Temple of Jerusalem as was done by Antiochus Epiphenes, a Syrian king during the time of the Maccabees, was symbolic of the abomination of desolation (Daniel 9:27; 11:31; Matthew 24:15-16).


What does it mean?  The Orbiter exploding over Texas in a West-to-East orbit was the sign of the Second Advent:
Matthew 24:27-28
27 “For you see, just as lightning comes out from the east and flashes even to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. 28 Wherever the corpse might be, there the vultures will be gathered.

Revelation 1:7-8, NAS
7 Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. Even so. Amen.
8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

The Lord Jesus Christ will return at the Second Advent to conquer the enemies of Israel.  He will orbit the earth, and every eye will see Him.  Israel will look on Him whom they have pierced (John 19:37; Zechariah 12:10: Isaiah 53:5).

The buzzard over Florida in the mackerel sky that stretched from west to east symbolized death in the trajectory of Columbia's return.  Israel will not repent until the exit Resurrection of the Church (the Rapture).  The Columbia disaster was a preview of the Second Advent for all the world to see.  The pride and joy of Israel, the first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, 48, died, and all Israel will grieve as will all Americans.  Ramon was not Jesus Christ, but his death in an orbiting spacecraft is the closest symbol of the return of Jesus Christ that Israel will have before the real thing.

The Columbia disaster was God's Sovereign call on February 1st, for unity and Love (the Love of God).  Who knows whether Ramon accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior before he died.  No one ever had a better chance.  But death is God's victory.  God in his Sovereignty alone determines the time, manner, and place of death.  It was God's time - the most miraculous demonstration of evangelism in history.

The message of Salvation was clear:  "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, for there is Salvation in none other" (Acts 16:31; 4:12).


Marriage Culture

The first Jew in space was reportedly Judy Resnik, who died aboard the Challenger January 28, 1986.  The first Israeli in space was Ilan Ramon, who died aboard Columbia February 1, 2003.  The Challenger disaster was less than 3 days after the full Moon, which was on January 25 at 7:31 PM EST; and February 1, 2003 was on the new Moon.  So Judy died near the full Moon, and Ilan died on the new Moon.

The Sun represents the Right Man, and the Moon represents the Right Woman and the Church.  The Moon has no light of its own, but simply reflects the light of the Sun.  At full Moon, the Moon is brightest.  This symbolizes the full glory of the woman.  However, it is also the time of potential eclipses of the Moon when the Moon can be darkened.  The eclipse of the Moon represents the death of the woman.  Failure in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship can lead to the sin unto death.  Similarly, the eclipse of the Sun occurs at new Moon.  The eclipse of the Sun represents the death of the Right Man.  So, the death of the Right Woman may be associated with the full Moon, and the death of the Right Man may be associated with the new Moon.  The deaths of Judy Resnik and Ilan Ramon symbolized this principle.

Furthermore, the failure modes of Challenger and Columbia correspond to the principle of Right Man - Right Woman.  The Challenger was destroyed by the failure of the Right Solid Rocket Booster.  The right side represents the Spiritual side and the Right Woman, who is like the right lobe of the soul (the heart).  Judy Resnik died in Challenger.  Columbia began overheating on the left side, which corresponds to the temporal side and the Right Man, who is like the mind, or authority of the soul.  Furthermore, the Commander of Columbia was Rick Husband, a name that represents the Right Man.  Ilan Ramon died in Columbia. Thus, the deaths of Judy Resnik, the first Jew in space, and Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli in space, represent the eclipse of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship, which corresponds to death.

Abrahamic Covenant

In spite of all this, it remains that major disasters were associated with the first Jews into space.  These two were cursed, and their cursing was associated with the USA.  The foreign policy of the USA denies the Abrahamic Covenant, and is, thus, a curse to Israel.  This is the additional meaning of the disasters associated with the first Jews in space.  President Bush has proposed a Palestinian state, which is tantamount to defying the God of Abraham.  The Abrahamic Covenant has cursing associated with it.  The Lord promises cursing to those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3).  With most of the astronauts from the US, the US definitely received the most cursing, but the cursing was associated with the Jew.

