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Solar Eclipse


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August 11, 1999 (Day 223):  The last solar eclipse of the millennium occurred.  Although a partial eclipse was visible in the northeastern USA above North Carolina, the total eclipse was visible in Europe.  It was the first total eclipse visible in England since 1927.  The eclipse occurred on Day 223, where the 23 represents a spiritual uptrend in history.


From calculations:  Maximum duration, 2 minutes 23.0 seconds, occurred in Romania at 45°32.6´N, 022°50.6´E.1 The greatest eclipse occurred west of Bucharest, Romania at 11:03:04.41 UT3 at 45°04.5´N, 024°18.0´E with a central duration of 2 minutes 22.9 seconds.2
Romania, the place of maximum duration, is in the region of Judah in Europe.  The duration of 2 minutes 23 seconds occurred on Day 223, which contains the same digits.  The number 223 represents a spiritual uptrend in history.

Symbolism of Eclipses

An eclipse of the Sun represents the substitutionary spiritual death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ when He went to the cross and paid for the sins of the world.  The Moon, which darkens the eye of the Sun, represents the Church, or congregation of believers.  However, the solar eclipse also represents the Right Man who gives his life for his Right Woman (Ephesians 5:25-26).  The Sun represents the Right Man, and the Moon represents the Right Woman, who reflects his glory.

The first eclipse test of the Right Man occurred in the Garden of Eden.  When Eve sinned, Adam went into eclipse testing.  His Marriage had failed, and the love of his life was spiritually dead.  She had rejected God's Plan, which included her Right Man.  She could not love and respect her Right Man in spiritual death.  So Adam had just received something like a divorce, or separation.  He had been jilted.  His Right Woman had joined the enemy camp of Satan.  Adam's soul was blacked out where the Right Woman had previously resided.  Things could never be the same.  Adam was in dire straits.  He was spiritually separated from his Right Woman and full of stress and temptation to join her by committing spiritual suicide.  He had a choice.  He could stick it out under the Plan of God, or he could say, "Yes dear," which he did.

In the Church Age, Eclipse Testing is an opportunity for the Right Man to pass the test that Adam flunked and thus become a witness in the Appeal Trial of Satan in the Angelic Conflict.  The Church Age test is similar to Adam's test when the woman brought him the forbidden fruit.  In Eclipse Testing of the Church Age, God separates the Right Woman from the Right Man, which is like the death sentence of going to the cross.  The Right Man is expected to lay down his life for his Right Woman.  When she rejects him, his heart has a big dark void in place of the Intimacy Room.  His Right Woman can bring him more pain and misery than anyone in this life.
Eclipse Testing
The test for the Right Man in the Church Age is to withstand the suffering of Eclipse Testing by utilization of the divine operating assets of the Spiritual Life.  The test can only be passed in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Loss of the Filling of the Holy Spirit would be tantamount to spiritual death and represent Adam's failure.  To pass the Eclipse Test, the Right Man must avoid Grieving or Quenching the Holy Spirit.  To avoid Grieving the Holy Spirit, he must have impersonal love for his Right Woman even though she has rejected him and is in the darkness of the Cosmic System like Eve.  He must also be willing to go to the cross to avoid Quenching the Holy Spirit.  In Eclipse Testing he will have nothing in the Plan of God to look forward to except the cross.  However, he can use the Problem Solving Devices like +H (sharing the Happiness of God) and Occupation with Christ.

The Right Man who passes Eclipse Testing will qualify to receive the fulness of blessing in Christ (Romans 15:29).  Just as the Sun returns after the eclipse, the light of Christ will shine in his heart.  He will glorify God to the maximum and receive blessing in time and eternity commensurate with his new spiritual status in the new paradigm.

Significance of the Eclipse of August 11, 1999

The solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 occurred on the 11th, the number for a true disciple, or true witness.  The Right Man who passes Eclipse Testing will be a witness in the Appeal Trial of Satan and will glorify God to the maximum.  The eclipse was on Day 223, the number for a spiritual uptrend in history.  The Eclipse was cursing, but the cursing will be turned to blessing for those who pass the test.  Those who pass the test will be associated with the 23, historical uptrend, like the generation that crossed the Jordan and entered the Promised Land.  Those who flunk the test will die on their cross, which represents the sin unto death in the wilderness.  The number of Levites in the second year of the Exodus was 22,000 and in 40th year was 23,000 (Nu. 3:39 cf. 26:62).  Thus, the 22 to 23 transition represents a Spiritual uptrend.  The eclipse on Day 223 means the eclipse was on the right side of history where the Eclipse Test will lead to blessing.

The maximum duration of the eclipse was in Romania, which represents Judah, the leadership tribe.  The Right Man is the leader of his Right Woman.  The wrong man will only lead the woman astray where both will die in the wilderness.  The woman dies spiritually during Eclipse Testing, and only her Right Man can deliver her.  If her Right Man is a wimp like Adam, they will both die in the wilderness.  However, if the Right Man passes the Eclipse Test, they will both have the fulness of blessing in Christ and glorify God to the maximum. Of course, no one can deliver anyone apart from the grace of God.

Eclipses are like communion in the heavens.  They are reminders of the suffering of the cross whereby Jesus Christ purchased salvation for all mankind.  Through His substitutionary spiritual death, the free gift of Everlasting Life is now available for all who want it.  Eclipses are also the ultimate test for the Right Man, who must be willing to follow the example of Christ and die for his Right Woman.  When he loves her that much, his love will survive the Eclipse Test, and he will rise to a new realm of love and light on the other side in the fulness of blessing in Christ.


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Author:  Larry Wood