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Another NASA Stone Cut Out Without Hands

Another NASA Stone Cut Out Without Hands

August 16, 2012 (Day 229, Victory Over Edom):  A slab of uncut granite fell on a worker, striking him in the head and cutting his leg.  As the 63-year-old man was taking the straps off a load of granite, the load shifted and a piece of granite weighing about 1,000 pounds broke off and hit the man.  A tourniquet was applied to the man's leg to stop the bleeding, and he was airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne.

This incident occurred about 8:15 AM EDT (1215 GMT) at Absolute Stone and Granite, 340 Cox Road, Cocoa, Florida.  The symbol of the stone cut out without hands previously occurred in conjunction with Space Shuttle Orbiters Endeavour and Atlantis on May 31, 2011.  Today the two orbiters came together again, and a worker in nearby Cocoa was struck by a stone that broke off and was not cut by human hands.

The "stone cut out without hands" refers to the stone that toppled Nebuchadnezzar's image that symbolized the empires of the world (Dan 2:34).  The stone toppled the image by smashing its feet of clay, the symbol of the Revived Roman Empire, which will be destroyed by the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the stone that will destroy Satan's last world empire at the Second Advent.  Last year the symbol of the "stone cut out without hands" appeared with NASA Orbiters Endeavour (STS-134) and Atlantis (STS-135) to symbolize the destruction of the evil nations at the Second Advent followed by the rest, peace, and prosperity of the Millennium.

Orbiters Endeavour and Atlantis Meet Again

Orbiters OPF, NASA, 20120816Today, NASA Shuttle Orbiters Endeavour (OV-105) (left) and Atlantis (OV-104) (right) were positioned nose-to-nose outside the Orbiter Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  The Orbiters met for the last time as they switched places in preparation for movement to their retirement homes.  Atlantis was moved from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the OPF, and Endeavour was moved from the OPF to the VAB.  Endeavour will be moved in September to the California Science Center in Los Angeles.   And Atlantis will be moved to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in November.

Stone Cut Out Chart

Stone Cut Out Without Hands ChartThe Chart at the time the stone fell on the worker in Cocoa contains a Mystic Rectangle and a Plow.  The Mystic Rectangle corresponds to the shape of a flat bed truck, like the one for hauling the granite.  A Plow symbolizes intensive suffering like being plowed under.  The Plow crossing the Mystic Rectangle symbolized the cutting out of the stone of granite without hands.  The point of the Plow was the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for the suffering of a priest (such as a Church Age believer priest) or a priest of Baal.

The Sun was in Cancer, for a stone worker or quarryman.   The Sun was in opposition to the Redeemer in Aquarius, for being redeemed from the grave, or Sheol.  This means the worker's life was in the balance.  And the Moon was also in Cancer, for group safety or for the workers from the OPF who processed the Orbiters.  Also in Cancer was the Savior Planet, for a healer, corresponding to the medical personnel treating the injured worker.

Midheaven was in Taurus in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet, for a glorious world ruler.  That will be the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent, but in the meantime Satan is posing as that one.  And the Bottom of Heaven was in Scorpius, for a violent death, as the sin leading to death or the death of Jezebel.

The Ascendant Sign was Leo, corresponding Washington, DC and to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who will return at the Second Advent.  The Descendant Sign was Aquarius, where the Redeemer Planet had just set.  The Redeemer in Aquarius symbolizes being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to the worker who was redeemed from death.  Aquarius also corresponds to Florida, the home of Kennedy Space Center.

The God of the Covenants and the Red Planet were in conjunction on the cusp of Libra.  Thus, the God of the Covenants could symbolize a caretaker, corresponding to the emergency services personnel, or to balance, corresponding to the load that shifted and caused the stone to break off and fall on the worker.  The Red Planet in Libra symbolizes bloody judgment, corresponding to the injuries of the worker.


A "stone cut out without hands" severely injured a worker in Cocoa, corresponding to the Orbiters Endeavour and Atlantis, which came nose-to-nose outside the OPF today.  The stone hitting the worker and the Orbiters nose-to-nose symbolized the Lord Jesus Christ, as the stone, who will destroy the enemies of Israel at the Second Advent.  This is a repeat of the symbolism of May 31, 2011.

The planets overhead when the stone fell on the worker told the story of the injured worker as well as Lord Jesus Christ as the stone at the Second Advent.  The stone falling off the truck was symbolized by a Mystic Rectangle intersected by a Plow, where the Mystic Rectangle corresponded to the truck and the Plow corresponded to the stone cut out without hands.  The Sun in Cancer symbolized the stone worker as well as the Lord Jesus Christ as the stone.  The Redeemer in Aquarius symbolized the Florida worker who was redeemed from Sheol as well as those who will be redeemed at the Second Advent to populate the Millennial Kingdom.  And Midheaven in conjunction with the Almighty God in Taurus symbolized the Lord Jesus Christ as the world ruler at the Second Advent in contrast to Satan who currently rules the world.


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Released August 16, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood