Ted Bundy and the Rise of Israel

Ted Bundy was one of history's most evil domestic terrorists.  A psychopathic necrophiliac and rapist who preyed upon college girls from 1973-75, he was a cold-blooded murderer.  Born a bastard and rejected by his mother, he became the servant of Bel, the ancient god of Babylon. God sent him as a sign of the diaspora, and his life paralleled the birth and rise of the nation of modern Israel.


Bundy the Bastard
Move to Washington
Israeli Six-Day War
Ted the Republican
Israeli Yom Kippur War
Nixon and Watergate
Bundy the Serial Killer
Bundy's Method
Bel Club and the Diaspora
Bundy in Florida
Camp David Accords
Death Row
Palestinians Declare Independence
Bundy's Hand
Bundy's Birth Chart
Astrological Hand of Bundy


Who was Ted Bundy?  He was one of most evil criminals who ever lived.  He was a psychopathic necrophiliac.  His crimes are so reprehensible that the most hardened criminologist fall silent.  The best psychiatrists couldn't unravel him, even with his help.  And the best hand readers are left wondering.  Pastors and evangelists tried their hand and failed.  Even Bundy himself was forever searching for an explanation of the "entity" within himself.  Of the many biographies and web sites on Bundy, none are even warm.  The problem with all is their paradigm can't cut it.

Ted Bundy can only be understood spiritually, not psychologically by the psychiatrists.  God made Ted Bundy and demoted him into immoral degeneracy to symbolize the birth pangs of the nation of Israel.  Ted Bundy was born a bastard on November 24, 1946, where 24 represents Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The major phases of Bundy's life parallel the crises in Israel until his death on January 24, 1989, when his purpose on earth was finished, and the Lord won the victory in his death.

Bundy the Bastard

Ted Bundy's beginnings go back to 22-year old Eleanor Louise Cowell of Philadelphia, who was seduced by an Air Force veteran and later salesman; or possibly, the pregnancy was due to her violent, somewhat deranged father, as defense attorneys claim.  Eleanor was a department store clerk, the oldest daughter of a nurseryman.3  She was sent away to Burlington, Vermont to a home for unwed mothers, where she gave birth to Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946, Day 328.  Eleanor was 22, for cursing.  Ted was born in the 11th month, for a witness, as in court, in Vermont, which is side-by-side with New Hampshire.  This is the sign of a witness.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 46 is for pregnancy.  Eleanor was cursed with pregnancy.

The year 1946 stands for pregnancy (46).  In 1946 the nation of Israel was struggling to be born.  After the holocaust, in 1946, Great Britain, the colonial power, was trying to divide the Promised Land between Israel and the Palestinians.  Several conferences were held in Great Britain on a proposed state or states, but to no avail.  By October, President Truman favored a Jewish state, but he was opposed within his administration by the Secretaries of State, Near East Affairs, and Defense, who favored Arab oil interests.  Baby Ted was born into a world almost like today with the White House split over anti-Semitism.  In 1947, the problem of the Israeli state was turned over to the United Nations and in May, 1948, the nation of Israel was born.1

Baby Ted was born on Day 328, for the judgment (300) of a cosmic stronghold (28).  This would define Ted's life.  He was the epitome of a cosmic stronghold that judged innocent civilians in the USA.  Before he died, he confessed to killing 28 females, although he is suspected of killing more.

Ted's birth certificate listed his father as unknown.  In 1946, it was shameful to be born out of wedlock; but to be born a bastard was unbearable.  Eleanor moved back to Philadelphia to live with her parents, where she kept the secret from young Ted, who was made to believe that she was his sister and his grandparents were his real parents.  This lie left young Ted with even more guilt, even though he knew nothing about it.  When the closest person in the world lies to her child and denies being his mother, it is a prescription for abuse of the highest order.  This is like what led to the bowed little finger on Ted's left hand.2

Beware of bastards!  A bastard is a pregnant sign to believers throughout history.

But if you are without punishment, of which all (believers) have become partakers, then you are bastards and not sons. (Hebrews 12:8)
Believers know God loves them because he is constantly punishing them like a father.  Bastards are not punished by their fathers because their fathers are not around.

People can be so hardened from scar tissue of the soul that they act like bastards, who have no father.  Israel was in such a state of degeneracy before the birth of Jesus Christ.  Isaiah said they were not as smart as jackasses.

"The ox knows his owner,
And the jackass his master's feeding trough,
Israel does not know Me,
My people do not understand." (Isaiah 1:3)
The baby Jesus was placed in a feed trough as a reminder of Isaiah's prophecy.  Israel did not recognize the Messiah when He came because the people's hearts were hardened.  They didn't know God the Father, and they didn't recognize the Messiah.  They were not as smart as jackasses.  Israel remains hardened to this day.

Baby Ted was born a bastard as a sign to Israel and the Church.  He was born in Burlington, Vermont, which is at 44 N., for suffering, and 73 W., for freedom.  He was the herald of Israel's war for independence (freedom).  Vermont, as well as Pennsylvania, is in the region of Issachar, the donkey (jackass).  The donkey was the pack animal of Israel and symbolized a military deployment.  Israel's military had to be deployed to defend the newly born nation from its evil Arab neighbors, who attacked immediately after Great Britain withdrew.

The birth of Ted (Bundy), the bastard, heralded the birth of the nation of Israel.

Move to Washington

In 1950, just before young Ted was 4, his mother took him to Tacoma, Washington to live with relatives.  She changed their names to Louise Crowell and Theodore Robert Nelson.  The move left permanent scars in Ted.  He had left the beautiful city of Philadelphia and gone to a dingy, mill town on Puget Sound.  He maintained an arrogant disdain for anything he regarded as common.  He became very class conscious, jealous about his cousins, and attracted to material possessions.  Bundy also had a short fuse, and got into scrapes with other boys.  At Boy Scout camp he shoved a plate in a boy's face and hit another over the head with a stick.  When he got mad, his blue eyes grew dark and almost black.

In 1949, a series of armistice agreements ended Israel's war for independence.  Israel declared West Jerusalem as its capital December 13, 1949.  In 1950, the map of the Middle East was settled.  Israel had a country with capital in West Jerusalem, and Jordan annexed the West Bank.  The US and Great Britain recognized Israel, but all Arab countries except Iraq refused to recognize Israel's right to exist.  Israel had 21% more land than under the original United Nations partition plan.  This represented the spoils of victory.  Washington is in the region of Benjamin, which represents the spoils of victory.

