Before Zacharias and Elizabeth became the parents of John the Baptist, an angel appeared to Zacharias to tell him that he would have a son and what the son's destiny would be (Luke 1:5-25).  The translation of verses 15 and 19 need to be corrected.
For he will be great in the sight of the Lord, and he will drink no wine or liquor; and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit yet (future) separated from his mother's womb. (Luke 1:15)

John the Baptist was not filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother's womb.  The Greek is e[ti (eti), which means yet in the future, plus ejk (ek), which means separated from (or out from).  He would be filled with the Holy Spirit in the future after he was separated from his mother's womb.

The angel was Gabriel:

And the angel answered and said to him, "I am Gabriel, the representative on behalf of God.  I have been sent to speak to you personally, and to bring you this good news. (Luke 1:19)

Similarly before Jesus was born, an angel appeared to both Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25) and to Mary (Luke 1:26-38) separately to announce the birth and destiny of the Christ child.  Gabriel greeted Mary:

Luke 1:28-30
28 And coming into her presence, he said, "Hail, grace beneficiary! The Lord is with you." 29 But she was greatly perplexed at this statement, and kept pondering what kind of salutation this might be. 30 And the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have obtained grace from God."

Any woman who is allowed to bear a child receives grace from the Lord; for giving birth is impossible unless the Lord provides human soul life at birth.  The biological life of the body in the womb is not soul life.  Many things occur at the moment of birth when God gives human life to the soul.  When a child is born, it's identification file is activated in the server in Heaven.  The file contains everything the child will ever need in this life.  This includes logistical grace provision, family, Right Man or Right Woman, a complete destiny, an allotted number of days of physical life, a guardian angel, and much more.  It is a big deal to be born.  It is much more complicated than activating a new computer system.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was especially blessed because she would bear the Christ child.  However, she received the honor in grace.  She did nothing to earn or deserve it.  She was a young woman with an old sin nature - not a goddess.  She was a doctrinal believer who was engaged to be married and was being faithful to her Right Man during the engagement period.  However, she did not understand the doctrine of the Virgin Birth; so she was allowed to ask questions, and Gabriel answered them:

Luke 1:34-38
34 "But Mary said to the angel, 'How can this be possible, since I have not had sex with the husband?" 35 The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will cover you; and therefore the one having been born holy shall be called the Son of God. 36  ďAnd behold, even your relative Elizabeth has also conceived a son in her old age; and she who was called barren is now in her sixth month. 37 Because not any word communicated will be impossible with God. 38 Now Mary said, 'Behold, a bondslave of the Lord!  May it be done to me according to your communicated word.  And the angel departed from her.

The parents of Moses recognized his destiny by his facial features when he was a baby (Hebrews 11:23).  Similarly, today the parents of a baby should know its destiny.  Angels of God do not speak to people directly in the Church age, although demons may.  The child's destiny will have to be discerned through application of Bible Doctrine.  How could Elizabeth have been a decent mother to a son who became a hermit in the woods, lived off the land, and ate grasshoppers and wild honey?  How could Mary be a good mother to the Son of God, which would make her the most famous mother in history, without knowing the child's destiny?  How can anyone be a good parent without knowing the child's destiny?  The child's destiny needs to be known when it is a baby because the early years are the most impressionable.

When babies are born, women hover over them and dote.  Similarly, the angels gather round because their love for children surpasses the mother's.  Angels have more capacity for love.  They know the destiny of the child, and they understand the Grace Support System and the Angelic Conflict.  Angels have direct access to some of the child's files in Heaven.  When the baby is born, a guardian angel is assigned to be with it for life.  Just as baby sitting is performed by parents, angels baby sit believers for life.  They don't get tired, bored, or impatient.  Angels will love the baby throughout life.  However, many people are so insensitive as to never be aware of angelic love.

