Child Respiratory and Limb Weakness Attack



Children across the country are suddenly coming down with respiratory problems.  The problem begins with symptoms like a cold but rapidly progresses into breathing problems with symptoms like asthma.  The next level is weakness in the limbs.

Western doctors have defined the respiratory problem as due to a virus, but they don't see any relation to the weakness in the limbs.  Well what caused the virus?  And why now?


The Spiritual explanation for what's happening is:
1.  This is the year 2014, for the passover, and one of the curses is death of the firstborn.
2.  The Mother of the sick child is Jezebel.  She is under demon power.
3.  The child is sick because of Divine punishment of Jezebel (Rev 2:20-23).
4.  The child can't breath because of a Cosmic System Counterattack.  The demon of the mother is putting pressure on the child and causing loss of breath similar to choking and weakness in the limbs.
     a.  See Choking for a detailed explanation of the breathing problem.
     b.  Darkness in the soul can blackout the sensory cortex and motor cortex which can cause weakness in the limbs.  Demon pressure can also cause this.
5.  See Satan's Attack on a Person.


The Spiritual solution to the problem is to Rebound and recover the Spiritual life.  The solution is the same as for the Choking problem and dealing with demons in Grace.  The mother should intercede for the child, but she can't intercede if she is in the Cosmic System under the power of the demon of Jezebel.


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Released October 1, 2014

Author: Larry Wood


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