Fall of Satan and Man
Satan and Demons
Angels and Demons
New Spiritual Life
Spiritual Rapport

DefinitionSpiritual World

1.  The Spiritual World is the domain of God, angels, and demons.  It is eternal (2 Cor 4:18).
2.  The Temporal World is the domain of creation.  It has time.

Fall of Satan and Man

1.  God created all things, including the Heavens and the Earth, angels, man, plants, and animals.
2.  God controls all creation (ref. Control Room in Heaven).
3.  God has a purpose and plan for all of creation.
4.  The angels were created to serve God and manage creation (Heb 1:14; Ps 103:20, 21).
     a.  Angels are arranged in hierarchies with assigned functions and tasks (ref. Col 1:16).
     b.  Satan was the archangel over the other angels (Ezek 28:14).
5.  Satan rejected his creation.  He wanted to replace the Angel of the Lord as the ruler of creation (Isa 14:13, 14).  He rebelled and took a third of the angels with him.
6.  Satan and the Fallen Angels were judged and sentenced to the Lake of Fire (Matt 25:41).  Satan appealed and God granted an appeal trial.
7.  Man was created to resolve the appeal.
8.  Man was created perfect, without sin; but Satan succeeded in getting the first man and woman to sin, and Satan became their ruler, and the ruler of the world.
9.  The Lord gave the first man and woman a choice of where they would like to spend eternity – with Him or Satan.  They chose the Lord and received Eternal Life (Gen 1:21).  However, they would continue to live on Earth in Satan's world in sin until death, and the Lord would have to pay for their sins.

Satan and Demons

1.  Children were born in the human race in sin and spiritual death, and upon reaching the age of accountability, each one was given a choice of Salvation or Hades.  Those who chose Salvation were witnesses for God, and those who chose the default of Hades were witnesses for Satan.
2.  As human history unfolded God called out the descendants of Abraham, the Jews, to be His witnesses and be custodians of His Word (Gen 12:1, 2, 3).  Satan hated the Jews and sought to annihilate them.
3.  Jesus Christ came to Earth as perfect humanity, and Satan had him crucified.  Before He died He paid for the sins of the world to provide Salvation for all mankind (Titus 2:11).  God resurrected Jesus Christ and promoted Him to "King of kings and Lord of lords" (Rom 6:4; 8:11; Rev 19:16).
4.  After Christ's ascension God called out the Church to be the Royal Family of Christ since the Jews had rejected Him.
5.  The Royal Family will rule with Christ in the Millennium; so, Satan's time is short.
Ecumenical Attack6.  Just as Satan hates Jesus Christ, he hates the Church and seeks to destroy it.  He quickly took over the Roman Catholic Church with the Prostitute of Babylon, and he continues to oppose evangelical churches and seeks to neutralize Christians.
7.  As the ruler of the world, Satan has deployed a Cosmic System with a vast army of demons to control institutions and the lives of people.  He controls schools, businesses, sports, entertainment, and churches.  Demons actively influence everyone's life every day.
8.  Satan and his demons are spirits.  They operate in the Spiritual World unseen by people in the Temporal World.  Note, the danger of looking at these creatures is that they are tricksters (real smoke and mirrors) and can appear in every imaginable way.
9.  Satan enters the life of a young child as Baal (1 Cor 7:14).  The child also has demons from its parents passed down through the generations under the Four Generation Curse (Ex 20:5; Jer 7:18).  God deploys Guardian Angels (Ps 91:11) for the child to protect it and afford the opportunity of reaching the age of accountability (Matt 18:10).  Both Elect Angels and demons are in the child's life, but worldly thinking is the norm.  By the age of seven the child will be thoroughly indoctrinated in the devil's world and brainwashed in the Temporal World.  The only hope of recovery is Salvation upon reaching the age of accountability and years learning Bible Doctrine.
10.  Marriage is a Divine Institution that can only function effectively when sanctified (1 Cor 7:14).  The man and woman must at least forsake all others, but there is much more, including sanctification from sin (1 Thess 4:3-5; Heb 13:4).  This requires Christians filled with the Holy Spirit.  Even so, the invisible Baal and other family demons are still in the life from childhood (Jer 7:18; Eph 2:2, 3).  Until these demons are overcome, there will not be harmony in love and intimacy.  Intimate relations are driven by angels and demons.  They are the spice of romance (Song 4:16).
11.  Family is a Divine Institution for raising children.  However, unless the parents have recovered from the Four Generation Curse, the children will be under the curse.  Family demons are passed down to them.  For a child under Baal and in the fourth generation, life can be hell.  Every day demons will invade the family and stir up discontent.  The only hope is to get the family to Church and be sanctified.
12.  Schools are institutions for educating children.  However, Satan runs schools through the Prostitute of Babylon.  The children are under the power of Baal and family curses, and the teachers are under the power of the demon of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The secular subjects taught in schools will not help against these curses.  Even if the child learns the lessons, the mere act of going to school is an invitation to demon influence and indoctrination into Satan's Cosmic System.
13.  Business is a legitimate institution under the Laws of Establishment.  Business is necessary for making a living and buying goods and services.  However, Satan runs businesses and commerce under the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 18:9-13).  Both employees and customers are under the spell of Jezebel.
14.  Sports contests are thrilling because angels and demons drive athletes to perform sensational plays.  The Prostitute of Babylon also influences sports, but God decrees the winners and losers.
15.  Entertainment can be the work of Elect Angels or demons.  The glory of entertainment comes from angels and demons.  They write the songs, music, scripts and empower the actors and entertainers.
16.  Churches are the only hope of recovery from sin, evil, and the Cosmic System.  Yet, Grace-oriented, dispensational churches that accurately teach the Word are rare.  Churches have the kinds of problems listed in Revelation 2 and 3.  Satan attacks the Church as the Prostitute of Babylon.  He attacks both pastor and congregation.  Pastors are usually not Spiritually Mature in the first place, but even if they are many in the congregations under Satan's power are unteachable (Matt 13:3-4).  Both pastors and congregations are under the power of angels and demons.  The Holy Spirit is supposed to be the teacher, but a person under demon influence quenches and grieves the Holy Spirit.

