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NASA STS-122 Mission

NASA STS-122 Mission Patch
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February 20 (Day 51, Arrogance):  The Orbiter Atlantis (OV-104) landed at Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 9:07/10 AM EST (1407/10 GMT) under a partly cloudy sky.  Landing was from the northwest on Runway 15.  The landing went smoothly and completed the 12-day mission.  Nose Gear touchdown was at 9:07/20 AM EST, and Wheel Stop was at 9:08/08 EST.  The Mission was concluded a day early to avoid interference with an attempt by the Navy to shoot down a failed reconnaissance satellite.  The picture of a ship shooting a missile into space appears on the Mission patch.

Related News Events

Among the news events related to the flight of STS-122 were:
  1. Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens in a Congressional hearing on steroid use Feb. 13, 2008
  2. Mass murder at Northern Illinois University on Feb. 14, 2008
  3. Baseball Spring Training for pitchers and catchers began Feb. 13-17
  4. Total Lunar Eclipse Feb. 20, 2008
Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens' appearance on Capitol Hill was related to NASA, not because Clemens is nicknamed, "the Rocket," but because the STS-122 Mission patch is shaped like a baseball diamond.

NIU Shooting

On February 14, 2008 in a mass murder at Northern Illinois University Steven P. Kazmierczak, 27, killed 5 students before killing himself.  A total of 22 students were shot, including the gunman.  The shooting was in the Geology 104 class.  NASA's STS-122 Orbiter Atlantis is Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104.  The number, 27, is for a horn, which also appeared on the STS-122 Mission patch.  The number, 5, symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.  Kazmierczak's father lives in Polk County, Florida, which is county #5, and NASA Astronaut Daniel Tani, whose mother was killed while he was aboard the Space Station, has a 5-pointed star in his Birth Chart.


The NASA STS-122 Mission in 2008 installed the European Space Agency laboratory module, "Columbus," on the International Space Station.  What appeared to be a great scientific achievement was a dire omen of the beast of Revelation, the antichrist king of the Revived Roman Empire of Europe (like the European Union).  NASA is also partners with Russia, which symbolizes the King of the North, and the next mission will install the Japanese laboratory, which could symbolize the King of the East.  The picture of Armageddon is beginning to emerge.

STS-122 was the first NASA mission of 2008.  The number, 22, is for cursing, and 2008 is for the New Birth.  The STS-122  landing Main Gear touchdown was at 9:07/10 EST, where 7 is for categorical punishment, and 10 is for the Laws of Establishment.  There will be 10 nations in the Revived Roman Empire.  Nose Gear touchdown was 9:07/20 on Feb. 20, where 20 is for the external gates of the military.  The Navy will attempt to shoot down a spy satellite.  And the mission finally ended with Wheel Stop at 9:08/08 EST.  Houston Mission Control was still in charge, where it was 08:08/08 CST.  The numerical equivalent of Jesus is 888.  Even with only two 8's, however, the end of the mission clearly pointed to the number, 8, for the New Birth of 2008.  The end of the mission was at the time for the beginning (08).  This corresponds to the New Birth, which, in effect, ends the old life and begins the new.  It is like death and life.  And the Lord Jesus Christ called Himself the beginning and the end (Revelation 21:6; 22:13).



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February 7 (Day 38, Dying in Wilderness):  NASA successfully launched STS-122 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 2:45/30 PM EST (1945/30 GMT) under cloudy skies.  Launch was delayed two months after a problem with LH2 Engine Cutoff sensors occurred.  The STS-122 Mission of Orbiter Atlantis (OV-104) will take the European Space Agency laboratory module, "Columbus," to the International Space Station.  French Air Force General Leopold Eyharts will be taken to the Space Station to replace NASA astronaut Daniel Tani.
Elephants, 2-5-08, 2215 GMT
Launch occurred as the storm front that killed at least 57 people on February 5-6 was passing through.  The killer tornadoes were spawned by three weather elephants.  The trunks of the weather elephants resembled the horn on the STS-122 Mission patch composed of three vapor trails.  Deaths from the tornadoes occurred from a swam of tornadoes that crossed the Mississippi River to symbolize crossing the Jordan to conquer the Promised Land (ref. 2000).