The birth of a child is not just a physical event.  It is Spiritual.  So here are some notes for parents:

  1. Babies don't just happen, their birth requires the grace of God.
  2. The baby has a destiny that the parents need to know.
  3. The father as the Spiritual head of the household is responsible for knowing that destiny.
  4. Expect angels to be associated with the birth of a child.  They may show up at any time.
  5. Angels will leave their calling cards for doctrinal believers to discern.
  6. Elect angels will not speak to believers directly.  If they talk, they are demons; and demons lie.
  7. The new baby has a guardian angel that will never leave it.  Beware that you don't offend that angel!
  8. The baby has an Old Sin Nature.  When it sins, use intercessory prayer to ask forgiveness for the sin.
  9. Demons are a problem.  That's why the baby has a guardian angel.
  10. The baby receives a Spiritual heritage based upon the maturity level of the father.
  11. The responsibility of parents includes Spiritual protection for the baby from the Cosmic System and demons.
  12. Mothers must obey the authority of God and their husband at all times - especially around the baby.  Rebound!


There are only two sources of everything in this life:  God or Satan.  Those who in arrogance defy God become the pawns of Satan and his demons.  Children are not born Christians.  They are spiritually dead until they reach the age of accountability and accept Jesus Christ as Savior.  Children are not enlightened until they are saved and begin to operate in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  To think that Satan is not interested in them is wrong.  Baal, for example, actively preys upon children.  Child sacrifice was associated with the worship of Baal in the phallic cult (Jeremiah 7:31).  Baal is still alive.

While parents are struggling to train a child for society, Baal and other demons are waging a war for their souls.  Demons are invisible spirits with superior intelligence and power.  What chance does a parent have against this unseen enemy?  There is only one solution to the problem, and that is God's solution.  Any other solution is doomed.  The father is responsible for the protection of his household from demons.  The father passes on his spiritual heritage to his children.  If he has reached Spiritual Maturity, he will pass on to his children blessing, which will be with the child through its entire life.  If he has not reached Spiritual Maturity, then his children will be cursed as the justice of God allows by Satan and his demons.

This is the spiritual model of the child, and it takes precedence over psychological, social, or other behavioral models.  In other words, if the father is a reversionist, then no amount of discipline will protect the child from demons.  The blessing or cursing of the child depends upon the spiritual status of the father.  In cases where the father is absent and another head of the household is raising the child, then the Lord will sort out the blessing and cursing.  Rather than dwell on the exceptions, the divine design for the family must be understood.

The father is the authority over the wife and over the children.  If the father is under God's authority, his children will be protected from the power of the Cosmic System.  When the father is in the Cosmic System, his children will be subject to demon power.  When the child reaches the age of accountability, the volition of the child will determine its own destiny, although the spiritual blessing or cursing due to the father's spiritual maturity will still be applicable.

The mother is initially the most intimate relationship with the child in this life.  She also has authority over the child.  However, if she is not under the authority of God and her husband, she will be in the darkness of the Cosmic System and will be not be able to exercise true authority.  The mother in the Cosmic System will become a cosmic evangelist to lead the child astray.  After the child is weaned (which is 4.5 years according to global averages), the child will begin to seek the Right Man or Right Woman relationship.  It is not uncommon for a five year old to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and to engage in sensual activities such as kissing.  So what is the child after?  It is seeking the soul mate to fill the void in the soul.

The young child is bombarded by the Cosmic System every day.  Friends, family, and the media all afford access to the Cosmic System.  Only vigilant efforts of the parents to persist under God's authority and to enforce authority in the child, can protect the child from Satan's brilliant strategy.  The only hope is for the parents to get under God's authority and stay there and to insist upon the obedience of the child.  The Bible authorizes corporal punishment for the disobedient child.  It also guarantees intensive discipline for the abusive parent.

Children have a vivid imagination and enjoy stories.  There is a difference between good fiction, which has moral value, and cosmic lies.  The devil also invents stories, and his stories are baited traps which are cleverly concocted to lure and snare the child.  Baal actively courts children in order to prey upon them.  Fairies, for example, are representations of demons.  Fairy tales are Satan's lies.  Some writers of children's stories produce good fiction; whereas, others are inspired by Satan.  The animations of Disney, for example, bear the mark of demons.  Rats that hug and kiss, ducks that are funny, and Tinkerbell the fairy are blatant lies.  Rats are filthy symbols of kosmokratoras demons of darkness.  Ducks are symbols of phallic reversionism and have a bitter personality.  Fairies represent demons.  Children should learn the truth - not lies.  Animals were placed in this world to enable us to recognize the presence of angels.  Satan would like to make the rat into a good creature so that Christians will not be able to recognize him on the Stage of Life.

The greatest Satanic lie of all time to children is Santa Claus and his sleigh.  Santa Claus is Baal, the god of fire.  He flies through the air like Superman (another demon story) because he is a demon.  The yule log has its origin in the worship of the fire god, which was Thor in Ireland.  The Christmas tree is from the phallic cult (Jeremiah 2:20).  Mistletoe is associated with Frigga, the Norse goddess of love.  The star on the top of the tree is a pentagram, a symbol of Satan.  Candles are made from beeswax, from bees which symbolize the male rapist.  The light from candles symbolizes the gods of enlightenment, such as Apollos. Candles are used for Satanic worship.

The birth of Christ is so important for a child to understand that Satan has invented Santa Claus and the other myths of Christmas to keep the child from salvation.  The child needs to get saved, and Satan knows it.  He invented the myths of Christmas to control the lives of children and to keep them in the Cosmic System.  The music, which angels love, is also full of lies to attract the naive.  "Silent Night" is not true.  The scene of millions of angels passing in full military review in Bethlehem was the greatest angelic event on earth in history.  The devil still has nightmares about it.  "We Three Kings" is another lie.  There were many magi - not three.  "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is another myth of Satan.  Rudolph means wolf.  The wolf eats deer just like Baal kills children.  Rudolph is a wolf in sheep's clothing, which is the equivalent of a false prophet of Ecumenical Babylon (Matthew 7:15).  The red nose is a phallic symbol, a cosmic symbol, and a symbol of Satanic light.  Even the date of Christmas was picked as the time of the Winter solstice when the Sun god was worshipped.

After they are weaned, children seek intimate relationships apart from their parents.  For wild children, who are born from parents that are not Right Man and Right Woman, the longing for intimacy is very frustrating.  Such children are cursed with a problem that can only be solved when they respond to the grace of God and advance to Spiritual Maturity through the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine.  The road is arduous without a Right Man or Right Woman. However, God in His grace will provide even for wild children the Right Man or Right Woman; but it may be a long wait, since wild children must stabilize their own lives first before it will be possible to have a good relationship with another.

Childhood romances can be very emotional and give demons ample opportunity to infiltrate.  Children are not ready for romantic relationships; but they are bombarded with temptations from Barbie dolls to Batman.  The media, games, and music are subtly seductive since Satan reveals himself as the god of war and goddess of love.  Parents without a keen sense of the meaning of Marriage Culture will not grasp the yearning for romance in the soul of the child, especially the wild child.  Demons pursue children along the lines of god of war and goddess of love.  With Marriage Culture demanding faithfulness to Right Man or Right Woman, whom children have not even met, and demons tempting with war themes and lust, the child is the pawn in a tug of war.  The battle for the heart and mind of the child is spiritual.  Parents without strong doctrinal foundations will be blind to the spiritual warfare that seeks to take their children.  Children have guardian angels because they will be attacked by demons.  The guardian angels cannot, however, provide blessing to the child when God has withheld it.  They cannot bless when the Holy Spirit must discipline.

When children sin, they need forgiveness just as adults.  Therefore, intercessory prayer should be offered whenever the child sins.  Many of the frustrations of babies and young children are because they have sinned and fallen into the emotional traps that result.  Worry and fear are examples of sins that link to the emotion and hold the child captive.  The good parent must be sensitive to the child's sins and be ready to intercede.  Only God can forgive sins.


The age of accountability is the first spiritual milestone in the child's life.  The age of accountability is the age that Gods hold the child responsible for the decision to accept or reject Jesus Christ as Savior.  The child is born spiritually dead through a sovereign decision of Almighty God.  Since the child had no control over this, God provided a grace period before holding the child accountable for the decision to accept Jesus Christ as Savior.  If a child dies before reaching accountability, it will automatically go to Heaven and receive everlasting life (2 Samuel 12:22-23).  However, after the age of accountability, the child must bear the consequences of rejection of salvation.  The one who does not believe in Jesus Christ after reaching the age of accountability will bear the responsibility for that decision.  Anyone who dies without believing in Jesus Christ after reaching the age of accountability will be condemned to Hades (John 3:18).

What is the age of accountability?  It depends upon the individual.  Some children mature early (e.g. 8 to 12 years old) and others may not reach accountability until age 20 or after.


Adolescence is the beginning of physical maturity in which the female begins to ovulate and the male produces mature sperm.  Adolescence is the beginning of sexual maturity.  The physical ability to have sex means the ability to consummate marriage and to procreate.  Adolescence is, then, the beginning of adulthood.  That's how the Roman's viewed it.  The adolescent boy in Rome at approximately age 13 was given the ceremony of the Adoption of Sons in which he received his inheritance and was allowed to marry.  Samson was about 13 when he married a Philistine girl of probably 12 or 13.  And Samson probably became the Judge of Israel by age 15.

Adolescence is important because of the Spiritual issues associated with Marriage Culture.  When a young man or woman views another person as a sexual partner, that is tantamount to viewing them as an eligible marriage partner.  If the intention is to fornicate, that means succumbing to the power of demons to worship the goddess of love.  When demons take anyone to the alter of the goddess of love to fornicate, they have won a round against Marriage Culture.  When they can persuade an adolescent to violate the sanctity of the Divine Institution of Marriage, they have won an important battle in the destruction of Marriage Culture.

The adolescent who is stupid enough to fornicate will receive intensified discipline with terrible cursing.  Intensified discipline will be followed by the sin that terminates in death if the individual does not Rebound.  Fornication is an attack upon the Marriage Culture, which God designed for intimacy and stability in the human race.  It is a sin against someone else's Right Man or Right Woman.  And it is demonism.  Fornication is tantamount to worshipping Satan as the goddess of love.  So the discipline for fornication (like adultery) will come directly from the Supreme Court of Heaven (Hebrews 13:4); it will include slavery to demons, and it will be intense (Proverbs 7:22-23).

Demon warfare against Marriage Culture is intensified among adolescents.  What pastor ever told the adolescents in his flock that demons were after them?  The adolescent doesn't have to be immoral to become the victim of demons, he or she need merely be ignorant of the doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman.  That alone will create a big hole in the soul which will leave a vacuum to suck the individual into the Cosmic System where demon influence is inevitable.  Adolescents act crazy and the doctors say it is due to hormones.  Well it didn't begin with hormones.  The spiritual determines the temporal.  It began with ignorance of Bible Doctrine or arrogant rejection of it.  Failure to learn the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman prior to reaching adolescence is a prescription for demonism.

When an adolescent gives in to lustful and lascivious desires for someone who is not Right Man or Right Woman, that is a violation of the Attraction Phase of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  It is a sin against the Divine Institution of Marriage, a sin against the real Right Man or Right Woman, and a sin against someone else's Right Man or Right Woman.  If these sins are not recognized and confessed (Rebound), the sinner will enter the demon power zone and be enslaved to the Cosmic System.

