Henry Lee Jones, Satanic Killer

Henry Lee Jones is a serial killer whose heinous acts revealed Satan and human sacrifice.  Although there is no evidence that Jones understood the significance of his idolatrous sacrifice to Satan, his murders were blatant acts of Satan.  He engaged in ritual sex with his victims and slaughtered them characteristic of the idolatry of Baal.  The crimes of Henry Lee Jones are more evil than those of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson because they are more blatantly Satanic.

Disclaimer:  This document is presented without prejudice.  There is no intention to impugn or malign anyone.  The courts have ruled in the case of Henry Lee Jones on the basis of evidence presented.  The actions of Satan and the judgment of the clergy are not admissible in court under the Laws of Establishment.

Henry Lee Jones
Murder of Keith Gross
The Betrayer
Murder of Clarence and Lillian James
Murder of Carlos Perez
Henry Lee Jones Birth Chart
Clarence and Lillian James Murder Chart
Carlos Perez Murder Chart
Murder Verdict in Titusville, Florida

Henry Lee Jones

Henry Lee Jones is known for slayings in Florida and Tennessee corresponding to human sacrifice.  Although there is no indication that he understood the significance of his sacrifices, the slayings were consistent with the ritual Satanic sacrifices of idolatry.  His victims were all tied up and killed by having their throats slashed.  The bodies were left face down in a pool of blood with their legs spread.  The murders were the work of Satan, even though Jones may not have understood their spiritual significance.  The murders all occurred near Jones' birthday in the sign of Leo, for Satan as a roaring lion.

Before Jones was caught, he engaged in a pattern of picking up teen boys for sex.  He tied his victims up and used a garrote to choke them during sex.  He also beat them.  When he was finished with them, he sometimes murdered them in his signature style of cutting their throats.  Jones' heinous signature of murder was so obvious that a trained investigator could look at the body with its throat cut across the room and recognize it immediately as the work of Jones.  Because the slaughter of the victims was so obviously the work of Satan, the Jones' slayings rank among the most blatant acts of Satanic evil in US history.  Jones ranks with Charles Manson and Ted Bundy in terms of evil, and he even surpasses them in the openly defiant actions of Satan in human sacrifice.

The life of crime of Henry Lee Jones parallels the timeline of NASA from the first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia until its demise and the release of the accident investigation report.  The murder of Jones' last victim in Brevard County, Florida was the day of the release of the Columbia Accident Investigation Report.  The apparent work of Satan in Jones gives insight into Satan's work in NASA through the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.


Henry Lee Jones was born in Cleveland, Mississippi.  His birth date was August 23, 1963, Day 235.  He grew up in a 2 bedroom house with 14 siblings without a father.

On the night of August 3, 1981, just prior to Jones' 18th birthday, he got into a fight with his girlfriend, Annie Mae Robbins, 17, and chased her out of the house, forcing her to leave her baby behind.  She reported the incident to the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida police, who arrived the next morning to investigate.  When the officers discovered Jones in the house, he jumped them.  Jones was charged with battery of police officers.

On September 30, 1981, Jones was arrested for burglary.  On October 3, 1981, he kidnapped a used car salesman on a test drive.  Jones was charged in Broward County, Florida with robbery, kidnapping, grand theft, possession of a firearm while engaged in a felony, and carrying a concealed firearm.  He briefly escaped from jail on March 11, 1982.

On March 29, 1982 Jones was found guilty of battery of a law enforcement officer and sentenced to 5 years.  On September 2, 1982, Jones was found guilty of robbery and kidnapping and sentenced to 30  years, for a total of 35 years with a release date of 2017.  However, due to prison overcrowding, Jones was released on July 1, 1997 at age 33.

