Peace in Eden

The Garden of Eden
Peace with God
Peace in Marriage
Peace in the Environment
The Fall - Loss of Peace
Judgments - Adamic Covenant

The Garden Eden

The Garden of Eden1 was the last location of peace on Earth.  The Lord created it perfect to resolve the prehistoric Angelic Conflict after Satan was sentenced to the Lake of Fire and appealed the sentence.  A perfect husband and his perfect wife were created and placed in the perfect environment of the Garden of Eden.  The man, Adam, and his beautiful Right Woman, 'Ishah, enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in the Garden without distractions.  Adam and 'Ishah had peace with God.  The animals were not wild or ferocious but lived in peace and harmony.  Serpents walked on all fours and were beautiful and friendly, and lions were as docile as a lamb.  The weather was beautiful.  There was no rain, no storms, or lightning.

Adam ruled the world, and his wife gladly served him without a thought of disagreement.  It was a perfect Marriage, made in Heaven.  The couple were totally in love and very happy with each other.  With unimpaired capacity for life and love, they were quite satisfied with the Marriage relationship and didn't need any other entertainment.  They didn't need movies, newspapers, or travel.  They were living in the most beautiful place on Earth.  They were without social distractions, and there were no children to create additional burdens.  Life in the Garden was perfect.  Love and peace were everywhere, and Adam and 'Ishah had the capacity to enjoy it.

God created the Garden with the man and woman as witnesses to demonstrate peace and harmony as it existed in the Angelic realm before Satan sinned and started a rebellion.  God gave the man and woman only one negative command, "Do not eat of the forbidden fruit."  The command was simple enough to obey.  The man and woman in a state of peace with God were quite happy to obey.  They had no desire to do otherwise.  In spite of all the peace and perfection of the Garden, God set the stage in it for its eventual destruction by allowing Satan access to it.

Per the rules of the appeal trial, Satan was allowed to cross examine the witnesses; and it didn't take the evil genius long to convince the woman to eat the forbidden fruit and give it to her husband.  The woman was helpless against Satan, and the man was hopeless against his wife in Spiritual death.  The sin of the woman destroyed the Marriage.  It ended the peace and harmony.  And the sin of Adam ended the peace and prosperity of the Garden.  Satan had won the first round and become the new ruler of the world.

One sin ended the peace of the Garden of Eden.  Sin is totally divisive and destructive.  Peace comes from God exclusively.  It cannot be manufactured by either man or angels.  Sin is incompatible with the essence of God.  God will not coexist with sin.  So long as sin exists, there can be no lasting peace.  Evil is the essence of Satan.  There could be no lasting peace with Satan around.  So long as evil exists, there can be no lasting peace.

Peace cannot succeed in the presence of sin or evil.

Peace with God

Adam was created trichotomous, with a body, soul, and human spirit.  He was created in the "image" of God, which means he was a representation and representative of the triune God.  There was no sin or evil in his life and nothing to hinder fellowship with God.  He had peace with God so long as he did not sin.  He could sin in only one way:  by eating the forbidden fruit.  His Spiritual life was maintained so long as he obeyed God's command not to eat the forbidden fruit.

Adam was perfect and enjoyed tremendous capacity for life and love so long as he did not sin.  In his role as the first man and ruler of the world, he named all the animal kingdom.  As a genius with a photographic memory, he was well equipped to learn the intricacies of God's creation.  During the day he studied zoology and at night astronomy.
Spiritual Rapport
Adam was in a state of Spiritual Rapport with God.  God was free to bless Adam in Grace.  Adam's response to God's Grace brought him peace.  He was full of Light, and he was the reflected glory of God.  He had great capacity for production.  Adam had access to the Grace pipeline so long as he obey God's command of not eating the forbidden fruit.  In his response to God's Grace, Adam had peace with God.  He and God were in harmony.  If God told Adam to do something, like name the animals, Adam gladly obeyed.  He never questioned God's authority or motives.

