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Lunar Eclipse


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January 20, 2000 (Day 20):   A total lunar eclipse occurred over the western hemisphere.  The time of greatest eclipse was 23:43/31.3 EST and the duration of total eclipse was 77 min 46 sec.  It was the first total lunar eclipse since September 16, 1997.  The Moon was reddish in some locations, but in Florida it was copper brown.

The skychart shows that the Moon at eclipse was aligned with Gemini, the Twins, which represent Jacob and Esau.  The book of the Star Gospel associated with Gemini symbolizes the Second Advent.  Gemini is near Orion, the Mighty Hunter, which symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent when He returns with the Church to conquer the enemies of Israel.  Orion is accompanied by Lepus, the hare, and the two hunting dogs, Canis Major (the Big Dog), and Canis Minor (the Second Dog).  Canis Major contains the dog star, Syrius.  The picture is that of the hunter and hunted.  Esau was a hunter, and just as Esau hunted Jacob, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to conquer those who are hunting Israel.  Jacob represented the nation of Israel, and Esau represented the enemies of Israel.

The eclipse of the Moon on January 20, 2000 was accompanied earlier in the day by the White Horse image over Syria.  The picture of the two together symbolizes the Second Advent (Joel 2:31; Revelation 6:12, 19:11).  There was also a lunar eclipse on December 30, 1982, which was near Gemini.  The year, 82, stood for a breakpoint in history.  The Challenger arrived at Kennedy Space Center in conjunction with a lunar eclipse on July 6, 1982.  More explanation will be forthcoming related to STS-99.

Meaning of Lunar Eclipses

The Moon represents the Church and the Sun represents the Lord Jesus Christ, the Light of the world.  The Moon has no light of its own and can only reflect the light of the Sun.  When the light of the Sun is cut off, the Moon does not give its light, and the night is dark.  When the Moon does not give its light the world is dark.  When the Church has no light, the world is in darkness as it was during the Dark Ages before the Renaissance.  The world in darkness is doomed to suffering and death as symbolized by the hue of the Moon during an eclipse.  The hue may be red, the color of suffering, or orange, the color of dead works.  The sign of doomsday, the Second Advent, will be the Moon turning to blood, which means blood-red.

Light is the production of metabolized Bible Doctrine in the soul.  Just as the human body metabolizes food to produce heat (infra-red light), the human spirit under the authority of God metabolizes Bible Doctrine and produces Spiritual Light.  Under these conditions, the man reflects the glory (Light) of God the Son, while the woman reflects the glory (light) of her Right Man.  Whereas, there is no distinction between man and woman in the priesthood, there is a difference in light production.  The glory of the man and woman are different just as the glory of the Sun and Moon are different.  When things are right, the Sun lights the day and the Moon lights the night, but during an eclipse the light of the day or night is cut off.  The Sun and the Moon in the sky represent eyes, the symbols of grace.  When the eye is clear, there is grace-blessing; but when the eye is darkened, there is cursing.  The eclipse represents the grace solution to cursing.

When things were right in the Garden of Eden, the man and the woman were metabolizing Bible Doctrine and producing light.  The man reflected the Light of the Son, and the woman reflected the light of the man.  Thus, there was Spiritual light production during the day and during the night.  The Sun, the eye of Heaven, was bright and unobstructed during the day; and the Moon, the eye of the world, was bright and unobstructed during the night.  The eye represents grace, and there were no clouds in the Garden.

However, when the man and the woman began to slip in their Spiritual relationship with God, they became vulnerable to Satan's temptation.  The woman began to enjoy conversations with Satan more than the conversations with her right man, and just as the creep seduces the silly female, the woman was seduced by the lies of Satan.  She ate the forbidden fruit and received the condemnation of the sin unto death.  She died spiritually and was on the road to dying physically.  In her spiritual death, she represented the eclipse of the Moon.  She was dark, and there was no reflected glory of her Right Man.  But, she was still very bright academically.  She was full of the cunning and half truths of Satan (Satan's spin on education).  So she became a cosmic evangelist for Satan to do his bidding.  She picked a piece of the forbidden fruit from the tree, and gave it to Adam, who was too week to resist, for the balance of nature had now been upset, and he was under the power of female dominance.

The woman in sin represented the eclipse of the Moon.  She had no more light and could not reflect the glory of her Right Man because she was Spiritually dead.  It takes Spiritual Life to fulfill the role of a Right Woman and respond to him.  But the man was responsible for the woman, who had failed.  She had the power to sink the boat, and she did.  She could ruin her life and his both; for as Adam faced the darkness of his Right Woman, the Intimacy Room of his soul was blacked out.  The woman in sin was full of arrogance and power over him.  His soul was fighting the darkness, which represented the eclipse of the Sun.

However, the Lord Jesus Christ came along in the Garden to teach Bible Class in the evening, and the man and the woman had hid.  He asked them, "Why are you where your are?"  He knew where they were hiding.  Adam explained that he hid because he was naked.  Actually, he wasn't naked because he had just made himself a fig leaf flap to cover his genitals and was ashamed to be seen in it.  Now, nakedness had never been a problem before, but sin and shame had made it so.  The Lord saw their problem, heard their pitiful excuses, and gave them an opportunity to have a solution.

The Lord gave them the gospel.  He explained that He would pay for their sins as a substitute for them, and that if they would believe in Him, they could have Eternal Life.  Otherwise, they would die and go to the Lake of Fire with the devil and his demons.  Adam and the woman both accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and received Salvation.  God the Holy Spirit regenerated them spiritually.  The man had light again, and the woman was his reflected glory.  As a memorial to the fall and the grace solution, the eclipses of the Sun and Moon were instituted in the heavens.

The eclipse of the Sun would represent the fall of Adam and God's grace solution, the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross to provide redemption.  Just as the first Adam died in an eclipse, the second Adam would die in an eclipse.  After the eclipse, there would be light from the Sun again, which represents the Resurrection.  After death the human body would be transformed into a spiritual body.  Jesus Christ, the firstfruits, is the only one who has received a Resurrection Body thus far.

The eclipse of the Moon would represent the fall of the woman (darkness) and God's grace solution, Salvation (light).  The Moon would symbolize Salvation, not just of the woman, but of all believers.  It would represent the congregation of believers as the reflected glory and symbolic Right Woman of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It would represent the congregation of Israel under the Covenant of the Law and the Church under the New Covenant to the Church.  In the darkness of sin, there was not light, but in Salvation there was glory.

The Moon also represented the seed of the woman whereby children and the Savior would come into the world.  Children would be needed to provide more witnesses for the Appeal Trial of Satan, and the Savior would be needed to implement the Redemption solution. The Moon represented the ovum, which was uncontaminated by sin and the basis for the conception of the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union.  However, only one ovum would ever be used to make the Savior.  Conception from the seed of Adam would contaminate the ovum with the sin of the flesh, the Old Sin Nature.  The unused ovum would be thrown off each month in menstruation, the monthly symbol of the eclipse of the Moon.  The birth of a child would represent the eclipse of the moon, one born in spiritual darkness.  The birth of the Savior would represent the grace solution, Jesus Christ, who would be qualified to receive the judgment of the Cross and survive the eclipse of the Sun with the ring of light.


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Author:  Larry Wood