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STS-107 Launch, Kennedy Space Center, FL, 1-16-03
Columbia STS-107 Launch
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Columbia STS-107 Launch

The STS-107 Space Shuttle was launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on January 16, 2003 under clear, blue skies.  Launch was on time at 10:39 AM EST (1539/00 GMT) after a flawless countdown.  The weather was beautiful.  The launch inclination was 39 degrees, where 39 stands for the sin unto death.  Security in the area was unprecedented due to the flight of the first Israeli astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon.  Approximately 300 Israelis traveled to Florida for the launch.

As is always the case when dealing with Jews, religion and Christianity came out (Romans 9:3-4).  On the night before Launch in a reception at a local hotel, Israel United Nations Ambassador, Danny Ayalon, said, "God bless you and may you go in peace.  Shalom"1   After Launch Director, Mike Leinbach bid the astronauts farewell with, "Good luck and Godspeed,"  Shuttle Commander, Rick Husband, replied, "The Lord has brought this with a beautiful day here, and we're going to have a great mission."

The SPACEHAB Research Double Module, a scientific research laboratory, was carried on its first mission in the Payload Bay of Orbiter Columbia (OV-102).  More than 80 experiments were carried on the mission, including life sciences investigations, combustion research, material sciences, and fluid physics.

Mission Patch

STS-107 Mission PatchThe STS-107 Mission patch features the astronaut emblem, which is a horn through a ring with a pentagram.  This is the symbol of adultery.  The pentagram, 5-pointed star, represents a giant, such as Baal.  The ring represents the Marriage covenant. The astronaut emblem is in yellow, which represents a capacity for life test.  The three vapor trails of the horn represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon of the Cosmic System.

The silhouette of the belly of the Orbiter is shown, which means the left wing is on the right side of the patch and vice versa.  On the right side of the patch (Orbiter left wing) is a map in blue and green.  The colors represent polarized degeneracy from scar tissue of the soul.  Blue represents legalism and green lawlessness.  The center of the map is the Atlantic Ocean, the region of Political Babylon.

Above the map is an arc that is meant to portray the atmosphere, which is the symbol of the third member of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit, who is part of the meaning of the year, 2003.  This was NASA's first launch in 2003.  However, an arc is the symbol of a broken covenant.  A circle represents a covenant, while an arc, a segment of a circle, represents a broken covenant.  On the map, the arc stretches over the USA and Middle East.  Two covenants that relate the USA to the Middle East are the Abrahamic Covenant and Saddam Hussein's terms of surrender from the Gulf War, which were leading to the Iraq War that began March 19, 2003.

On the arc of the horizon is a Sunburst that represents an explosion.  On the day of STS-107 Launch, two terrorist homicide bombers blew themselves up in Tel Aviv.  Also on the right side of the patch (Orbiter left wing) is the Israeli Flag.

The Constellation Columba, the Dove, is inscribed on the left side of the patch (Orbiter right wing).  Columba was a Johnny-come-lately constellation named in 1679.  It was supposed to represent Noah's dove who came back with an olive twig.  The depiction of Columba contains pairs of stars, the symbol of the Flood.  The intention was obviously to sneak a peace symbol aboard the flight, but it backfired and became a symbol of the Flood, the worst Judgment in history.  Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon had pairs of planets in his Birth Chart, which symbolized a flood.

The number, 107, stands for Categorical Punishment (7).

The Foam Strike

STS-107 Foam Strike, T+33 sec, 1-16-03Although the Launch of STS-107 appeared to be beautiful, all was not well.  First, there were buzzards around the Launch Pad at Launch.  This is not too unusual for launches at KSC, but buzzards are a sign of death and dead works, and in February the air should have been full of ducks and coots as happened during the last Launch of the Challenger.  Then a large piece of External Tank insulating foam broke off and hit the Orbiter's left wing at 81.9 seconds after liftoff.  Later analysis revealed that the piece of foam was "21 to 27 inches long and 12 to 18 inches wide, tumbling at a minimum of 18 times per second, and moving at a relative velocity to the Shuttle Stack of 625 to 840 feet per second (416 to 573 miles per hour) at the time of impact."2  The foam strike is shown in the photograph.

After the foam strike was seen on high resolution film, the Intercenter Photo Working Group prepared a report along with a video clip of the strike and sent it to the Mission Management Team and to contractor engineers to begin an assessment of potential damage to the left wing of Columbia.  The Photo Working Group requested that a request for a high-resolution photo be made to the Department of Defense.  A Debris Assessment Team was formed to do the review.  However, no one worked the problem over the Martin Luther King weekend, except Boeing.  The irony is that Challenger exploded just after the celebration of the first Martin Luther King holiday in 1986, and Columbia had received a fatal blow upon Launch just prior to the holiday in 2003.

A modeling tool called Crater was used to predict the possible Orbiter tile damage from the foam strike.  Although a Boeing engineer was certified to use the tool, he had only used it twice before.  STS-107 was the first launch that Houston Boeing engineering had responsibility for Crater analysis.  Responsibility was transferred from Boeing in Huntington Beach, California just prior to launch.  Although the engineer had reservations about using Crater for analysis of a projectile much larger than those for which it was designed, he didn't consult with more experienced personnel in Huntington Beach.2  Note, the Constellation Crater symbolizes a cup of wrath, per the seven bowls (craters) of wrath of Revelation 16.19

The first formal meeting of the Debris Assessment Team was on January 21, the day after the Martin Luther King holiday.  Following the meeting, the senior NASA team member took a request forward to the JSC Engineering Management Directorate to obtain a DOD photograph with the expectation that the request would be made to Shuttle Program Mission Managers.  However, Mission Managers rejected the request for a DOD photograph.  After the Debris Assessment Team briefed Don McCormack, Mission Evaluation Room chief, he reported to the Mission Management Team on January 21.  As he was discussing prior experience with large strikes on STS-112 and STS-87 and the analysis that was currently underway, Linda Ham interrupted him:

Ham:  “And I'm really I don't think there is much we can do so it's not really a factor during the flight because there is not much we can do about it.  But what I'm really interested in is making sure our flight rationale to go was good, and maybe this is foam from a different area and I'm not sure and it may not be co-related, but you can try to see what we have.”2
She just didn't get it.  Crew safety was not an issue because "there is not much we can do about it."  She was preoccupied with impact to flow processing and the next mission just as NASA had been before the Challenger disaster.

