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The ancient hand readers named parts of the hand after astrological signs.  However, they used names from Satan's mythology rather than the true names and meaning of God's Creation.  For example, they named the forefinger after the mythological god, Mercury, which was supposed to correspond to the first planet in the Solar System.  Then they named the mount of the forefinger the Mount of Mercury, after the planet.  This was absurd.  The first planet according to Biblical terminology should be called the Savior Planet, for the Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world at the First Advent.  The identity of the Savior Planet corresponds to the little finger, not the forefinger, the finger of light.  Further, the mount of the little finger corresponds to the astrological sign of Virgo, the Virgin, who bore a Son and called Him Immanuel (Matthew 1:23).

The ancient astrology of Babylon was also full of the lies of Satan.  So, the application of Babylonian astrology to the hands was a total crock of confusion.  In order to find the truth, the definitions of astrology must first be revised to conform to Biblical truth.  Then true astrological definitions can be applied to the hands.  Unfortunately, astrology, like hand reading, is a complex discipline also.  Therefore, astrology must first be mastered before it can be applied to the hand.  Biblical Astrology must be mastered to understand the explanation of the application of astrology to hands.

Now, hand reading and astrology should be kept separate as a general rule.  Hand reading deals with the soulish, or psychological level; whereas, astrology deals with the spiritual.  The hands are physical and the inscribed information reveals psychological traits.  Astrology charts capture the spiritual meaning of God's Creation.  The two types of analysis must be kept separate to avoid confusion.  However, it turns out that some of the same information exists in both the hand and the astrology chart.  For example, Capricornus, the Goat, deals with the sins of the Gentiles just as the Line of Lasciviousness and the Mount of Wisdom beneath it.  Therefore, sins of the Gentiles from a person's Birth Chart would very likely result in corresponding markings on the Line of Lasciviousness or Mount of Wisdom.  Thus, hand reading may serve as a verification of astrological analysis.

Biblical Astrology

Biblical Astrology uses Biblical definitions for the signs of the Zodiac and planets.  Sidereal charts, which give the true positions of the signs and planets, must be used.  Sections of Biblical Astrology that address hands include:  Hands and Planets in the Spiritual Body.  Additional sources of information are:
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The Signs
Biblical Astrology
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Zodiac Maps

Signs of the Zodiac in the Hand

Zodiac Signs in HandThe signs of the Zodiac in the hand are shown in the illustration.  The signs correspond to mounts, while the ruling planets for the signs are associated with the fingers or the mount in the palm.  For example, the mount of the forefinger corresponds to the sign of Aries, and the forefinger corresponds to the ruling planet, which is Morning Star.  The Mount of Wisdom corresponds to the sign of Capricornus with the ruling planet, the Redeemer Planet.  The Masculine Mount under the thumb corresponds to the sign of Leo with the Red Planet ruling the thumb.  The Sun is also associated with the Masculine Mount as a ruler.  And the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer, corresponds to the Life Line, which sometimes has a sister line nearby called a bow.  The Moon is on the Feminine Mount as a ruler, but the mount is not called the Mount of the Moon.

Influence from the Spiritual Body

In spite of attempts to keep hands separate from the spiritual life, there is a connection.  The Spirit determines, makes, and creates the physical and soulish.  So before lines or markings appear in the hands, they exist in the spiritual realm.  Even though there are no spiritual markings in the hand, there was a spiritual beginning for them.  In other words, the hands are physical and not spiritual, but they must have a spiritual connection.

Is this related to so-called psychic hand reading?  Absolutely not.  Psychics use divination.  They get information from demons.  That has nothing to do with the Divine truth of markings in the hands.

What is useful is to understand that everything begins in the spirit realm.  So, lines in the hand do not really originate in the cognitive processes of the soul.  There was first a spiritual reason for them.  God made them, and Satan may have influenced them.  Further, the markings in the hand may indicate a vulnerability to spiritual influence.  For example, a Line of Lasciviousness is associated with sin and lawlessness, which are associated with the Cosmic System.  A person might use his volition to follow his carnal  desires and thus open the door of his soul to demon influence.  Similarly, an Inner Heart Line could inspire sensuality, which could leave the person vulnerable to demon influence.

The hand reflects the pressure points of the Spiritual Body.  Strengths and weaknesses in the hand reflect corresponding strengths and weaknesses in the Spiritual Body.  Since the highest order of Creation is the spiritual, the solution to problems must be spiritual.  Problems in the hands cannot be solved by psychology.  The Spiritual solution is the only solution.  The human solution is no solution.

God, angels, and demons can communicate with man spiritually before there are any thoughts in the soul or responses in the body.  Spiritual beings can motivate thinking.  They can influence or tempt a person.  They can influence the subconscious to manipulate assumptions or presumptions.  The person might never know the assumption was not his own.  Further, emotional desires, which have no objective basis, can leave a person vulnerable to spiritual influence.

Cognitive problems associated with autism or Down Syndrome may be indicated by markings in the hands.  However, such problems are accompanied by influence from the spiritual realm.  People with these problems are also vulnerable to spiritual influence from the Cosmic System.  Demons can put thoughts in the mind.  These thoughts may be brilliant or stupid.  However, a person may never suspect that he is not the originator of the thoughts.  Everyone is subject to influence from the spiritual realm.  However, those with cognitive impairment may be especially vulnerable, since they may lack the cognitive skills to identify subtle clues that something is wrong.

Anomalies in the hand, such as a broken or short Life Line, a long Head Line (e.g. the Sydney Line), a star, or spot, may indicate an opening for spiritual influence.  In some cases a star may indicate a sudden brilliance due to influence from an Elect Angel or a demon.  A long Head Line (e.g. the Sydney Line) trips up objective thinking by linking to the subjective right lobe of soul where logic doesn't work.  In the absence of logical thought, emotion from the body may flood the thinking.  Spiritual problems are outside the realm of hand reading.  In such cases the Divine solution must be used to handle the problem.


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Released January 23, 2009- Revised July 15, 2016
Author: Larry Wood
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