Angels and Demons World Impact

1.  God is in charge of creation, but angels and demons make it happen.  Angels and demons run the show in the Spiritual World.  They herald events, schedule them, and make them happen.  People do not get a vote.  It is not a volitional issue.  However, people are still responsible for their actions.  If a demon puts them to sleep at the wheel, they are still responsible.
2.  God controls creation, but He uses angels to manage it.  They can cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather, rain, snow, and storms.  They also manage people, animals, plants, and the environment. 
3.  Matter and energy are made from spirit by the Holy Spirit, and life is made by the Spirit of Life from the Holy Spirit.  All created things whether animate or inanimate operate at frequencies of Spiritual Light.  God and angels control created things with Spiritual Light (Ezek 28:14).  Angels and demons interfere with Spiritual Light in the body to cause sickness and disease.  For example, Satan causes cancer, which is known to have a specific light frequency.
4.  God controls creation with angels.  Angels control geology and life forms, including man.  God directs the behavior of man through angels.  Man is a created being and under the power of God and his angels or Satan and his demons.  Man is a slave of God and Elect Angels (Lk 1:38; Col 4:12; Rev 7:3) or Satan and demons (Eph 2:2; 2 Tim 2:26; Rev 13:16; 14:9; 20:4).
5.  Angels and demons in the Spiritual World direct the lives of man.  They herald events and schedule all relationships.  They direct behavior, such as actions, reactions, walking, sitting, travel, eating, drinking, and bodily functions down to the cellular level, digestion, and metabolism.  They even influence the drivers of cars to obey their commands implicitly.  If angels and demons did not direct the drivers of cars, then the driver would have no contact with the Cosmic System and be holy sanctified (without sin), and that is absurd.
6.  Angels and demons implement Divine Punishment to cause and cure every known sickness, disease, bodily ailment and infirmity.  For example, they cause and cure blindness (Gen 19:11; Acts 13:11), deafness (Lk 1:19-20), and pestilence (1 Chron 21:14, 15).
7.  Morality is not an issue in the Spiritual World or even in the Spiritual Life.  This does not condone immorality.  Morality is an issue, however, for society in the Temporal World.  The issue in the Spiritual World is relationships.  The relationships are with God, angels, and demons, which are all spiritual.  Relationships with people (and their souls) are in the Temporal World.
8.  There is a spiritual side of the angelic control of physical things.  Poltergeist demons can make wooden rafters crack audibly at precisely the right time to herald the arrival of a demon or a person with a demon.  Angels and demons can also interfere with electrical signals and transmission lines.  They can control stresses and strains in materials to ensure their failure at precisely the right time.  These things are specified in the Plan of God for creation, but angels and demons make them happen.  This is miraculous.   Nothing happens by accident in the Spiritual World.  Everything is totally deterministic.