The first disaster was in 1986, which means the Arab persecution of the Jew.  By 1978 in the Camp David Accords, US foreign policy was blatantly defying the Abrahamic Covenant.  Currently, the US is supporting the Arab persecution of the Jew by supporting a Palestinian state.  And the horrible disasters of the destruction of two Orbiters and their crews were demonstrations of just how strongly God will defend the Abrahamic Covenant.  The cursing, which is like the plagues of Egypt, won't stop until the US foreign policy changes.  And US foreign policy won't change until Christians obey Bible Doctrine.

The STS-107 Mission patch had an arc on the right wing (Orbiter left wing).  An arc symbolizes a broken covenant.  The arc on the patch with a Sunburst explosion on the Orbiter left wing also symbolizes the destruction of Columbia before returning home to complete the circle.  And the arc with the Sunburst near the end symbolizes the west to east trajectory of Columbia and its destruction as it traveled into the rising Sun.

Doves Salute Petr Ginz

On January 30, 2003, two days before the Columbia disaster, a pair of doves landed in a Titusville, Florida backyard.  As they pecked, fed, and brooded in the grass, one of them gave a salute with its tail.  Three tail feathers were poked Heavenward.  The salute didn't mean much until the picture, "Moon Landscape" of 14-year-old Auschwitz victim Petr Ginz was published.  The art was flown on STS-107.  Petr drew the lunar mountains with trinity peaks.  The doves gave the trinity salute to Petr with their tails.  The angel who inspired the dove salute knew of Petr and his art.  Angels love art, and doves.

The year, 2003, stands for the Trinity.  The STS-107 Mission patch features a picture of the Constellation, Columba, the Dove, on the wing on the left side of the patch, which portrays the Orbiter Columbia.

Florida Dove Trinity Salute, 1-30-03

Florida Doves, Trinity Salute, 1-30-03, 1515 GMT Florida Doves, Trinity Salute, 1-30-03, 1520 GMT
"I Lost My Daddy"
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During the Launch of STS-107 while everyone else with human viewpoint was on a "high", Noa Ramon, the 5-year old daughter of Ilan cried, "I lost my daddy!"  According to her mother, "she knew."  Who told her?  The angels revealed it.  The truth came from a 5-year old.  Later all the adults would be crying like 5-year old's.

By the time Noa Ramon had uttered her revelation from the angels who were at the Launch, the Columbia disaster was already common knowledge in the Angelic Conflict.  The disaster was revealed beforehand.  The signs were there for all to see, but those without Spiritual sensitivity were blind to it.  Noa Ramon understood in a flash of clairvoyance.  Clairvoyance is a spiritual gift for believer and unbeliever.  Elijah and Elisha had the gift.  The angels reveal the spiritual realm to people with this gift, but the information must be interpreted with Bible Doctrine.  Those who do not use Bible Doctrine will be quickly caught up in the lies of demons.

The cry, "I lost my daddy!" is not all that rare.  It was uttered after September 11th.  An Internet search of the phrase reveals many occurrences.  And what is happening in NASA, although more high-profile, is not so much different from other civilian institutions.  NASA is doing a job like other agencies under the Laws of Establishment.  NASA probably has better management than many civilian agencies; however, it is still full of the same human viewpoint, cosmic counterattacks, and cycles of divine discipline.

Prostitute of Babylon

Columbia was the first Orbiter launched.  It was launched April 12, 1981, the same year that Ilan Ramon flew the mission to bomb the Iraqi nuclear reactor.  The number, 1981, stands for the federal judiciary (19) and a grace counterattack (81).  Brevard County, from which Columbia was launched, is also Florida County #19.  Columbia was the first of 5 orbiters built, where 5 stands for grace and a giant.  It was destroyed in 2003.   Elijah had a grace counterattack from Jezebel after the great victory of grace on Mt. Carmel.  Jezebel was an example of the Prostitute of Babylon, who has corrupted nations throughout history.   After great glory, NASA astronauts suffered the same fate as Jezebel who was dumped in the field of Jezreel (2 Kings 9:33-36).  Ilan Ramon was buried on a hill overlooking the Jezreel Valley.  NASA was corrupted by the same Prostitute of Babylon (Revelation 17:1-5).