On June 16, 1999, Jones was charged with stalking in Jacksonville.  He received 12 months probation.  On May 31, 2000 a robbery plot involving Jones was foiled in Flagler County.  On August 29, 2000, he was arrested in Jacksonville for battery, but the charges were dropped.  On March 21, 2001, he was ordered to spend 72 days in jail in Jacksonville for violation of a restraining order.   On October 10, 2001, he was spotted punching his girlfriend, Brandy Collins, while driving in Ft. Lauderdale.  After running from the arresting officer and being caught by a police dog, he spent 126 days in jail.  On May 14, 2002, Jones was accused of raping a mentally handicapped boy, but he was not prosecuted.

Jones worked as a pipe fitter in Fort Lauderdale.  He received work assignments from Dependable Temps, an employment agency that assisted people in finding temporary assignments.  Dependable Temps was previously located at 924 North Flagler Drive near the home of his girlfriend, brother, and two of his murder victims.

Jones entered a relationship with Brandy Collins of Fort Lauderdale in June, 2000 when she was 21.  He moved in with her in her mother's house.  At the time, she had a 6 month old son.  She later had an abortion and then had a daughter by Jones in September, 2003.  Jones' relationship with Brandy could be described as love-hate, which is characteristic of Satan.

In the fall of 2000, Jones left with Brandy due to friction with Brandy's mother, who did not like him.  They stayed in a motel in Orlando for less than a month before moving to Jacksonville, where they found work.  In 2001, they moved to Albany Georgia.  Brandy discovered she was pregnant when she went to the hospital after Jones hit her.  She decided to leave Jones, and her relatives mailed her a bus ticket, which Jones found.  He said he would take her home, and he did.

Murder of Keith Gross

Keith Gross, 24, was found murdered in his home at 1022 NE 2nd Avenue in Fort Lauderdale on September 9, 2002.   The body of Gross was found with his throat cut front and back, lying face down, with his face in a pillow and a blue sheet over the back of his head.  His legs were slightly spread.  There had been blows to his head.  His feet and legs were tied.  His feet were tied with a phone cable and his hands with a cord.  There was blood in his anus from penetration.  There was blood from the capillaries around his eyes.  This was consistent with pressure from being choked with a garrote.

Bare foot prints of Jones were found in the kitchen from the blood on his feet.  A pair of bloody socks, which Jones had apparently worn, were also found nearby.  A left footprint was matched to him after he was arrested.

The motive for the murder was revenge because Gross owed him about $1,500 for a large screen TV and a bed that Jones sold him when he worked for a moving company.

Brandy said that Jones met Gross after Jones was arrested for punching him.  They became friends and she and Jones would visit Gross, who lived ½ mile away.

According to Brandy, Jones knocked on the window of her room about 9:30 PM on September 6, 2002 with blood on shirt.  He asked for another shirt and hid his knife under her mattress.  He said there was blood on the blanket in the Volkswagen station wagon, and he had to throw it away.  Brandy slept with Jones that night and noticed that he had a rough night.  Brandy lived with her mother ½ mile from the house of Keith Gross.

Jones was one of those questioned about the murder of Keith Gross.  When Jones visited the Police Department, he made Brandy stay in the car because he said it didn't concern her.  However, after the murder of Gross, Jones did not go to work on Monday, September 9, 2002 but stayed home and watched the news.  When it showed the murder of Gross, he remarked something about doing what he said he would do.  Gross had told Brandy that the way to kill someone was to cut the neck front and back because if you only cut the back, that would leave enough time to call 911.

The Betrayer

Tevarus Young Birth ChartAccording to the testimony of Tevarus Young, who testified against Jones in court in Tennessee, he met Jones when Jones discovered him sleeping on a park bench in Ft. Lauderdale after he broke up with his girlfriend and found himself homeless.  The Birth Chart of Young is a very tight Bow, which characterizes a person who shoots in one direction and is irresistible.  There was a Father and Sons configuration in Scorpius, for the father of murder and lies (Satan) and children of murder and lies.  The Mediator Planet in Scorpius was the sign of a betrayer.

Young testified that Jones offered him $20 for oral sex, which he agreed to accept because he needed the money.  Jones drove him to McDonalds, where they ate.  Then Jones took him to a warehouse, where he performed oral sex.  But Jones didn't want to give him the money.  So, he protested, and Jones gave him the money.

Then Jones asked Young if he wanted to meet some girls.  He said, "Yes."  So, they drove to Bunnell (near Daytona), where they met Toosie and Tawana.  Jones left with Toosie, and Young spent the night with Tawana.  Young testified that he and Tawana had sex, drank, smoked marijuana, and had some cocaine.  When Jones and Toosie returned the next morning, they began to quarrel, and Jones was anxious to leave.  According to Young, Jones was very anxious and impatient.  In hindsight, this was evidence that Jones was under Satanic influence.

Jones and Young left and went north to visit Jones' relatives.  They drove straight through, and stopped at a Burger King in Memphis, where Jones met Calvin and was brought some food.  They didn't order the food and didn't pay for it after they ate it.  Jones had apparently worked there before and knew Calvin.

Murder of Clarence and Lillian James

After leaving Burger King on August 22, 2003, Day 234,, Jones drove to a place near the house of Clarence and Lillian (Wilson) James at 2442 Bartlett Blvd. in Bartlett, Tennessee (northeast of Memphis).  He parked at a nearby apartment complex, and he and Young walked up to the house, where Jones greeted Mr. James, 81, who was sitting in the driveway.  Mr. James reportedly sat in the driveway every day and waved at people passing by.  Jones said, "Hello Pop!"  Jones knew Mr. James because he used to live in a nearby apartment.  When Young found out Mr. James was waiting for someone to mow his lawn, he volunteered to mow the lawn for free, but the old man just asked him to take the lawn mower into a shed in the back.  While in the back, Young got a drink of water from a hose.

When Young returned to the garage, it was closed and no one was outside.  So, he went to the front door.  Although he thought it strange that no one was around, he went inside, where he saw Jones go by with a rope with blood on it.  He saw Mr. James lying in a pool of blood in the laundry room.  According to the autopsy, Mr. James' back and ribs were broken and his throat was cut.  Then Young found Lillian (Wilson) James, 67, in a TV room where she was watching television.  She asked Young if they were going to kill her.  Young said something to the effect that, "Why should they because they were relatives?"  She said they weren't.

Then Jones took Mrs. James into the bedroom, where he knocked her to the floor and tied her up with the rope.  Jones said, "Old lady, do you know what time it is?"  He asked her where her money was.  He put a rope around her neck and choked her.  He hit her in the eyes so hard they filled with blood.  He broke her neck, cut her throat with his serrated hunting knife, and stabbed her in the middle of the throat.  He pulled her robe off and left the body lying face down in her underpants with the legs spread out in a 'V'.  He took the three or four rings she was wearing.  He found a plastic bag and made Young hold it while he dumped her wallet and other valuables in the bag.  When Young asked why he killed her, Jones replied, "Because she seen my face."

They drove to a Mall, where they bought clothes from Penney's and Nike shoes from Footlocker.  Jones gave Young $1500, and they paid cash for the clothes.  They changed clothes as they were driving, and Jones threw out items like the rope and other papers and items from Mrs. James out the window.  They first used Mrs. James' VISA about 3 PM and continued to use the credit card to buy gas along the return route to Florida.  About 4 PM they stopped in Batesville, Mississippi, and Jones bought a white 1993 Lincoln Town Car with $3200 cash.  The number, 93, stands for guilt.

Jones drove the Lincoln and Young followed him in Jones' '88 Dodge Aires K as they returned to Florida.  Jones left Young in Bunnell, Florida while he returned to Ft. Lauderdale the next day.  Jones had some brake repairs made on the Lincoln while he was in Ft. Lauderdale.  Then the next day (August 25) he returned to Bunnell, and Young followed him south on Interstate 95.

When they got to Rockledge, Florida on Interstate 95, Young was driving up to 105 mph, cutting people off, tailgating, and flashing his lights at cars to make them move over.  He drove up behind Detective Carlos Reyes of the Brevard Sheriff's Office.  Reyes, who was not a patrolman, was going South to Palm Bay to a meeting and was not interested in making a traffic stop.  Reyes flashed his blue lights at Young, and he backed off, but Young returned and persisted in tailgating.  So, Reyes pulled him over.

As Young was lying to Reyes, Jones pulled up, and Reyes called for backup.  Young was charged with driving with license suspended, and held for the Ft. Lauderdale Sheriff's Office on a parole violation warrant.  The Dodge was left on I-95.  Reyes later searched the car, and left his card in the window with a note that Jones could pick up the keys from him.

Murder of Carlos Perez

After Jones returned to Ft. Lauderdale, he met Carlos Perez, 19, on Monday morning, August 26, Day 238 at Dependable Temps.  Perez was a high school junior who had recently moved to Florida from Pennsylvania to live with his father in Wilton Manors.  Jones took Carlos by his home, which was less than 2 miles away, to pick up some clothes for a trip.  They went north on I-95 to pick up Jones' car in Rockledge.

On the way to Rockledge, Jones stopped and let Carlos check into the Super 8 Motel at 1515 Harbor City Blvd. in Melbourne, Florida around 1 PM.  After checking in and paying $48.39 for the room, Carlos returned to the parking lot where Jones was waiting.  As they left the car and walked to the room, the hotel manager, who was using a leaf blower to clean the area, saw them and noticed the difference in their height.  Carlos appeared to be about a foot taller than Jones.

Although no one heard any noise come from Room 217 where Carlos and Jones were staying, the next day around 12 PM, a maid found the body of Carlos dead and wrapped in a bed spread.  Carlos was found face down lying cross wise on the neatly made bed with his face in a pillow and another pillow over the back of his head.  His throat was cut, his legs were spread, and he was wrapped in a bed spread (comforter).  His hands, feet, and neck showed signs of having been bound, and broken capillaries in his eyes were evidence of having been choked with a garrote.  According to the medical examiner, mucus in his rectum was consistent with penetration or manipulation.

Investigators found no clothes or towels in the room.  There was nothing left to identify Carlos in the room.  The door and other surfaces had been wiped so that no fingerprints belonging to Jones were found.  The telephone cord had been cut, apparently to be used for binding Carlos, but the section of cord was not around.  Jones had attempted to clean the room, but had left footprints in the bathroom from his Nike shoes.

Two pubic hair fibers matching Jones were recovered from the carpet, and footprints of Nike shoes with a defect in one sole were lifted from the bathroom floor.  The matching shoes were later found in Jones' Lincoln Town Car when it was processed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Both hairs matched Jones, and mitochondrial DNA testing on one of them was a positive match to Jones.

Carlos was found to have DNA on him that matched a woman who lived in Room 223 down the hall.  However, she denied knowing or having sex with Carlos.  The woman was ruled out by Melbourne police as having any direct involvement in the murder.

The murder of Carlos must have occurred before 11 PM EDT (0300 GMT) because Jones returned to Ft. Lauderdale and bought a Greyhound Bus ticked to Melbourne at 3:47 AM EDT the next morning.   Jones apparently rode the bus to Melbourne and caught a ride to his car.  Since he had an extra set of keys, he returned with his car.


The break in the case came when Jones' white Lincoln was spotted on surveillance video when he used Mrs. James' credit card.  Tennessee authorities contacted Florida authorities to be on the lookout for the car.  In the meantime, Melbourne Police Detective Johnny Lawson went to Ft. Lauderdale to investigate the death of Carlos Perez.  He went to Dependable Temps and noticed a white Lincoln parked out front.  He used a disposable camera to take a picture of the car and traced the tag number, 69BAM, to Henry Lee Jones.