The move of Ted Bundy to Washington represented the spoils of victory for Israel in the War for Independence.
A year later, in 1951, for arrogance, Louise Crowell married a Navy veteran by the name of Johnnie Culpepper Bundy, whose last name Ted assumed for the rest of his life.  Louise, a secretary for the Council of Churches, met Johnnie, who was from North Carolina and a cook at the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital, at Adult Night at the First Methodist Church.3  Ted now had a step-father, although he never respected him.  His grandfather was the only male relative he would ever respect.  He said he grew up in a Christian home.  He was a regular church goer and Vice President of the Methodist Youth Fellowship.  Methodists are generally apostate Christians, who are unsure of their eternal security.  If Ted became a Christian, it is almost certain that he never Rebounded.  A Christian who won't Rebound is dumb like a jackass.

Tacoma, Washington is at 47 N., for peace, and 122 W., for cursing.  Making peace with its Arab neighbors and being cursed by them in return, would define the foreign policy of the new state of Israel.  Bundy studied and made good grades in school.  He said he didn't have any major problems until he got to his sophomore year in high school when he began to be socially isolated.  This was a symptom of a more serious psychological problem evidenced by a large loop like an island on the Head Line in the middle of this left hand.2  An analysis of Bundy's life and hand indicates that the loop was, indeed, an island, which is a symbol of isolation.  However, the loop that appears like a double headline can also represent duplicity related to authority.  By this time, Bundy was already beginning a life of crime.  He was a thief, shoplifter, and forger of ski lift tickets, although he was never caught for these things.

One day at home, he found his birth certificate, which said father, unknown.  He knew for the first time that he was a bastard, and he was very bitter about it.  Some of his friends knew it, also, and taunted him about it.  The root of bitterness from unconscious guilt seethed inside and boiled up.  He stopped calling his step-Father, Dad, and rebelled against him.


Bundy made good grades, and won a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound, where he went after graduation from high school in 1965.  The next year, he transferred to the University of Washington in nearby Seattle where he studied Chinese.  He lived in a dorm.  He had left home for the first time, although he was not far from home, and he was still in comfortable surroundings.  At the University, he met a co-ed who was everything he wanted.  She was beautiful, nearly six feet tall, wealthy, poised, and worldly.  Bundy fell in love with her and treated her with boyish admiration and gentlemanly respect.  He spent nights with her without sex, which some find hard to believe.  Partly to impress her, he went to Stanford in California in the summer of 1967 to study Chinese.

At Stanford, Bundy was in a new environment.  Not only was he away from home, but he was away from his friends and familiar surroundings.  His social immaturity was exposed.  His normal strength in the classroom failed.  He failed in the one area of life in which he was good.  Then to add insult to injury, his girlfriend, who was his first real love, dumped him.  The crisis in Ted Bundy's life in 1967 was similar to Job's testing.  He said it was the pits for him, the lowest time ever.

Ted returned to the University of Washington in the Fall of 1967.  He gave up Chinese altogether and enrolled in Urban Planning, but his heart was not in it.  The professor's words were meaningless.  He had reached a Spiritual crisis in his life and couldn't deal with it.  He dropped out of school by Christmas.3

Israeli Six-Day War

The Arab nations simultaneously attacked Israel on June 5, 1967.  In 6 days, June 5-9, Israel captured the Sinai, West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.  The Sinai was captured in 96 hours, which stands for the spoils of victory.  Israel was the victor in the Six-Day War.

Ted Bundy was at Stanford in California for the 6-Day War.  It was his first time away from his home environment and the first time he failed in school.  His life was a dismal failure for the first time.  California in the USA corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  His trip to California represented the Israeli 6-Day War.  Bundy's trip to California was the most traumatic experience in his life after his birth.  It corresponded to the Israeli 6-Day War, which was the most traumatic experience in Israel after the War for Independence.

Ted Bundy's trip to California in the Summer of 1967 corresponded to the Israeli 6-Day War.

Ted the Republican

After dropping out of school, Ted had no problem finding work.  He never did.  He began work on the Republican campaign of  Art Fletcher, a Black councilman who was running for Lt. Governor in the fall of 1968.  Ted would never identify with the party of the down and out, but with the party of the establishment, the Republicans.  Ted's impeccable dress, good manners, and enthusiasm led to success and popularity, although his candidate lost in the November election.  Ted was named Fletcher's official driver.  He succeed in the social life he had always wanted, and he enjoyed the prestige and perks of the job.  He also drank too much at parties and wound up drunk.

It was after one such party that Ted was so inebriated that he was taken to a fellow Republican's home to sleep it off.  The lady of the house crawled into bed with him, took off his clothes, and took his virginity.  Ted was a passive participant.  Even though he had spent the night with his college girlfriend, he would never have initiated sex with her.  It would have desecrated his pure love with carnality.

In the eyes of the world, Ted was a social success as a Republican, but from the Christian perspective, he was going down.  After reaching bottom and dropping out of school, rather than Rebounding and getting up to fight another round, Ted got drunk and fornicated.  Ted's inability to concentrate on his studies was a sign the Lord was calling him to study something different, i.e. Bible Doctrine.  He rejected God's call.  He never Rebounded, and was consequently demoted in the Christian life.  The road down led to sublimation and fornication, a guarantee of Intensified Discipline.  Failure to Rebound also led to the psychiatric problem of dissociation, which would become more apparent in this phase of Bundy's life.

Bundy had a temporary job in a Seattle department store where he learned that he could sell women anything.  He spent the first half of 1969 at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he studied urban affairs and theatrical arts.  He learned about acting and make-up and bought a fake mustache.  All this would soon contribute to Bundy's criminal masks of deception.

In the summer of 1969, Bundy returned to Seattle and lived in the Washington University district.  He worked as a legal messenger.  On September 30, he met an appealing, 24-year old medical secretary and divorcee.  She was the daughter of a successful Utah doctor.  Divorcees are especially vulnerable.  Bundy knew this and used it to his advantage often in his life.  The woman fell for Bundy, and he couldn't get her out of his mind.  He even led her to believe that he wanted to marry her, although it was really her idea and he simply played along with it.  He was, however, dissociative and had the woman in a separate compartment of his mind while he chased others.

Another compartment of Bundy's mind at the time was for violent pornography.  He would prowl around at night, peep into women's windows, and steal things.  However, his new girlfriend encouraged him to return to college; so he returned to the University of Washington in the summer of 1970 and studied psychology.  He was an excellent student and didn't miss a single question on his final exam.  He worked with a medical supply company.  But he continued his late night patrols and thievery.

In the spring of 1972, he graduated with a degree in psychology.  The number, 72, stands for the internal gates of the criminal justice system.  He tried to go to law school, but his Law School Aptitude Test results were too low, and every law school turned him down.  He worked with psychiatric outpatients at Seattle’s Harborview Hospital.  And he was a volunteer on the re-election campaign for Republican Governor Dan Evans.  One day when he was shopping with his girlfriend, the medical secretary, he caught a purse snatcher and held him until police arrived.  The Seattle Times covered the story.  It was the first time Bundy was mentioned in the papers.