and upon her forehead the name had been written, MYSTERY, "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." (Revelation 17:5)
One of the major judgments of the Second Advent will be the destruction of the Prostitute of Babylon (Revelation 17, 18).
He cried out with a mighty voice, saying, 'It has fallen! It has fallen! Babylon the Great!  It has become a habitation of demons, a haunt of every kind of unclean spirit, a haunt of every kind of unclean bird and detestable thing.' (Revelation 18:2)
At the Second Advent the Church will return riding white horses like a cavalry and following the Lord Jesus Christ (Revelation 19:11-14).  After the Columbia disaster, the US Army with the 7th Cavalry, Third Infantry, and Marines invaded Iraq from the south and crossed the desert in huge columns on the way to Baghdad.  The Air Force flew thousands of sorties overhead.  Iraq is the ancestral home of Babylon.  The Iraqi army melted away in the face of the superior US forces.  This was all symbolic of the Second Advent when the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy the enemies of Israel.


NASA STS-107 Launch, 1-16-03, 1539 GMT


Links: | Space.Com | Shuttle Status Report | Liftoff Status | Mission |
January 16 (Day 16, Sanctification):   The STS-107 Space Shuttle was successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida under clear, blue skies.  Launch was on time at 10:39 AM EST (1539/00 GMT) after a flawless countdown.  The weather was beautiful.  The launch inclination was 39 degrees, where 39 stands for the sin unto death.  Security in the area was unprecedented due to the flight of the first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon.  Approximately 300 Israelis traveled to Florida for the launch.

As is always the case when dealing with Jews, religion and Christianity came out (Romans 9:3-4).  Last night in a reception at a local hotel, Israel UN Ambassador, Danny Ayalon, said, "God bless you and may you go in peace.  Shalom"1   After Launch Director, Mike Leinbach bid the astronauts farewell with, "Good luck and Godspeed,"  Shuttle Commander, Rick Husband, replied, "The Lord has brought this with a beautiful day here, and we're going to have a great mission." (video)   Col. Ramon, 48, is the son of a Holocaust survivor, who was among the Israeli pilots who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.


The launch of STS-107 occurred on time at 10:39 AM EST, where 39 stands for the sin unto death.  Launch was on January 16th, for sanctification, which is one of the elements of the Trinity as taught by John (1 John 5:8).  The year 2003 stands for the Trinity and the Justice of the Holy Spirit.

Astronaut Rick Husband, in the presence of all the "God's" and "Shaloms" from people who don't know the Lord, spoke of the "Lord" and thereby recognized him as Lord and Savior (1 Corinthians 12:3).  He recognized the grace of God who brought about the weather and the launch (Psalm 118:24).  He was grateful for what the Lord had done to bring about such a picture-perfect launch day after being delayed since 2000.  His statement demonstrated that he was sanctified positionally and experientially per the meaning of the year 2003.  However, while his sanctification was consecration to God, those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and those who failed to Rebound, were headed for the sin unto death.

The Lord granted the prayer of the Israeli UN Ambassador, Danny Ayalon, who requested "Shalom."  God gave shalom because of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3).  NASA befriended Israel and received the blessings of Abraham.

The first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, is 48, for the inheritance of the Levites, which is an icon of the Promised Land.  Ilan means tree, which is one of the symbols of the Trinity.  He was in the group who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, and the showdown between Iraq and President Bush is scheduled to occur during the time STS-107 is in orbit.

Launch Processing

Launch Processing

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January 5 (Day 5, Grace or a Giant):   Launch Processing for NASA's STS-107 Mission is underway with Launch scheduled for January 16 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST (1500-1700 GMT).  Astronauts aboard Orbiter Columbia (OV-102) will conduct multi-discipline microgravity and Earth science research with a multitude of scientific investigations to be conducted continuously during the planned 16 days in orbit.

The first Israeli astronaut, though not the first Jew, will be flying.  Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon from Israel will be aboard.  He is trained in the use of a multispectral camera for recording desert aerosol.  Ilan means tree (Daniel 4:10-26).  Ramon means pomegranate.