On January 22, Wayne Hale and Lambert Austin made attempts to get a DOD photograph, but these efforts were eventually blocked by Linda Ham, who was incensed that protocol had been violated by not getting her permission.  Of course, there was no way to get her permission, since she just didn't get it.

After receiving no support from anyone in obtaining a DOD photograph of the Orbiter, the Debris Assessment Team tried to proceed with a modeling analysis, although they lacked proper tools or experience to handle the case at hand.  On January 24, the team reported to the Mission Evaluation Room, whose manager gave a summary with no data to the Mission Evaluation Team the same day.  The Mission Management Team, chaired by Linda Ham, declared the strike a KSC Orbiter turnaround maintenance issue and did not pursue a request for DOD imagery.  However, there continued to be discussion among Ron Dittemore, Linda Ham, Lambert Austin, and Ralph Roe through emails.

The foam strike saga even rose to the highest levels of NASA inept management.  NASA's highest ranking safety manager, Bryan O'Connor, Associate Administrator for Safety and Mission Assurance, discussed the problem and need for a DOD photograph with Mark Erminger of JSC Shuttle Safety.  When Erminger told O'Connor that this was an "in-family" event (meaning work the contractor should handle for NASA), O'Connor backed off and said he would defer to Shuttle management in handling such a request.  He just didn't get it.

And to top it all, a video of the foam strike was sent up to STS-107 astronauts just in case they were asked about it by the press.  Phil Engelauf, Chief of the Flight Director's office, emailed Columbia's crew that there were "no concerns" that the debris strike had caused serious damage.2

Re-entry Disaster

At 8:10 AM EST Columbia was given a GO to land in Florida at 9:16 AM EST.  The De-Orbit Burn began on Orbit 255 at 08:15/30 AM EST and lasted 2 min. 38 sec.  Entry Interface (EI), the arbitrary point at which the Orbiter enters the discernible atmosphere, occurred at 08:44/09 AM EST.  At 8:49/39 AM EST a strain gauge sensor on the left wing leading edge spar showed higher than normal strains.  At 8:50/53 AM EST Columbia entered a 10 minute period of maximum heating.  It crossed the west coast of Sacramento, California at 8:53/26 AM EST at Mach 23 and 231,600 feet when the Orbiter's wing leading edge typically reached 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first signs of debris being shed from the Orbiter were spotted over California at 8:53/46 AM EST.  Witnesses on the ground observed additional debris being shed as the Orbiter crossed over Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  At 8:54/24 AM EST, a second before the Orbiter entered Nevada air space, engineers in Houston Mission Control detected the failure of four hydraulic sensors in the left wing.  At 8:59/15 AM EST pressure measurements were lost on both left main landing gear tires in the left wing.  An attempt to inform Commander Rick Husband resulted in only a broken response, "Roger," as Columbia's last voice communication with the ground abruptly ended.  That was at 8:59/32 AM EST (El+923 sec) as the Orbiter was approaching Dallas at 200,700 feet at Mach 18.1.  An extended loss of signal began at 8:59/32.136 AM EST (El+923).  Videos made by ground observers revealed the Orbiter breaking up near Dallas, Texas at 09:00/18 AM EST (08:00/18 AM CST) (El+969 sec).

However, Mission Control, unaware of the ground videos, continued frantically to reestablish contact with Columbia.  Finally, at 9:12/39 EST a member of the Mission Control team received a call on his cell phone from someone who had seen pictures of Columbia breaking up on TV.  The team member walked up to the Flight Director's console and informed him that Columbia had disintegrated.  The Flight Director said, "Lock the doors," and the Flight Control Team began contingency procedures for investigation of the disaster.2

STS-107 Columbia Debris, 2-1-2003
Debris Field
STS-107 Ground Track Weather, 2-1-2003
Ground Track, Weather

The debris began falling to the ground from Palestine, Texas to Ft. Polk, Louisiana.  Nacogdoches, Texas, which was along the ground track, received much of the debris.  The falling debris was seen by radar, which made it possible to plot the debris field.

Sean O'Keefe, KSC, Feb. 1, 2003At 9:16 AM EST, the time of landing, NASA declared a "Shuttle Contingency."  NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe activated the Space Shuttle Mishap Interagency Investigation Board at 10:30 AM EST and named Harold W. Gehman, Jr. US Navy retired, as its chairman.  NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, wearing a red shirt, for suffering, addressed a news conference at Kennedy Space Center.  Several hours later President Bush addressed the nation and said, "The Columbia is lost.  There are no survivors."

Search for Debris

A massive effort was mounted to recover the debris from the Columbia disaster.  Because of highly toxic chemicals onboard and explosives, public safety was a major concern.  To search the large area, help was enlisted from the National Guard, Department of Public Safety, Forestry Service, and local emergency responders.  Searchers were flown in to base camps along the debris field.  Debris recovery exceeded 1,000 pieces a day.  Locations of debris were recorded by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and photographed.  The debris was collected at Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport, Louisiana and then shipped to a hangar at Kennedy Space Center, Florida for reconstruction and analysis.

JSC Shuttle Managers at KSC Debris Hangar

Roe, Dittemore, Ham, KSC 2-28-03
R-L, Ralph Roe, Ron Dittemore, Linda Ham, Wayne Hale (2-28-2003)
Ham, Dittemore, Roe, 2-28-03 KSC-03PD-0529
Ron Dittemore (pointing), Ralph Roe, Linda Ham (kneeling)

Shuttle Program Manager Ron Dittemore traveled to Kennedy Space Center along with other NASA Shuttle managers from JSC to visit the debris hangar on Feb. 28, 2003 (based on the photo release date).  By then four shipments had arrived at KSC.  The meaning gleaned from the pictures from a spiritual interpretation is as follows:  Left photograph:  Ralph Roe in the blue shirt (for hardness of the heart) from the Orbiter Work Group is on the right (Cosmic Babylon).  Shuttle Program Manager Ron Dittemore wearing a gray, plaid, mesh shirt, for divine judgment, is in the middle, which symbolizes Political Babylon.  STS-107 Mission Manager, Linda Ham, wearing a gray shirt #74, for spiritual freedom, is on the left, for Ecumenical Babylon.  Wayne Hale, wearing a gray plaid shirt, for divine judgment is standing apart to the left to indicate being sliced off, or dead works.  Note the three standing together, plus one standing apart coincides with the photograph of the hands of NASA Headquarters employees receiving the CAIB report August 26, 2003.

In the right photograph, Ron Dittemore is holding his hand as if to symbolize pointing a gun at the back of the head of Linda Ham, who is kneeling with her hands together as if they are tied or handcuffed.  In the left picture her hands are held in a similar pose as if tied or handcuffed.  The Columbia Accident Investigation Board would later find that Linda Ham was the single-point failure in resolving the wing damage problem in flight.

STS-107 Engine Power Head, Ft. Polk, LA, 4-1-03The most westerly piece of debris found was a tile in Littleton, Texas.  The most easterly pieces of debris were the Space Shuttle Main Engine Turbopumps found in Ft. Polk, Louisiana (ref. photo at right).  Recovered debris made it possible to reconstruct Columbia's left wing leading edge, which led to understanding how the left wing structure came apart and how heat first entered the wing in the location where the foam had struck after Launch.

Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Columbia Pad A, Dec. 9, 2002The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) determined that the physical cause of the Columbia disaster was:
a breach in the Thermal Protection System on the leading edge of the left wing.  The breach was caused by a piece of insulating foam that separated from the left bipod ramp of the External Tank and struck the wing in the vicinity of the lower half of Reinforced Carbon Panel 8 at 81.9 seconds after launch.  During entry this breach allowed superheated air to penetrate the leading-edge insulation and progressively melt the aluminum structure of the left wing, resulting in a weakening of the structure until increasing aerodynamic forces caused loss of control, failure of the wing, and breakup of the Orbiter.2
The left bipod ramp and Reinforced Carbon Panel 8 are shown in the picture.  The External Tank used on STS-107 was ET-93, where 93 stands for guilt.
STS-107 Foam Strike Animation STS-107 Reentry, New Mexico, 2-1-03
The image on the left is an animation of the foam strike based on the Mission Patch.  The image on the right  is a view of the underside of Columbia during entry on Feb. 1, 2003, as it passed by the Starfire Optical Range, Directed Energy Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. The image was taken at approximately 7:57 AM CST.

The CAIB finished its investigation and released the formal report of its findings on August 26, 2003.  Retired U.S. Navy Admiral Harold Gehman, Chairman of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), presented the results of the panel's investigation to NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe.  To document the occasion, a photograph was made of two NASA Headquarters employees holding the report.  The employees were Ms. Suzanne E. Hilding (left), Assistant Deputy Administrator, Internal Operations Integration, and Ms. Lynn Cline, Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Flight.

STS-107 CAIB Report, 8-26-2003 STS-107 Suzanne Hilding, Lynn Cline Hands

Since Jesus Christ controls human history, there must be a deeper meaning here, and there is.  First, since hands tell a story, the hands are analyzed in the photo at the right.  Granted, the analysis can't be definitive due to camera angle and other factors, but some basic facts can be gleaned.  The left hand has small nails, which usually indicates runaway emotions.  The left hand little finger is long with a bulbous tip and a narrow middle phalange, the sign of dishonest gain.  The middle finger pressed against the forefinger is a sign of primary denial in which a person sees the world as external to self along with a loss of personal identity.  In other words, the person could see the report as an outside threat.  It would not be welcome news.  The third (ring) finger is exposed, which symbolizes exposed justice.  That is what the report did.

The hand on the right has little finger that is bent outward.  This is the sign of person in a separate camp.  For example, the family would be engaged in some activity, but the child would be off somewhere else.  The little fingers on both hands are standing apart, which indicates distancing self.  In other words, both would have a tendency to distance themselves from the report.  This correlates with the previous picture of Wayne Hale standing apart from Ralph Roe, Ron Dittemore, and Linda Ham during the visit to the KSC debris hangar on February 28, 2003.  Also the right hand third finger has a bandaid, which indicates being judged, or injured.  The bowed middle finger symbolizes double messages, like "raise down the window."