In Spiritual Rapport, Adam loved the LORD and enjoyed personal fellowship with Him.  The LORD visited him and taught him face-to-face in the cool of the day.  Even though he had no conscience and was totally ignorant of sin and evil, Adam in Spiritual Rapport was a full responder to God and able to enjoy the fulness of blessings from Him.  He was full of light, love, peace, and harmony.  He was mentally adept, physically fit, Spiritually strong, and fully capable of ruling the world.

Peace in Marriage

Adam was created a husband, and the Lord built his Right Woman specifically for him.  It was a Marriage made in Heaven.  Adam and 'Ishah, enjoyed a perfect Marriage with perfect love and a perpetual honeymoon.  There was no source of friction in the relationship.  There was peace between the man and woman, they enjoyed harmonious rapport.  Adam's love for his wife was perfect, and his wife respected his authority and saw no reason to challenge it.  The two were content in their love life and never bored.

In Spiritual Rapport, Adam was full of Light from God.  Adam was the glory of God, and 'Ishah was Adam's reflected glory. The Light represented production.  Adam and 'Ishah did not lack capability.  They were geniuses with photographic memories.  And God was free to bless them from His Sovereign Design.  They were the ultimate team and perfect partnership.  They enjoyed the perfect Marriage.  Furthermore, their love relationship with each other symbolized the Love relationship between God and the two perfect members of the human race.  They were happy with each other and never wanted anything else until Satan entered the picture.

Peace in the Environment

Adam and the woman also enjoyed perfect environment in the Garden.  The animals were not wild.  The temperature was perfect.  It didn't rain or storm.  And the plants grew bountifully without pestilence or weeds.  The state of perfection, thus, extended into the environment.

In the Garden there was peace - peace between Adam and the woman, peace between God and man, peace in the animal kingdom, and peace in plant life.  Everywhere and in everything there was harmony.  Love was the order of the day.  There was no competition, no inordinate ambition, and no lack of consideration for others.  The animals did not bite each other, and the plants did not crowd each other out.  Peace pervaded every part of life.  God was Happy, man was happy, and all of Creation was content.  It was a story too good to be true.  And the devil would insure that it did not last.

The Fall - Loss of Peace

Man in Spiritual Rapport was still no match for the evil genius of Satan.  Evil entered the picture through Satan, who was allowed to cross examine the witnesses.  God had warned Adam and 'Ishah not to eat the forbidden fruit.1
Genesis 2:16-17
16 And the LORD God commanded Adam, saying, "From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; 17 but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it dying (Spiritually) you will die (physically)."
It would be a sin to eat the forbidden fruit.  The consequence of the sin would be "dying (Spiritually) you will die (physically)."  This is the doubling of the Hebrew tWm (muth), meaning to die, in the Qal infinitive absolute plus the Qal imperfect.  Dying you will die means Spiritual death followed by physical death.

Satan began to work on the woman through her pet serpent and soon convinced her to eat of the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:6).  She ate the fruit and died spiritually, and then gave the fruit to her husband and he ate and died spiritually.  Spiritual death replaced Spiritual Rapport.

In spiritual death the Judgment of God replaced the Love of God, and Hardness of the Heart (scar tissue of the soul) blocked the Light of God and left the soul in darkness.  Man lost his fellowship with God and became the slave of Satan.  The Hardness of the Heart of Adam and the woman became evident both in their relationship with God and with each other.  When the Lord came into the Garden after Adam and his wife sinned, they hid from Him in fear.  Their hardened hearts wanted nothing to do with their previous companion.  Further, they lost their harmonious rapport with each other.  The man blamed the woman for causing him to sin, and the woman blamed the serpent for hoodwinking her.

Genesis 3:12-13
12 Then Adam said, "This woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from off the tree, and I ate." 13 Then the LORD God said to the woman, "What is this you have done?" And the woman answered, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."

Judgments - Adamic Covenant

Sin destroyed the peace in the Garden.  The Righteousness of God cannot live in harmony with sin.  Therefore, God could not bless sinful man and his polluted environment.  The Justice of God would have to condemn it.  So, the Lord booted man out of the Garden and closed it down.  The Edenic Covenant of peace was replaced by the Adamic Covenant, which defined the new rules for life outside the Garden.  The Lord promised a solution to the sin problem, however.  A Savior would pay for sins and provide Salvation for mankind (Genesis 3:15).  Adam and the woman accepted the offer of the Savior and were born again Spiritually.  However, they were left with an Old Sin Nature, and their problems were not over.  They would have to bear the consequences of their actions.

The Adamic Covenant made Adam the authority over his wife, but it also predicted friction from the woman's desire to usurp his authority just as Satan had tried to usurp God's authority.

To the woman He said,
"I will greatly multiply your pain and your conception.
In pain you shall bring forth children.
Yet, for your husband, your desire; but he shall rule over you." (Genesis 3:16)
There would be blessing and cursing in Marriage Culture.  If authority in Marriage were rejected, there would be no peace.  The female would try to usurp the authority of the husband.  Children would be born by the woman through the suffering of childbirth.  If parents failed and succumbed to the slavery of Satan's Cosmic System, the children would be prone to follow.  Only four generations of evil could be tolerated in a nation before the nation would have to be destroyed under the principle of the Four Generation Curse (Genesis 6:1-6).

Under the Adamic Covenant, the man would have to work for a living.  And both the animal kingdom and the plants would be cursed.  The animals would be wild, and the land would grow weeds.  Because of man's sin, the environment was polluted and must also bear the Judgment of God.  The peaceful bliss of Eden had ended, and the rest of human history would be a quest to restore the peace of the original Creation.  But that peace would not be fully realized until the heavens and the Earth were completely destroyed and replaced with the Eternal State (Heaven).


Abraham's Call
Going Down to Egypt
Abrahamic Covenant
Ishmael Persecution

Abraham's Call

After the Flood when the human race almost self destructed because of a Satanic attack upon Marriage, people multiplied and covered the face of the Earth.  God in His Sovereignty decided to select a Client Nation to be a dwelling place for Him and to evangelize the world.  So, he called Abram, a Chaldean aristocrat from Ur, and sent him to Canaan to become the father of a new race of Hebrews (Genesis 12:1-3; 15:7).  The Hebrews were destined to become the new Client Nation, which would be a priest nation to God.  The new nation would be the custodian of the holy scripture, and God would dwell among them (Exodus 19:5-6; Deuteronomy 7:6).

Abram stopped for a while at Haran where his father died.  God told him to go to Canaan.  So he left his relatives behind and traveled to Canaan with his wife Sara and nephew Lot.  Abram had separated from the world in leaving Ur and separated from his apostate relatives to go to Canaan.  After leaving everything behind for his new Spiritual life, Abram thought of himself as a "stranger and sojourner" in Canaan.  Even though he prospered as a rancher in the fertile land, he rejected the evil religion and practices of the Canaanites.  When Lot failed to separate from the world, Abram eventually had to separate from Lot also.

Abram continued to grow Spiritually to the point of peace with God.  He mastered faith-rest.  He went through Spiritual Warfare in his conquest of the evil king of Elam, Chedorlaomer.  After his great victory over the evil king, Abram was given a special reward called the "Shield of the LORD," which included divine protection for his family from all the evil kings in the world (Genesis 15:1).  As he continued his Spiritual life, Abram went through suffering and reached the point of sexual death.  He was promoted to Spiritual Maturity at Age 99 (Genesis 17:1) when he also received the details of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 17:2-14).  He also entered Spiritual Rapport at the time as evidenced by his circumcision.  His name was changed from Abram, "father of high and windy places," to Abraham, "father of a multitude."  And the name of Sara, meaning contentious or bossy, was changed to Sarah, princess (Genesis 17:15).  His Spiritual Rapport translated into harmonious rapport with Sarah.  Later Abraham completed Evidence Testing in the offering of his son Isaac (Genesis 22:1-19).

