Satanic Attack:

Cramps in the Feet, Toes, and Calves



Cramps occur in the feet, toes, calves, and lower legs, especially at night during sleep.  The cramps are very painful.   Cramps may also occur in the hands, fingers, arms or even the abdomen.  Cramps cause muscles to tie up in knots coupled with loss of circulation.


Cramps may be due to a stroke of Divine Punishment or a Satanic Counterattack.  God initiates the problem in both cases.  In the case of Divine Punishment there is a problem of being out of fellowship with God.  This can probably be solved by Rebound, confessing the sin of arrogance.  In the case of the Satanic Counterattack God delivers the person into the power of Satan as the god of confusion (Gen 11:9; 1 Cor 14:33).  Confusion in the head from a demon attack causes loss of circulation and tightening of the muscles in the feet, toes, and legs or even in the hands and fingers.  The cramps may be associated with stress and anxiety like a psychosomatic problem.  See Satan's Attack on a Person.

The cramps are not usually caused from lack of salt, potassium, magnesium, or hydration.  Nor is fatigue the root cause, even though it increases susceptibility.  Cramps are a problem with the head and thinking, even though the body has the symptoms.

Cramps may be caused by a Cosmic System Counterattack, which usually originates from another person who is the captive of Satan and doing his bidding.  Such a person is an antichrist, Evil King, or Prostitute of Babylon (1 Jn 4:3; Rev 2:20).  The demon in the human antichrist attacks the victim in the head.  Confusion in the head results in weakness in the lower extremities along with cramps.

There is a reason that God sent the Divine punishment of cramps.  The clues associated with the Cosmic System Counterattack must be analyzed to determine the reason.  The antichrist who had the demon that caused the cramp is one clue.  That person symbolizes some problem, such as an enemy attack, failure in a Divine institution, or loss of freedom.

The attack may be a herald of an upcoming problem.  The feet correspond to the walk and the hands to service.  The right side symbolizes the spiritual, and the left side the temporal.  When a spiritual problem is not handled, it leads to a temporal problem.  Regardless of the reason for the cramp, the immediate problem is to alleviate the cramp and deal with the academic issues later.


The solution is Grace (2 Cor 12:9) and comfort from returning to the Divine Dynasphere (Ps 86:17; 32:7; 34:2-7; 2 Cor 1:3-5; Jn 14:27; Phil 4:6-7; Col 3:15).  Cramps begin in the head, not the body.  The immediate problem is to change the mind.  Rebound immediately and confess arrogance.  That should instantly stop the cramp.  If that doesn't work, then relax and restore blood flow to relieve the symptoms of the cramp.  Afterward the attack may be analyzed to understand the reason.

Helps for surviving the attack:

  1. Rebound and confess arrogance.  The cramp should stop immediately.
  2. Follow the same method for dealing with a Satanic or demonic attack, which includes Rebound and resist1 (Jas 4:7).
  3. The Filling of the Holy Spirit will solve the problem (ref. 1 Jn 4:4).
  4. Relax, beginning with the mind and continuing to the location of the cramp.
  5. Move or reposition the body to prevent cascading effects.  For example, stand up or straighten the affected limb.  For a foot cramp, rotate the foot upward toward the shin to prevent a calf cramp, which is more painful.  For a calf or abdominal cramp massage the cramped muscle vigorously to restore circulation.  For finger cramps bend the finger inward.
  6. Warm the feet or body since they will be cold from the circulation problem and the demon presence.


The attack from Satan on the head that causes confusion and results in cramps in the feet corresponds to Satan's attack on the man and Last Adam per the Adamic Covenant (Gen 3:15).

Cramps in the feet and legs symbolize falling victim to an evil attack  and being unable to stand (Lam 1:14), and they symbolize being taken out of the battle in Spiritual Warfare.  The person with the cramp cannot stand on the battlefield.  A person in the Divine Dynasphere can stand against Satan (Eph 6:11, 13-15).  Limbs that have cramps are weak and need to be strengthened, corresponding to recovery from reversionism (Heb 12:12-15).

Cramps symbolize the breakdown of the hypostatic relationship with Christ due to Satan trying to become the Head of the Body.

Hebrews 3:14 Hypostatic Relationship with Christ
For we have become partners with Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our standing, stabilized until the end,
Christians are partners with Christ, who is the Head, so long as they stand the test.  "Standing" is the Greek uJpovstasi", from (uJpov, under) + (stavsi", standing) = essence, actual being, reality; instantiation (used for sediment falling out).  "Standing" means our hypostatic relationship with Christ.  He executed the Spiritual life on Earth in Hypostatic Union, and we have the same Spiritual life that He had.  Therefore, we should stand with Him.

Our standing in Christ (hypostatic relationship) is unique to the Church Age.  It begins at Salvation with Positional Truth when the Church Age Believer is entered into union with Christ.  It continues for all eternity.

The believer must be "stabilized" to keep standing.  Being stabilized requires alignment of the X, Y, Z, and Time axes of the Spiritual life.  The believer is stabilized in Spiritual Maturity.  "Until the end" refers to the end of our life.


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Released July 17, 2017

Author: Larry Wood


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