Satanic Attack:

Hay Fever



Runny nose
Sinus congestion
Watery eyes
Stressed, weak, tired, unable to rest and relax
Poor quality sleep
Frequent urination and dehydration
Hay fever, allergic rhinitis, is characterized by sudden bouts of sinus drainage, congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes.  The body's autoimmune system goes out of control and overreacts.  Thus, the person is hypersensitive to nasal irritants and psychic attacks from other people.  The least little thing can set the person off and deliver him into a sneezing fit.


Spiritual Analysis:  See Satan's Attack on a Person, Dealing with Demons in Grace, Infirmities.

The real cause of hay fever is a Satanic attack or Cosmic System attack.  God delivers the victim over into Satan's power, and Satan proceeds to attack.  The spiritual attack from Satan enslaves the person in the Cosmic System.  He falls under Satan's power, and the autoimmune system loses control and overreacts.  Thus, the person becomes hypersensitive to external stimulants, especially those involving the nose, breathing, and spirituality.  His nasal passages and sinuses are easily irritated, and he is hypersensitive to psychic attacks from people and their demons.  People are a much bigger problem than pollen.  Sneezes are caused by people in the vicinity along with their demons.


The only solution is Grace (2 Cor 12:9).  The unbeliever needs to believe in Jesus Christ for Salvation, and the believer needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and deal with the attack from Satan.  This means Satan must be resisted and Divine viewpoint must be used to understand the meaning of the attack.

However, because the autoimmune system is out of control, thinking under such pressure can be difficult.  Therefore, pressing Shiatsu acupressure points can temporarily block Satan's power over certain parts of the spiritual body and resulting weaknesses in the physical body.  Hay fever has a footprint based upon Divine punishment, and Satan can only exploit specific bodily weaknesses.  Therefore, his power can be blocked by pressing the appropriate acupressure points.  These points can often be identified by noting the ones that feel sore or relieve pressure.

The recommended acupressure points for hay fever are in the corner of the eyes, around the nose, and on top of the head as recommended in this link.1  When the attack begins, press these acupressure points to block it and keep control of the body.  Find the points that work and use them.  Next time Satan attacks, he will morph into something else, and new points may have to be used.

Pressing the acupressure points is just a temporary stop-gap.  The only solution is the Divine solution in Grace.  The devil must be resisted (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:8-9), and the reason for his attack must be understood.  This is Spiritual Warfare.


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Released March 28, 2016

Author: Larry Wood


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