Although Abraham was prosperous in every way with 300 cowboys keeping his cattle, he continued to live in a tent.  He thought of himself as a "stranger and sojourner" on the Earth.  He lived in a tent because he understood the doctrine of Heaven where God would build for him a city.  The city would last forever, and in it, he would finally have the peace for which he longed.

Going Down to Egypt

While Abram lived in Canaan in obedience to the LORD's command (Genesis 12:1-3), there was a severe famine in the land.  So Abram and Sara went down to Egypt.  Egypt represents the world (Cosmic System) and curses await those who go there (Isaiah 31:1), but Abram didn't know this yet.  Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh, the Evil King.  Now, Sara was a very beautiful celebrity type woman.  Abram knew she was a liability, and people would kill him for her.  The LORD's promise to make of him a great nation was forgotten in Abram's fear.  So, Abram told Sara to pretend to be his sister.

Although Abram had forgotten the LORD's promise, Satan was well aware of it and saw his opportunity to cross examine Abram and Sara.  In an attempt to thwart the LORD's promise, Satan counterattacked the Marriage of Abram and Sara.  There could be no son if there were no Marriage.  Satan was undoubtedly the inspiration that led Pharaoh  to take the beautiful Sara into his harem and marry her (Genesis 12:10-16).  Abram's plot had backfired.  Sara was now living in Pharaoh's castle.  And Pharaoh heaped upon Abram gifts of livestock as well as male and female servants.

Abram and Sara were both using all the doctrine they had, but they were helpless to get out of the mess.  Satan had counterattacked the Sovereign Design of God to make Abram the father of a great nation.  Sara's obedience to her husband, who was in the Cosmic System, left her under the power of Pharaoh, the Evil King, who now called himself her husband.  In God's sight, however, this predicament was necessary to free the Marriage of Abram and Sara from the Cosmic System.  It was called Compatibility Testing (ref Marriage Grace).  Abram's blessing in Spiritual Maturity was to come through his Marriage.  He was to become the father of the Jewish race by having a son through Sara.  In order to provide maximum blessing to the son, the child would have to be born from Right Man - Right Woman with at least one of them in Spiritual Maturity.

Through lack of Spiritual awareness, Abram violated the geographical will of God and led his wife into a trap in Egypt.  Marriage is a corporate witness in the Angelic Conflict.  It can only be successfully executed Spiritually.  If either the man or the woman in Marriage is in the Cosmic System, there will be no Spiritual Rapport, or peace with God.  Without peace with God, there will not be peace between the man and the woman.  The name, Sara, which means contentious or bossy, was a sign that she did not yet respect the authority of Abram, her Right Man.  And it was difficult to respect his authority when he insisted on leading her into Satan's trap.

Both Abram and Sara suffered greatly in Compatibility Testing.  Through the testing, however, they separated from the Cosmic System and chose the divine solution.  Like the Shulamite woman in Compatibility Testing, Sara did not want to be Pharaoh's wife, but she had no power to fight Pharaoh.  Pharaoh heaped gifts upon Abram.  Gifts for sex amount to prostitution.  Whether the gift goes to the woman is not the issue.  For example, the price of prostitution was often paid to the temple of the Prostitute of Babylon (Deut 23:18; Isa 23:17).  In marrying Pharaoh, she had become the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Satan had counterattacked her Marriage through his power as the Prostitute of Babylon. In the Cosmic System the Evil King practices prostitution with the Prostitute of Babylon.

Now, the LORD struck Pharaoh and his government with great plagues because of Sara.  Pharaoh quickly figured out the source of his trouble and gave Sara back to Abram  Then Abram along with Sara and his caravan were escorted out of Egypt.  Abram's Compatibility Testing in Egypt was another step toward peace with God in Spiritual Rapport for Abram and peace with Sara in Harmonious Rapport in the Marriage.  After passing the test, Abram was promoted in his Spiritual life, and he was given more blessing in peace with Sara.   However, he still had miles to go before he would have the Spiritual maturity to be blessed with a son and become the father of a great nation.

