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Annular Eclipse of the Sun (2-16)

Annular Eclipse of the Sun

Last Revision:  February 17, 1999

Annular Eclipse
February 16, 1999 Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Eclipse

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February 16, 1999 (Day 47):  An annular eclipse of the Sun occurred in the southern hemisphere and crossed Australia from Walkaway in Western Australia (south of  Geraldton) to north of Cairns in Queensland.  Preliminary calculations of the annular ring were that it would be only 9 arc seconds.  Baily's Beads were visible. The eclipse began at 4h56m37.3s Universal Time (UT).  The greatest eclipse was at 6h33m33.8s, and conjunction of moon and sun at 6h20m20.8s.1 Maximum Eclipse was at Lat. 39° 48.8' S., 93° 53.6' E., Duration 39.6 seconds in Indian Ocean.

Symbolism of an Eclipse

Refer to Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 for an explanation of the symbolism of a solar eclipse.  Solar eclipses symbolize the Cross - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  They also symbolize the Right Man who undergoes eclipse testing for his Right Woman (Ephesians 5:25-26).  The annular eclipse of February 16 had a very thin ring of light with Baily's Beads.  The ring of light symbolized the covenant of Marriage between the Right Man and Right Woman.  The Right Woman who is darkened by sin like Eve can cause the Right Man great suffering, but she does not put his lights out completely when he has an Edification Complex of the Soul.  Eclipse testing is tantamount to the Right Man going to the cross for his Right Woman.  When the Right Man survives such suffering by using the Problem Solving Devices, the Marriage relationship with his Right Woman will be sanctified.

Clinton's Cross

After the last eclipse on August 22, 1998 Clinton had just finished testifying to the Grand Jury on August 17, 1998.  Now, history appears to have repeated.  He finished the Senate Impeachment Trial on February 12, 1999 and the eclipse occurred on February 16.  On February 16, the judge in Little Rock in the Paula Jones lawsuit, raised the question of whether Clinton should be charged with contempt of court.  Clinton is an example of a man who must go to the cross for his Right Woman.  The final cross can be the sin that ends in death or the high road to glory of dying grace.


The last annular (ring of light) eclipse of the millennium was in Australia.  It began on the west coast near Walkaway and crossed to the east coast, north of Cairns (Queensland).  Australia has the reputation of being outback, isolated, and far away from civilization, although it is not generally equated with the wild like Africa and the Amazon.  Stretching from west to east (or east to west) is a symbol of expiation, the removal of the guilt of sins on the Cross (Psalm 103:12; Colossians 2:14).  The outback east to west would be the ultimate symbol of expiation.  Jesus Christ not only paid for our sins on the Cross, He also paid for the guilt of those sins so that those who believe in Him for Salvation have freedom from the guilt and penalty of sin.  Guilt was paid for on the Cross; therefore, the Christian should not be enslaved to it any longer.  For the Christian, guilt is a sin that should be confessed (Rebound) with all the others.

The eclipse began near Walkaway, a name for separation from something.  To walk away may mean going free like Clinton after the Impeachment Trial; or it may mean rejection, like Eve when she sinned - thereby rejecting the authority of God and her Right Man.  When Eve sinned, she rejected the Plan of God and rendered a death blow to her marriage.  Adam went into eclipse testing.  The Intimacy Room in his soul was blacked out when Eve sinned.  He faced the darkness of death from the sin of a woman who had walked away from him.  Adam flunked the eclipse test.  He had a choice:  The woman and sin or rejection of the woman's offer and not sinning.  When she offered him the fruit, he said, "Yes, dear."  He was so enamored with the woman, that he could not bear the thought of living without her.  The Christian male who caves in to the pressure from the sin of his Right Woman will be no better than Adam.