New Spiritual Life

1.  God gives the believer a New Spiritual Life at Salvation (Rom 6:4; 7:6; 2 Cor 5:17; Gal 6:15; Eph 4:23-24; Col 3:10).
2.  Living the New Life requires Spiritual growth and Sanctification through daily metabolization, testing, and application of Bible Doctrine.  It requires dying to the old temporal life (Matt 16:25).
3.  The New Life comes from a Divine Plan that includes every minute detail of life in relation to God, angels, demons, people, and the world.
4.  The new believer comes into the Christian life as a worldly, sinful, slave of Satan with roots that sink deep into the devil's world.  He is under the Four Generation Curse from God. 
5.  Coming out of the old life requires a long process of Sanctification (Rom 6:19, 22; 1 Thess 4:4, 7).    The believer must be separated from the devil's world and become spiritually strong enough to live his New Life in fellowship with God (Heb 12:14).
6.  The old life of sin and slavery to the Old Sin Nature must be rejected (Rom 6:11-14; 1 Jn 2:15).  The sins of the old life went to the cross and were crucified (Rom 6:6; Gal 2:20).
7.  New Life Testing:  God delivers a person over into His Plan for testing (1 Cor 10:13), and the angels and demons make it happen. 
    a.  During testing God decides whether angels or demons have the upper hand, but both are at work in the process.
    b.  Satan may be allowed to tempt, but the Elect Angels are standing guard (Ps 91:11-12; Matt 18:10).
8.  Recovery from the Four Generation Curse:  The Four Generation Curse must be overcome by testing to free from deep roots of family iniquity.  God delivers a person into the iniquities of the family down to the third and fourth generations (Ex 20:5; 34:7).  The iniquities were the result of demon influence.
    a.  Angels and demons make it happen.
    b.  The same angels and demons may be in the family for many generations.
9.  Spiritual Warfare:  In the Spiritual Life Satan is allowed to tempt and to attack the believer.  The struggles with Satan to throw him off are called Spiritual Warfare.
    a.  God opens the door for Satan to attack the believer (Job 1:8-12).
    b.  The believer must recognize the attack (Divine viewpoint) and resist (1 Pet 5:8-9; Jas 4:7; Rev 12:11).
    c.  The Lord will empower the believer to withstand the attack (Ps 23:4).
    d.  When the test is passed, the believer will be promoted (Jas 4:6, 10).
10.  Walking in the Light/Darkness:  The New Spiritual Life requires walking in the Light and staying out of darkness.
    a.  God provides the Light (1 Jn 1:7), and Satan and his demons counterattack with darkness.
    b.  Satanic attacks of darkness can affect neurological circuits and cause temporary blind spots that affect vision, hearing, or the sensory and motor cortex, e.g. strokes and imbalance.
    c.  Satanic attacks can affect the soul and cause many psychological problems, e.g.:
        - Mental Attitude Sins
        - Dissociation, denial, repression
        - Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia.
        - Personality and identity disorders. 
    d.  The person in the Light has Capacity for Life and Love and Happiness (Isa 40:31).
    e.  The person in darkness is under the power of Satan and subject to the punishment of God.  Punishment for the believer is relentless all the way to the grave.
    f.  Stall/Recovery:
        -  Rebound and apply doctrine (1 Jn 1:9).  "Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with Good" (Rom 12:21).
        -  The stream of consciousness must be functioning as evidenced by Faith, Hope, and Love. 
    g.  Those who walk in darkness do the desires of Satan (Jn 8:44; 1 Tim 6:10; 1 Jn 2:16).