Jones was arrested on September 16, 2003, Day 259, where 259 stands for Simeon criminality (59).  His footprints were taken by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and matched to the prints in the house of Keith Gross in Ft. Lauderdale.  FDLE also impounded his two cars and took them to Orlando for processing.  One of Mrs. James' rings was found under the back seat of one of Jones' cars.  Also a Puerto Rican souvenir flag that belonged to Carlos was found in the trunk of Jones' car.  The father of Carlos identified the flag as one he had given to Carlos.  He had two other identical flags that he intended to give to his other children.  FDLE analysis proved that all three flags were basically identical.   In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was able to match one of the hairs found at Super 8 to Jones using mitochondrial DNA analysis.


  1. 8-15-03 (227) Jones stopped in Rockledge with Kevin Sorcher with expired/suspended driver's license.
  2. 8-22-03 (234) Clarence and Lillian (Wilson) James murdered; cash and VISA Credit Card stolen.
  3. 8-22-03, 3 PM first CC purchase with Mrs. James CC in TN. ~4 PM Jones purchased a white '93 Lincoln Town Car in Batesville, MS; Jones' companion drove his Dodge Aries K car back to FL.  Credit Card purchases using Mrs. James' CC were made in MS and FL.
  4. 8-25-03 run-in with Detective Reyes in Rockledge; Jones' companion arrested for parole violation and sent back to Broward Co., FL.
  5. 8-26-03 (238) Carlos Perez, 19, murdered at Super 8 Motel in Melbourne, FL.
  6. 8-27-03 (239), 3:57 AM EDT, Jones purchases a Greyhound Bus ticket to Melbourne, and somehow picks up his Dodge from I-95, although no taxis from the bus station picked him up.
  7. 9-4-03 (247) Melbourne investigators at Dependable Temps agency in FTLA notice a white '93 Lincoln Town Car parked out front.  They get the tag number and trace it back to Jones.
  8. 9-16-03 (259) Jones arrested.


Henry Lee Jones was sentenced to death for the double homicide of Clarence and Lillian James in Tennessee on May 14, 2009.  He was placed on death row.  His trial in Florida for the death of Carlos Perez in Melbourne began in Titusville on September 30, 2013.  Jones was found guilty of 1st Degree Murder on Oct. 8, 2013, Day 281 and the jury recommended the death penalty on Oct. 9, 2013, Day 282 by a vote of 12 0.  Jones was sentenced to death in Florida on May 2, 2014.

During the Titusville trial Jones represented himself.  Ft. Lauderdale Police Detective Mark Shotwell, who failed to connect Jones to the slaying of Keith Gross, said the injuries of Gross were the worst he had seen in his 30-year career.


The fingerprints of Henry Lee Jones are:

Right:  F1-Arch, F2-Arch, F3-Radial Loop, F4-Radial Loop, F5-Double Loop (tight whorl)
Left:    F3-Radial Loop, F4-Peacock's Eye, F5-Double Loop



F1 Arch traditional business pipe fitter.
F2 Arch traditional values of management.  Jones tried to be his own attorney when he was on trial for murder.
F3 Radial Loop non-standard view of Jurisprudence.  He chose to represent himself, although he was unqualified.  Reverse Process Reversionism and homosexuality.
F4 Radial Loop inventor of evil, such as the brand of human sacrifice performed by Jones.
F5 Double Loop duplicitous will, domination, enslaver.  Jones was all of these.  He was also a control freak.
F3 Radial Loop a dissident. Jones rejected his court-appointed lawyers.
F5 Double Loop a rescuer or deliverer.  This was demonstrated when Jones tried to help Tevarus Young and Kevin Sorches.

Henry Lee Jones Birth Chart

Henry Lee Jones Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Henry Lee Jones contains a Mystic Rectangle, a Carafe, a Teeter-Totter, and a Stellium in Leo.   The Carafe is superimposed within the Mystic Rectangle to symbolize alignment and harmony.  The Mystic Rectangle balances two sets of opposition.  It corresponds to the cars that Jones drove up and down Interstate 95.  The crossbars correspond to bindings of the hands and feet of Jones' victims.