The second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, faced eclipse testing on the cross.  When the sins of the world were imputed to him and judged, he did not cave in to sin.  He accepted our sins because he loved us; yet he did not sin.  Similarly, the Right Man must accept the judgment for the sins of his Right Woman because he loves her.  When he is willing to go to the cross for her as Jesus Christ went to the cross for everyone, he will live and she will live.  Even when she puts his lights out, a ring of light will be left to signify capacity for life to pass the test.  If he caves in to sin like Adam, then he will die and he will take his Right Woman down with him.  When the marriage has gone to hell, the man must go to the cross.  In the end, it is the man who must bear the judgment for marital infidelity (Proverbs 6:32-33).  He is the one who suffers reproach even though two people were involved.

The man who goes to the cross for his Right Woman demonstrates unconditional love for her just as Jesus Christ did for sinners on the Cross.  In eclipse testing, the woman so totally destroys the man that the only thing he has left is his life.  He follows the Plan of God to the point where he bets his life on the Plan of God, which includes the Right Woman.  When she rejects the Plan of God, he faces the darkness of death just as Adam did.  He must not reject the woman who has sinned, and he must not agree with the sin like Adam did.  He must accept her with her sin and use impersonal love to bear the judgment, reproach, shame, whatever, for it.  By going to the cross and bearing the judgment, the Right Man demonstrates unconditional love for his Right Woman.  No other man will ever be able to do this; for God in his judgment will eliminate them and expose the conditions they have attached to their love long before they get to the cross.  The wrong man will eventually go to the cross, but it will be for capital punishment - not deliverance.  When the Right Man has suffered all for his Right Woman and has nothing left to give except his life, he is qualified to take the eclipse test and go to the cross.  The wrong man and wrong woman can have reproach and cursing but never the deliverance of the cross.  Only Right Man can pass the eclipse test of the cross (Ephesians 5:25-26).

The annular eclipse crossed the continent of Australia.  It crossed from west to east across deserts and mountains.  The terrain is a reminder of the wilderness of the Exodus with the desert mountains, which is mentioned in Psalm 75:6-7Psalm 75 is a reminder that the Lord Jesus Christ it the Judge of the Supreme Court of Heaven and He is the personnel director.  According to Psalm 75:6, support does not come from the west or the east, nor from the desert-mountains (the wilderness to the south of the Promised Land).  The north is not mentioned for two reasons.  First, God's throne is in the north, and that's where help is.  Secondly, on the earth, the enemy of Israel always attacked from the north.  Israel should remember this the next time it signs a peace treaty with the Arabs.  The Psalm continues in verse 7:  "God is the Judge; He puts one down and exalts another."  The Plan of God determines who will lead - not the people.  And only the Lord can remove from office, a principle that has just been demonstrated in the Impeachment Trial of President Clinton.

The last annular eclipse of the millennium (for a full eclipse will be August 11, 1999) occurred on the continent that is down under in Australia, which resembles with its desert mountains the wilderness of the Exodus.  The annular eclipse represented the ring of light of the marriage covenant that the Right Man keeps when he refuses to cave in to the sins of his Right Woman.  The ring of light also symbolizes the wreath (crown) of life (James 1:12; Revelation 2:10), which will be given to those who persevere with virtue-love from the completed Edification Complex of the Soul.  This is the high road to glory with the cross of victory as opposed to the road of reversionism with the cross of the sin unto death (reference Roads).  The eclipse occurred on the 16th, the number for sanctification.  Jesus Christ, our sanctification, is represented by the Laver in the Tabernacle whereby we are symbolically baptized into Christ at Salvation.  After Salvation, sanctification is achieved by Rebound (1 John 1:9).  When the Right Man rides out eclipse testing in the Filling of the Holy Spirit, his marriage will be sanctified, Marriage Culture will be sanctified, and others will be blessed by association.  The Right Men who do not pass eclipse testing will die the sin that ends in death just as the Jews of the Exodus generation who died in the wilderness.  The graves of the Exodus generation littered the wilderness like a string of white crosses that led to the Jordan.


1. Calwell Lunar Observatory.  February 16, 1999.

Author:  Larry Wood