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Bombs Over Baghdad

Symbols of the Fall of Saddam Hussein

Azalea, 3-12-03 Bumblebee, 3-12-03

Red Azaleas and Bumblebees

On March 12th, 2003, the azaleas in central Florida were blooming.  The red ones bloomed first and were much fuller than the white ones.  Red is the color for suffering.  With the azaleas came bumblebees, many more than usual.  The bumblebees were swarming around the azaleas.  Later, on April 7th, when the bee truck turned over a few miles away and released 80 million bees on I-95, the symbolism could be understood.  Bees represent male rapists, one of the symbols of war (Deuteronomy 1:44; Zechariah 14:2).  A swarm of bees represents the diaspora (Isaiah 5:26; 7:18; Zechariah 10:8).
Cat, 4-6-03 Cat, 4-6-03

Lizard Eating Cat

A cat came out on April 6th and declared war on the lizards.  After a few skirmishes, the cat rid the area of lizards.  She relished them.  She pounced upon them with adroitness that left other lizards in shock and awe.  Lizards literally ran for the rafters.  The lizard is found in kings palaces (Proverbs 30:28), but it is also a symbol of Baal, the enemy of children.  The cat is a symbol of a cat demon as well as the female.  The cat demon is a demon Commander, such as Baal.  The cat eating the lizards was a symbol of evil disciplining evil just as when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem in 586 BC.

The cat eating the lizards was also an angelic portrayal of the Iraq War.  Angels grasped the irony of a US army with women in combat as the most non-feminine thing imaginable.  The cat represents Bush's army with women soldiers, and the lizard represents Saddam Hussein.  The lizard sticking out of the cat's mouth in the right photo resembles the overturned statue of Saddam Hussein (photo).

Sunset, 4-6-03, 2145 GMT Sunset, 4-6-03, 2150 GMT

Bombing of Saddam

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Just as the Sunset often predicts the next day, the Sunset of April 6th portrayed three eyes of light in the sky (left photo).  The three eyes symbolized the bombs dropped on Saddam Hussein and the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  Saddam was bombed on April 7th in Baghdad.  The right photo shows the head of Saddam Hussein and the torso of his statue that was pulled down in Baghdad.  In the right photo the eye of the Sun is covered by the cloud.  The Lord's covering solved the problem of Saddam Hussein.
Snake, 4-16-03


Snakes represent Satan.  Snakes have come from everywhere since the war began.  The one in the photo rolled up into a figure 8 to represent the new birth after the war.

Red Eared Slider Nesting

Red Eared Slider Nesting, 4-19-03 Crows Watching Turtle, 4-20-03
Red Eared Slider, 4-20-03 Red Eared Slider Nesting, 4-20-03

Easter Turtle

A red-eared slider turtle began nesting in the back yard on April 19th.  These are the turtles that sit on logs in ponds and slide off when approached.  They only come out of the water to nest.  The photos interrupted the nesting session, but the same turtle came back the next day on Easter and nested in the front yard.  A pair of crows, who amused themselves making out on the lamp post overhead, waited for the turtle to lay her eggs.  As soon as the turtle finished and began crawling off, the crows dived down like looters in Baghdad to eat the eggs.

Crows Robbing Turtle Nest

Crows Robbing Turtle Eggs, 4-20-03 Crows Robbing Turtle Eggs, 4-20-03
Turtle Nest, 4-20-03
Turtle Nest, 4-20-03
Turtles, which can live with rattlesnakes in gopher holes, represent human good, and crows represent Baal.  Human good and evil were rejected on the Cross.  In the spring the crows eat turtle eggs, and as soon as young birds hatch, they eat the chicks.  Baal is the enemy of children.  The crows robbing the turtle nest is another example of evil judging evil.

After the US military risked life and limb to free Iraq, the Iraqis began looting before the shooting stopped.  War was replaced by lawlessness.  The US plan for the conquest of Iraq failed to recognize the lawlessness of the Iraqis.  The Iraqis robbed banks, looted hospitals, and raped the patients in the psychiatric wards.  They looted the museum, and even the local zoo.  The only thing left in the zoo were lions, tigers, and bears, who were left to starve.  What the looters couldn't steal, they burned.  When they finished looting, they had the audacity to demand the US military leave.  Now there is a power struggle to fill the vacuum left by the defeat of the Saddam Hussein regime.

The turtle represented the armor of the US military, and the crows represented the sons of Baal in Iraq.  As soon as the US armor leaves, the sons of Baal will rush to take what's left and enslave their own people just as Saddam did.  Just as Satan attacked Nehemiah, he will oppose the US presence and the freedom it represents in Iraq.


The Iraq War was a demonstration of the US Army's 3rd Infantry Division as the most awesome fighting force in history.  All of the US forces, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, set a new standard for modern warfare from air, sea, and land, but the 3rd Infantry Division was simply awesome.  Nobody messes with the 3rd ID, and that's the way it was supposed to be because the Iraq War was the Justice of the Holy Spirit in the year, 2003.  The number, 3, of the 3rd ID stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.

The Iraq War was the temporal side of the Spiritual war in 2003.  Long before the combat began, Christians with Bible Doctrine were engaged with the unseen enemy.  There was no obvious justification for the war.  It was apparently a vendetta between George Bush and Saddam Hussein.  Not that it matters, because the President has the authority to send troops into battle, but, more importantly, war is the Sovereign decision of God.  It is God who finally decides to make war.  Christians don't choose their battlefield.  The Lord does that for them.  And they must take up a defensive position to stand and withstand the attacks of the evil one.

Satan attacked the Church in the Spiritual war, and the Iraq 26-Day War was the temporal result.  The Spiritual War was much more pervasive than the temporal.  There were many more Spiritual casualties than temporal.  The ratio of Iraqi to US casualties in most battles was around 1,000 to 1, which is a testimony to the blessing of God upon Client Nation USA.  During the Spiritual combat, casualties included stragglers who went into reversionism and many who were punished with sickness.  The list of ailments was extensive:  Cancer, kidney problems, influenza, dental problems, respiratory problems like SARS, financial disaster, and wrecks.  A bee truck overturned near Titusville, Florida and turned loose 80 million bees.

Among the lessons learned from the war were:

  1. The battle is the Lord's.
  2. The Lord determines the battlefield.
  3. Beware of bullying the little guy; with power comes responsibility.
  4. Fear is pervasive among the masses and the authority counterattack among leaders.
  5. Divine blessing does not justify the righteousness of the cause; God blessed Nebuchadnezzar.
  6. Women don't belong in war, but women are essential in Spiritual warfare.
  7. In all things give thanks.
Most Christians have heard these things before and think they understand them.  They don't.  The principles must be rooted in the foundation of the Edification Complex of the Soul, which most Christians don't have.  Fighting the good fight of Bible Doctrine is beyond the reach of most Christians.


Author:  Larry Wood