Houston Ship Channel Blocked

Houston Ship Channel Blocked
NATO Tankers Attacked by Pakistan Terrorists
Star Chart
Houston Ship Channel Blockage Chart Planets

Houston Ship Channel Blocked

October 3 (Day 276, Skill):  The Houston Ship Channel was blocked after a tug pushing three barges hit an electrical transmission tower north of the Fred Hartman Bridge.  The smashed tower fell on a barge with the high voltage transmission lines supported by the tower on the other side and hanging above the water.  After the Coast Guard closed the channel, ships were backed up waiting to unload.  Electrical power was turned off, and two large cranes were brought in to take the load off the damaged tower so the cables could be cut.  The operation is expected to be complete by October 5.

The barges that hit the tower were loaded with scrap metal.  The tug boat was from St. Louis.  The Ship Channel was closed at 6:00 AM CDT (1100 GMT) after the tower was hit.  The tug was pushing three barges on October 3, where 3 stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.

NATO Tankers Attacked by Pakistan Terrorists

October 3 (Day 276, Skill):  Terrorists attacked and burned at least 20 NATO oil tankers in Pakistan en route to Afghanistan.  Three people were killed when the terrorists attacked with small arms fire before setting fire to the tankers near Islamabad.  The trucks were parked at a terminal when they were attacked.  The tankers were traveling to the Torkham border crossing, which has been closed after three Pakistani troops were killed last week in a helicopter strike near the border.

Star Chart

Houston Ship Channel BlockageThe Chart of the blockage of the Houston Ship Channel by the barge that hit the electrical transmission tower, contains a Locomotive, a Plow, and a Tower.  The Locomotive symbolizes a strategic objective that turns on the Moon in Cancer, which corresponds to security over a group.  The concern from group security over the ships in the Houston Ship Channel prompted the Coast Guard to shut down the Ship Channel due to low overhanging electrical wires after the barge collision with the electrical tower.  The Plow points to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, which symbolizes an enemy attack.  The Tower corresponded to the electrical transmission tower that was knocked down.  The Plow was positioned across the Tower to indicate knocking it down.

The Ascendant Sign was the Savior Planet in Virgo to symbolize sons of Light, or believers.  The Descendant Sign was the conjunction of the Mediator and Almighty God in Pisces.  The Mediator in Pisces symbolizes a priest, but here it also symbolizes a transmission line tower, which resembles a cross.  The Almighty God in Pisces can symbolize the Monster Whale, which corresponds to a barge or tanker.  Thus, the barge that hit the tower in the Houston Ship Channel corresponds to the NATO tankers in Pakistan.

Also significant in the Chart is the Moon on the Light side with all the other planets on the Dark side.  The Light corresponds to Christians while the Dark corresponds to unbelievers.  The Moon was in Cancer, which symbolizes security for a group.  This was the third story in the Chart.  There is currently a big concern over the security of travelers in Europe, especially Germany, due to intelligence of a possible attack in Germany by Germans who trained at terrorist camps in Pakistan.  The point of the Plow in Sagittarius corresponds to Pakistan, and Libra corresponds to Germany.  Libra contained the conjunction of the Red Planet, for bloody judgment, and the Morning Star, for cataclysmic judgment as with a rod of iron smashing a clay pot.


The Locomotive symbolizes a strategic objective and turns on the Moon in Cancer, a sign of security over a group.  The concern for security over the ships in the Houston Ship Cannel prompted the Coast Guard to shut down the Ship Channel after the barge hit the electrical tower.  The tugboat pushing the barges was named Safety Quest.  Safety is group security.  The fear of attack by NATO and concern for security led the Pakistani leaders and terrorists to react after the helicopter attack  that killed three soldiers and retaliate against NATO convoys of gasoline tankers.  They also shut down the NATO supply line through Pakistan.


The Plow resolves the conflict between two planets in opposition into a third.  The Savior Planet in Virgo, for sons of Light, was in opposition to the Almighty God and Mediator planets in Pisces.  The opposition was resolved into the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  Sagittarius corresponds to the enemy attack of the terrorists in Pakistan.

Other Planets

The three conjunctions of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood.  The conjunction of the Mediator and Almighty God planets and the conjunction of the Morning Star with the Red Planet in Libra have already been discussed.

Also, the Sun was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants in Virgo.  The Sun in Virgo symbolizes the Resurrection.  The broken electrical tower will have to be resurrected.  And the God of the Covenants in Virgo symbolizes a caretaker.  This includes caring for the injured in the terrorist attacks and the homeless in the floods in Pakistan as well as maintenance and repair of the damaged electrical transmission line over the Houston Ship Channel.

The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius can symbolize a tower over water.  The tower is like a cross, which redeems transmission lines from the water.

At 6:00 AM, Midheaven was in Gemini, the Twins.  Gemini could also correspond to France or Israel or even the twin electrical transmission towers that spanned the Houston  Ship Channel.  The bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Sagittarius, for the victim of a gang, such as the gang of terrorists that attacked the NATO convoy.


The Houston Ship Channel was blocked on October 3 after a barge hit an electrical transmission line tower.  The number, 3, corresponds to the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  The event was symbolized by a Plow protruding through a Tower in the Star Chart.  The Mediator and Almighty God planets on the Descendant in Pisces symbolized the barge hitting the tower.

The Plow pointing to the Last Adam in Sagittarius corresponded to the victims of the Pakistani terrorist attack on the NATO convoy of fuel tankers.  Three people were killed in the attack on Oct. 3.  The Locomotive in the Chart turned on the Moon in Cancer, for security over a group.  Group security concerns led to shutting down the Ship Channel and to the events that led to blocking NATO's supply line through Pakistan.

The three conjunctions symboliz floods.  Pakistan has been devastated by floods.  The conjunction of the Red Planet and Morning Star in Libra corresponds to bloody cataclysmic judgment like the Mumbai style terrorist attack that is believed to be planned for Germany.  Libra corresponds to Germany.

Houston Ship Channel Blockage Chart Planets

Sun Virgo Resurrection
Moon Cancer Security for a group
Savior Virgo Sons of Light
Morning Star Libra Rod of iron judgment
Red Planet Libra Bloody Judgment
Almighty God Pisces Monster Whale (barge/tanker)
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Pisces Priest (Transmission line tower)
Redeemer Aquarius Tower over water
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released October 4, 2010 - Revised October 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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