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Meaning of 2014 - The Passover

The Year 2014
The First Passover
Requirements of the Passover
Jesus Christ
New Year's 2014 Chart
The Arab Holocaust

The Year 2014

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):  The meaning of the year 2014 is the Passover.  The Jewish Passover Feast, which is celebrated on the 14th day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar, is the most significant day of the Hebrew year.  It foretold the most significant events in world history after the Fall, namely, the Cross and the Second Advent.  The Passover had the dual connotation of deliverance and destruction.  The Passover lamb symbolized Jesus Christ, "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world" (Jn 1:29).  Those who ate the Passover expressed their faith in the Savior, and those who rejected the Passover faced death and eternal condemnation.

In spite of its historical significance, after being fulfilled at the Cross, the Passover is no longer a legitimate holiday.  Celebration of the Passover is now a sign of rejection of the very Salvation that it symbolized.  The Passover has been superseded by the advent of Jesus Christ and his substitutionary spiritual death on the Cross for the sins of the world.

The concept of passover is a division of passing over or crossing over as well as sparing or clemency.  For example, it may be crossing over a hurdle, a stream, a gulf, or chasm.  It could be fording a stream, crossing a lake, passing through enemy lines, running a draw play or a halfback dive, poll vaulting, broad jumping, pitching a ball, driving a golf ball, or throwing a forward pass.  It could be jumping a fence, scaling a wall, sky diving, or flying over the land.  It could be overcoming some obstacle or the breakout of an army.

The concept of passover could be applied to Peyton Manning throwing passes, George Washington crossing the Delaware, and Douglas MacArthur leapfrogging over islands in the Pacific.  Jonathan secretly crossed over to attack the Philistine garrison at Michmash through a steep ravine (1 Sam 14:1-15).1  The promotion to Spiritual Maturity is passing over to a new Spiritual paradigm in life, as was the case with Jacob whose promotion was symbolized by crossing the Jabbok River after wrestling with the Angel of the Lord at Peniel (Gen 32:23-31).

As an example of the meaning of sparing or clemency associated with passover, Barabbas was spared when Jesus was sentenced to be crucified (Matt 27:26).

The First Passover

On the first Passover, which was celebrated in Egypt, the nation of Israel was born (Ex 12:1-2), and the destruction of Egypt was completed (Ex 12:11-13).  Israel was redeemed from slavery in Egypt, and the firstborn of man and livestock of the Egyptians was killed by the mighty hand of God (Ex 13:3, 9, 14).

After Egypt had been destroyed by the Nine Plagues, the coup de grace was delivered on the first Passover when the Angel of Death (the Destroyer) passed over the homes of the Israelites and killed the firstborn of the Egyptians (Ex 12:23, 29).  There was a great cry throughout the land of Egypt.  Every home had someone dead (Ex 12:30), and Pharaoh and the Egyptians begged the Israelites to leave at once (Ex 12:31, 32).  Pharaoh asked for their blessing, and the Egyptians gave them gold, silver, and great spoils to get them to leave (Ex 12:33-36).

The twofold significance of the Passover is that Israel was delivered from slavery, and Egypt was destroyed.  Egypt is a symbol of the world.  Thus, the destruction of Egypt and the death of the firstborn symbolized the fate of the damned.  Those who have rejected Salvation will be sentenced to death in Hades.  However, Israel was delivered because of the blood of the lamb which was sacrificed for their sins.

After the first Passover, the feast was to be celebrated yearly by Israel throughout its generations (Lev 23:5; Nu 9:1-5; Deut 16:1-3).  The name, Hebrew, is associated with the Passover.  A Hebrew was one who crossed over, or one beyond the river. Abraham, the father of the Hebrew race, was from beyond the Euphrates and the Jordan (Gen 14:13).

Abraham was to be the father of a great nation (Gen 12:3).  That promise was fulfilled at the first Passover (Ex 12:2-3).  Another promise that was fulfilled on the first Passover was that Israel would be freed from slavery in Egypt after 400 years and inherit the Promised Land of Canaan (Gen 15:13-14; Gal 3:17).  The first Passover was celebrated 430 years after the Tribe of Israel went down into Egypt (Ex 12:41).  Note, 400 is the round number for 430.

After crossing the Jordan to enter the Land, Israel celebrated the Passover at Gilgal (Josh 5:10-11).  On that day they ate some of the produce of the Land, and the next day the manna stopped.  Because of apostasy, the Passover was not celebrated during the period of the Judges or the Kings until it was celebrated in the second month by Hezekiah, King of Judah (2 Chron 30:1-14) and in the first month by Josiah, King of Judah (2 Ki 23:21-23; 2 Chron 35:1-19).

Requirements of the Passover

  1. The first Passover feast was to be celebrated by the new nation of Israel in Egypt during the first month of the year (Ex 12:2).
  2. The Passover lamb for each household was to be set aside on the 10th day of the first month (Ex 12:3-4).
  3. The lamb was to be an unblemished male one year old.  It could be a sheep or a goat (Ex 12:5).
  4. The lamb was to be killed on the 14th between the evenings (between Sundown and dark, 3 to 6 PM) (Ex 12:6).
  5. Blood of the lamb was to be placed on the door posts and lintels of the houses (Ex 12:7).
  6. The lamb was to be roasted and eaten that night (on the 15th) with unleavened bread and bitter herbs (Ex 12:8).  Hebrew time begins at 6 PM.
  7. The lamb was to be eaten in haste with the people fully clothed and ready to travel (Ex 12:11).
  8. The Lord would pass over the houses covered with the blood, but He would kill the firstborn of the Egyptians that night, and He would judge the demon gods of Egypt (Ex 12:12-13).
  9. In the future the Passover Feast would be followed by the Feast of Unleavened bread for 7 days beginning on the 15th (Ex 12:14-15).

Jesus Christ

The Passover lamb symbolized Jesus Christ (Is 53:7; John 1:29, 36; Acts 8:32; 1 Pet 1:19; Rev 5:6, 8, 12-14; 13:8), who was crucified during the Feast of the Passover after eating the Passover meal (Matt 26:19-31; Mk 14:16-25; Lk 22:15-23; Jn 13:1-38).  The Passover ended with the Last Supper and was replaced with the Eucharist (Lk 22:19; 1 Cor 11:24, 25).

After eating the Passover meal, Jesus Christ was put on trial and subsequently crucified on the 15th.  Jesus Christ thus became the Passover Lamb of the Church (1 Cor 5:7-8; 1 Pet 1:19).

1 Corinthians 5:7-8
7 Clean out the old leaven that you all may be a new lump, just as you all are unleavened.  For, indeed, our Passover has been sacrificed, Christ!
8 Therefore, let us celebrate the feast, not with the old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of absolute purity and truth.
Just as the old lamb of the Passover has been replaced with the reality of Jesus Christ, the Church must not celebrate the Passover with the "old leaven" (the old life before the new birth), but with the New Life in Christ, which is symbolized by unleavened bread. corresponding to purity (without sin) and truth (Bible Doctrine in the soul).
1 Peter 1:18-19
18 Having known that you were not redeemed with perishable things, such as silver or gold, from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers,
19 but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the Blood of Christ!
Silver and gold, which are themselves perishable, cannot redeem a person's life.  Human life without Salvation is futile and doomed.  Whereas, the Passover lamb redeemed the nation of Israel, and its blood purchased freedom from bondage in Egypt, it could never take away sin.  The Passover lamb of Israel was inferior to the Passover Lamb of the Church, which is Jesus Christ.  The unblemished Passover lamb and unleavened bread were only symbols of the impeccable human nature of Jesus Christ, who is the reality.  The Church is redeemed by the Blood of Christ, which is His substitutionary spiritual death for the sins of the world.

The Cross became the focal point of human history.  The sins of Old Testament saints from the time of Adam were passed over (clemency) until they could be Judged in Christ (Rom 3:25).  When Jesus Christ was on the Cross, God the Father imputed all the sins of the world to Jesus Christ and Judged them (2 Cor 5:21).  With sins no longer an issue, the door is open for Salvation to all who will believe in Jesus Christ, whether Jew or Gentile (Rom 1:16).


The Passover symbolizes passing from death into Life at Salvation.  It also symbolizes passing from physical death to Eternal Life in Heaven.

The Passover symbolizes the fulfillment of the Adamic Covenant.  All of human history is a struggle between Good and evil.  The Passover symbolizes the penultimate meaning of human history in terms of deliverance of those who choose the redemption solution and judgment of those who reject it.  All of human history is bound up in the acceptance or rejection of the Passover lamb, which symbolizes Jesus Christ.  It is the blessing and the curse.  Those with faith in the blood of the lamb are saved and blessed, whereas, those who do not believe are judged and cursed.  The blood of the Passover lamb symbolized the blood of Christ, which is His substitutionary spiritual death.

The Passover symbolizes the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The nation of Israel was born on the first Passover, crossed the Red Sea, and later crossed the Jordan and conquered the Promised Land.  The enemies of Israel were destroyed just as Egypt was destroyed.  However, before that occurred, the apostates in Israel were destroyed by the Sin Leading to Death (Jude 5).

The Passover also symbolizes the Second Advent when Israel will be delivered and the world will be destroyed.