The Carafe symbolizes a bottle of blessing or cursing.  It also symbolizes the human body as a vessel (Rom 9:23; 1 Pet 3:7).  Pouring out the contents of the Carafe corresponds to pouring out one's blood (Matt 26:28), such as when Jones' cut the throats of his victims.  The Carafe within the Mystic Rectangle symbolizes a wagon or car that transports people (vessels).  Jones's first robbery and kidnapping charge came after he locked a used car salesman in the trunk during a test drive.  His last crime spree included stopping to buy a Lincoln Town Car and driving it up and down Interstate 95.  The Teeter-Totter, which is formed by planets in two groups on opposite sides of the Chart, symbolizes bouncing back and forth, as when Jones traveled up and down Interstate 95.  The dichotomy corresponds to the double loops on his thumbs.

The Stellium of four planets, including the Sun, in Leo adds great power to the significance of the sign in the Chart.  The planets in Leo were:

  1. Sun Satan as a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Pet 5:8).
  2. Morning Star herald of a king.
  3. Mediator government mediator, corresponding to prosecuting attorneys and to Jones, who was his own attorney.
  4. Last Adam operation footstool; standing at the footstool of the conquering king corresponds to Jones before the Judge in court.
The Moon was in Virgo in conjunction with the Red Planet on the cusp of Libra.  The Moon in Virgo symbolizes domestic servants or civil servants.  Since it was on the cusp of Libra, it could also symbolize a jury, which Jones faced.  The Red Planet in Virgo stands for a bloody son, corresponding to the suffering of Jones.

The Redeemer Planet in Libra symbolizes a blood avenger.  Jones saw himself as a blood avenger.  He slaughtered his victims for money.  Also, he is sentenced to death, and others are waiting to avenge the blood he has shed.

The God of the Covenants in Capricornus symbolizes lawlessness.  Jones was a man of lawlessness.

The Almighty God Planet in Pisces symbolizes the monster whale, corresponding to Baal, who was worshipped as the Prostitute of Babylon and the Evil King (blood sacrifice).  Jones had sex with his victims before he sacrificed them.  Pisces corresponds to Tennessee, where Jones murdered the James couple.  Pisces also corresponds to Mississippi, where Jones was born.  Mississippi symbolizes law enforcement associated with the police, who investigated Jones.

The Almighty God Planet was in opposition to two planets in Virgo.  This strengthened the opposition.  The opposition to the Moon in Virgo symbolizes the opposition of Baal to domestic servants or a jury.  And the opposition to the Red Planet in Virgo symbolizes the bloody suffering of Jones due to Baal (Satan).  The strong opposition also corresponds to the double loops on Jones' thumbs and his expression of love-hate, even though he was not schizophrenic.

Clarence and Lillian James Murder Chart

James' Murder ChartThe Chart at the time of the murder of Clarence and Lillian James contains a Teeter-Totter, an Altar, and a strong opposition.  A Teeter-Totter signifies bouncing back and forth as Jones was doing by going to Tennessee and back to Florida.  The Altar can be taken to mean an altar, high place, tower, sail, or a wing.  The Altar corresponds to the human sacrifice to Satan that was symbolized by the slaying of Mr. and Mrs. James.

There were three planets in conjunction in Leo with the following meaning:

  1. Sun Satan as a roaring lion (1 Pet 5:8).
  2. Almighty God a ruler.
  3. Morning Star herald of a king.
The three planets in Leo correspond to Satan's attempt to rule the world in a false millennium.

The strong opposition was between the Mediator in Aquarius and the conjunction of the three planets in Leo.  The opposition runs through the Altar.  It pits the Mediator, for an investigator, against the conjunction in Leo associated with Satan, the roaring lion. The police investigators did an exceptional job to unravel the case.  Satan committed the murders, as evidenced by the symbolism of human sacrifice.  The Last Adam was in Scorpius, for murder, which is the work of Satan.

