In the middle of the night on February 22, 1998, a battery of killer tornadoes devastated the region around Orlando, Florida.  Forty-two were killed and 250 injured.  Why did God do it?  The answers are in the spiritual symbolism.


February 22, 1998

Around midnight on February 22, 1998, a battery of killer tornadoes ravaged the Orlando area of central Florida.  Forty-two people were killed and approximately 250 injured.  Property damage was approximately $70 million.  The storms swooped down suddenly in the middle of the night as owls plucking prey from the forest floor.  The landscape was littered with dead and  injured while others were spared in miraculous ways.

Spiritual Symbolism

For those who understand divine symbolism, the reason for the killer tornadoes was clear enough.  The death toll was 42, the number for a bear in scripture.  The bear is also the symbol of Baal and Russia.  A tornado is divine judgment.  A tornado is shaped like a horn, which is a symbol of judgment.  Bulls have horns and there were horns on the corners of the Brazen Altar in the Tabernacle.  A horn is symbolized by the number, 27, which is 3 raised to the third power.  Tornadoes are translated by the word, "whirlwind," in the Bible. Tornadoes represent divine judgment.  They are produced by the weather angels (Revelation 7:1).  Angels are often used to judge mankind as is evidenced by the cataclysmic judgments of Revelation.  When the spiritual life is neglected in a Client Nation, people become attached to the details of life.  They look to the things of this world for security rather than the grace of God.  Tornadoes are sent to root out the evil in the land.

Whereas, other forms of divine judgment, e.g. floods, pestilence, disease, are sent to judge the native land, tornadoes are the enemies of homes.  The judgment of the tornado is specifically a judgment of Marriage Culture; for, as goes the divine institution of marriage, so goes the culture and the nation.  The funnel cloud is a symbol God's judgment for violation of the divine institution of marriage.  It is one of the judgments of the storm, or flood.  Just as the destruction of the human race in the time of Noah was caused by violations of Marriage Culture, today, when Right Man and Right Woman are rejected, that is sowing to the wind, which will result in the whirlwind (tornado judgment).

Baal is one of the devil's cosmic kings, who seeks to destroy marriage.  In Jeremiah, Baal demanded sacrifice of children.  Prior to entering the Promised Land, Israel was judged with a plague that killed 24,000 because of involvement with Baal in violation of Marriage.  In Orlando there were only 42 killed, the number that represents the bear and Baal.  The Baal counterattack upon Israel was instigated by Balaam, a Gentile who was anti-Semitic.  Balaam befriended the King of Moab, who had hired him to curse Israel.  Although Balaam could not curse Israel, he did sponsor a diplomatic initiative to lure the Jewish men into the worship of Baal.

The tornado is shaped like a giant phallus.  The symbolism is designed to emphasize God's displeasure from violations of the divine institution of marriage.  The angels implement the tornadoes, and therefore, specific targets are hit.  In some cases one is taken and another left; and there are miraculous stories of deliverance from the fury of the storm.  The angels who implement this judgment may smash apartment complexes to bits while not harming a single hair on a baby's head.

The Iraq Connection

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan negotiated a deal with Iraq on February 22, 1998 to avert a U. S. attack upon Iraq.1  That night the tornadoes hit Orlando.  The formal agreement was to be signed in Baghdad the next day.  The tornadoes began hitting the Orlando region on the 22nd and continued into the 23rd.  The number 22 stands for cursing and 23 for an historical uptrend.  Instead of the US bombing Iraq, the angels bombed Florida.

The Iraq connection was serious because Russia, whose god is Baal, the Bear, was reportedly selling production equipment for biological weapons as well as missile parts to Iraq.2  Current Iraq corresponds to the Babylon of the Bible on the Euphrates River.  Last year's comet Hale-Bopp was related to the Whore of Babylon.

The tornadoes rained on Florida as cosmic bombshells to judge the evil associated with the Gulf Crisis.  The correlation was unmistakable.  But, it was Marriage Culture4 that was judged in Florida because the deterioration in Marriage Culture was responsible for the Gulf crisis.  How so?  Baal is the enemy of marriage, and Baal was the perpetrator of the Gulf crisis.  Baal appears as the god of war (Gulf crisis) and the goddess of love (Marriage Culture counterattack).  The judgment in Orlando was against homes, which represent Marriage Culture.


The Three Storms

The Florida tornadoes were spawned by three major storm fronts.3

Major Storm Fronts

Storm Front
Time of Touchdowns
1 Ecumenical Babylon Volusia County 11:00 PM, 2-22-98
2 Political Babylon Winter Garden/Sanford 11:50 PM, 12:15 AM, 2-22/23-98
3 Cosmic Babylon Kissimmee/Titusville 12:55 AM, 1:40 AM 2-23-98
The three major storms can be classified as Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon counterattacks.  The reference point is facing East.

In the three major storm fronts, there were five impact zones:3

Impact Zones

Zone Tornadoes Deaths Injuries Structures Destroyed Structures Damaged Damage Estimate
Volusia 2 2 3 45 573 $  9.4 M
Winter Garden 1 3 70 142 349 $ 18 M
Sanford 1 12 37 42 576 $  3.7 M
Kissimmee 1 25 146 166 808 $ 37 M
Titusville 1 0 0 6 114 $  1.5 M
There were five impact zones.  The number five is the number for a giant, which corresponds to a cosmic archon, in the organization of Satan's Cosmic System. The total number of tornadoes was seven, the number for the completion of a category.10  The tornadoes were, therefore, categorical judgment, which is full, or complete, judgment that corresponds to a momentum test.

The Weather Angels Speak

The eccentricities and irony that people can't forget in the wake of the storm are quite often the symbolism that the powerful weather angels left behind as their mark.  The most awesome symbol was that of the giant horn phallus-like funnel cloud which reduced homes to mush.  This is a powerful symbol of discipline for violation of the marriage bed.  Homes of the marriage beds along with many residents were destroyed.

Angels observe the marriage relationship.  They are also called upon to judge the evil that would destroy Marriage Culture (Reference Testimony for Angels, Marriage Grace).

Baby in a Tree

Jonathan Waldick, 18 months was sucked from his bedroom in Kissimmee and was found unharmed lying on his mattress in the top of a tree.6

The symbolism of the tree in stress testing has been taught in Marriage Grace5 Stress Testing.  The tree roots undergo stress testing.  The trunk must have endurance.  The branches must withstand verification.  The leaves and stems represent confident expectation (Greek hope), the place of fruit bearing.  A baby in a tree top simply means Hope, confident expectation, after passing Stress Testing.

This symbol also represents the Edification Complex of the Soul where the foundation corresponds to the roots of the tree, the walls represent the Integrity Envelope, and the roof represents the leaves and stems of the tree.  The three parts of the ECS must withstand the three tests of Marriage Grace, Attraction (foundation), Compatibility (walls), and Spiritual Rapport (roof) (ref. Marriage Grace Spirituality).

Whereas, Baal would have cursed the baby, it was delivered through the storm of life.  This symbol of its deliverance was the baby in the tree top.  This was cursing turned to blessing.

The concept of cursing turned to blessing was also symbolized by the last victim found.  He was fatality number 41 (the number for happiness).  His name was Joel ``Lucky'' Heaton.8

Chocolate Cake

The tornado left a Chocolate Cake intact in a decimated kitchen without a roof in Winter Garden.  The owner was Barbara Cauley.7

A cake is a poignant symbol of marriage.  A cake has two parts:  The cake and the icing.  The cake represents the Right Man and the icing represents the Right Woman.  The combination forms a single, united whole - i.e. marriage.  The cake specifically symbolizes the dessert of marriage, which is sex.  The man is exposed and naked without his Right Woman to cover him. The cake has layers, like the Right Man and Right Woman in the sexual relationship.

Bare Tree Trunks

The bare tree trunks left behind without branches and leaves represent failing the stress test.  The trunk symbolized passing Compatibility Testing, but failing to have Spiritual Rapport, the tree top (or roof).  Spiritual Rapport is an authority test.  It is a big deal in the Angelic Conflict.  Many roofs were lost and many trees lost their tops, which symbolizes failing the prosperity test and failure to achieve Spiritual Rapport.  The landscape with tree trunks standing without leaves, simply means flunking Spiritual Rapport.


A trailer was decimated in Morningside Acres in Osceola County.  All occupants were killed. One was styled as "a 50 year-old hippie, who never abandoned the lifestyle or the ponytail.  The only thing that survived was the old hippie's guitar, still in its case."9  The guitar is an instrument used to accompany songs such as romantic ballads.

Life and Death

Some lived and some died.  Death is a Sovereign decision of the God.  He decides the time, the manner, and the place of death.  When that moment in time comes, those who have Eternal Life will be taken to heaven.  Their souls with their human spirits will be absent from the earthly body and face to face with the Lord.  Heaven is a place of no more sorrow or tears.  The cares of this life don't exist in heaven.  The photo albums and details of this life are not needed in heaven.

The tornadoes brought the judgment of death.  Some died in agony while others never knew what hit them.  It isn't for us to attempt to second guess the sovereign decision of God to take some and leave others.