Spiritual Rapport

1.   The ultimate objective of the Spiritual Life is Spiritual Rapport with God (ref. Rom 12:2).  Spiritual Rapport means being in harmony with God.  It means having Divine Viewpoint, understanding what God is doing, what He is communicating.  It means seeing the Light, being in tune with God, and maintaining a Love relationship with Him.
2.  When Job reached Spiritual Rapport after he passed the test, God communicated with him through creation.  Job understood what God was communicating by Divine Revelation of the animals and the constellations.  Job did not have rapport with God when Satan was punishing him.  Job was under great suffering, and God would not help him, but after Job passed the test, God returned with Love, Happiness, Peace, and Blessing, and Job was promoted to the new maturity level of Spiritual Rapport.
3.  The state of Spiritual Rapport can occur along the way in the Spiritual Life, but the maturity level of Spiritual Rapport is a promotion from God after passing His special testing.  For Abraham the test was being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.  For Job it was suffering from Satan, for Elijah it was the attack of Jezebel, and for David it was the Absalom rebellion.
4.  Satan's Cosmic System is a barrier that prevents rapport with God.  His Cosmic System is a super sophisticated system to keep a person from trusting in God.  To reach Spiritual Rapport requires breaking through the Cosmic System barrier and then maintaining a command post (Edification Complex of the Soul) in the soul in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  This is accomplished by Divine testing, which usually involves Spiritual Warfare with Satan.
5.  Testing for Spiritual Rapport leaves a person isolated against the Cosmic System all alone, like walking through the death shadowed valley (Ps 23:4).  Friends are all still slaves to the Cosmic System, as with Job and his friends.
    a.  As with Job the old life is lost (Matt 16:25).
    b.  The grain of wheat must die in order to produce Divine Good (Jn 12:24-25).
6.  Satan is allowed to attack, influence, and interfere with the believer seeking Spiritual Rapport with God.
7.  God is always in control.  He opens the door for Satan and his demons to attack the believer, as He did with Job.
8.  Satanic access to the believer often comes through relationships with other people who are already Satan's slaves.
    a.  In the Spiritual Realm relationships with people are relationships with their angels or demons. 
    b.  Satan was acting through Jezebel when she tried to kill Elijah, who had to journey to the Mountain of God to achieve Spiritual Rapport.
9.  The relationship with Satan and his demons can be debilitating and deadly.  Satan's attacks are spiritual.  They affect the spiritual body and result in all manner of physical and psychological problems as well as spiritual aberrations.
10.  Promises for enduring the testing and reaching Spiritual Rapport include:
    a.  The promise of Capacity for Life, strength, and endurance (Isa 40:31).
        - Spiritual Rapport is freedom from the Cosmic System.
        - Spiritual Rapport is access to the power of God.
        - Spiritual Rapport provides Spiritual endurance and freedom from Spiritual Fatigue induced by the Cosmic System.
    b.  The promise of Capacity for Love (1 Jn 2:5; 4:12, 17, 18), Light (1 Jn 1:7; Eph 5:8), Peace (Jn 14:27; 16:33; Nu 6:26; Phil 4:7), Happiness (Jn. 15:11; 1Jn 1:4; Rom. 12:12; 14:17; 15:13; Gal 5:22; Heb 12:2), Rapport ((Rom 15:29; Eph 1:23; 3:19; 4:13).
    c.  The promise of Wisdom, understanding, epignosis, Righteousness (Eph 1:18).

Author:  Larry Wood,   Released October 21, 2021 - Revised Nov. 4, 2021

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