The Red Planet was in Aquarius paired with the Mediator.  The Red Planet symbolizes being cursed by the flood.  In this case, it was a flood of blood from the murder victim.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida and the Gaza strip, which was divided into three parts by Israel on the same day (ref. Aug. 22, 2003) as the James' murders due to the curse of rocket fire by the Palestinians.  The two planets in Aquarius correspond to Jones (Red Planet) and Tevarus Young (Mediator), who came from Florida.

The Redeemer Planet in Capricornus symbolizes being redeemed by blood.  Jones thought of the murders as redemption.  He sacrificed the victims to get their money.

The Moon was in Gemini paired with the God of the Covenants. The Moon symbolizes a household, corresponding to the James household.  And the God of the Covenants symbolizes a warrant.  Young had an outstanding warrant for probation violation and Jones would later have a warrant for his arrest for murder.

The Savior was in Virgo, for Rachel weeping for her children.  This corresponds to the mothers, fathers, and relatives of the murder victims of Jones weeping over their loss.

Carlos Perez Murder Chart

Carlos Perez Murder ChartThe Chart of the murder of Carlos Perez is assumed to be no later than  11:00 PM EDT (0300 GMT) to give Jones enough time to drive back to his brother's house in Ft. Lauderdale, which is beside I-95 at 2500 NW 9th Ave.  The Chart contains an Altar, a Pole, a Teeter-Totter, and a Stellium in Leo.  The designation of an Altar is derived from a tower, which could also be perceived as a high place, altar, sail, or a wing.  An Altar is for sacrifice.  A Pole is a strong opposition.  The Pole in this case was one of the strongest because it linked four planets of a Stellium in Leo to two planets in Aquarius.  The Pole, which cut the Altar on the top left side, corresponded to the ligatures and garrote used on the victim and to the cutting of his throat.  The Teeter-Totter symbolizes bouncing back and forth, as indicated by Jones going up and down I-95.

The Stellium in Leo contained:

  1. Sun Satan as the roaring lion (1 Pet 5:8).
  2. Moon a politician, corresponding to the day (Aug. 26, for Political Babylon).
  3. Morning Star herald of a king.
  4. Almighty God ruler, or sovereign.
The Good meaning of the Stellium symbolizes Jesus Christ at the Second Advent, while the bad meaning symbolizes Satan setting up his world government under the Antichrist.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC, from where the NASA Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) Report was issued that day.

The Stellium was in opposition to two planets in Aquarius:

  1. Red Planet cursed by the Flood, corresponding to the flood of blood from the victim.
  2. Mediator an investigator, corresponding to the police investigators and the NASA investigators of the Columbia disaster.
The conjunction of the two planets in Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida (home of Kennedy Space Center), corresponds to the NASA CAIB Report, which was issued that day.  It was August 26, for Political Babylon.  The murder of Carlos Perez on the day of the release of the CAIB Report added a new dimension to the Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003.  It was not just caused by a broken wing as found in the CAIB Report.

The Columbia disaster was the curse of NASA associated with the Prostitute of Babylon and the Evil King.  The murder of Carlos Perez on August 26 was the symbol of both.  His rape was associated with the Prostitute of Babylon and his murder with the Evil King.  The Space Station was the symbolic throne of Satan, and the Space Shuttle was used to service it.  Columbia was first launched April 12, 1981.  Henry Lee Jones began his life of crime four months later in August, 1981, where 81 is the number for the Grace counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Clarence James, whom Jones murdered on August 22, 2003, was 81.  Thus, NASA's Orbiter Columbia from its maiden flight to its death and destruction paralleled the life of crime of Henry Lee Jones from its beginnings in 1981 until his capture for the murder of Carlos Perez in 2003, the year of the loss of the Orbiter Columbia.  Carlos Perez was 19, for the federal judiciary and Brevard County.  He died in Brevard County, which is also the home of Kennedy Space Center.