The woman on the left, Suzanne Hilding, worked for NASA Deputy Administrator, Frederic Gregory.  Gregory was former head of NASA's Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, where Suzanne first worked for him.  He took her with him when he became head of the Office of Space Flight briefly (2001-2002) and when he became NASA's Deputy Administrator under Sean O'Keefe on August 12, 2002.  After being in his new job for less than six months, the Columbia disaster occurred.6

It was Suzanne Hilding, age 42, who placed the phone call to Scott Hubbard on behalf of Gregory to get Hubbard to serve on the CAIB.  In Hubbard's own words about the call on February 1, 2003, "My cell phone went off. It was my good friend and colleague, Suzanne Hilding, who handed the phone off to Fred Gregory, and he asked me, on behalf of Sean and the Agency, if I would be willing to serve as the single NASA employee on this Accident Investigation Board. I was honored to be asked to do that. I did not hesitate to say, yes."8

Hilding was employed by Boeing at Kennedy Space Center in February 1984.  She became a NASA employee in September 1985.  The Challenger disaster occurred four months later January 28, 1986.  In July 1987, she transferred to Shuttle Vehicle Engineering, working Main Engine checkout.  She became a Section Chief in 1991, a Branch Chief in 1994, and a Division Chief in 1995.  In 1999, she went to NASA Headquarters where she worked for Frederic Gregory in the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance. When Gregory became NASA's Deputy Administrator, she was, in effect, his chief of staff.

What was Gregory doing?  In an interview for NASA history, he said, "We were trying to get women up into Deputy Center Directors at first, and then promote them to Center Directors."6  This was no secret in NASA.  Bob Crippen in similar interviews claimed that he was pleased with his achievements to promote women and to have diversity in the work place.  Gregory also said that when he became Deputy Administrator, he brought into his office Jim (James L.) Jennings, who was in charge of infrastructure, and Michael Greenfield, who was responsible for programmatic aspects.

Jim Jennings was a former Deputy Center Director of Kennedy Space Center from 2000 to 2002.  He worked at KSC during the severe downsizing of the Dan Golden era of 1992-2001.  From 1993 to 1997, he was Director of the Administration Office, in which he was responsible for industrial labor relations, strategic planning, civil service personnel management and workforce analysis, continual improvement, university liaison and information management.  On a personal note, in that capacity, Jennings received a letter from me, a NASA employee from Shuttle Engineering.  I was appalled at the loss of support personnel at Johnson Space center and warned of impending peril if NASA's personnel policy was not changed quickly.  The letter of April 18, 1996 was about the Personnel Management Crisis.  By 1996 JSC personnel supporting the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory had dropped to 36 per cent of the 1988 level.  The letter stated, among other things,

Management has failed to manage the downsizing.  The NASA fear tactics have succeeded not so much in eliminating NASA, but they have succeeded much more in eliminating the essential contractor element.  Let me be blunt:  there is a steady exodus of the real workers.  What is left are derelicts and rejects and new-hires who are lacking the critical skills to safely perform the old procedures.
We have to put the brakes on this problem now in order to prevent impending doom.  If you don't step in, then the Space Program at KSC is going to suffer some dire consequences.
To Jennings' credit, he invited me to his office and listened to my side of the story.  I had numbers, metrics, graphs, and examples to back up my observations.  I don't know if Jennings ever tried to correct the mess, but the Columbia disaster was the final condemnation of NASA and contractor personnel policy.  Downsizing and diversity brought death and destruction.  The Crater analysis was botched.  Freedom of expression had been stifled.  Safety of flight was not a priority either from ignorance or cowardice.

Then in December 1996, ten years after the Challenger disaster, the Challenger's Left Inboard Elevon  washed ashore on Cocoa Beach.  I wrote a poem, LIE, to commemorate the event.  Then less than seven years later, on February 1, 2003, the dire predictions in the letter to Jennings came true.  By then it was too late to claim a direct consequence, but it was, nevertheless, evidence of lack of safety consciousness among the new culture in NASA who just didn't get it.
STS-107 Crew
The STS-107 Mission was the poster child for diversity in the work place, one of the stated goals of NASA personnel management.  The crew included two women, an Indian, a Black, and a Jew.  The idea that diversity of personnel is better is a lie of Satan, as the god of confusion.  Harmony is better.  The religious views of the crew were also diverse:

Launch Chart

STS-107 Launch ChartThe STS-107 Launch Chart contains a narrow Mystic Rectangle and a Teeter-Totter.  The narrow Mystic Rectangle also symbolizes a coffin, a field, or the piece of foam that struck the Orbiter at Launch.  During re-entry, the Orbiter fell into the field, and the astronauts came back in coffins.  The Teeter-Totter, which is formed from planets on opposite sides of the chart, is like a balance.  The Teeter-Totter is vertically aligned, which signifies the balance of what goes up and what comes down.

The Sun Sign was Capricornus, for the glory of the world.  Flying into space is viewed by most people in the world as glory. Most of the hype is from Satan.  The Redeemer Planet was also in Capricornus, which symbolizes being redeemed by blood.  The Moon Sign was Gemini, for a wedding party, which is a festive celebration, or honeymoon.  Launch is also a cause for celebration.  However, the Moon was in conjunction with IC, the bottom of heaven, which symbolizes the death of a spouse.  The Launch led to the death of the astronauts, which meant loss of spouses for those left behind.  David Brown was the only one of the Columbia crew who was single.

The Ascendant Sign was Pisces, which corresponds to a priest.  However, there were no planets in Pisces.  The first planet above the Ascendant was the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, which symbolizes a transition and corresponds to Launch.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, the location of the Launch.

Midheaven was in Sagittarius paired with the Savior Planet, which symbolizes the deliverer of Israel.  Ilan Ramon was an Israeli hero who was one of those who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.  He symbolized the deliverer of Israel.

There were three planets in Scorpius, which is significant because they symbolize the Satanic attack of Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  The planets in Scorpius were:

  1. Red Planet - bloody violence, corresponding to Cosmic Babylon.
  2. Morning Star - Satan's fall leading to his doom, corresponding to Political Babylon.
  3. Last Adam - victim of Satan, the murderer and evil one, corresponding to Ecumenical Babylon.
The God of the Covenants was in Taurus, for the Promised Land, which is also a poetic type of Heaven.  God promised the land of Canaan to Israel in the Abrahamic Covenant.  Those who violate that Covenant will incur a curse (Gen 12:3).  US foreign policy related to the Middle East peace process between Israel and the Palestinians opposes the Abrahamic Covenant.

The Almighty God Planet was in Cancer, which symbolizes a stronghold.  The stronghold of Iraq was about to be destroyed in the Iraq War, which began March 19, 2003, two months later.

Columbia Disaster Chart

Columbia Breakup ChartThe Columbia Disaster Breakup Chart contains a narrow Mystic Rectangle and a Teeter-Totter.  The narrow Mystic Rectangle also corresponds to a field, coffin, or the piece of foam that struck the Orbiter wing.  The Mystic Rectangle is positioned approximately half way between vertical and horizontal to symbolize the Orbiter going down during re-entry.  The planets of the Teeter-Totter on both sides of the Chart corroborate this with orientation in the same direction.

The Sun Sign was Capricornus, for worldly glory.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Moon and the Redeemer Planet to add even more power to the influence of the sign.  The Moon in Capricornus symbolizes a Gentile audience, like spaceflight spectators.  The time was very close to the New Moon.  The Redeemer in Capricornus symbolizes being redeemed by blood.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, where the Orbiter began to break up.

The Ascendant Sign was Aquarius, which contained the Mediator Planet to symbolize re-entry transition to Florida, or re-entry transition with a landing in Florida.  Midheaven was in Scorpius in conjunction with the Red Planet, for notorious bloody violence.  Nearby was the Last Adam in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan, the murderer.  Scorpius corresponds to Louisiana, where the External Tank was made, where the last pieces of Columbia fell, and from where NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe came.

Sean O'Keefe, who was nominated by President George W. Bush, was not qualified to be a NASA Administrator.  Although he was competent and a good communicator, he lacked both the academic background and the experience to understand the operation of the Space Shuttle.  Furthermore, he didn't even know that he didn't know how to do the job.  So, the inability to put the right person in the right job extended beyond Jim Jennings all the way to the President and the Senate.  This was the same personnel policy that had destroyed NASA.  It was a policy of hiring and promoting women and minorities without regard to qualifications.  It espoused diversity rather than harmony.  The personnel policy that hired Sean O'Keefe was from Satan, although God permitted it per Romans 13.  Having a NASA Administrator from Louisiana identified him with the investigation of the Columbia disaster that was to come because Louisiana signifies Simeon criminality in the Client Nation model.  In the Zodiac model, Louisiana corresponds to Scorpius, the evil one.

The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Taurus, which symbolizes a royal tomb.  That corresponds to the burial of the astronauts with highest honors.  The God of the Covenants Planet was nearby in Taurus, which signifies the Promised Land and corresponds to Heaven and the Abrahamic Covenant.  The deaths of the astronauts was associated with US violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.

The Almighty God Planet was still in Cancer, for a stronghold.

Sagittarius contained the Morning Star, for a commander with his army, and the Savior Planet, for the deliverer of Israel.  The deliverer of Israel was represented by Ilan Ramon, but it also symbolized the approaching US invasion of Iraq because of Iraqi anti-Semitism.  Although that was not the stated reason of President Bush, it was likely the major reason that God took away the peace and allowed the war.  The two planets in Sagittarius pointed to the upcoming Iraq War, which began on March 19, 2003.

Note that the planets on the lower end of the Mystic Rectangle and Teeter-Totter symbolize the West Coast of the US, California (Gemini) and Washington (Cancer).  The planets on the other side symbolize:

  1. Aquarius - re-entry transition and landing in Florida.
  2. Capricornus - Texas, where the Orbiter broke up and most of the debris fell.
  3. Sagittarius - New Mexico, where a picture of Columbia was taken as it flew over Kirtland Air Force Base.
  4. Scorpius - Louisiana, where the final pieces of Columbia fell and where the ET was made.

Astronaut Rick Husband

Richard (Rick) Douglas Husband was born July 12, 1957 in Amarillo, Texas.  At age 4, he saw John Glenn orbit the Earth in 1962 and wanted to be an astronaut.  He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University in 1980, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Fresno in 1990.  He was commissioned in the Air Force upon graduation from Texas Tech University and became a pilot.  Then he became a test pilot.  He applied to NASA four times before being accepted as an astronaut.  He was selected as an astronaut with NASA in December 1994 and reported to the Johnson Space Center in March 1995.  He was the Pilot on STS-96, which included the first docking with the International Space Station.  He was Commander of the STS-107 Mission in which he died.  He logged 24 days, 51 hours and 33 minutes in space.

Rick and his wife Evelyn both are from Amarillo and both attended Texas Tech, where they really met.  Their first date was January 28, 1977, and they were married February 27, 1982.  Evelyn first came to a personal relationship with the Lord when she was barren and began to search the scriptures for answers.  She had two miscarriages in 1989.  Her first child was born in 1990 and another in 1995.  Rick began to grow spiritually when he was stationed in England as an exchange test pilot with the Royal Air Force (RAF) and met an RAF pilot who became his mentor.

Rick Husband Birth ChartRick Husband's Birth Chart contains a Bowl with an inscribed Plow.  A Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing.  The person with a Bowl concentrates on offense as one on a mission.  The Plow is a symbol of intensified suffering.  It resolves the opposition of two planets into a third at the point of the Plow.  It is like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow in Rick's Chart, which was almost precisely the center of the Bowl, was the Redeemer Planet in Libra, for Fire Testing.  The Columbia disaster was Fire Testing.  Although the Orbiter didn't burn up, it overheated and broke up.  Four planets in Cancer added great significance to the sign in Rick's Chart.

The Sun Sign was Gemini, for a glorious Marriage, which could also be interpreted as a famous Marriage.  Rick, with the name Husband, died with the eyes of the world upon him, which brought a spotlight upon his Marriage to his wife and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Moon Sign was Capricornus, which symbolizes a Gentile audience and corresponds to Texas.  The Moon was Full on July 11, 1957 at 2250 GMT (1750 CST).

Since the time of birth is not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven are not known.


A Bowl symbolizes a Bowl of blessing or cursing.  Rick had both.  A Bowl symbolizes a person on a mission.  Rick wanted to be an astronaut since the age of 4 and stuck to it.  He found out the qualifications from NASA and got a college degree, entered the Air Force, and became a test pilot.  He applied four times before NASA accepted him.  With each rejection, he was demoralized and put the matter in the Lord's hands.  But the blunt truth of divine viewpoint is not a glowing testimony.  God was doing Rick a favor in the rejections.  It was Satan who inspired the four-year old, not God.  Husband's ambition to be an astronaut was not from God.


The Plow resolves the opposition of the Moon in Capricornus and the Savior in Cancer, for an engineer, into the Redeemer Planet in Libra, for Fire Testing.  The overheating and breakup of Columbia symbolized Fire Testing.


Four planets with two in conjunction in Cancer, added great significance to the sign in Rick's Chart.  The Red Planet was in conjunction with the Morning Star.  The Red Planet in Cancer symbolizes suffering from a safety breach.  That is what happened when the piece of foam breached the thermal protection of Columbia and allowed the left wing to overheat.  The Morning Star in Cancer symbolizes a taker of spoils.  Rick was the Pilot on STS-96, which stands for the spoils of victory.  Rick also became a mission Commander after only one flight.

The Mediator Planet in Cancer symbolizes a negotiator.  This came out in Rick's repeated applications to NASA to become an astronaut in spite of rejection.  And the Savior Planet in Cancer symbolizes an engineer.  Rick had mechanical engineering degrees.

Other planets in Rick's Chart included the Last Adam in Leo, for a footstool.  Rick's final flight of Columbia symbolized operation footstool corresponding to the Lord returning at the Second Advent.  Rick was also remembered posthumously by President Bush, which corresponds to standing before kings.

The Almighty God Planet in Virgo symbolizes a powerful woman.  Two powerful women were members of the Columbia crew.  The God of the Covenants in Scorpius symbolizes final judgment, which corresponds to the Columbia disaster.  It also symbolizes a liar or false prophet.  Rick had to stop lying before he was accepted by NASA.  During his first astronaut exam, he took his eye test with contact lenses.  He later had to admit it.  Later, he did succeed in passing the eye test, however.  He was also using the STS-107 flight to fly souvenirs to impress apostate Christians.

Astronaut Ilan Ramon

Israeli Air Force Col. Ilan Ramon was born June 20, 1954 in Ramat Gan, Israel, near Tel Aviv.  Ilan means tree (Daniel 4:10-26).  Ramon means pomegranate.  Ramon's mother and grandmother were Holocaust survivors.  He grew up in Beersheba.  After graduating from High School in 1972, he joined the Israeli Air Force.  He fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and Operation Peace for Galilee in 1982.  He became a fighter pilot in 1974.  In 1980 he was in the first group of Israeli pilots who trained on F-16's at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.  He was among the Israeli pilots who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in June 1981.  He left the Air Force in 1983 and attended the University of Tel Aviv.  At the University, he met his future wife, Rona Bar Simantov, and married her within six months on October 16, 1986.  He received a BS in electronic and computer engineering in 1987.  By 1988 he decided that he had rather be in the Air Force.  So, he rejoined the Air Force and became a Colonel in 1994.

In 1997, Ramon was selected as the first astronaut to represent Israel.  He was not only a true favorite son in Israel, but he appeared to be an ideal candidate for astronaut.  He was intelligent, sociable, hard-working, and interested in experiments.  His humble disposition made him a true favorite who captured the hearts and imagination of the people of Israel.  He reported to NASA's Johnson Space Center in July 1998 to begin training for the STS-107 Mission.  However, through a series of delays, the mission didn't fly until January 2003.

Ramon was the first Israeli astronaut, though not the first Jew, to fly in the Space Shuttle.  He was trained in the use of a multispectral camera for recording desert aerosol (dust storms).  He tried to be a true representative of Israel and the Jewish culture on the flight.  Even though he was a secular Jew, he ate some Kosher food, though not for all meals, during the flight.  And he carried specially selected memorabilia, which included a microfiche copy of a Torah from the Holocaust and a copy of a picture, "Moon Landscape," drawn by 14-year-old Petr Ginz, who died at Auschwitz.   After the breakup of Columbia, a tattered Israeli Air Force flag that Ramon had taken onboard and 37 pages of his diary from a loose leaf notebook, were miraculously recovered.  He was 48 when he died.

Ilan Ramon Birth ChartIlan Ramon's Birth Chart contains a narrow Mystic Rectangle and a Plow, which combine to symbolize an airplane.  Ilan was a famous Israeli pilot.  A Mystic Rectangle balances two pairs of opposition.  The narrow Mystic Rectangle in Ilan's Chart could also symbolize a coffin, a field, or even the wing of an airplane.  All three apply to Ilan, who died when the Orbiter Columbia broke up and fell into a field.  A Plow symbolizes intense suffering from the opposition of two planets resolved into a third, which is at the point of the Plow and is like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow was the God of the Covenants in Libra, which symbolizes a pilot.

Ilan Ramon Birth ChartThe Sun Sign was Gemini, for a glorious marriage.  Two pairs of planets in Gemini added power to the significance of the sign.  A pair symbolizes a witness, and Gemini symbolizes a witness, such as in Marriage.  The Sun was paired with the Almighty God Planet, for a marriage feast.  The Savior and Mediator Planets were also paired.  The Savior in Gemini symbolizes a sanctifying spouse, and the Mediator in Gemini symbolizes the Lord as the Mediator of Marriage.

The Moon Sign was Capricornus, for a Gentile audience.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, where Ilan trained to be an astronaut.  Ilan had a Gentile audience in Texas and the United States.  Capricornus is also associated with the desert.  Ilan studied desert aerosol (dust storms) on STS-107.

Since the time of birth is not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be determined.

The pairs of planets in the Chart are the sign of a flood.  The Noahic Flood was the worst disaster in human history.  A flood symbolizes Judgment from the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity.  The Columbia Orbiter was first launched in 1981, where 81 stands for the grace counterattack of the Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Columbia disaster was due to a piece of foam that hit the Orbiter's left wing 81 seconds after liftoff.

Mystic Rectangle

The Mystic Rectangle in Ilan's Chart is narrow and carries with it additional symbolism.  It symbolizes the piece of foam, a wing, a field, and a coffin.  A rectangular piece of foam damaged the Orbiter's left wing during Launch, which led to the Orbiter's breakup and falling into a field.  Ilan's remains were placed in a coffin and shipped home to Israel, where he was buried on February 11, 2003, Day 42 in the city of Nahalal, near the hill of Armageddon in the Valley of Jezreel.  The number, 42, symbolizes Baal and Jezebel.

The Mystic Rectangle requires balancing two pairs of opposition.  The pairs of opposition were:

  1. Almighty God in Gemini, for a marriage feast, and the Red Planet in Sagittarius, for the Holocaust.  The Columbia disaster symbolized the Holocaust.  Ilan took Holocaust memorabilia onboard, such as a copy of a Torah and a picture by Petr Ginz.
  2. Last Adam in Cancer, for scourging, and the Moon in Capricornus, for a Gentile audience.


The Plow resolved the opposition of the Moon in Capricornus, for a Gentile audience, and the Morning Star in Cancer, for a taker of spoils, into the God of the Covenants in Libra, for a pilot.  The pilot was at the point of the Plow, which is like being plowed under.  Ilan Ramon died flying in the Orbiter Columbia.  The Redeemer Planet in Virgo was paired with the God of the Covenants in Libra to symbolize a widow's redeemer.  In his death, Ilan Ramon left a widow behind, who was in need of a redeemer.  She later remarried to fulfill the prophecy of a widow's redeemer.


The analysis of the Columbia disaster covers many aspects with many details.  So, it is quite easy to pick a few pet subjects and ignore others.  In an attempt to try to be complete, conclusions about the most important Spiritual subjects will covered.  Since the Lord determines the time, manner, and place of death, death is God's victory.  Regardless of apparent blame or obvious hindsight, death is God's Sovereign decision.  Until He is ready, nothing can take a person out of this life, and when He is ready, nothing can keep a person here.

Prophecy of Second Advent

The breakup of Columbia upon re-entry with the vapor trails from West to East in the morning sky symbolized the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 24:27-28; Rev 1:7-8).  When the Lord returns, He will orbit the earth, and every eye will see Him.  Israel will look on Him whom they have pierced (John 19:37; Zechariah 12:10: Isaiah 53:5).  The Columbia disaster was a spectacular preview of the Second Advent for all the world to see.  It was a means of evangelizing the world, especially Israel, who lost one of its favorite sons in the disaster.

Ilan Ramon was 48, for the inheritance of the Levites, which is an icon of the Promised Land.  He was buried on February 11, 2003, Day 42, which symbolizes Baal and Jezebel.  He was buried in the Jezreel Valley near the hill of Armageddon, where the Armageddon War will be fought at the Second Advent.

Marriage Culture

The first Jew in space was reportedly Judy Resnik, who died in the Challenger disaster.  The first Israeli in space was Ilan Ramon, who died in the Columbia disaster.  The Challenger disaster was less than 3 days after the full Moon, and the Columbia disaster was on the new Moon.  So Judy died near the full Moon, and Ilan died on the new Moon.  The Moon symbolizes the Right Woman, who is the reflected glory of the Right Man.  Since an eclipse of the Moon can occur at Full Moon and an eclipse of the Sun can occur at New Moon, it follows that the Full Moon is associated with the woman and the New Moon is associated with the man.  The deaths of the Jewish woman on Challenger and an Israeli man on Columbia symbolize Right Man and Right Woman in Marriage Culture.

There were many other examples of Marriage Culture in the Columbia disaster.  The Commander of the Columbia STS-107 Mission was Rick Husband, whose last name is a reminder of a husband.  There was only one single person on the flight.  The Challenger failed due to the Right Solid Rocket Booster, while Columbia failed due to the left wing.  The right side is spiritual and symbolizes the wife, while the left side is temporal and symbolizes the husband.

In the Launch Chart of Columbia, the Moon in Gemini, for a wedding party, was paired with IC, the bottom of heaven, for death of a spouse.  The Birth Charts of both Rick Husband and Ilan Ramon contained the Sun Sign of Gemini, which symbolizes a glorious marriage.  There were four planets in Gemini in Ramon's Birth Chart, which adds even more power to the significance of Marriage Culture.  The Almighty God Planet was in Gemini, for a marriage feast.  Following the Second Advent, the Marriage Feast of the Lamb will occur for a thousand years in the Millennium.

Prophecy of the Holocaust

The explosion of the Challenger symbolized Fire Testing and the Holocaust.  The disaster occurred 73 seconds after Launch, where 73 was tied to the 1973 Yom Kippur War in Israel, which led to the indictment of NASA Administrator James Beggs associated with a contract to build the Sgt. York gun for the Army.  Beggs was indicted in December, 1985 before the Challenger disaster in January, 1986.  Columbia astronaut Ilan Ramon fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

The Columbia disaster also symbolized Fire Testing.  It heralded the beginning of the Iraq War six weeks later on March 19, 2003.  Ancient Babylon, Satan's great enemy of Israel who administered the Holocaust to the Southern Kingdom, was in the location of modern Iraq.  The Launch Chart of Columbia had three planets in Scorpius to symbolize Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of Satan's Cosmic System.  Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon carried several momentos of the Holocaust onboard Columbia.

Columbia was hit by a piece of foam 81.9 seconds after Launch.  The foam strike damaged the left wing, which led to the Columbia disaster upon re-entry.  Columbia was the first Orbiter launched in 1981.  In June 1981, Ilan Ramon was among the Israel pilots who bombed the Iraq nuclear reactor. The number, 81, stands for a Grace counterattack of Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.

The Prostitute of Babylon

The Teacher in Space program was ended by the Challenger disaster in 1986.  The Teacher in Space program was the work of the Prostitute of Babylon, who had infiltrated NASA.  The Prostitute of Babylon did not leave after the Challenger disaster, however.  NASA's Deputy Administrator admitted a plan to hire women as NASA deputy Center Directors and then promote them to Center Director.  That policy came from Satan through the Prostitute of Babylon.

The Columbia STS-107 Mission was a poster child for diversity, which is another inspiration of Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.  On the flight were two women (one being Indian), a Black, and an Israeli Jew.  Commander Rick Husband had been lured into the space program at the age of 4, by Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.  Just as God made the call to end the Challenger Teacher in Space mission, He also made the call to end the Columbia diversity mission.  NASA was pushing multiflow schedules to try to make the Shuttle operational at the time of the Columbia disaster just as it was during the Challenger disaster.  The truth is that the Shuttle was never designed to be operational.  That truth was known by a precious few sane people in NASA, but those under the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon just didn't get it.

NASA's personnel hiring and reward policy that was championed by such people as the Deputy Administrator and his personnel assistants, was inspired by Satan through the Prostitute of Babylon.  People were being hired and promoted all over NASA and its contractor organizations who were in no way qualified.  Attractive females and handsome males were placed in management positions.  The stage was set for the next disaster.  Competence in real life is not measured in IQ or academic achievement.  It is a gift of the Grace of God.  Time and chance overtake them all.  The spiritual life is an issue in real life, and God determines who succeeds and who fails in spite of Satan's conniving.

The NASA Administrator is one who was hired with no qualifications for the job, and the President of the United States appointed him.  And God allowed it because he was from Louisiana, the region symbolized by Simeon criminality and Scorpius, the evil one.  Satan's influence would lead to God's Judgment of the Columbia disaster that involved a piece of foam from an External Tank made in Louisiana, and there would be a major investigation.  Sean O'Keefe did not make a move to change the personnel policy and install competent personnel.  In spite of his academic prowess, he was no match for the devil, who was thoroughly entrenched in NASA.

NASA manager Linda Ham's decisions, along with her whole team, were criticized by the CAIB.  Linda was 42 in 2003, where 42 is for Baal and Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  Another woman, who was the equivalent of the chief of staff of the Deputy Administrator, Suzanne Hilding, was 42 at the time of the Columbia disaster.  She made the call to request the service of the only NASA member of the CAIB team.  Her picture was taken receiving the CAIB report.  She had been on safety committees previously when she worked in the Headquarters safety office.  She became a NASA employee in September 1985 just prior to the Challenger disaster in January 1986.  Although she was not directly associated with the Columbia disaster physically or soulishly, the spiritual analysis brings her out.  Similarly, Ilan Ramon was buried on February 11, 2003, Day 42.  Further, the Columbia disaster occurred on the 42nd birthday of astronaut Daniel Tani, who had been designated by astronaut William McCool to take care of his family if anything happened. And astronaut Laurel B. Clark, 41, was born March 10, 1961 in Ames Iowa, which is at 42 N. and 93 W.

The Challenger exploded just after the celebration of the first Martin Luther King holiday in 1986, and Columbia received a fatal blow upon Launch just prior to the holiday in 2003.  This was not just a coincidence.  NASA's personnel policy, like that of other federal agencies, included major offices to cater to the special interests of Black people.  Martin Luther King was an activist who rebelled against government authority.  That means he was operating in the Cosmic System under the power of Satan.  He died at age 39, for the sin leading to death.  Columbia was launched from Pad 39A at 10:39 AM EST with a launch inclination of 39 degrees, where 39 stands for the sin leading to death.

STS-107 Launch Chart Planets

Sun Capricornus Gentile glory
Moon Gemini Wedding party
Savior Sagittarius Deliverer of Israel
Morning Star Scorpius Satan's fall
Red Planet Scorpius Bloody violence
Almighty God Cancer Stronghold
Ring Planet Taurus Promised Land
Mediator Aquarius Launch transition
Redeemer Capricornus Redeemed by blood
Last Adam Scorpius Victim of Satan



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