Palm Bay Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse Murders

Palm Bay Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse Murders
Solar Eclipse and Blood Moon
Solar Eclipse Chart
Christopher Swist Chart
Jessica McCarty Chart

Palm Bay Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse Murders

March 23, 2015:  On the day of the Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015, a Palm Bay, Florida mother allegedly drowned, choked, and strangled her three children in apparent demonic madness.  All of the children died.  Jessica Lacy McCarty, 33, went berserk and allegedly murdered her children as the Sun was setting on the day of the Solar Eclipse preceding the last two Blood Moons of the current Tetrad.

A seven-year old girl was found dead from apparent drowning in the bathtub and strangulation.  Her 6 year old brother was near death after apparently having been choked.  He was kept alive until 11:22 PM when he died.  The 5-month old baby, Christopher Swist, born on the last Blood Moon of October 8, 2014, was found by his father.  The child had been choked, but the father tried to resuscitate him.  He was kept alive on life support until he died about 7:30 PM EDT yesterday.

After attacking her children, Jessica McCarty sent her boyfriend, Christopher Swist, 29, pictures of the bloody scene.  She called 911 and reported that she had killed her children and slit her wrist.  Her boyfriend returned home, and she met police at the door with a butcher knife in her hand.  The police shot her with bean bags to get her to drop the knife.

The gruesome murders of the children in Palm Bay are associated with two other unusual events.  About 8 PM CDT (0100 GMT) a man armed with a long carving knife and a can of wasp spray was shot at the airport in New Orleans.  And shortly after midnight, about 12:25 AM EDT (0425 GMT), 7 children were killed in a house fire in Brooklyn.  The fire had been caused by a hot plate that had been left on in the kitchen to keep food warm for the Jewish Sabbath.  The mother and a 14-year old daughter survived by jumping from a second floor window.  The father was away on a religious retreat.


The murders of the children in Palm Bay were the work of Satan.  The children died under the judgment of Jezebel (Rev 2:20-23) at the hand of their mother.  The youngest son was born on the last Blood Moon.  His murder along with the other children was Eclipse Testing of the father.  The father of the Jewish children killed in New York also underwent Eclipse Testing on the day of the Solar Eclipse (standard time).  This corresponds to the testing of Job in which his children were killed in a storm by Satan.

The death of the children in the fire in New York was Fire Testing and a sign of the Holocaust.  The death of the children in Florida and New York was the judgment of Jezebel parlayed into Eclipse Testing of the fathers.  The children in Florida were allegedly killed by their mother, Jessica McCarty, 33.  The address of the New York house fire was 3371 Bedford Avenue, where 33 is for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  The woman in Florida used a knife to cut herself and the children.   It was Day 69, for running the course of life.  The address of the house in Palm Bay was 1169 Kenmore Street.

The man (Richard White) in the New Orleans airport attacked security agents with a carving knife and a can of wasp spray.  The knife was for cutting people, and the wasp spray was for asphyxiation.  This corresponds to the symbolism of the knife in the Florida attack along with choking and drowning to cut off the air.  The knife was to draw blood associated with animal sacrifice, where the life of the animal is in the blood, and choking was to cut off the breath of life.  The house fire in New York was apparently meant by Satan to symbolize purification of sacrifices by fire.

Solar Eclipse and Blood Moon

The incidents in Florida, New York, and New Orleans all occurred the day of the Solar Eclipse prior to the next Blood Moon.  The youngest child to die in the Florida attack was born on the last Blood Moon, October 8, 2014.  Satan was the murderer.  The Blood Moon has various meanings.  It can symbolize the death of the firstborn.  The youngest child, Christopher Swist, was the firstborn son of his father, Christopher Swist, but not his mother.

Satan claimed the child from birth just as he did the Lord Jesus Christ (Rev 12:4).  However, he was not able to murder the Lord Jesus Christ until He was approximately 33 because the family fled to Egypt (Matt 2:13-15; Rev 12:5-6).  In the last half of the Tribulation Israel will symbolize the Virgin Mary, who is waiting to return with her Child, the Lord Jesus Christ (Rev 12:1-2, 6).

Satan chose to execute the five month old Christopher Swist on the Solar Eclipse as a sacrifice to himself.  Christopher, meaning Christ bearer, was a symbol of Christ, whom Satan put to death on the Cross during the First Advent.  The death of Christopher, born on the last Blood Moon, symbolized the death of Christ in the First Advent.  The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 precedes the next Blood Moon in the Tetrad on April 4, 2015.  The Blood Moon of April 4, 2015 will be associated with the Second Advent.

The knife attack at the airport in New Orleans was in the region of Simeon, the criminal, and Scorpius.  Scorpius, the scorpion, symbolizes Satan, the enemy of Jesus Christ in the First Advent who inspired the Crucifixion, but was defeated at the Cross.

Solar Eclipse Chart

Solar Eclipse ChartThe Chart of the Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 contains a Grand Trine and a Yod.  The Grand Trine is a sign of blessing and stability to handle the pressures of life.  The Yod, for critical timing, was pointed at the corner of the Grand Trine anchored by the conjunction of the Almighty God Planet and Bottom of Heaven in Cancer.  The Yod pointing from Midheaven to the Bottom of Heaven symbolized the fall of Satan leading to his doom (Rev 12:9).

The Eclipse of the Sun with the Moon in Pisces symbolized the Judgment of Christ for the sins of the Church (Eph 5:25-26).  By analogy, with the Mediator Planet also in Pisces, this also symbolized the testing of the pastor due to the sins of the congregation, as well as the Right Man for the Right Woman.

There were three pairs of planets corresponding to the sign of the Flood.

Midheaven was in Capricornus, for the glory of the world, and the Bottom of Heaven was in Conjunction with the Almighty God in Cancer, for death of the captive of the mighty.

The Ascendant was Gemini, for the double blessing of Israel or Marriage.  The Last Adam was on the Descendant in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  Satan was the enemy who attacked Christ.

Christopher Swist Chart

Christopher Swist ChartChristopher Swist, age 29, is a former Marine who served in Afghanistan.  His Birth Chart contains a Skull, a Carafe, and a Catwalk.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hand of Satan, who has the power of death, with God's permission.  A Carafe is a bottle of blessing or cursing.  And a Catwalk is a bridge over a chasm.  The Catwalk connected signs of personal sins in Libra and Scorpius with the suffering of the world from plagues and the suffering in Marriage from Jezebel.

The Sun and Moon were one day from New Moon in Aries.  The Sun symbolized a husband.  Christopher was trying to be a husband although he was not married.  The Moon in Aries symbolized Jezebel, corresponding to Satan's influence over Jessica McCarty.


The Catwalk connected Libra and Scorpius with Taurus and Aries.  The meaning of the planets in these signs was:

  1. Last Adam in Libra judged for sins, corresponding to the cursing from the woman in Eclipse Testing.
  2. God of the Covenants in Scorpius final judgment for the sons of unbelief.
  3. Red Planet in Taurus plagues of Egypt
  4. Moon in Aries Jezebel
The conjunction of the Morning Star and Savior Planets in Pisces correspond to a promoter of team spirit and a facilitator.  This portrayed Christopher's dedication to the children in his new family.

Jessica McCarty Chart

The Birth Chart of Jessica McCarty, born March 12, 1982, contains a Bowl.  However, since the time of birth is not known, the meaning of the Bowl cannot be correctly assessed.  A Bowl may be a bowl of blessing or cursing.  People with a Bowl appear to be on a mission.  They look forward in offense but don't think about defense.

The Sun was in Aquarius, which can be the sign of an Antichrist.  The Moon was in Libra, for a jury or the judgment of the woman.  Also in Aquarius was the Savior Planet, for a reporter. Jessica reported her actions to her friends.  When she killed the children, she sent her boyfriend a report, called 911, and then called her mother.


  1. Red Planet bloody son, corresponding to the deaths of her children
  2. God of the Covenants caretaker and discipline of children.

The Moon was in conjunction with the Last Adam.

  1. Moon Jury, judgment of the woman
  2. Last Adam cursed by the law.  She was convicted of various crimes.
  3. Almighty God sovereign judge, which can also be related to the Antichrist.
Mediator fraud, drugs.  She was convicted of fraud in buying drugs.
Redeemer redeemed from the enemy
Morning Star Gentile military leader, corresponding to her boyfriend, a former Marine.


The murders of the children ages 6, 7, and 5-months in Palm Bay, Florida on the Solar Eclipse were terribly heinous.  As bad as it was, the evil of it all was magnified by Satan's hand in it.  A baby born on the last Blood Moon was choked to death as an apparent sacrifice to Satan.  Satan was fulfilling his role of killing the Firstborn of God, the Lord Jesus Christ in the First Advent and attempting to kill mother and Child prior to the Second Advent (Rev 12:1-6).

Knives were used to draw blood to symbolize sacrifice, and choking was used to take away the breath of life.  The knives in the Palm Bay murders corresponded to the knife used in an attack the same day in the airport in New Orleans in the region of Scorpius, the criminal, and symbol of Satan as the enemy who sent Christ to the Cross.

On the same day (standard time) just after midnight daylight time, seven children were killed in a house fire in Brooklyn.  That symbolized the Holocaust of Israel in the Tribulation.  The deaths of the children symbolized the judgment of Jezebel (Rev 2:20-23) and Eclipse Testing of the father who was away on a trip.  The deaths of the Palm Bay children also symbolized the judgment of Jezebel and Eclipse Testing of the father.  Even though Satan's involvement in the Brooklyn fire is not so obvious, the burning of the children could be construed as purification by fire in a burnt offering to Satan.


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Author:  Larry Wood,   Released - March 23, 2015 - Revised March 24, 2015

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