Abrahamic Covenant

God's desire to dwell among His people became a part of His Sovereign Design.  The implementation of the Sovereign Design called for Abraham to be the father of a new race that would become God's first Client Nation.  God made a covenant with Abraham, called the Abrahamic Covenant, to fulfill his promise unconditionally.  The fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant depends upon no one except God Himself.  The Covenant is from God's Sovereignty.  It will be fulfilled, and no one can stop it.

The general statement of the Abrahamic Covenant was given when Abram was called and sent to Canaan (Genesis 12:1-3).  Later, more detail was added (Genesis 15:5-21), including the prophecy of slavery in Egypt and the land grant, or Palestinian Covenant.  The Palestinian Covenant deeds to Abraham and his descendants the land from the Nile River to the Euphrates River.  Part of the land, also called the Promised Land, was conquered by Joshua.  However, Israel will not have all the land until the Millennium.

Abram reached Spiritual Maturity at Age 99 (Genesis 17:1) when the LORD commanded him to walk on the basis of his Integrity Envelope, which is the Hebrew  <ym!T* (tamim), meaning complete, integrity, and referring to the Integrity Envelope.  At that time more details of the Abrahamic Covenant were added (Genesis 17:1-21).  The LORD called Himself "Almighty God" - Hebrew, yD^v^ la@, ('El Shadda), which is a designation for Sovereignty and means the Abrahamic Covenant is in God's Sovereign Design.

One of the new requirements of the Abrahamic Covenant was circumcision for males only.  Circumcision of the flesh is a sign of circumcision of the heart, which represents Spiritual Rapport.  Abraham's obedience to the requirement of circumcision at Age 99 was a sign of entrance into Spiritual Rapport.  After circumcision Abraham recovered from sexual death and received the sexual fountain of youth along with his wife, who was past the menopause.  Abraham's peace with God in Spiritual Rapport meant that Light could penetrate his soul and revive his sexually dead body.  In Spiritual Rapport he had new capacity for sexual life.  The child of the promise was born when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90.  The Jewish custom of circumcision became a reminder to all future generations of their origin from Right Man - Right Woman in Spiritual Rapport.

Ishmael Persecution

Abram left Haran to settle in Canaan at age 75.  Although God had promised him a son, Sara had always been barren and was still barren 11 years later.  So Sara came up with a plan to help God out.  She gave Abram her maid, Hagar, as a wife so they could have a son.  This amounted to Compatibility Testing for Sara.  When Hagar got pregnant, she mocked Sara as if the pregnancy was a badge of womanhood.  Sara treated her harshly because arrogance is unacceptable for a slave.  Hagar did have a son by Abram when he was 86 (Genesis 16:1-16).  The son was a wild child and was named Ishmael. He was called a Hebrew, ar#P# (pere'), a wild ass.

When Isaac was weaned, Sarah saw Ishmael mocking Isaac.  This was the beginning of the Arab persecution of the Hebrew (or Jew).  That is the meaning of the number 86, which stands for the son of the bondwoman persecuting the son of the free.  Sarah demanded that Abraham drive Ishmael and Hagar away.  God agreed with Sarah, and Ishmael and Hagar were sent away.  Ishmael was a believer, who became an Arab prince and was greatly blessed by God.  Yet, the Arabs continued to persecute the Jews throughout history.

Ishmael and the Arabs are a symbol of those who come out of Egypt, which is a type of the world, or Cosmic System.  There could be no peace so long as Ishmael and Isaac were together.  They must be separated.  The only way Israel would ever have peace was to be separate from the Arabs and worldliness.  Thus, the blessings of peace require separation from the world.