In 1973, he was finally accepted to the University of Utah College of Law for the fall term.  However, he didn't attend, but went to the new University of Puget Sound law school at night.  In May of 1973, he began work in Olympia for Ross Davis, head of the state Republican central committee, for $1,000 a month.

In July 1973, on a trip to San Francisco for the Republican Party, Bundy visited the girl who was his first love.  She had dumped him following his failure at Stanford.  Now, history was about to repeat itself.  She was impressed with the new Ted with a good job, a degree in psychology, and ready to go to law school.  She felt that he finally had his life together.  Ted had fashioned his life to meet her expectations and duped her into believing it.

Ted's law studies at the University of Puget Sound in the fall of 1973 were a total failure, a repeat of the 1967 burnout in Chinese studies.  He was disappointed that it wasn't an Ivy League school.  Appearances meant everything to Ted, and the law school was an office building in downtown Tacoma.  However, he kept up appearances, attended classes faithfully, and expressed an active interest in his studies.

During Christmas, 1973, Ted's steady girlfriend, the medical secretary, flew home to Utah, while his first love flew up to be with him.  They stayed in the apartment of a married couple who were vacationing in Hawaii.  His fist love talked marriage, and Bundy conned her.  She flew home to California thinking they were engaged.  Ted left the airport and drove over to be with his other girlfriend, the medical secretary.  He never looked back, and never called his first love again.  A month later his first love called and demanded an explanation, but Bundy said nothing.  She blew up and never wanted to hear from him again.

What happened?  Did Bundy intend to dump her all along?  No, this is the sign of another problem.  It is associated with dissociation in which a person puts something out of mind.  Dissociation may be caused by childhood abuse, as in the case of Bundy.  People in dissociation may simply walk away from from a problem and fail to take responsibility for their actions.  They may simply not show up for school or work.  Promising a person marriage and then simply walking away is the ultimate in dissociation.

Israeli Yom Kippur War

On October 6, 1973 Syria, Egypt and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) attacked Israel during Ramadan and Yom Kippur.  A huge US airlift of weapons on October 19th and threat of nuclear war helped end the war.  When the first cease-fire was called on October 22nd, the armored forces of Ariel Sharon were half way to Cairo.  A second cease-fire was agreed to on October 24th.  There were 3,000 Israeli soldiers and 8,500 Arabs killed.

The second low point in Ted Bundy's life, his failure in law school in Washington, coincided with the Israeli Yom Kippur War.  His renewed relationship with his first love in San Francisco in July 1973 also correlated with the second challenge to Israeli freedom.  California in the USA corresponds to Israel in Asia.  And Washington corresponds to the spoils of victory.  Israel was again victorious.

Nixon and Watergate

Richard Nixon was born January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California.  The number, 9, stands for the Plagues of Egypt, and 13 is for the double blessing of Israel.  California in the US corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  Nixon became 37th US President in 1969.  He increased military aid to Israel more than any US President, and he stood by it in the Yom Kippur War.  US support of Israel in the face of the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union is even credited with ending the war.  However, that doesn't mean Nixon was not anti-Semitic, nor that he cared that much for Israel at all.  Israel and Iran were US allies against the Soviet Union.  The US supported them to prevent the spread of communism, not from integrity.

The Watergate scandal came to light in 1973.  On May 18, a special prosecutor for Watergate was named.  The scandal reached a crisis on October 20th, 1973 when President Nixon fired the special prosecutor.  Support for Nixon's impeachment began to increase.8  Although Nixon didn't resign until the next August, it was all down hill from there.

Nixon was a crook, but his crisis coincided with the Yom Kippur War.  On October 22nd, the US joined the Soviet Union in adopting United Nations Security Council Resolution 338, which called for a cease fire in the Yom Kippur War.  It also called for the implementation of Security Council Resolution 242 (1967), which called for Israel to give up all territory it won in the 1967 Six Day War.9  The number 338, stands for the purifying judgment of the Holy Spirit in dying in the wilderness, and 242 stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Russia is ruled by Baal.  Russia (Soviet Union) supported and armed the Palestinian Liberation Organization.  The reason the cease fire was needed is because the Arabs were losing again.

The call for Israel to give up the Promised  Land was an attack on the Abrahamic Covenant.  There is a special curse on anyone who curses Israel.  After the US and Soviet Union signed Resolution 338, President Nixon became the first US President to resign 10 months later, and the Soviet Union ended in 1991 and joined the graveyard of nations who were anti-Semitic.  Nixon died on April 22, 1994, where 22 stands for cursing.  He was the 37th President, where 37 is for a warrior, which was associated with the Yom Kippur War.  Gerald Ford became the 38th President, where 38 stands for dying in the wilderness.

Bundy the Serial Killer

Although he may have killed women earlier, Ted Bundy's attacks on women began on a regular basis on January 4th, 1974 in Washington.  Joni Lenz, 18, was found in bed lying in a pool of blood by her roommates.  She had been severely beaten.  This was Bundy's style.  He used a club.  Joni Lenz was taken to a hospital where she lay in a coma with brain damage that would affect her the rest of her life.  She is one of the few that survived a Bundy attack.


On January 31st, Lynda Ann Healy, 21, vanished from her basement room in the University of Washington district at 47N, for peace, and 122W, for cursing.  Her bed sheets and pillow case were blood stained and a blood stained night gown was in the closet.  Her skull was found about a year later with signs of being clubbed.

On March 12, Donna Gail Manson, 19, disappeared en route to a concert at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.
On April 17, Susan Elaine Rancourt,18, disappeared on her way to see a German language film at Central Washington State University in Ellensburg. On May 6, Roberta Kathleen Parks, 22, failed to return from a late night stroll at Oregon State University at Corvallis, at 44N, for suffering, and 123W, for a Spiritual uptrend.  Five more girls disappeared during the summer.

Future Wife

Bundy needed a summer job before going to law school in Utah in September.  On May 23, 1974, he was hired by the Washington State Department of Emergency Services.10  He was quite popular with the women.  He soon met Carole Boone, a free spirit generally regarded as the most competent DES employee.  Her life was in tatters after her second divorce and the recent death of her favorite uncle.


The murders moved to Utah on October 2nd when Nancy Wilcox, 16, a cheerleader, disappeared in Salt Lake City at 40N, for maximum divine discipline, and 111W, for the witness of truth.  On October 18, Melissa Smith, 17, disappeared in Midvale.  Her raped and bludgeoned body was unearthed in the Wasatch Mountains nine days later.  On October 30th, Laura Aime, 17, disappeared from Lehi while walking home in costume from a Halloween party.  However, Bundy's luck ran out on November 8th, when he attempted to kidnap Carol DaRonch, 18, from a Salt Lake City shopping mall.  She escaped and later identified him in a lineup.  Later, on November 8th, Debbie Kent, 17, was kidnapped from Salt Lake City's Viewmont High School.


The murders moved to Colorado the next year, 1975.  On January 12, Caryn Campbell, 23, a nurse, disappeared from a ski lodge at Snowmass in Aspen at 39N, for the sin unto death, and 106W, for a man.  On March 15, Julie Cunningham, 26, a sporting goods employee, disappeared en route to a tavern in Vail. On April 15, Melanie Cooley, 18, disappeared while riding her bicycle in Nederland.  Her body was discovered eight days later with a crushed skull.  Bundy confessed to killing Lunette Culver, 13, after he kidnapped her from her junior high school in Pocatello, Idaho, on May 6, 1975.   On July 1, Shelly Robertson, 24, disappeared from Golden.  Her remains were found on August 23 in a mine shaft near the Berthoud Pass.

Bundy's Method

Bundy appeared perfectly normal to his associates, who were themselves unenlightened unbelievers full of scar tissue of the soul.  A person with scar tissue of the soul cannot distinguish between good and evil and wouldn't know the devil if he were staring him in the face.  Bundy held a job and carried on a normal life style.  He was a master of disguise, and he was smart.  With an IQ measured at 124 and familiarity with law enforcement and legal procedures, he didn't make many mistakes.

Bundy, by his own admission, recognized the cravings of his Old Sin Nature (OSN) for violent sex in adolescence.  He fed his desires with pornography and detective magazines.  When they could no longer satisfy his cravings, he began to prowl the neighborhood, often of college campuses.  He crept into houses and peeped as a voyeur.  He also stole things, although he was never caught for robbery.  And he was a liar, a characteristic of Satan.

Bundy rejected God, and his heart was hardened.  Whether he was ever a Christian is not apparent because of his degeneracy.  He was such a liar that even if he were a Christian, he would not have known it.  He was a Methodist, who later converted to Mormonism, a cult.  And in prison he claimed to be Hindu.  Before he died, he thought he was a Christian.  Whether believer or unbeliever, he was a reversionist.  Like Cain, he rejected God and wound up a murderer.  He did not instantaneously turn violent as a person possessed, but he followed the road down in reversionism (Romans 1:18-32) to the sin unto death.

In the daytime, Bundy was a master of disguise, and he was attractive to women.  Women have been attracted to the devil ever since the Garden of Eden.  Bundy was like the devil in a celebrity that attacks women.  In his trials, young women always lined the front rows of the courtroom to experience his spell of evil.  Bundy could feign car trouble, or put his arm in a cast, and ask for help from a young, stupid girl; and she would soon be handcuffed or knocked unconscious and lying in his car.

At night, he became a cat who prowled in the dark.  He walked through unlocked doors or picked the locks.  His weapon of choice was a club. He used a crowbar, or at the Chi Omega murders in Florida, he picked up an oak limb outside for a club.  He battered his victims, knocked them senseless, and raped them.  He often drove hundreds of miles away with dead or unconscious bodies.  He dumped the nude bodies in the wilderness where wild animals strewed them for hundreds of yards.  Those he captured alive were taken into the wilderness and made to dress like the women in his detective magazines so he could act out his fantasies.  He took pictures with a polaroid camera to remember the moments.  Then he would kill them with ferocious blows of his club.  Sometimes he would dismember them.  And sometimes he would keep the skulls for souvenirs.  Sometimes he returned to the scene to visit the remains and relive his crimes.

Bundy was a man preoccupied with Bel.  Bundy's motivation was the high that came from the power of Bel, the god of Babylon, as he tried to be like the Most High God.  Bundy's greatest thrill by his own admission was when  his victims breathed their last and he was playing God, though the god was Bel.

Bel Club and the Diaspora

When ancient Israel rejected Bible Doctrine, God used Babylon to destroy and scatter the Jewish citizens.  In 586 BC the diaspora were scattered in Babylon, while a remnant of believers went down to Egypt.   The scattering of the captives of Judah in Babylon is called the Diaspora, or the Sixth Cycle of Discipline (Leviticus 26:33).  God used Babylon to punish Israel with 70 years of captivity, after which the diaspora returned to Israel, and Babylon was destroyed for violating the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3).

Babylon was ruled by Bel (Isaiah 46:1; Jer. 51:44), the confounder (Jeremiah 50:2), who was symbolized by a forge-hammer (Hebrew, vyF!P^, pattish) (Jeremiah 50:23) and a club (Hebrew, JP@m^, mappetz) (Jeremiah 51:20).  The club, which smashed things to pieces, symbolized Bel of Babylon, who would scatter the Jews of Israel.  Israel's enemies (Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Moab, Ammon, and Edom) were destroyed when the diaspora withstood the suffering.  Babylon scattered the nations of the whole earth, including Judah, but then, it was broken in pieces (scattered).

Bel was the god of the first United Nations in Babylon symbolized by the Tower of Babel.  He claimed to both unite and confound the languages of mankind.  That was a lie.  God confounded the languages to keep Bel from enslaving the entire world and ushering in a false millennium apart from fulfillment of the unconditional covenants to Israel.  Whether breaking in pieces with a club or confounding languages, Bel, the confounder, appears by many different names to rule chaos.  He is the same as Janus, who was also symbolized by a club as well as a key.  He was the god of fortresses, who ruled prisons, as well as the god of the key, who opened locks and doors.

Bundy used a club, the symbol of Bel.  The club represents Satan as the god of war.  Satan appears as both the god of war and the goddess of love.  Love and hate cannot coexist, but Satan tries to be both.  When love and hate combine, it is the sign of Satan or one of his demon-gods like Bel, Baal, or Janus.  Bundy lusted for love and hate through murder and rape.  He used a club, the symbol of Bel, and he died at the age of 42, the number for Baal.


On August 16th, 1975, Day 228, Bundy was arrested by the Utah Highway Patrol.  A search of his car revealed his burglary tools.  The day means:  Sanctification (16), Sovereignty (75), and the cursing (22) of a cosmic stronghold (28).  Bundy was born on Day 328, for the judgment (300) of a cosmic stronghold (28).  He had fulfilled his destiny.  Later Carol DaRonch picked him out of a lineup.  He went on trial for attempted kidnapping of DaRonch on February 23, 1976, Day 55.  The day means:  A spiritual uptrend (23), skill (76), and blessing in the midst of suffering (55).  On March 2, 1976, Day 62, he was convicted and sent to prison in Utah.  The numbers mean:  Division (2), skill (76), and the end (62).  Utah is in the region that corresponds to the outcast, i.e. the diaspora.

