Passing through gates of heaven,
Comet of ninety-seven:
Glowing head, wispy tail,
Morbid messenger of hell;
Grapefruit section on high,
Splitting the predawn sky;
Running pell-mell to tell,
Casting spells of evil;
Ancient prophet of doom,
In night skies to loom
With head and bridal cape,
Cosmic cobra, no escape,
Fallen angel of shining lies,
Hovering over darkened skies;
Curse of the human race,
Tearing hearts from embrace;
Downsizing, spelling doom,
Fears of layoffs that loom;
Surfing through the night sky,
With head and cape that fly;
Spewing out sinful lust,
Sizzling sea foam burst;
Seducing maids from marriage,
Culture's cursed miscarriage;
Monster disturbing our sleep,
Seeking children you creep:
False angel of light,
Demon of darkest night;
Bride of Babylon doom,
Witch without a groom;
Whore of Babylon fame,
Spreading your lies and shame;
Speaking in heaven's name,
Lying and casting blame;
Nighthawk singing of doom
Over our heads to loom
From eastern horizon
Westward as evening sun,
Millennial star-sign,
Cosmic horn of Babylon.



(c) Larry Wood, 1997 - All rights reserved.

Last Revision: March 3, 1997

Author: Larry Wood

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