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Palestinian Peace Possum

Reality Check

Opossum, 5-1-03, 1320 GMT Opossum, 5-1-03, 1320 GMT Opossum, 5-1-03, 1320 GMT


Palestinian Peace Possum

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May 1 (Day 121, Providential Preventative Suffering):   After yesterday's presentation of the Road Map for Middle East peace to Israel and the Palestinians, this morning was time for a reality check.  Who is this new Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen?  The angels, who are always ready to provide special help, brought along a mascot for a living demonstration.  Out of the brush appeared a big, fat opossum.

The opossum, or possum, is a pest and a varmint, a grungy, creepy critter of the night.  Eating snakes, lizards, garbage, and rotting carrion, this half-buzzard junk-food addict is the scum-bag bum of animals.  It loots and pillages habitually.  It robs birds and turtle nests and eats the eggs.  Like a thief, it doesn't attack man directly but creeps in the dead of night to scrounge.  It is known to play possum, playing dead, when losing a fight.  Those who don't know these things about the possum have a problem with reality.

In the Spiritual realm, the opossum is the symbol of Baal, who rejects the pure food of Bible Doctrine for the evil junk of the devil's world.  The characteristics of the opossum are quite similar to the new Palestinian Prime Minster, whose hair and eyes have a remarkable resemblance to the possum.  Now, don't jump to the conclusion and think this is vilification.  On the contrary, it is nothing less than impersonal love with reality.  Abu Mazen is the friend of Arafat, who is the father of terrorists.  He, however, looks and acts like a possum, saith the angels.

Blacksnake, 5-1-03, 1837 GMT


In the afternoon, slithering across the patio was a blacksnake.  A snake is a symbol of Satan.  Whether the snake is called good or bad, poisonous or non-poisonous, does not change its symbolism, although an attack from some may be deadlier than others.  One of the ways a Christian knows about a Satanic counterattack in Spiritual warfare is from a snake.  The snake symbolizes Satan as the head of Cosmic Babylon.
Frog, 5-1-03, 1842 GMT


As the snake crawled by the patio, a frog climbed the wall.  A frog represents the kosmokrator demon (Ephesians 6:12) of Political Babylon (Revelation 16:13-14).  The croaking of frogs is like the babbling of politicians.  The US is in the position of Political Babylon between Israel and the Palestinians in the peace process.


The new Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen, is the man selected to negotiate peace with Israel.  He has been quiet, reserved, and non-belligerent.  The opossum is the same.  The opossum represents Baal in the form of Ecumenical Babylon.  So does the Road Map for Middle East peace, which is the work of Baal.  The croaking politicians may think they did it all by themselves, but they were inspired by Baal.  As a human being, Abu Mazen does not deserve to be maligned.  Nor does he deserve to be praised for the evil he preaches and the scum-bag terrorists he tolerates.  There would be no need for peace if the Palestinian terrorists had not begun practicing violence in the first place.

Now, Christians who are full of subjectivity would not recognize the rottenness of a possum.  They would be prone to glorify the varmint.  Those who are friends with possums and snakes have flunked the reality test.  Christians who support Baal are the enemies of the cross.  And any politician who would cater to a possum for votes is no better than a possum himself.  If a person lacks the objectivity to understand a possum, how could that person make a rational decision about Israel and the Palestinians?  The people in the US and the Europeans don't know beans about Israel and the Palestinians.  Yet they have proclaimed themselves peace makers.  There will not be peace until the Millennium.  Until then there will be wars and rumors of wars.

There were three symbols today, a possum, a frog, and a snake.  These three represent:

  1. Possum - Ecumenical Babylon
  2. Frog - Political Babylon
  3. Snake - Cosmic Babylon
The three represent slavery to the Cosmic System to those with subjectivity about any one of the symbols.  If the three symbols can be understood objectively, the Road Map for peace can be understood in relation to Israel, the US, and the Palestinians.  Only Christians with objectivity can take up a position to resist the devil in his attempt to destroy Israel and the Church.


Author:  Larry Wood