Mission Patch

The STS-107 Mission patch features the astronaut emblem, which is a horn through a ring with a pentagram.  This is the symbol of adultery.  The pentagram, 5-pointed star, represents a giant, such as Baal.  The ring represents the Marriage covenant. The astronaut emblem is in yellow, which represents a capacity for life test.  The three vapor trails of the horn represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon of the Cosmic System.

The silhouette of the belly of the Orbiter is shown, which means the left wing is on the right side of the patch and vice versa.  On the right side of the patch (Orbiter left wing) is a map in blue and green.  The colors represent polarized degeneracy from scar tissue of the soul.  Blue represents legalism and green lawlessness.  The center of the map is the Atlantic Ocean, the region of Political Babylon.

Above the map is an arc that is meant to portray the atmosphere, which is the symbol of the third member of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit, who is part of the meaning of the year, 2003.  This will be NASA's first launch in 2003.  However, an arc is the symbol of a broken covenant.  A circle represents a covenant, while an arc, a segment of a circle, represents a broken covenant.  On the map, the arc stretches over the USA and Middle East.  Two covenants that relate the USA to the Middle East are the Abrahamic Covenant and Saddam Hussein's terms of surrender.

On the arc of the horizon is a Sunburst that represents an explosion.  Today, two terrorist homicide bombers blew themselves up in Tel Aviv.  Also on the right side of the patch (Orbiter left wing) is the Israeli Flag.

The Constellation Columba, the Dove, is inscribed on the left side of the patch (Orbiter right wing).  Columba was a Johnny-come-lately constellation named in 1679.  It was supposed to represent Noah's dove who came back with an olive twig.  The dove is not a symbol of peace, but love.  And the olive tree is the symbol of Israel.  Regardless, the stars are part of Argo, the Ship, which represented Noah's ark and Salvation per the Star Gospel.  Since Columba is associated with Argo, there may be some truth to it.  Payload Specialist, Ilan Ramon, was born June 20, 1954, where 54 stands for Salvation, and Noah's Ark represented Salvation.  Further, NASA's depiction of Columba contains pairs of stars, the symbol of the Flood.  NASA's intention was obviously to sneak a peace symbol aboard the flight, but it backfired and became a symbol of the Flood, the worst Judgment in history.

NASA's handwriting for microgravity on the patch matches Ted Bundy's, one of the most famous serial murderers in history.  The long, sweeping beginning of the mu indicates deep, strong resentment.  The longer and deeper the stroke, the further back the event occurred to make the person resentful.

The number, 107, stands for Categorical Punishment (7).


The STS-107 Mission will conduct microgravity and earth science research.  The first Israeli astronaut will be flying.  NASA appears to have tried to make a subtle statement about peace with the constellation Columba on the left wing of the mission patch.  Unfortunately, they blew it.  A dove is not the symbol of peace.  There was peace on earth after the Flood, but only because all the enemies of God had been killed.  That's how to have peace.

In keeping with NASA's political statement, today a 31-year old German man stole a light plane and threatened to crash it into a skyscraper in Darmstadt (CNN).  He said he did it to make former NASA astronaut, Judy Resnik, famous.  Resnik, who was reportedly Jewish, died in the Challenger disaster January 28, 1986.  The deep-seated resentment associated with Judy Resnik and the Challenger disaster of 1986 was played out today when the German flew around Darmstadt to call attention to his deep-seated resentment.  But what is NASA's deep seated resentment?

The idea of an Israeli astronaut was raised by Shimon Peres in a meeting with President Clinton on December 11, 1995.  Clinton gave a verbal consent, and the Israeli Air Force began to make preparations.2  Flying the Israeli astronaut was hinted at during the Wye Summit in October 1998.  However, the official announcement came the next year when President Clinton announced it in July 1999.


1.  Marcia Dunn.  "Shuttle Columbia Takes Off for Mission,"  AP, January 16, 2003.
2.  Tamara Traubman.  "Space Oddity,"  Ha'aretz, January 24, 2003.

Author:  Larry Wood