Midheaven was in Capricornus near the Redeemer Planet, for a notorious example of being redeemed by blood.  This corresponds to both the Satanic murder of Perez and to the explosion of Columbia over Texas.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas.

The Last Adam was in Scorpius, for the victim of murder.  Satan is the murderer from the beginning (Jn 8:44).  Scorpius corresponds to Louisiana, where External Tank #93 that caused the Columbia disaster was made.

The Savior Planet was in Virgo, for Rachel weeping for her children, corresponding to the parents of the victims of Henry Lee Jones.

The God of the Covenants was in Gemini, for a warrant.  Jones would have a warrant for his arrest after the murder of Carlos Perez.

Murder Verdict in Titusville, Florida

Trial Verdict ChartThe trial of Henry Lee Jones for the murder of Carlos Perez was held in the Historic Courthouse in Titusville, Florida.  The trial began on September 30, 2013.  The jury reached its verdict of guilty of 1st Degree Murder at 2:45 PM on October 8, 2013. This was all reflected in the Chart, which contained a Grand Cross, a Plow, a Podium, and a Jury Box.

A Grand Cross is the most intensive sign of suffering in a Chart.  A Plow also symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Morning Star in Scorpius, for Satan's fall leading to his doom.  This symbolized a defeat for Satan.  He had run his course in Henry Lee Jones, and the evil he had perpetrated in Jones and NASA was now exposed as he left Jones alone to face the death penalty for murder.  The Morning Star was in conjunction with the Moon in Scorpius, for Jezebel, or the Prostitute of Babylon.  Thus, the Morning Star and Moon symbolized the two sides of Satan as Baal as evidenced in the murder of Carlos Perez.  The Plow pointing to the Morning Star and the Moon in Scorpius symbolized the Judgment of Henry Lee Jones with the guilty verdict.

A second conjunction of the Savior, God of the Covenants, and Midheaven in Libra symbolized the deliverance of the Law, which is also called the rule of Law.  The conjunction with Midheaven corresponded to a notorious victory for the rule of Law.  The judicial system worked and found the accused guilty of murder.

The Podium corresponds to the Judge's Bench.  And the Jury Box is symbolized by another Podium pointed in the opposite direction.  One leg of the Grand Cross ran through the Podium and the other through the Jury Box.  The Jury found the defendant guilty and recommended the death penalty the next day, but the Judge has the final say in imposing the sentence.

The Sun was in Virgo, for Resurrection clothing or the peace that follows the judgment of evil.


The murders of Henry Lee Jones were the blatant actions of Satan.  They were committed under the power of Satan.  The sexual abuse of the victims was under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon, and the murder of the victims was under the power of the Evil King.  Sex and murder and the love-hate relationship are evidence of Satan.

The life of crime of Henry Lee Jones began in 1981, the year of the launch of the first Space Shuttle Columbia.  The last murder was August 26, 2003, Day 238, the day of the release of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) Report.  The number, 81, is for the Grace counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Satan attacked NASA through the Prostitute of Babylon, and he apparently called the International Space Station his throne.  Satan is invisible and his actions seldom recognized by mankind.  The crimes of Henry Lee Jones revealed Satan in human sacrifice and his power over NASA in the Shuttle Program and International Space Station.

Henry Lee Jones Chart Planets

Sun Leo Roaring lion
Moon Virgo Domestic Servants or Jury (cusp of Libra)
Savior Virgo Rachel's children
Morning Star Leo Herald of king
Red Planet Virgo Bloody son
Almighty God Pisces Monster whale (Baal)
Ring Planet Capricornus Lawlessness
Mediator Leo Government Mediator
Redeemer Libra Blood avenger
Last Adam Leo Footstool



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Released October 17, 2013 - Revised July 29, 2014

Author: Larry Wood
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