Colorado was the first to file murder charges against Bundy.  On October 22, 1976, Day 296, Colorado police filed murder charges against Bundy for killing Caryn Campbell, who disappeared from a ski resort in Aspen on January 12, 1975.  The date means:  Laws of Establishment (10th month), cursing (22), skill (76), and the spoils of victory (96).   Aspen is at 39N, for the sin unto death, and 106W, for a man.  Colorado is in the region that corresponds to the summits, which represent both the high places of Baal as well as the Middle East peace summits.  US Secretary of State, William Rogers, sponsored peace summits in 1969-70, and the cease-fires in the Yom Kippur War were peace treaties.

On June 7, 1977, Bundy escaped from a Colorado courthouse.  During a recess in the proceedings, Bundy was left alone in the courtroom.  He knew the building well, since he had been studying in the law library to represent himself.  He went to a window on the second floor and jumped out.  When it came time to resume the trial, Bundy was gone.  Someone had seen a man jump out of a courthouse window and asked if that was normal.  Bundy had double dressed that morning.  He was not shackled.  He took off his top clothes and walked straight into downtown Aspen where he mingled with the crowd.  He stole food from cabins to survive, and stayed in abandoned cabins.  He was recaptured 6 days later when he tried to leave Aspen in a stolen car.11

On December 30, 1977, Bundy escaped again from Garfield County Jail in Colorado.   He lost 30 pounds so that he could crawl through the opening for a light fixture in the ceiling.  Other inmates had reported him crawling around in the ceiling, and a welder had been called to seal the hole.  But before the welder got around to doing the job, Bundy escaped.  Bundy crawled into the attic and made his way to a closet in the jailer's apartment.  When the apartment was empty, he casually walked out the front door.  He wasn't discovered missing for 15 hours.

Bundy in Florida

Bundy went to Chicago and then took a bus for Florida.  He arrived in Tallahassee on a Trailways bus on January 8, 1978, where 8 is for the new birth, and 78 stands for sexual abuse.  Bundy assumed the alias of Chris Hagen.  He settled into a one bedroom apartment near Florida State University (FSU).  He stole what he needed, including a television set.  He seemed to enjoy his new life.  He wandered about the FSU campus and dropped in on classes that interested him.

Tallahassee, Florida is in Leon County, which is county #13, the number for the double blessing of Israel.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  From Colorado, the region of the summits, for the Middle East peace process, Bundy went to Florida via Chicago, which in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  The map of a criminal spells out the Plan of God.

On Saturday afternoon, January 14th, Ted grew restless and apparently scouted out the Chi Omega Sorority house.  Everyone was gone from the house that afternoon for a while, and when they returned, the housemother's cat was spooked.  Its hair stood on end. It ran through the girls' legs and out the door and didn't return for 2 weeks.  That night, in the early morning hours of January 15th, Bundy picked up an oak limb outside and entered the sorority house where he raped and murdered two girls and bludgeoned two others.  They were Lisa Levy, 20, and Margaret Bowan, 21.  Two other girls, who had no knowledge of what was happening, experienced stark terror out of the blue.  Each had decided for different reasons to go down to the kitchen, but both were so overcome with fear that they stayed in their rooms.10  That same night, less than three blocks away, Bundy savaged another sleeping coed.

Tallahassee is at 30N., for a priest, and 84W, for the weakness of the Church.  The impact of doctrinal believers in Florida would stop Bundy, but not before he killed again.  On February 9, 1978, Day 40, he kidnapped Kimberly Diane Leach, 12, from her junior high school in Lake City, Florida.  Her body was found in an abandoned hog shed nearly two months later.  The date means:  The Plagues of Egypt (9), sexual abuse (78), and maximum divine discipline (40).  Lake City is at 30N and 82W, for a breakpoint in history.  It was Bundy's last murder.

Ted Bundy was arrested by the Pensacola Police on February 15, 1978, Day 46.  The date means:  A covering (15), sexual abuse (78), and pregnancy (46).  Bundy's crime spree of sexual abuse was finally covered.  He would begin the trial phase.  Pregnancy can mean the beginning of a project.  However, history would report that Bundy got married and fathered a child during his detention at Raiford.  Pensacola is at 30N and 87W, for a donkey.  Pensacola is in Escambia County #9, for the Plagues of Egypt.

Camp David Accords

US President Jimmy Carter presided over the Camp David Accords, which were the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt following the Yom Kippur War.  The summit which ended in the signing of the Accords lasted from September 5-17, 1978.  In the Camp David Accords, Israel agreed to United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 with Egypt.  Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the USA, where 39 stands for the sin unto death.

Ted Bundy's last murderous rampage in Florida heralded the Camp David Accords and the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.  The US occupied the place of Political Babylon in the Middle East peace process, and fully supported Resolution 242.

On March 26, 1979, the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty was signed.

On July 30, 1980, Israel declared Jerusalem as its capital.


Bundy faced three trials in Florida.  The first, for the Chi Omega deaths, began July 7, 1979 in Miami.  The trial was broadcast to an estimated 40 million homes.  Judge Edward D. Cowart, 54, presided in the fourth-floor courtroom in the Dade County Metropolitan Justice Building.  On July 23 Bundy was found guilty of murder, and on July 31 Judge Cowart sentenced him to death for the Chi Omega murders.

Bundy was tried for the murder of Kimberly Leach on January 7th 1980 in Orlando.  Judge Wallace Jopling, 62, presided.  On February 7th 1980, Bundy was again found guilty.  On February 9 at his sentencing hearing, he finagled a marriage.  Carole Ann Boone had taken out a marriage license, and the judge had allowed Bundy to have a blood test as required by Florida law.  All that was needed was for Ted and Carole to agree to the marriage contract publicly before a notary.  However, Orange County would not allow it in its jail.  Ted got Carole on the witness stand to plead for his life, and they agreed to marry.  Though they were surprised, the judge and court were witnesses.  They were married.  Later that day, the jury agreed that Bundy should die.  It was 2 years to the day since Kimberly Leach was kidnapped.  On February 12, 1980, Judge Jopling gave Ted Bundy his third death sentence.  Judge Jopling was 62, for the end.  Bundy's life was to come to an end.

Death Row

Ted Bundy was sent to death row in Florida State Prison at Raiford.  His appeal to the Florida Supreme Court failed in 1982, and later another would fail.  In October 1982, his wife gave birth to a baby girl that was Bundy's.  The number, 82, is for a breakpoint in history.  Bundy's daughter would grow up without a father also.  Israel invaded Lebanon on June 6, 1982.

