The Fall
Going Back to the Garden
Two Gardens
Satan's Attack of Marriage

Purity in the RM-RW Relationship


1.  Hebrew /G^(gan) = garden, as an enclosure (Gen 2:8).
     a.  LXX, paravdeiso" (paradeisos) = paradise, derived from the Zendic pairi-daęza, a hedging round; came into Hebrew as sD@r=P^ (pareddes), a park (SOS 4:13; Eccl. 2:5; Neh. 2:8).
2.  Hebrew /d#u@ (eden) = delight, pleasure (Gen 2:8).


1.  The Garden of Eden (Gen 2:8) was a paradise of Earthly delight; a place of peace, love, happiness, and bliss.  There was no sin and no work.  God gave Adam and 'Ishah a life and supplied all their needs in Grace.  He provided food for them to eat.
2.  Adam and 'Ishah celebrated a honeymoon in the Garden.  The woman was very beautiful and the man handsome.  They were the perfect couple.  They were naked and unashamed (Gen 2:25).  They enjoyed the perfect uninhibited love and ecstatic sex of Right Man and Right Woman.  They had the capacity for life and love to enjoy the peaks of sexual climax without emotional or physical detriment.  Their love was harmonious rapport in spirit, soul, and body.
3. The Garden was a Divine Dynasphere of protection from the Cosmic System.  Satan and the Fallen Angels could only watch from a distance.
4.  The animals were not wild, and green plants flourished without weeds or thorns.
5.  The Garden of Eden was the closest thing to Heaven on Earth.
6.  Adam and the woman could enjoy life in the Garden so long as they obeyed God's command not to eat of the forbidden fruit.  The only way they could sin was to eat the forbidden fruit (Gen 2:17).
7.  Inside the Divine Dynasphere Adam and the woman had fellowship with God.  They talked with the preincarnate Lord, who appeared to them as an Angel.


1.  The Garden of Eden was God's opening argument in the Appeal Trial of Satan.  One man and one woman without sin in a perfect love relationship in Marriage in perfect environment symbolized the perfect love relationship between God and angels before Satan sinned.
2.  The man and woman in the Garden were witnesses in the Appeal Trial.  This was symbolized by the constellation Gemini.
3.  At some point Satan was allowed to tempt man to sin.
4.  After man sinned, God provided the Redemption Solution.  The Lord Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world, but He let man choose whether to accept the Divine solution and receive Eternal Life.
     a.  Those who believe in Christ will go to Heaven.
     b.  Those who do not believe will go to the Lake of Fire with Satan.
Divine Dynasphere5.  After the Fall God provided a Divine Dynasphere for man patterned after the Garden of Eden (Eph 1:19; Col 1:11).
     a.  Job was in a Divine Dynasphere protected by a hedge (Job 1:10).
     b.  Abraham and Sarah were protected by a shield (Gen 15:1).
     c.  Right Man and Right Woman in the Church Age have the potential of going back to the Garden by using the Filling of the Holy Spirit and the Edification Complex of the Soul (Eph 5:25-31).
6.  The RM-RW relationship symbolizes the love relationship between Christ and the Church (2 Cor 11:2; Eph 5:32).

The Fall

1.  Sin destroyed the love relationship of the man and woman in the Garden.  It also destroyed the environment and made the animals wild.
2.  The man and woman were thrown out of the Garden.
     a.  The environment was cursed (Gen 3:17-18; 5:29; Jer 12:4, 11; Rom 8:20–22; Heb 6:8).
     b.  Man had to work to eat (Gen 3:19).
     c.  The woman must bear children (Gen 3:16).
3.  Sin in the man and woman must be handled with the Redemption Solution.

Going Back to the Garden

          Couple1.  After the Fall the potential exists to go back to the Garden Spiritually in the Marriage of Right Man and Right Woman in the Divine Dynasphere.  This is the subject of Song of Solomon.
2.  Going back to the Garden requires handling the problem of sin.  This requires the Redemption Solution, Sanctification from the world, and Spiritual growth.
     a.  Redemption Solution – purification from sins at Salvation and by Rebound after Salvation.
     b.  Sanctification – separation from the world – Positional and Experiential Sanctification (2 Cor 6:17; Lev 11:45).
     c.  Spiritual growth to Maturity and Spiritual Rapport (Mk 4:28; Jn 17:17; Rom 15:29; Eph 3:19; 4:13).
3.  The Right Man – Right Woman relationship inside the Divine Dynasphere symbolizes the Marriage of Adam and 'Ishah in the Garden.
4.  Spiritual Rapport with God is required to go back to the Garden.
5.  Even if one of the partners falls into sin and rejects the Divine solution, the other one can still advance to Spiritual Rapport.  In the absence of a willing Right Man or Right Woman partner, it is best not to marry (1 Cor 7:26-27).
6.  The one who advances alone can advance to Spiritual Rapport without the distraction of Marriage (1 Cor 7:35).  This one can be devoted to the Lord as a pure virgin (2 Cor 11:2).
7.  However, the Right Man – Right Woman relationship continues until death and is the source of testing (Rom 7:2; 1 Cor 7:39).
8.  Residence in the Divine Dynasphere (going back to the Garden) requires Capacity for Life, Love, and Happiness as well as purity in soul, spirit, and body (1 Cor 7:34; 1 Thess 5:23).  The believer must avoid being choked by the world (Luk 8:14).