Today was February 7, Day 38, where 7 is for categorical punishment and 38 is for dying in the wilderness.  Launch was at 1945/30 GMT, where 45 is for victory over the stronghold and 30 is for a priest.


STS-122 was finally launched in 2008 after being delayed from December 7, 2007.  The mission patch contained a ship, which symbolizes Salvation.  The year, 2008, symbolizes the New Birth of Salvation; whereas, 2007 symbolizes categorical punishment.  The launch obviously occurred when the Sovereign Design of God allowed it.  Launch was on February 7, for categorical punishment in 2008, for the New Birth of Salvation.

The number, STS-122, stands for cursing.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed (Gen. 12:3).  The sign of cursing in the first launch of 2008, for the blessing of the New Birth, is an anachronism.  The Launch was heralded by killer tornadoes that crossed the Mississippi to symbolize crossing the Jordan and the Second Advent the antichrist king of the Revived Roman Empire of Europe (like the European Union) will be destroyed.  The European Union supplied the  "Columbus" laboratory that was onboard the Shuttle.

French Air Force General Leopold Eyharts will replace NASA astronaut Daniel Tani in the Space Station.  France is in the region of Europe that corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  Daniel Tani's mother was killed December 19, 2007.  She was 90, for the new order of Israel.  She was born in California, which also corresponds to the location of Israel.

Benazir Bhutto Killed

Benazir Bhutto Killed

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December 27 (Day 361, Income Tax):  Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated after a political rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan at 6:16 PM local time.  According to Pakistan's Interior Ministry, after three shots were fired and missed Bhutto, she ducked down from the Sunroof of her car and suffered a fractured skull from hitting her head on a lever from the shock waves of an explosion from a bomber on a motorbike.

Rawalpindi is at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 73 E., for freedom.  Bhutto was born on June 21, 1953, Day 172, where 53 is for a ship, which is a sign on the NASA STS-122 Mission patch.  She was 54, for Salvation.  A ship symbolizes Salvation.  She was born in Karachi at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 67 E., for giving of worldly possessions.  She spent two years at the Presentation Convent in Rawalpindi, the place of her death.  She attended Harvard University's Radcliffe College from 1969, for running the course of this life, until 1973, for freedom.
Benazir Bhutto Death
At the time of Benazir Bhutto's death, the Red Planet was in Gemini, as on previous tragedies associated with NASA's STS-122 Mission processing.  The Red Planet symbolizes the Blood of Christ.  In opposition to the Red Planet was a Stellium of four planets in Sagittarius, the Archer and symbol of Gad, the raiding band or terrorists.  Sagittarius corresponds to the region of Pakistan in Asia.  Bhutto's birth sign was Gemini, which also contained the Red Planet at the time of her birth.

There was also a Plow in Bhutto's death chart.  The Plow was formed by the Moon in Cancer in opposition to the Redeemer planet at home in Capricornus, and the Morning Star in Scorpius, the evil one.  The Plow resolves the conflict between the planets in opposition by attempting to plow under the third planet.  The Morning Star in Scorpius (the third planet) symbolizes the War of Armageddon in which Satan inspires the kings of the North, South, East, and West to gather for war in Israel in an attempt to prevent fulfillment of the Unconditional Covenants to Israel, including the Millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Moon in Cancer symbolizes the Eternal Security of Tribulational believers.  The Redeemer planet in Capricornus symbolizes redemption from the slave market of sin of Satan's Cosmic System.  When the kings of the world reject the Redemption solution, they will attack Israel, and the Lord will return as the Morning Star to deliver (redeem) Israel.

What does this have to do with NASA?  NASA is trying to launch a laboratory for the King of the West (Dictator of the Revived Roman Empire).  And NASA management met today and agreed to make modifications to the suspect electrical connector that caused the problem with the LH2 Engine Cutoff sensor measurements.  The mods will push the launch date beyond January 10. Today was December 27, for a horn.  The STS-122 Mission patch contains a horn.  Also, in Bhutto's death chart today, the Mediator planet was in Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida, the home of Kennedy Space Center.

ISS Astronaut Mother Killed

Rose Tani

Lombard, IL, 12-19-07
Rose Tani Birth Chart

ISS Astronaut Mother Killed

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December 19 (Day 353, Large Fish, Ship):  Mother of Astronaut Daniel Tani, who is aboard the Space Station, was killed in Lombard, Illinois when her car was hit by a freight train.  Rose Tani, 90, was killed about 3:00 PM CST when she drove through the closed gates at a railroad crossing and into the path of a westbound train, which was traveling from Chicago to California.  She was born in California on February 20, 1917, Day 51, for arrogance.  She died on Dec. 19, 2007, Day 353, for a ship.  A ship, which symbolizes salvation, appears on the STS-122 mission patch.  Her funeral will be at the First Church of Christ in Lombard, which is at 220 South Main St., where 22 is for cursing.
Daniel Tani Birth Chart
Rose Tani became famous in her death because her son, Daniel Tani, a NASA astronaut, was aboard the Space Station.  Daniel Tani's birth chart has a five-pointed star (a pentagram), which symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.  A star is also the sign of sudden brilliance that comes in out of the blue.  Daniel became a celebrity of sorts when his mother died.  She was 90, for the new order (race) of Israel.  Sarah was 90 when Isaac, the son of the promise of the Abrahamic Covenant, was born.  Rose gave birth to Daniel at age 44, and his father died when Daniel was 4.  Rose died in Lombard, Illinois, which is at 41 N., for happiness, and 88 W., for blessing.  Isaac, means laughter (happiness).  Rose was driving a 1998 Honda, where 98 means the glory has departed.  A rose symbolizes a prostitute.

Rose Tani died on Dec. 19, which stands for the tribe of Dan (related to her son Daniel) and the federal judiciary.  Kennedy Space Center, where STS-122 now sits on the launch pad, is Florida County #19.  Rose was born in the sign of Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida.  She had a stellium in Capricornus, which corresponds to Texas, where NASA Mission Control relayed the death message to her son in orbit.  A stellium adds extra power to the influence of the sign.

The chart of the planets over Lombard at 3:00 PM at the time of Rose's death contains a Star of David, which is the most propitious sign of blessing in such a chart.  Granted, the Star of David, is a little askew, but it is close enough to see how it relates to the other events of the day.  The Star of David is a reminder of the double blessing of Israel, which came through the Abrahamic Covenant and the birth of Isaac.  Death is God's victory.  He alone decides, the time, manner, and place of death for everyone.  The death of a person carries a message from God.  In this case, the message was the sign of the Star of David and a reminder through a 90-year old woman of the birth of Isaac, which fulfilled God's promise to Abraham.

Daniel Tani also had a Kite in his Birth Chart.  A Kite symbolizes death on the Cross as well as a person who flies above the circumstances of life (like an astronaut).  The STS-122 Mission patch portrayed crosses.  Daniel's birth sign is Capricornus, which corresponds to Texas, home of NASA Mission Control.


The tragic death of Rose Tani, mother of astronaut Daniel Tani, was accompanied by bold signs in the sky.  The Star of David over Lombard, Illinois was a reminder of the blessing of the Abrahamic Covenant.  Rose's death at age 90, was a reminder of the birth of Isaac, the son of the promise from Right Man - Right Woman when Sarah was 90.  Rose was born in California, which is in the same location in North America as Israel in Asia.  Rose Tani's claim to fame was her son Daniel.  This is analogous to the birth of Isaac.

Rose Tani was killed on Dec. 19, 2007, Day 353, which stands for a ship.  A ship symbolizes Salvation, as explained in 1 Peter 3:20-21 (see Mission patch for corrected translation).  Rose Tani is a member of the United Church of Christ, which believes that water baptism is required for Salvation.  This is apostasy.  The baptism that saves is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - not water baptism, which is not necessary after the completion of the canon of scripture.