For those who are alive and remain, the decision to accept God's gift of Everlasting Life is the single most important decision in this life.  The Lord Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world on the cross so that the gift of Everlasting Life is available to all.  The payment has been made.  For those who want Everlasting Life, the scripture says:

The Salvation FAQ is available to answer questions about Everlasting Life.

Star Chart

Florida Tornadoes Chart, 2-23-98The Chart for the worst-hit area of the tornadoes in Kissimmee, Florida contained a Bow and a Stellium.  A Bow shoots an arrow in one direction.  The three Storm Fronts of tornadoes corresponded to three arrows.  A Bow focuses great fortitude, strength, and power in a very narrow band.  All the planets of the Bow were on the dark side of the Chart.  The tornadoes hit around midnight.  The Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida.  There were four planets, including the Sun, in Aquarius.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Almighty God and Savior Planets to form a Stellium, corresponding to powerful influence of the sign of Aquarius in the Chart.  This further emphasized the significance of the Florida tornadoes.

The Sun in Aquarius symbolizes the glorious gospel, the good news of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  Those who called on the name of Jesus in the storm were saved.  The Sun in Aquarius could also symbolize an antichrist, corresponding to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.  The Almighty God in Aquarius symbolized a broadcaster, and the Savior in Aquarius symbolized a reporter.  The news reports of the tornadoes were broadcast widely.  The Red Planet in Aquarius symbolized the suffering of the Flood, which, in this case, was a flood of tornadoes.

The Moon was in Sagittarius, for an army.  This corresponded to the US Army, which was prepared to attack Iraq.  The Morning Star in Sagittarius further symbolized commanders with armies.

The Mediator in Capricornus symbolized the mediator of worldly conflict, corresponding to the UN deal with Iraq to avert a US attack.  And the Redeemer in Capricornus symbolized redeemed by blood, corresponding to the casualties from the killer tornadoes.

The Ascendant Sign was the Last Adam in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan, the murderer, or the one who is allowed to administer the Sin Leading to Death.  The Ascendant Sign indicates how the world perceives the scene.  The 42 dead symbolized Baal.  However, it was not Satan, but the Elect Weather Angels, who administered the Judgment.  The Judgment was because of Baal, but not by Baal.

The God of the Covenants was in Pisces, for the mystery doctrine of the Church in lieu of the United Nations peace pact with Iraq.  And Midheaven was in Leo, for a notorious government redeemer, corresponding to the UN peace pact with Iran to avoid a US attack.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC.


The Florida killer tornadoes are a sad chapter of death and destruction, not only because of the lives and property that were lost, but because of the angelic symbolism.  Horn judgment from sowing to the wind and reaping the whirlwind is traumatic.   It is designed to destroy evil, and to leave a lasting impression on the survivors.  It is a divine warning.  The angels who administered this judgment  purposely left their calling cards behind; so that the message for doctrinal believers would be unmistakable.

As the dead were buried, the pastors and loved ones all asked the question, "Why?"  That's a question that only God can answer, but through the excellent reporting of the news media many reasons have come to light.  The biggest is the Baal involvement, i.e. the symbolism of involvement in the Cosmic System in the land.  The Orlando fiasco was directly tied to the US foreign policy, which was duped by the bear, Baal, Russia, and Iraq - all of whom are anti-Semitic.  No nation in the history of the world has ever survived anti-Semitism.

But there is more.  The stories of those who died is full of the breakdown of marriage, the foundation of a culture.  Orlando, like the rest of the country, was full of disrespect for the divine institution of marriage.  Families were a quagmire of fornication, adultery, and separation.  People were living together out of wedlock with no compunction.  The press and the public commonly accept the violation of the single most important institution for the stability and preservation of the human race.

The violation of marriage is evil that is inspired by the Cosmic System.  Baal is one of the demons who opposes marriage.  He was the god of Moab and the god who brought the destruction of Client Nation Israel in 586 BC.  The sermons of the prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah are full of stories of the evils of violation of Marriage Culture and the subsequent degeneracy of the Client Nation.  If God destroyed Client Nation Israel and Sodom and Gomorrah for such (2 Peter 2:6; Jude 7), make no mistake:  He will destroy Orlando and the USA.

The enemy is not Iraq or Russia.  It is the people of Orlando and the USA who condone the evil violation of the divine institution of marriage.  And it is the Christians who have sold their spiritual heritage for a mess of pottage.  It is Christians who don't know enough doctrine to realize the importance of marriage in a culture and who run to commit fornication and adultery at the first opportunity.  It is Christians who are so pitiful that they sit under the ministry of men who don't have a clue about the significance of the killer tornadoes in Orlando.

It was not "El Nino" that brought death to Orlando.  It was God who sent His angels to judge the evil that lurked in every bedroom.


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Author: Larry Wood

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