In 1984, guards discovered that Bundy had hacksaw blades in his cell.  He had completely sawed through the top and bottom of one bar and glued it back in place.11  After many appeals all the way to the US Supreme Court, Ted Bundy was finally executed January 24, 1989.  He was 42, which stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The number, 89, stands for an authority counterattack.  The authority counterattack was the recognition of the State of Palestine by the United Nations the previous month.

Palestinians Declare Independence

On November 15, 1988, the Palestinians declared independence for the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital and Yasser Arafat as its President.  In December Arafat made a speech before the UN General Assembly to outline his peace plan with Israel. The meeting was moved to Geneva because the US wouldn't allow Arafat, the terrorist, into the US.  On December 15, 1988, the UN General Assembly approved the Palestinian Declaration of Independence 104-2-36, with the US and Israel voting against it and 36 abstentions.14

Bundy's Hand

Ted Bundy's HandLike everyone, Ted Bundy's life story was written in his hand.  The illustrations here highlight features on Bundy's original handprint.2   Bundy was left handed; so the record of what he became should be in that hand.  The illustrations are of the hand print of his left hand.

Club Thumb

Bundy had a club thumb, which is a thumb with the tip phalange shaped like a club.  The tip phalange of Bundy's thumb was also very short.  A short phalange means a lessened the intensity of thought associated with the phalange.  The tip phalange of the thumb represents the will.  A short tip phalange means the expression of the will is less intense.  The will is required to translate thought into action.  People with a shortened tip phalange of the thumb are like a car in second gear.  Those with very short tip phalanges of the thumb are more like a tortoise.  They can still get to the same destinations but it takes them longer and require more energy.

Bel, the god of Babylon, was represented by a club, as previously explained.  Bundy's club thumb symbolized Bel, a demon.  Although he didn't have to become the servant of Bel, Bundy did.  He had a free will like everyone else, and he could have decided to resist Bel; but he didn't.  Bel was also the god of confusion.  Bundy experienced confusion in the Summer of 1967 at Stanford.  In 1973 while studying law at the University of Puget Sound, he experienced confusion again.  In both cases Bundy was dealing with a spiritual crisis.  He was being demoted down in reversionism and Bel was allowed more control over him.

In his murderous rampages in which he battered girls with a club, Bundy symbolized Bel.  He was under the power of Bel.  Even if he were not possessed, his soul was under the power of Bel due to scar tissue of the soul.

Bundy's club thumb symbolized Bel, the god of Babylon, and lived up to the symbolism.
Bowed Little Finger

The little finger on Bundy's left hand is bowed, which is a sign of abuse from his mother.  The pressure from the mother was more than the child could bear.  Bundy's mother did not even admit to her child that she was his mother.  She told him she was his sister and that Bundy's grandmother was his mother.  Abuse of a child by the mother can cause personality fragmentation, which happened to Bundy.  A sign of this is low self-esteem.
Ted Bundy's Palm

At the point of separation from the Head Line, Bundy's Life Line is held by only two thin apron strings.  Lower down, however, the Life Line is very thick.  The point of separation of the Life Line from the Head Line corresponds to the age when a person leaves home and strikes out on his own.  On Bundy's hand, the first apron string breaks from the Head Line at age 19, which was 1965, when Bundy left for college, although he was nearby at the University of Puget Sound.  The second apron string separates from the Headline at age 20, which is when Bundy went away to the University of Washington.

The thinness of the Life Line after separation from the Head Line is the sign of a bastard.  When Bundy was living at home, he had a supportive environment, but when he struck out on his own, he was hanging by a very thin thread.  The Life Line represents the relationship with God the Father.  However, a person without an earthly father will find it very difficult to orient to the Heavenly Father and very difficult to exercise authority over his own life.  Bundy almost had a mental breakdown from leaving home, as revealed by his thin Life Line.  He had a dissociative identity crisis.

Killing Spree

Bundy's killing spree began in 1974 when he was 27.  The circle on the Head Line encloses an island that begins at age 27.  It could be argued that this is not an island but a double headline.  Bundy did have duplicity related to authority as characterized by a double headline.  But Bundy's behavior also fits an island, which indicates isolation or dissociation related to authority.  Bundy was a psychopath with antisocial personality disorder.  A psychopath may appear outwardly normal but have a seared conscience (1 Timothy 4:2).  The discipline of a father prevents a seared conscience.  Bundy was also under the influence of the demon, Bel.

The three circles highlighted on Bundy's palm are all associated with the same problem.  At age 27-28 on the Life Line, he was hanging by a thin thread.  Since he was a bastard, he lacked the authority of a father.  Since he never learned authority, he could not exercise authority in his own life.  Therefore, the Life Line is like a thread at age 27-28.  The Head Line has a large island, which indicates an authority problem.  The island on the Head Line begins at age 27, when Bundy began his killing spree.  The lack of respect for authority was seriously flawed as indicated by the large island in the middle of the Head Line.  The island was indicative of antisocial personality disorder.  Bundy was seared in his conscience.  And it was even worse because he was under demon influence.  The third circle is on the Body Line (Health Line), where there is a break at age 27.  The break in the Body Line indicates a physical problem that coincided with the problems in the Head Line and Life Line.


A huge star is located on the mount of the ring finger.  The star indicates celebrity status.  Bundy was one of the most famous killers in history.  The star is at the termination of the Line of Success.  Bundy was a successful murderer.  Even when he was on trial, young women sat in the front rows of the courtroom.  This was indicative of the age-old problem of women's attraction to the devil, which has been around since the Garden of Eden.  Women's infatuation with male entertainers is the same problem.  The star resembles a spider, the symbol of Beelzebub.


Bundy has an influence line that joins his Destiny Line at age 27, which corresponds to 1974 when he met his future wife.  She may not have been his Right Woman, but of all the women in his life, she was the one pointed out on the Destiny Line.  He met this woman, Carole Boone, in May 1974.  He married her when he was 33 in 1980, and she stood by him for better or for worse.  He has a Marriage Line at age 33.  The Marriage is also indicated by an Influence Line that crosses the Life Line at age 33 and joins the Heart Line.


Bundy died at age 42.  There are marks on the primary lines in his hand at age 42.  On the Life Line at age 42, a strong Influence Line breaks down into a series of small lines like a frayed rope.  The Influence Line associated with Marriage at age 33 crosses the Head Line at age 42.  On the Heart Line, there is a small hook that droops off the Heart Line at age 42, and two branches of the Destiny Line come to a point at the hook.  A hook is used for hanging corpses.  The Destiny Line stops at hook on the Heart Line.  The end of his destiny was at the hook.  This was another indicator of death at age 42.  At age 32 when he received his first death sentences, an Influence Line crossed the Life Line and ran into the island on his Head Line.  And at age 35 (1982) when his appeal was rejected by the Florida Supreme Court, an Influence Line crossed the Life Line and terminated on the Feminine Mount on the ulnar side of the hand.  This is like going off into never never land.

Bundy's Birth ChartBundy Birth Chart

Ted Bundy's birth chart contained the foreboding of evil to come.  There was a perfect Bowl with a Stellium in Scorpius, the scorpion and sign of conflict with the evil one.  The Sun and Moon signs were Scorpius.  The Moon in Scorpius was in opposition to the Mediator planet in Taurus, the bull.  The Ascendant Sign was Cancer, the crab, on the cusp of  Leo, the lion.  Planets were in only five signs, where the number, 5, stands for a giant, such as Baal.

The Ascendant

The Ascendant was that sign that was rising over the horizon at the time of birth.  It indicates how a person is perceived by the world and how the person perceives his relationship to the world.  The Ascendant was Cancer, the crab, on the cusp of Leo, the lion.  Being on the cusp means sharing influence from two signs.  Cancer contained a pair of planets, the Last Adam, for scourging, and the God of the Covenants, for a guard.  Bundy was a violator of security who inflicted terrible punishment like scourging on his victims.  Ultimately he had to be guarded.  Bundy was also under the influence of Leo, which is a symbol of the government.  He had a natural affinity for politics, and worked for the Republican Party at one time.  In Bundy's case, the lion also represented Satan, the roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Pet 5:8) rather than the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Bundy's last killing spree, which was in Florida, began in Leon County, which is a variation of the name, Leo.

The Descendant Sign, which was setting, was Aquarius on the cusp of Capricornus.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where Bundy was captured, convicted, and executed.

The Bowl

The Bowl is like a cup and symbolizes identification with blessing or cursing through drinking.  In Bundy's case, the Bowl symbolized a bowl of wrath, like the seven bowls of wrath in the Tribulation (Rev 16).  Wine was mixed with water in bowls, and drinking the wine from a cup, or goblet, was a symbol of intoxication, which corresponded to cursing (Jer 25:15-29; 49:12; Isa 51:17; Ezek 23:32-34).

For a cup is in the hand of the Lord, and the wine foams;
It is well mixed, and He pours out of this;
Surely all the wicked of the earth must drain and drink down its dregs. (Psalm 75:8)
The Bowl with all the planets on one side of the chart is also a sign of a person who is missing something.  He needs others to complete him.  Bundy was a social animal.

The meaning of the five signs in the Bowl with planets in them was:

1.  Taurus - symbolizes Idaho and the murders there (see map).
2.  Cancer - symbolizes Washington and Oregon and the murders there.
3.  Virgo - symbolizes the Virgin.  Bundy, the son of a seduced virgin, murdered young women.
4.  Libra - symbolizes the scales of Justice.  The Almighty God planet (Jupiter) in Libra symbolizes the Supreme Court.  Bundy pronounced himself sovereign judge over his victims, and his case was appealed to the Supreme Courts of Florida and the US.  The bottom of heaven, IC, in Libra symbolizes capital punishment.  Bundy was executed in Florida.
5.  Scorpius - symbolizes the scorpion and conflict with the deadly enemy, Satan, who was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).  The Red Planet in Scorpius symbolizes murder.  Bundy was empowered by Satan.  The Stellium of four planets in Scorpius gives great power to the sign.
Sun Sign

The Sun sign was Scorpius.  The Sun sign, which is also called the birth sign, is the best indicator of the person.  Scorpius, the scorpion, represents conflict with the deadly enemy, Satan.  Bundy was the pawn and ambassador for Satan.  The Sun in Scorpius also symbolizes Satan disguised as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).

Moon Sign

The Moon sign usually symbolizes the Right Woman.  The Moon was in opposition to the Mediator planet (Uranus) in Taurus.  This was the only opposition in the chart.  The Moon in Scorpius for Bundy would represent the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9) or Jezebel (Revelation 2:20).  He was driven by the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Mediator planet in Taurus for Bundy symbolized the sacrifice of the victims in Idaho to Satan through murder.  It also symbolized Bundy's desire for prosperity.  It can symbolize prosperity obtained through a mediator or reference.

Stellium in Scorpius

The presence of three or more planets in a sign is called a Stellium.  A Stellium packs extra power into the sign. There were four planets in Scorpius in Bundy's chart.  They were:  the Savior planet, the Sun, the Red Planet, and the Moon.  In Bundy's case these planets have the following meanings:

  1. Savior planet - Satanic attack on the believer
  2. Sun - Birth Sign; also, Satan disguised as an angel of light
  3. Red Planet - Satan the murderer, bloody crimes and violence
  4. Moon - Synagogue of Satan, Jezebel, Prostitute of Babylon.
Other Planets

The other planets in Bundy's Birth Chart have the following meanings:

  1. Morning Star in Libra - cataclysmic judgment as symbolized by the Lord judging with a rod of iron (Psa 2:9; Rev 2:27) (Bundy used a club)
  2. Almighty God in Libra - Supreme Court (Bundy appealed to the Supreme Court)
  3. Redeemer in Virgo - Redeemer of Israel and dowry for a seduced virgin (Ex 22:17; Deut 22:28-29) (Bundy was the son of a seduced virgin)
  4. Last Adam in Cancer - Scourging, punishment
  5. God of the Covenants in Cancer - Law, law enforcement, guard
  6. Mediator in Taurus - prosperity or success through a mediator.

Astrological Hand of Bundy

Astrological Hand  BundyBundy's hand with astrological signs is shown in the illustration.  The astrological signs and planets are marked where they should be.  Some major problems are apparent.  The club thumb is associated with the Red Planet, which stands for the blood of Christ.  The blood was also associated with the blood of Bundy's victims.  The star pattern under the ring finger is on the mount of Libra, the scales of justice.  Bundy was an infamous criminal.  The bowed little finger, which is indicative of personality fragmentation from early childhood, is associated with the Savior planet, which on the birth chart is located in Scorpius.  The mount under the thumb, which is associated with Leo, contains the lust lines that marked Bundy's trials and death.  And the mount at the origin of the Head Line, which is associated with Aquarius, the water bearer, corresponds to Florida, where Bundy committed his last murders, went to trial, and died.  From Aquarius comes a messed up Head Line that indicated the time of his first murders.  The messed up Head Line is in the region of Cancer, which corresponds to Washington and Oregon where Bundy began his killing spree.  Cancer can also be associated with security, spoils, and punishment.  All apply to Bundy.  And the mount of the short index finger is associated with Aries, the ram, which corresponds to the location of Bundy's birth in the region of Issachar in Vermont.



Ted Bundy and the Rise of Israel

11-24-46 Birth in Vermont (Issachar, the donkey) Birth of Israel:  Great Britain works for Israeli nation; War for Independence; Independence May 15, 1948
. Bastard Sign to Israel (Isaiah 1:3)
1950 Move to Washington (spoils of victory) Victory in War for Independence:  Map of Israel settled & recognized by US and UK, but not Arabs
6-5-67 Fails at Stanford in California in Summer June 5-9 Israeli Six-Day War
1968-72 Bundy prospers:  '68 Republican Party; 70-72 U. Washington, graduates '72 Israel secure
10-6-73 Bundy failing U. Puget Sound Law School Yom Kippur War
10-22-73 (Nixon crisis:  US agrees to UN Security Council Resolution 338/242 (1967)) Yom Kippur War ends 10-24-73
1974 KILLING SPREE (Club of Bel) Diaspora
. Washington, Oregon Diaspora, spoils of victory
. Utah Diaspora, outcast
1975 Colorado Diaspora, peace summits
8-16-75 Arrested Utah .
1977 Escapes June 6 and Dec. 30 in Colorado Israel deluded by peace promises
1978 BUNDY IN FLORIDA (Palestinians at Gaza)
1978 Florida Killing Spree (Jan., Feb.) Camp David Accords (September 17, 1978)
1979 Bundy death sentences Chi Omega (7-31-79) Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty (March 26, 1979)
1980 Bundy death sentence Kimberly Leach (2-12-80) Israel declares Jerusalem capital (7-30-80)
1982 Bundy's Florida Supreme Court appeal failed Israel invaded Lebanon on June 6, 1982
12-15-88 Bundy age 42 UN agrees to Palestinian Declaration of Independence
1-24-89 Bundy executed in Florida Satan's attack on Israel by Palestinians and UN

Ted Bundy was born a bastard on November 24, 1946, Day 328.  The bastard is a special sign to Israel and the church.  Bundy's mother was 22, for cursing.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 46 is for pregnancy.  The nation of Israel, which was already fighting for independence, was being born.  Satan inspired Israel's Arab neighbors to try to destroy it.  When Israel was granted Sovereignty on May 15, 1948, the Arabs immediately attacked.  Israel fought them off.

In 1950, Ted Bundy moved to Washington, which represents the spoils of victory.  The number, 50, stands for the Church.  Bundy's mother became a secretary in the apostate Council of Churches.  Israel had taken the spoils of victory from the Arabs.   In the peace that followed, Israel was recognized by the USA and Great Britain but not by the Arabs.

Bundy went to Stanford in California in the summer of 1967.  There he failed in school for the first time.  School was Bundy's forte.  California corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  Bundy in California symbolized Israel's Six Day War, June 5-9, 1967.  Israel beat the Arabs again.

From 1968-72 Bundy prospered.  He appeared to get his life together.  He graduated from the University of Washington in 1972.  But he was already a criminal.  Whether he had already committed murders has not been proved, although there are highly suspicious cases.  During this time, Israel was secure in the Land because it had defeated its enemies.

Bundy started to law school at the University of Puget Sound in the Fall of 1973 and failed again.  On October 6, 1973, the Yom Kippur War began when the Arabs again attacked Israel.  On October 22, when Ariel Sharon was half way to Cairo, UN Security Council Resolution 338 was signed as a cease-fire.  That resolution called for the implementation of Resolution 242, which called for Israel to return to its 1967 borders.  The US under President Nixon agreed to Resolution 338, which was an attack on the Abrahamic Covenant.  Nixon had fired the special prosecutor for the Watergate investigation two days before, and within 10 months he resigned the Presidency and went home to California.  Nixon was the 37th president of the US, and he was succeeded by Gerald Ford, the 38th.  The number, 37, is for a warrior, and 38, which corresponds to Resolution 338, represents dying in the wilderness.  Nixon was the first US President to agree to UN Security Council Resolution 242 and the first to resign in disgrace as a criminal.

Bundy's killing spree followed in 1974 and 1975.  Bundy used a club, the symbol of Bel, the god of Babylon.  Babylon sent Israel into the Sixth Cycle of Discipline in 586 BC.  The scattering of Israel in the Sixth Cycle of Discipline is called the diaspora.  Bundy, the bastard, symbolized the diaspora, which any Israeli with Bible Doctrine would have been able to see.  Only a blind Jew would fail to understand the significance of the diaspora.  Just as Bundy's club smashed women to pieces, Israel would again be scattered if it did not obey Bible Doctrine.  Bundy not only smashed women with his club, he dismembered them to emphasize the diaspora.

Bundy's killings began in Washington and Oregon, the region of Benjamin, for the spoils of victory.  Israel had the spoils of victory after the Yom Kippur War.  Then Bundy killed in Utah, the region of the outcast, or diaspora.  The Arabs had threatened to send Israel into the Sixth Cycle of Discipline but it backfired, and they were kicked out.  In 1975, the killings moved to Colorado, the region of the summits.  The US and the Arabs would next try peace summits to get Israel's land under the guise of peace.

Bundy's killing spree temporarily ended when he was arrested in Utah on August 16, 1975.  However, he was extradited to Colorado where he escaped twice.  Israel was already being deluded by promises of peace.  The Israelis couldn't realize that the only peace they ever had is when they defeated the Arabs.  They wanted to believe the Arabs were for peace, which was a lie of the devil.

Bundy arrived in Florida in January 1978, where 78 stands for sexual abuse.  That was the year of the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt with the US in the middle.  Bundy soon began murdering in Tallahassee in Leon County #13, which represents the double blessing of Israel.  Florida in the region of Zebulun has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The other thing about Florida is that, unlike Washington, which had no death penalty in 1974, Florida had an electric chair that was fully operational and a governor that supported it.  Bundy would have never faced death in any of the western states, but in Florida he was doomed.  God gave Bundy his death sentence.

Bundy was captured in Pensacola in Escambia County #9, for the Plagues of Egypt, in February 1978.  On July 31, 1979, he was sentenced to death for the Chi Omega murders.  The Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty was signed on March 26, 1979.  "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help!" (Isaiah 31:1).

On February 12, 1980, Bundy was sentenced to death in the murder of Kimberly Leach, 12.  On July 30, 1980, Israel declared Jerusalem as its capital.

The Palestinians declared independence on November 15, 1988, and the United Nations agreed on December 15, 1988.  Ted Bundy was executed in Florida one month later on January 24, 1989, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel (24) by the authority counterattack of the United Nations (89).


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Author: Larry Wood
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