Rose Tani was killed by a train when she drove around the safety barrier at a railroad crossing.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  The train was traveling from Chicago in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, to California, the symbol of Israel.  Rose was born in California.  The linkage of peace to Israel obviously points to cursing associated with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process (Gen. 12:3).  Driving around the railroad crossing gate is also a symbol of a safety violation.  NASA management attempted to change Launch Commit Criteria and launch STS-122 on the last scrub.  Hindsight now reveals that decision was wrong, since the last Tanking Test on Dec. 18 revealed a problem in the External Tank circuitry (or connector) for the liquid hydrogen Engine Cutoff sensors.  In other words, NASA management, at the suggestion of the Astronauts, wanted to do something similar to what Rose Tani did in violating safety.

The big deal is that STS-122 contains the European Union Laboratory for the Space Station.  It is analogous to the Dictator of the Revived Roman Empire (the Antichrist) in the Tribulation.  The Russian module on the Space Station is analogous to the King of the North.  So, it is no wonder that powerful historical events are heralding the STS-122 mission of cursing.

Launch Scrub #2

Launch Scrub #2

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December 9 (Day 343, Fulfillment):  NASA scrubbed the second launch attempt of STS-122 today.  Launch will be no earlier than Jan. 2, 2008 based upon resolution of the fuel sensor problem.  According to NASA, "Early Sunday, one of the four engine cutoff, or ECO, sensors inside the liquid hydrogen section of Atlantis' external fuel tank gave a false reading while the tank was being filled. NASA's current Launch Commit Criteria require that all four sensors function properly."

Another Bloody Bucket - Arvada, Colorado Shooting

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A gunman walked up to a training center for Christian missionaries in Arvada, Colorado about 12:30 AM and shot four people.  Two died, a 26 year old woman from Minnesota, and a 24 year old man from Alaska.  The shooting was in a dorm for Youth With a Mission, which is on the property of Faith Bible Chapel at 12750 West 63rd Ave.  Faith Bible Chapel has two back-to-back crosses out front (ref. photo, Denver Post).  Back-to-back crosses symbolize apostasy.  The two crosses correspond to the two crosses associated with the 8-sided star shape of the STS-122 Mission patch.

Arvada, Colorado is at 39 N., for the sin unto death, and 105 W., for a giant, such as Baal.  Colorado is the region of the summits, which points to cursing from the latest Annapolis peace summit.  A Bloody Bucket is still overhead in the Zodiac.  This is the third Bloody Bucket with mass shootings associated with a NASA launch.  The big deal is the attempted launch of the European Space Laboratory.

Yet Another Bloody Bucket - Colorado Springs, Colorado Shooting

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The gunman who killed 2 in Arvada, Colorado later killed 2 more a New Life Church in Colorado Springs before he was shot by a heroic Church security guard, Jeanne Assam, 42.  His death was later ruled a suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, although he was also shot by Assam.  The gunman, Matthew Murray, 24, attacked members of the New Life Church after the service had ended.  He used smoke grenades in an attempt to herd the people for a massacre.  He killed two sisters, ages 16 and 18, and shot their father along with 2 other people before he was killed.

The connection between the two church shootings was that both had resident Youth With a Mission groups, and Murray had been a member of Youth With a Mission.  His roommate described him as hearing voices and talking to them on October 23, 2002, and on Dec. 19, 2002, he was not allowed to go on a mission trip because of his bizarre behavior.  At that point he snapped (denial and projection) and made a veiled threat in which he said to tell the members of the group, "You will see your star."  Murray, who was apparently a Christian, was 24, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The two sisters who were killed at New Life Church correspond to the sign of Gemini, the Twins, which was the focus of the Bloody Bucket configuration overhead in the Zodiac.

Launch Scrub #1

Launch Scrub #1

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December 7 (Day 341, Happiness):  NASA scrubbed the first launch attempt of STS-122 yesterday.  Launch was first rescheduled for Dec. 8 at 3:43 PM EST and later changed to Dec. 9 at 3:21 PM EST (2021 GMT).  According to NASA, "During tanking, two of four LH2 Engine Cutoff (ECO) sensors failed to respond appropriately, which is a Launch Commit Violation. The requirement to proceed calls for 3 of 4. The launch was scrubbed at 9:56 a.m. EST."

The STS-122 Mission of Orbiter Atlantis (OV-104) will take the European Space Agency laboratory module, "Columbus," to the International Space Station.  It will be the 24th Shuttle mission to the Space Station, where 24 is for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

Omaha Mall Shooting

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The first launch attempt of STS-122 was heralded on Dec. 5 by the mass murder of 8 people at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska by Robert A. Hawkins, 19.  Hawkins used an AK-47 rifle to kill 8 people and injure 5 at the Von Maur department store before killing himself.  There are 22 Von Maur stores in 9 states.  Von Maur department stores was founded in 1872.  The shooting began at 1:42 PM CST (19:42 UTC).  Police arrived 6 minutes later, and Hawkins had already killed himself.  President Bush, who had been in Omaha, left town about 1:00 PM.
Omaha Mall Shooting, 12-5-07
At the time of the Omaha mall shooting, the configuration of the planets overhead was a Bloody Bucket, like the one on the previous NASA STS-120 Mission associated with the Jokela school shooting in Finland in which 8 people were murdered.  The focus of the Bloody Bucket over Omaha was the Red Planet in Gemini, the Twins and sign of a witness, as in court.  Hawkins had a criminal record.  The Von Maur stores were founded in 1872, where 72 is for the internal gates of the Criminal Justice System.  There are 22 Von Maur stores, where 22 is for cursing.  The shooting was the day before the STS-122 launch attempt.  Hawkins was 19, for Dan, the Federal Judiciary, and the number for Brevard County, Florida where Kennedy Space Center is located.  The shooting was Dec. 5, for a giant, such as Baal, and Day 339, for the sin unto death (39).  The shooting began at 1:42 PM, where 42 stands for Baal.  Eight people were murdered.  The STS-122 patch features 8-pointed stars.  The launch was scrubbed and rescheduled for Dec. 8 at 3:43 PM, where 43 is for fulfillment. Then it was rescheduled for Dec. 9 at 3:21 PM, Day 343.  President Bush, who had left Omaha an hour before the shooting, is the 43rd President.  Hawkins was living at 4302 McCartey Dr. in Bellevue.

Barry Bonds

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Barry Bonds pleaded not guilty today to charges of perjury to a grand jury in the investigation of his use of steroids.  Bonds indictment stems from his grand jury testimony on December 4, 2003 in which he was granted immunity with the stipulation that perjury was excluded. Bonds is baseball's all-time home run leader with 762 home runs.  The NASA STS-122 Mission patch features a diamond shape like a baseball diamond.

Mission PatchSTS-122 Star Shape

The STS-122 Mission patch features two square frames, which are arranged to form a symmetrical eight-sided figure, or eight-pointed star.  An eight-pointed star is composed of two crosses.  The gold stars in the night sky on the patch are also eight-pointed stars.  The two crosses of an eight-pointed star symbolize the Cross of Christ and the cross of the believer, who died when Christ died (Romans 6:3-11; Galatians 2:20).

The patch has a ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and an Orbiter rising above the Earth.  The ship and the Orbiter are silhouettes of white with gold outlines.  The color schemes represent glory.  The ship represents salvation, and the Orbiter represents resurrection (1 Peter 1:3; 3:20-21).

Blessed be God even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who on the basis of His great mercy, has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. (1 Peter 1:3)

1 Peter 3:20-21
20 who once were disobedient, when the patience of God kept waiting in the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water. 21 And corresponding to that, Baptism (of the Holy Spirit) now saves you, not the removal of dirt from the body, but the appeal of an intrinsically Good conscience toward God, through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The person who accepts the gift of Salvation is symbolically in the ship (1 Pet 3:20).  Believers reflect the Glory of Christ.  And believers have a live hope (confidence) that they will be resurrected just as Christ was resurrected (1 Pet 1:3).  The ship floats on water like Noah's Ark, which delivered eight people from the Flood.  The ship floating on water symbolizes the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in which God the Holy Spirit spiritually regenerates a person at the point of Salvation (1 Pet 3:21).  That person's sins will be forgiven and his conscience will be pure (intrinsically Good).  The person with Salvation can look forward to being resurrected, which includes glorification.

The ship of glory on the patch also corresponds to the constellation, Argo, which symbolizes Salvation (1 Pet 3:20-21).  Argo comes from Homer's tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece.  The sailors were Argonauts.  Argo is Greek ajrgov" (argos), which means shining, bright, glistening, or swift because all swift motion causes a kind of glancing or flickering light.

On the patch three vapor trails connecting the ship to the Orbiter form a horn, the symbol of intensified suffering (like being gored).  The three vapor trails symbolize Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon, which are Earthly and part of the Cosmic System.  The Cosmic System of Satan has no part in Salvation or Resurrection.  Also, the atmosphere of the Earth is shown on the patch with colors representing glory.  The Orbiter rising above the atmosphere symbolizes leaving behind all earthly glory at the Resurrection.  The glory of the world is passing away:  Sic transit gloria mundi.

The horn of three vapor trails rising from the ship later proved also to symbolize the Navy missile that shot down a spy satellite at 0326 GMT on Feb. 21.

Events in the news during the processing of STS-122 for launch include:

  1. The sinking of an Antarctic cruise ship on November 24 in which all 154 passengers were rescued, where 154 stands for salvation.
  2. Flooding in the Pacific Northwest.
  3. Barry Bonds court plea on Dec. 7.  The shape of a baseball diamond is on the patch.
  4. Mitchel Report on baseball steroid use released Dec. 13.


NASA's first attempt to launch STS-122 on December 6 was scrubbed due to failures of hydrogen Engine Cutoff sensors.  The number 122 stands for cursing.  It was Day 340, for the division of the land, which points to the Middle East peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  A peace conference was held last week in Annapolis, Maryland.  It was in defiance of the Abrahamic Covenant, which is a prescription for cursing (Gen. 12:3).  The hydrogen fuel for the Orbiter corresponds to the male in Marriage Culture, and the oxygen corresponds to the woman.

The STS-122 launch attempt was heralded by a mass murder at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska.  The shooting was in the Von Maur department store, of which there are 22 stores in 9 states.  The number, 22, for cursing points to STS-122.  The number, 9, for the Plagues of Egypt, points to the total people who died in both the Omaha shooting and the Jokela school shooting in Finland, which occurred during the last Shuttle Mission, STS-120.

The planetary configuration overhead formed a Bloody Bucket, which also occurred during STS-120 in association with the Jokela school shooting.  The focus of the Bloody Bucket over Omaha was the Red Planet in Gemini, the Twins and sign of a witness, as in court.  The gunman, Robert A. Hawkins, 19, had a criminal record and was due in court December 19, where 19 stands for Dan and the Federal Judiciary as well as Brevard County, which is Florida county #19, the home of Kennedy Space Center.

After the launch scrub, it was rescheduled for Dec. 8, Day 342, where 8 is for the new birth and 42 is for Baal - i.e. the new birth of Baal.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was Dec. 7, which was Dec. 8 Japanese time.  Baal corresponds to Satan as the Demon Commander of War.  In World War II, Hitler tried to conquer Europe as Evil Kings have tried to do periodically throughout history.  During the Tribulation a dictator, the Beast of Revelation, will rule the ten nations of Europe.  This all ties in with STS-122, which will carry the European Space Agency Columbus module to the International Space Station.  With the Columbus module attached to the Space Station, both Russia (the future King of the North) and the Europe Union (the future Revived Roman Empire ruled by the Antichrist) will have a vested interest with the US in space.

So, launching the Columbus module is a big deal.  The STS-122 Mission patch is shaped like an 8-pointed star, which is formed from two crosses.  The two crosses symbolize the Cross of Christ and the cross of the believer, who died when Christ died.  The two crosses also symbolize the Eclipse Testing of the Right Man and Right Woman in Marriage Culture.  The ships that Columbus sailed likely had large crosses on the sails.

NASA has subsequently moved the launch date to Dec. 9, Day 343 at 3:21 PM, where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt, 343 is for fulfillment, and 3:21 is for Providential Preventative Suffering (21).

Author:  Larry Wood