The Tabernacle

The Model
Client Nation Model
Shadow of Heaven

The Model

After Israel left Egypt and journeyed in the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land, the LORD met Moses on Mt. Sinai and gave him the design of the Tabernacle.3  Moses was warned to make the Tabernacle precisely according to the LORD's design specifications.Tabernacle
who serve as a model and a shadow of heavenly things,  just as Moses was warned when he was about to construct the Tabernacle:  "For see," He says, "You shall make all things according to the design which was shown to you on the mountain." (Hebrews 8:5)
Violation of the LORD's design or operational criteria for the Tabernacle meant instant death.  The reason for the stern warning was that the Tabernacle was to be "a model and a shadow of heavenly things."  As a model, the Tabernacle would represent Heaven on Earth.  The LORD would dwell in the Tabernacle in the Holy of Holies in the form of the Shekinah Glory, and the Tabernacle itself would symbolize the LORD, who would pay for the sins of the world.  The Tabernacle with the surrounding Camp of Israel would represent the architecture of Client Nation Israel as well as all other nations and cities under the Laws of Establishment.  It would also be a shadow type of the Millennial Jerusalem and surrounding nations as well as the Heavenly Jerusalem and surrounding nations.  Thus, the Tabernacle was a seed type, or kernel, of all civilizations of human history and of the citizens of Heaven in resurrection bodies.

The LORD lived in the Tabernacle in the midst of His people, Client Nation Israel.  The dwelling of the Shekinah Glory in the Holy of Holies was the first step fulfillment of God's desire to dwell in the midst of His people (Lev 26:11; Ezek 37:27; 48:35; Heb 8:2; Rev 7:15; 21:3).  The Lord Jesus Christ Himself will dwell in the Temple in the Millennial Jerusalem, and God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will dwell in the Heavenly (New) Jerusalem in the Eternal State.

Every part of the Tabernacle represented the Lord Jesus Christ, who came in the First Advent and dwelt among His people.Tabernacle Plan

And the Word became flesh, and tabernacled among us, and we have seen the glory, the glory of the uniquely born from the source of the Father, full of grace and doctrine. (John 1:14)
"Tabernacled" is the Greek skhnovw (skenoo), which means to live in a tent; to dwell.  The only way into the Tabernacle was the Gate, which represents the Lord Jesus Christ, the only way of Salvation (John 14:6).  The four colors of the Gate represent the four Gospels.  The three compartments of the Tabernacle represent the body, soul, and spirit of Christ, which correspond to the three heavens.  The Outer Court represents the body of Christ, which corresponds to the Earth and its atmosphere in the first heaven.  The Outer Court was surrounded by a wall of linen which represents sanctification (separation) from the world. The only way to peace with God is separation from the world.  The second compartment was the Holy Place, which represents the soul of Christ and the Second Heaven, the sphere of the Angelic Conflict.  And the third compartment, the Holy of Holies, represents the spirit of Christ and Heaven itself, the dwelling place of God, which is in the north above the Universe.

Client Nation Model

The Tabernacle with the Tribes camped around it in the Exodus became the pattern for Client Nation Israel in the Promised Land.  Client Nation Israel in the Promised Land fulfilled the Abrahamic Covenant, including the land-grant, or Palestinian Covenant.  However, all of the land promised to Abraham will not be acquired until the Millennium.

The Client Nation Model is the seed type, or kernel, of every continent, nation, and city under the Laws of Establishment.  All the nations of the world function according to the model of Client Nation Israel.  Like Israel with the Tabernacle in the middle of the camp, the east side is the Spiritual side, the west side is prosperous, the north side is for authority, and the south side represents the counterattack.

Shadow of Heaven

The Tabernacle with the surrounding Tribes will be a shadow type of the Millennial Kingdom.  Jerusalem will be the home of the Temple and the capital of Israel and the world.  The Tribes of Israel will own land around Jerusalem in fulfillment of the Palestinian Covenant.  And the Gentile nations will occupy the rest of the Earth.

The Tabernacle with the surrounding Tribes will also be a shadow type of the Eternal State.  The Heavenly (New) Jerusalem will be surrounded by the nation of Israel with its Tribes, and the Gentile nations will occupy the rest of the New Earth.  The Church will live in the Heavenly Jerusalem to rule and reign with Christ.



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