The divine solution is available to the adolescent, and that is to be Filled with the Holy Spirit and deploy the Problem Solving Devices while waiting for the real Right Man or Right Woman.  Adolescence will not be easy, but neither will single life.  When the human body reaches sexual maturity, it has the capacity for sex; but the Bible prohibits sex outside of Marriage.  When sexual desires arise, they have to be rejected; but to deny them or repress them will leave garbage in the subconscious, which will eventually break out as projection.  So, to just say no, is not a solution.  The only solution is to recognize the problem through application of Bible Doctrine during the metabolization process and then to deploy the appropriate Problem Solving Device.  The Problem Solving Devices will work, but just saying no will not.

Adolescents are going to be curious about relationships, sexual and otherwise, which they do not understand.  Sex is more than physical and more than psychological (soulish).  Sex is a Spiritual issue in Marriage Culture.  The medical profession has done a good job of documenting the physical.  The psychologists are hopelessly confused on the subject.  Fortunately, correct Spiritual thinking will take precedence over the soul and overcome any soulish problems.  The adolescent who does not metabolize the Doctrine of Right Man - Right Woman will be doomed to failure in Marriage Culture and enslaved to the demons of love in the Cosmic System.

Not all curiosity is good.  The devil understands the attraction of sex for the adolescent and lures with false promises which often arouse the curiosity.  The devil cannot deliver what the Bible says is false.  Fornication will not bring happiness or contentment.  On the contrary, it will bring misery and intensified discipline.  Those who are curious enough to listen to the devil's lies will soon be his lunch.  Christians are hated by Satan.  They are his enemies.  He may lure them, but he cannot be trusted.  The Bible teaches consequences of fornication.  The world under influence from Satan makes fornication sound attractive with many half-truths.  Who is to be trusted:  God or Satan?


The attraction to entertainment begins soon after birth and continues throughout life.  Entertainment, including music, drama, and movies, is the best example of the Stage of Life.  Expressions of love and happiness are prevalent, and Marriage Culture is often the backdrop.  The doctrines associated with metabolization of Bible Doctrine and the play produced on the Stage of Life applies to entertainment as well as any other activity of life.  The Bible doesn't teach that it is wrong to attend entertainment functions or to participate in them.  It isn't wrong to listen to an unbeliever entertainer any more than buying merchandise from an unbeliever businessman.  However, some forms of entertainment are evil and some are human good.  So, how does the Christian know if it OK to listen, watch, or attend?  The answer is by obeying the Holy Spirit.

Performers on the Stage of Life will be sanctified by the justice of God.  They may receive cursing or blessing based upon the justice of God.  Believers on the Stage of Life contribute to the level of blessing or cursing.  Entertainers are blessed by association with doctrinal believers just like anyone else.  The entertainer should perform as unto the Lord, which requires operation in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Entertainers are under the authority of the Laws of Establishment themselves either as leads or subordinates.  For them, entertainment is a job just like other jobs in the establishment.  Entertainers who follow the script or produce music composed by someone else are obligated to do their jobs as unto the Lord.  Just because an actor plays the role of a villain does not mean he or she will judged for portraying the fictional character.

However, entertainment is a form of communication, and God will judge it accordingly.   Entertainers who become cosmic evangelists will receive judgment from God.  Entertainers who do the devil's bidding as friends of the world will be judged as the enemies of God.  And entertainers who perform human good will accumulate dead works and lose their rewards in Heaven.  However, entertainers who obey God and break free from legalistic standards of society will not be judged for the failures of their audiences.  When the entertainer is on solid ground with God and members of the audience get angry or lust, then the entertainer will not be held accountable.

Entertainment is a profession under the Laws of Establish like other professions.  However, being in the spotlight adds leverage, and an entertainer may be able to do much harm as well as much good.  The added power of entertainers may make them the target of demon attack.  Satan and his demons want to control the media as everything else in the world.  Angels also are often skilled in music and the arts.  Entertainers must be careful to resist the devil's attempts to control them.