The number, 14, means 'pass over' because the Passover was celebrated on the 14th day of the first month.  Thus, inherent in the meaning of the number, 14, is a gap, or barrier, of separation that divides those who are delivered from those who are doomed.  This is the syncretism of push-pull in which the opposites of push and pull combine for maximum effect.  The saved are blessed and the lost are cursed.  The good get better, and the bad get worse.  Freedom allows both success and failure.

New Year's 2014 Chart

Jan. 1, 2014 ChartThe Chart for New Year's 2014 is a graphic symbol of the Second Advent as foretold by the Passover.  It contains a Bucket, a Grand Cross, and a Stellium in Sagittarius.  The Bucket focuses all the planets on one side of the Chart on a single planet on the opposite side of the Chart.  The focus of the Bucket is the Almighty God Planet in Gemini, for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb at the Second Advent as foretold by the Passover (Matt 25:10; Lk 12:37; Rev 19:9).  The Grand Cross symbolizes the intense suffering of the destruction of the world at the Second Advent (Rev 19:13, 15, 19-21).

The Stellium of four planets, including the Sun and Moon, in Sagittarius symbolizes the great War of Armageddon.  The Sun symbolizes the angelic army (Lk 2:9, 13), and the Moon symbolizes the Church (Rev 19:14), both of which will return with Christ at the Second Advent.

The New Moon on New Year's day symbolizes the lack of response of the Right Woman for the Right Man corresponding to the apostasy of the Church.  This symbolizes the darkness of the Fall, the demonization of Marriage before the Flood, and the lawlessness in the Great Tribulation prior to the Second Advent.


Grand Cross:  Jan. 1-25, Apr. 3 May 27, Jul. 7 12
6-24 Almighty God -> Cancer = Stronghold, fortress
7-16 Red Planet -> Libra = Bloody Judgment
9-7   Red Planet -> Scorpius Murder
10-20 Red Planet -> Sagittarius Bloody city, army
11-10 God of Covenants -> Scorpius = Final Judgment, liar
11-29 Red Planet -> Capricornus = Reconciliation

The Arab Holocaust

The current Arab holocaust in the Middle East and North Africa corresponds to the destruction of the world associated with the meaning of the Passover.  The Arabs in Syria, Egypt, and Libya are destroying themselves.  After spewing their anti-Semitism for years, God has delivered them over to destruction while Israel, under Divine protection, watches.  The Arabs are in a state of chaos with the only common enemy on which to vent their wrath being themselves.  Under dictators they were held in check, but with the overthrow of the dictators, their Gentile lawlessness has overflowed.


The meaning of the year 2014 is the Passover.  The Passover is the most significant day in the Hebrew calendar.  On the first Passover the nation of Israel was born, and the Lord delivered Israel from Egypt with a mighty hand.  Israel was delivered, and Egypt was destroyed.  The Angel of Death (Michael) passed over the houses of Israel and killed the firstborn in Egypt.  The blood of the Passover lamb symbolized the blood of Jesus Christ, "the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world" (Jn 1:29).  The Jewish Passover has been superseded by Jesus Christ, who is the Passover of the Church.

The term, passover, applies to passing or crossing over and to sparing or clemency.  Hurdles in life must be overcome.  Streams must be forded.  Gulfs must be crossed.  And transitions must be made.  The old must be left behind to pass over into the new, as in the New Year.  The Christian must leave the old life with its sin behind and transition into the New Spiritual life in Christ Jesus.  He must advance to the high ground and cross over into the new paradigm of Spiritual Maturity.   And he must continue to the new paradigm of Spiritual Rapport.  The ultimate passovers are passing over from death to life and the Resurrection, when the physical body will be transformed into the Spiritual body.

The year 2014 will be full of passovers.  There will be the extrapolation of division in which blessing is extended on the one hand while cursing is compounded on the other.  The blessing of Abraham will be extended to Israel and the destruction of the world to Egypt and its partners in the Arab holocaust.  The concept is expressed in the anthropopathism, "Just as it stands written, "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated" (Rom 9:13).   Of course, only believers in Jesus Christ are true Israel and the descendants of Abraham (Rom 9:6-7).  Blessing in the Church Age comes through the Church, which is the friend of Israel.   Satan has worked overtime to isolate Israel, but now it has backfired, and God is demonstrating the concept of the Passover with deliverance of Israel and destruction of the world.

Every day of 2014 will be an opportunity to choose Life.

Deuteronomy 30:19
I call to witness against you today Heaven and Earth.  I have set before you Life and death, the blessing and the curse.  Therefore, choose Life in order that you may live, you and your descendants,
Heaven and Earth represent the choices of passing over or remaining behind.  Choosing Life begins by passing over at Salvation and continues with every positive decision to obey God in the New Spiritual Life in Christ Jesus.  Choosing death is the default of living in spiritual death, rejecting Salvation, falling into reversionism, refusing to Rebound, and dying the Sin Leading to Death.


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Released January 1, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood