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Hungary Spill
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Hungary Spill

October 4 (Day 277, Reverse Process Reversionism):  At 12:10 PM CEST (1010 GMT), a large reservoir of red sludge from an alumina plant in Ajka, Hungary broke and flooded the countryside and surrounding towns, including Kolontar and Devecser, with caustic red muddy water.  It washed away cars, flooded homes, and damaged bridges.  It filled local creeks that empty into the Danube River.  Four people were killed and over 100 injured.  The reservoir at the No. 10 MAL Alumina Plant broke.

The sludge, which is left over from refining aluminum, contains heavy metals and is highly alkaline with a pH of 13.  Many of the injured suffered burns.  The red color comes from a 40-45 percent concentration of iron oxide.  About 35.3 million cubic feet of sludge spilled from the reservoir and polluted about 15.4 square miles.

Sign of Armageddon

The red, muddy water in the streets symbolized a bloody city (Rev 14:19-20) and the pollution of the Prostitute of Babylon (Prov 5:16; Rev 14:8).  First, the Prostitute of Babylon  is allowed to pollute the world with "the wine of the passion of her prostitution" (symbolized by the golden cup of wine in her hand) (Rev 14:8).  However, the Lord will return at the Second Advent and "tread the great winepress of the wrath of God" (Rev 14:19).  The enemies of Israel, who have rejected Salvation, will be symbolized as the grapes in the winepress.  The blood of these people, who will be killed in the Armageddon War, will run out from the winepress for a distance of 183 miles (295 km).

Revelation 14:19-20
19 And the angel swung his sickle to the Earth, and gathered the clusters from the vine of the Earth, and threw them into the great wine press of the wrath of God. 20 And the wine press was trodden outside the city, and blood came out from the wine press, up to the horses’ bridles, for 1600 stadia (183 miles).
The Lord's clothes will be red from treading the winepress (Isa 63:1-6) at the Second Advent when he will kill the enemies of Israel with the sword from His mouth and rule them with a rod of iron (Rev 19:15).
And from His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may smite the nations; and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty. (Revelation 19:15)

Star Chart

Alumina Mill Spill ChartThe Chart of the Hungary alumina mill spill contains a Locomotive, a Plow, and a Catwalk.  The Chart is nearly identical to the Chart of the Gainesville shootingss except for the orientation and the Moon in Cancer rather than Leo.   The Locomotive symbolizes a strategic objective that turns on the Moon in Cancer, the sign of safety for a group.  The alumina spill was a colossal safety failure.  The Plow points to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, which symbolizes an enemy attack.  The Catwalk corresponds to a bridge over a chasm.  It connects Heaven and Earth in the Chart to symbolize both the Resurrection and the Lord's return at the Second Advent.  Also, the Plow overlapping the Catwalk appears to also symbolize the sludge pouring across the streets and through creeks.  It also symbolizes the Gainesville shootings in which the gunman shot from a pickup truck as he drove along the road.

All of the planets were on the Spiritual side of the Chart except for the Moon.  The Spiritual (left) side of a chart corresponds to the East (right) side of a city.  Both the Houston Ship Channel blockage and the Gainesville shootings were on the East (Spiritual) sides of the cities.

The three conjunctions in the Chart symbolized a flood.  A flood occurred when the alumina reservoir broke.

The opposition in the Plow stretched from the bottom of heaven, IC, to Midheaven.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in conjunction with the Mediator and Almighty God, which symbolizes propitiation.  The bottom of heaven, IC, in Pisces symbolizes the death or grave of a priest (Heb 7:23).  Taken all together, this symbolizes Jesus Christ making "propitiation for the sins of the people" (Heb 2:17) and then going to the grave.

Midheaven was in Virgo, for a glorious virgin, i. e. the Church in Heaven.  Midheaven was in conjunction with the Savior Planet in Virgo, for sons of Light.  Thus, the conjunction symbolizes the Church as the Bride of Christ and the sons of Light, who will return with Christ at the Second Advent.

The Sun Sign was Virgo, which can symbolize the Resurrection.  The Sun was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants in Virgo, which symbolizes a caretaker.  The caretaker corresponds to the medical personnel required to treat victims of the alumina mill spill.

The Ascendant Sign was Scorpius, the evil one.  The pollution from the alumina mill spill was a sign of Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.  And the Descendant was Taurus, for loss of prosperity due to the disaster.

The story of recent Pakistan terrorism and training of German terrorists in Pakistan is also in the Chart.  Pakistani terrorists are attacking NATO convoys and have trained German terrorists to attack Europe.  The point of the Plow in Sagittarius corresponds to Pakistan, and Libra corresponds to Germany.  Libra contained the conjunction of the Red Planet, for bloody judgment, and the Morning Star, for cataclysmic judgment, as with a rod of iron smashing a clay pot.  The bloody judgment applied to red sludge in Hungary, as well as to the Gainesville shootings and to the Pakistan terrorist attacks against NATO and planned attacks against Europe.


The Locomotive symbolizes a strategic objective and turns on the Moon in Cancer, the sign of safety and security for a group.  The alumina mill spill was a major safety failure.  It symbolized a bloody city from a security failure.  That corresponded to the threat of the terrorist attack in Europe from German citizens who trained in Pakistan.

The long reach of the Locomotive stretched from the conjunction of the Almighty God, Mediator, and bottom of heaven, IC, in Pisces to the Moon in Cancer.  Pisces, corresponding to Romania in Europe,  symbolizes Levi and law enforcement.  The laws or building regulations were inadequate to prevent the disaster from the alumina mill spill.


The Plow resolves the conflict between two planets in opposition into a third.  The opposition stretched from the bottom to the top of Heaven, which emphasized the contrast between Heaven and Hell and corresponded to Divine Judgment.  The conjunction of Midheaven and the Savior Planet in Virgo, for sons of Light (believers), was in opposition to the bottom of heaven, IC, in conjunction with the Almighty God and Mediator planets in Pisces.  The opposition was resolved into the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  Sagittarius corresponds to the enemy attack of the Gainesville shooter later in the day, as well as attacks of the terrorists in Pakistan.  Pisces corresponds to law enforcement.  And Virgo corresponds to the pure Virgin, the Church.  Thus, the opposition of the Church and State law enforcement points to the Last Adam, which symbolizes the victims of the alumina mill spill and the victims of Pakistani terrorists.  Pakistani terrorists are planning a terrorist attack on Europe and are currently attacking NATO convoys in Pakistan.

Yet, there is more to the Plow that stretches between Heaven and Hell.  It symbolizes Divine Judgment of Christ in the First Advent, when God Judged Him for the sins of the world.  That corresponds to the conjunction of the Almighty God, Mediator, and bottom of heaven, IC.  The Plow also symbolizes the Divine Judgment at the Second Advent when the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy the enemies of Israel and make them a footstool for His feet.  Thus, the vertical Plow symbolizes the Judgment of both the First and Second Advents.  In the First Advent, Christ, the Last Adam, was the victim.  In the Second Advent, the sons of Adam who reject Salvation will be the victims.  Their blood will run in the streets.


The Catwalk, like the Plow, is vertical.  It connects Heaven and Earth.  The bottom end of the Catwalk corresponds to Earth, and the top corresponds to Heaven.  The conjunction of the Almighty God, Mediator, and IC in Pisces at one corner of the bottom symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ who made propitiation for the sins of the world on the Cross.  The Redeemer Planet on the other bottom corner symbolizes the Good News that the Jesus Christ had redeemed mankind from the slave market of sin.  Those who accept the gift of Salvation will go to Heaven, which corresponds to the top of the Catwalk.  The Savior Planet in conjunction with Midheaven in Virgo symbolizes the Church in Heaven.  And the Moon in Cancer symbolizes security of a group, corresponding to Eternal Security of the Church and all believers.


The Hungary alumina mill spill of red sludge pouring through city streets symbolized a bloody city from the winepress of the wrath of God, which corresponds to the Armageddon War (Rev 14:19-20).  The red sludge pouring through the cities and creeks corresponded to the blood that will run up to the horses' bridles.  The spill also corresponded to the bloody city of Gainesville, Florida from the mass shooting later in the day.  The red sludge symbolized sin and suffering as well as pollution from the Prostitute of Babylon.  The planets on the Spiritual side of the Chart corresponded to the Houston Ship Channel blockage the day before and to the shootings on the East side of Gainesville later on Oct. 4.  All of these events were linked to the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe from Pakistan and upon NATO convoys in Pakistan.

The reservoir at the No. 10 MAL Alumina Plant broke in 2010, where 10 represents the Laws of Establishment, per the meaning of the year 2010.  In the Tribulation the Evil King of the West will rule over the ten-nation confederation of Europe.

Hungary in Europe corresponds to the location of the Brazen Altar in the Outer Court of the Tabernacle (Zodiac Map).

Alumina Mill Spill Chart Planets

Sun Virgo Resurrection
Moon Cancer Safety of a group
Savior Virgo Sons of Light
Morning Star Libra Cataclysmic, rod of iron judgment
Red Planet Libra Bloody Judgment
Almighty God Pisces Monster Whale
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Pisces Priest
Redeemer Aquarius Redeemed
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released October 8, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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