Two Gardens

1.  After man was expelled from the Garden of Eden, members of the human race were born under Marriage Culture with the desire to go back to the Garden.
2.  Life on Earth under Marriage Culture is like being in a spiritual Garden.  The spiritual Garden is not visible but can be perceived spiritually.
3.  The symbol of the Garden is an enclosure represented by the Chinese characters tián and yuán and corresponding to the Persian word for paradise.
4.  The Garden of Eden was the Garden of Earthly delights with great blessing and a curse.
     a.  Blessing included Right Man - Right Woman love (Gen 2:22-25; 1 Thess 4:4; Tit 2:4).
     b.  The tree in the center of the Garden carried the curse of death from sin (Gen 2:17; Deut 30:19).
     c.  Obedience to God brought great blessing, but sin resulted in dying and death.
5.  Outside the Garden man had the opportunity to obey God and have blessing or sin and die the Sin Leading to Death.
6.  There are two Gardens:  the Garden of Earthly delights of God in the Divine Dynasphere and the Garden of Worldly delights of Satan in the Cosmic System.
     a.  Those who obey God in the Garden of Earthly delights can have great blessing (Eccl 9:9).
     b.  Those who obey Satan in the Garden of Worldly delights will have cursing and death (Prov 5:5).


1.  The environment was perfect in the original Garden of Eden.  
     a.  Plants were lush and green.
     b.  There was ample water, although there was no rain.
     c.  Animals were tame and companions of man.
2.  After the Fall God Judged the environment, and it suffered greatly due to man's sin (Rom 8:20-22).  The animals became wild, and the ground produced thorns and thistles (Gen 3:18).
3.  God still controls the environment.  He blesses it and curses it in relation to His Plan for man in history.5 
4.  The environment, including the weather, plants, and animals, is under God's control through the angels.
5.  When a believer advances in the Spiritual life, God sends the animals to serve him (1 Ki 17:4-6; Job 40:15-24; 41:1-34) or curse him (Judg 14:5; 1 Sam 17:34-36).
6.  God communicates to the believer through animals and their angels or demons.  
     a.  Understanding God's communication through he environment is called Divine viewpoint.
     b.  Believing Satan's lies is called divination.
7.  The believer who advances back to the Garden will have a close relationship with animals and the environment.

Satan's Attack of Marriage

1.  As soon as Satan recognized the power of the Divine Dynasphere of the Garden, he counterattacked.
     a.  He convinced the woman to sin in the Garden and empowered her to lure her husband into sin (Gen 3:4-6).
     b.  After the Fall he ordered a full assault on Marriage to destroy the possibility of going back to the Garden.
2.  In the antediluvian civilization Satan's demons married women and cohabited with them to produce a race of giants (Gen 6:1-4).
3.  After the Flood he attacked Noah through drunken reversionism and homosexual incest (Gen 9:21-24).
4.  Satan attacked the Marriage of Abraham and Sarah, who were RM-RW, through Pharaoh of Egypt and Hagar (Gen 12:14-15; 16:3-4).
5.  Satan's counterfeit Garden was idolatry in which he was worshipped as the Evil King (Antichrist) and Prostitute of Babylon (Deut 12:2; 2 Ki 16:4; Isa 14:13-14; Jer 2:20).
6.  Satan counterattacked David through adultery with Bathsheba (2 Sam 11:2-4).
7.  Satan counterattacked Solomon through the Prostitute of Babylon (1 Ki 11:4-8).
8.  Satan counterattacks the Church through Jezebel (Rev 2:20).  This includes false teachers and apostasy (Phil 3:18; Col 2:8; 2 Tim 2:26; 3:6; 2 Pet 2:17-19).

Purity in the RM-RW Relationship

1.  The Love of RM/RW must be pure (Eph 5:3).  This requires Rebound and the Filling of the Holy Spirit plus sanctification from the world (Eph 5:26).
2.  The Prostitute of Babylon and Antichrist must be defeated to be pure.  Otherwise, there will be slavery to the Cosmic System and idolatry (1 Cor 6:16-17).
3.  Spiritual Freedom inside the DD requires avoiding Lawlessness and Legalism (2 Cor 6:7).
4.  Sanctification of the RM/RW relationship requires forsaking all others, not making passes or being seduced by others, not fornicating or committing adultery (1 Cor 6:18; Eph 5:4; Heb 13:4; Jas 4:1-4).
5.  Immature attitudes, illusions, fetishes, perversions, hang-ups, and sexual lusts must be overcome (Matt 5:28; 2 Cor 10:5; 2 Tim 2:22; 2 Pet 2:14).


1.  Rigorous testing of the believer occurs each step of the way back to the Garden.  When the test is passed, the believer is promoted (1 Pet 5:6).  When the test is failed, the believer is punished or demoted (Jas 4:1-6).  Promotion means more Grace and capacity for life and love.
2.  The RM/RW relationship is also tested with special tests for each phase of the relationship (Identification, Compatibility, and Spiritual Rapport).
3.  Testing is designed to prove obedience to Bible Doctrine in the RM/RW relationship.  During the pressure of testing, the sins of legalism and lawlessness must be avoided.
4.  Childish and immature illusions, fears, and worries must be overcome.  Examples include:
     a.  Hang-ups about nudity, which is not a sin.
     b.  Lust of the eye and other vision problems (Job 31:1; Prov 6:25; Matt 5:28; 1 Jn 2:16).
5.  Opportunities for illicit sex in any form, including fornication, adultery, sexual impurity, and seduction must be rejected.
6.  Testing may include being the victim of sexual harassment.  Potiphar's wife tried to seduce Joseph and ripped his clothes off (Gen 39:6-18).
7.  Testing in Spiritual Rapport requires defeating Satan as the Antichrist and Prostitute of Babylon (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:9).


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Author:  Larry Wood,   Released - June 13, 2015 - Revised May 30, 2018

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