Love is the most powerful force in this life.  The baby enters the world wanting to be loved.  The child cannot bear the thought of being separated from it.  The adolescent actively pursues it.  The teen is turned topsy-turvy by it.  Newlyweds are enamored by it.  Old people are content with it.  The angels know it.  God knows it.  And Satan knows it.

Only God can provide true love.  Only the soul with capacity can receive it.  The love of an immature person will be as unstable as water.  Babies and young children lack capacity for love and are easily led astray.  Worldly attractions distract from true love relationships.  Only the stability of true love relationships can protect a person from the Cosmic System of Satan and demons.  Personal attractions to the world and the things in the world will lead to slavery to demons.  Demons are waiting to pick up all who stray from true love.

The Filling of the Holy Spirit and the divine operating assets of the Christian life afford the greatest opportunity in human history to remain true to God and avoid the pitfalls of the Cosmic System.  Never before has so much been available to mankind.  Bible Doctrine can be learned by any believer with positive volition regardless of race, gender, or social status.  The door of grace is wide open.  Salvation is available to all who will believe.  Spiritual Maturity is available to all who will avail themselves of Bible Doctrine and persist in the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine under the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  The common man can become a king simply by believing in Christ, and doctrine is readily available to teach him to operate according to his royal status.

Every believer has a Spiritual destiny that includes a portfolio of spiritual riches for time and eternity with blessing beyond human comprehension.  Everyone is born with a Right Man or Right Woman to provide the desire of the human soul for personal intimacy.  Everyone wants to be loved.  God is the greatest and only source of true love.  It is impossible to receive love apart from the grace of God.  Love motivates thought and behavior from the baby to the elder.  God's grace is available to all believers to provide that love.  For those who do not have salvation, God's love is available to provide everlasting life.  Salvation is available to all who will believe.  It is free.  It is a thought away.  It requires no work on our part (reference Salvation FAQ for additional information).

Knowing everyone's desire to be loved, it is not surprising that Satan who is a genius would figure this out.  In the Garden of Eden where the primary human activity was the divine institution of Marriage, he broke up the marriage by getting the woman to sin.  Satan knows the strength of the love of Right Man - Right Woman.  Before the Flood, his demons were sent to infiltrate Marriage in an attempt to destroy the human race.  After the Flood in Babylon, the goddess of love in mystery (hidden) form was invented to lure mankind into Satanic worship through the ritual of fornication and other forms of sex outside of Marriage.  Satan offers an alternative to true love to lure people to slavery in the Cosmic System.

Satan cannot provide true love, which only comes from God.  But Satan offers ritual temptations of lust with lies of happiness which he cannot deliver.  Sex outside Marriage can never provide contentment.  The justice of God prohibits it.  Passionate lust and lasciviousness lead to slavery to demons but never lead to the peace, happiness, and contentment of true love.  True love can control the most intimate conjugal love; whereas, lust and lasciviousness lead to loss of soul control in sexual heat.  True love is satisfying.  False love feeds fiery passions and frustrates.  Satan's victims are mauled by demons where they are left weakened, ashamed, and stressed out from guilt in the subconscious.

Demons are waiting to pick up those who deviate from true love relationships.  Babies and even pets are targets.  That's why babies are given guardian angels to protect them from hungry demons.  The devil knows the desire of the soul to be loved; and he is ready and waiting to offer his deceitful substitute, which only enslaves and never satisfies.  Demons don't just attack bad people.  They attack the ignorant, the weak, and the naive.  Those who are not vigilant in obedience to the authority of God will be the devil's lunch.  Satan and his demons are waiting to pick up stragglers.

Maintain self-control.  Be alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

Demons are invisible.  They cannot be seen.  When true love is violated, they are waiting to take over.  The believer who has not advanced through the Spiritual Warfare stage will not have a clue about the presence of demons.  They are not even discernible to the believer in the initial phases of Spiritual Maturity.  Only in Spiritual Rapport through diligent application of Bible Doctrine can the demons of love be discerned.  That is because in Spiritual Warfare, the believer fights in ranks and the enemy that attacks the rank is revealed.  Individual failures attract individual demons which may never be discerned apart from advanced understanding of Bible Doctrine in Spiritual Rapport and the grace of God.

The Spiritual adolescent (regardless of age) doesn't stand a chance against the demons of love.  They are invisible and faster than lightning.  The only way to avoid demons in the love life is to obey God in all things.  Only by staying under God's authority will it be possible to minimize the influence of demonism.  The road to maturity is fraught with sins and mistakes.  Rebound must be used frequently.  Demons are waiting to enslave every time a person sins.

Romance is the devil's specialty, and the demons of love are adept in capitalizing on human weaknesses in the love life.  The devil's religion is based upon romance.  The Phallic Cult and other forms of demonism use fornication and illicit sex as a substitute for love.  Satan knows he cannot duplicate love, which only God can provide.  So he substitutes sex, which is passionate and emotional but does not have any love at all unless God provides it.  The lascivious attraction for a paramour will be devoid of true love.  Sex is not love.  Sex is an expression of true love only in Marriage; and even in Marriage it requires an Edification Complex of the Soul.  Only the mature believer with a completed Intimacy Room can hope to achieve true love in the sexual relationship.

Romantic illusions are the devil's playground.  Romance attracts the demons of love who are waiting to enslave.  True love is the enemy of Satan, and he has hoards of demons available to attack those who seek it.  God created the Attraction Phase of the Right Man - Right Woman relationship and made it a powerful force to emphasize its importance to the single person.  As soon as anyone deviates from the path of obedience in the Attraction Phase, the demons of love are waiting to enslave.  Adolescents and adults who act goofy and enjoy strange music are examples of hypersensitivity that is caused by the Cosmic System and demons.  Demons empower entertainers and paramours, and God lets them.

Romantic attractions on the Internet, which may contain nudity or other intimate attractions, are examples of paramours who seek to lure those in the Attraction Phase.  A person who deviates from the Attraction of Right Man or Right Woman may be attracted to a paramour.  The Bible does not teach that nudity is a sin.  Clothes were invented to give privacy to immature believers and to symbolize the clothing of the soul by the ECS.  However, since the world is full of immature people and legalists, clothes are a necessity.  No matter how attractive, no paramour can satisfy the soul.  Only Right Man or Right Woman can provide true love.  In God's design, the Right Man or Right Woman will be more attractive than any naked fake.  Those who want to shop around will only find lies and dead ends coupled with frustrations.  And the demons of love are waiting to enslave.

Those in the Attraction Phase are especially vulnerable, since it is a time of physical attraction and the Intimacy Room is not completed.  The advance through the Attraction Phase is like following a narrow path fraught with frequent hazards.  A jungle path would be a good example, where snakes, wild animals, thorns, poison, and mud holes are waiting.  Snakes represent Satan.  Wild animals represent demons.  Thorns represent gossips.  Poison represents suffering.  And mud holes represent defilement from sin.  The only way to survive the Attraction Phase is to obey God every step of the way.  Every side trip will bring its own brand of misery.

Life is a quest for love.  God is willing to provide it.  Satan is trying to substitute it.  The demons of love don't have it.  God's grace is a fountain of love, a river of opportunity, a watershed of blessing.  Life without love isn't worth living.  Nothing can take the place of love.  Money can't buy it.  Thieves can't steal it.  The love that is available to the Christian is beyond belief.  It is only available from God.  It can only be kept through obedience to His authority through the witness of metabolized Bible Doctrine in the soul of the born again believer.  Life was meant for love, but true love only comes one way - God's way.

May your love be protected from evil and your life be filled with true love from the gracious God above.  May love's dreams be realized in grace and truth, and your love bear the fruit of happiness and contentment in the Garden of God of a new Eden.  To God be the glory both now and forever more!

December 30, 1998 - Revised Sept. 23, 2013

Author: Larry Wood
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