Satan, the Super Creature



Introducing Satan

Satan's Names
Satan's Background
Satan's Influence
Satan's Pattern of Deception
Satan's History
Babylonian Astrology
Diabolical Healer

Dealing with Satan

God's Creation and Satan's Power
Satan's Defeat
Age of Grace
Casting Out Demons
Binding Satan
Recognizing Satan

Satanic Attacks of People

Attacks of People
Temptation of Christ
Thought Implanter, Stealer
Pharisees and Religious Jews
Judas Iscariot
Attack from Satan, the World Ruler
Elymas the Magician
Sin Connection to Satan

Attacks of Children

Cain and Abel
Ishmael and Isaac
Children of Baal
Family Worship of Queen of Heaven
Epileptic Boy
Syrophoenician Woman's Daughter

Demon Oppression

Demon Oppression
Demon Possessed Man in Capernaum
Jesus' Method of Casting Out Demons
Hunchbacked Woman

Sin Unto Death

What is the Sin Leading to Death?
Death from Violation of Marriage Culture
Death Penalty for Intentional Crimes
Rebellion of Korah
Congregation of Israel
Moses and Aaron
Eli and His Sons
Responsibility for Sin Leading to Death
The Pharisees
Lying to the Holy Spirit
Herod Agrippa I
Dying from Communion
Satan's Power of Death
The Sin Leading to Death
Sin Leading to Death in Children
Judas Iscariot
Sin That Leads to Death
Dying Grace
Losing Life
Dying Before Time

Temptation and Snares

Temptation and Snares
The Serpent in the Garden
Temptation of Jesus Christ
Sexual Temptation
Opposition to Bible Doctrine
Love of Money
Testing vs. Temptation

Satan's Power in Government

Satan's Power in Government
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Nebuchadnezzar's Image
Daniel and the Lion's Den
David Numbers Israel
Trials of Jesus Christ
Prostitute of Babylon

The Deceiver

The Deceiver
The Serpent's Deception
Dice Playing and Trickery
Leading Astray
Deceiver of the World
Miracles and Healing
Judgment of the Beast and False Prophet
Satan Incarcerated
Gog Revolution

The Evil One, Enemy

The Evil One, Enemy
Wheat and Tares
Power Over the Enemy
Enemy of Believers
The Roaring Lion

The Accuser

The Accuser
Joshua the High Priest
Jesus Christ
Accuser of the Brethren

Antichrists and False Teachers

Antichrists and False Teachers
The Antichrist
Man of Lawlessness
The Beast
False Prophets
Satan's False Teachers
Apostate False Teachers
Gnostic False Teachers

World Ruler

World Ruler
Attack on Marriage
Tower of Babel
Angelic Hierarchy
Satan's Rule Over the World
World Powers of Darkness
Spiritual Warfare
Satan's World Power
God of the World
Filling of the Spirit


What Is Idolatry?
Tower of Babel
Astrological Idolatry
Prohibitions Against Idolatry
Israel's Background  of Idolatry
Rachel's Teraphim
The Golden Calf
Jeroboam's Golden Calves
Idolatry in Judah Before the Fall
Eating Food Sacrificed to Idols
Idolatry in the Church Age

Evil King

Evil King
Spiritual Warfare
Evil Kings of History
Evil Kings of Canaan
Evil Kings of Israel and Judah
Evil Kings in the New Testament
Roman Evil Kings
The Antichrist

Prostitute of Babylon

Prostitute of Babylon
Spiritual Warfare
Right Man - Right Woman
Prostitute of Babylon in Idolatry
Temple Prostitutes
The Prostitute Symbol of the Cosmic System

Defeat of Satan

Defeat of Satan
Spiritual Rapport Defeats Satan
Dealing with Satan's Attacks


Author:  Larry Wood,   Released - April 30, 2013

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