The Lunar Eclipse and Immigration Crisis

The Lunar Eclipse and Immigration Crisis
Congressional Train Wreck Dunghill

The Lunar Eclipse and Immigration Crisis

January 31, 2018 (Day 31):  The total lunar eclipse of January 31, 2018 was a rare sight that stood out in the heavens.  It was a super Moon, which occurs with the Moon at perigee and nearest Earth.  A super Moonsupermoon is about 14% brighter than a normal full Moon.  It was also a blue Moon, the second full Moon in a month.  More significantly, the Moon during the eclipse was at the focus of a configuration.  All of the planets formed a Bucket that focused on the Moon.  At the point of greatest eclipse in the Pacific, the Moon was in the zenith and all of the other planets were on the dark side of the astrological chart.  The eclipse was visible in the Asia Pacific region and Australia.

The unusual sign in the heavens with the eclipse of the Moon in Cancer symbolized the suffering of Rachel as she gave birth to Benjamin and died.  Rachel died under the Four Generation Curse because she rejected the Spiritual relationship with the Lord and her Right Man.  She wanted to have children to the point of death, and she got her wish (Gen 30:1; 35:18, 19).  Benjamin was the youngest son who completed the family of Jacob.  His sons became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The suffering of Rachel and completion of the family of Israel symbolizes the current immigration crisis in the US.  Immigrants have been allowed to flood into the US due to lack of a coherent immigration policy at the hands of politicians under the power of the man of lawlessness.  The US has been flooded with immigrants like the barbarians in Rome and people who gathered to the Tower of Babel.  Congress has determined to act on the immigration crisis before the current continuing budget resolution expires and the government is shut down.

A Lunar Eclipse symbolizes Eclipse Testing of the Right Woman in relation to her Right Man.  Rachel was the Right Woman of Jacob. 


Lunar Eclipse
          ChartThe Chart at the time of maximum eclipse contains a Bucket and a Boomerang.  The Bucket has a focus of the Moon in Cancer, for the suffering of Rachel in the birth of Benjamin.  Cancer corresponds to the Tribe of Benjamin and the region of Turkey in Asia.  The Bucket is aligned so that all of the planets except the Moon are on the dark side of the Chart.  The Moon symbolizes a woman, a family, and a congregation.   Rachel was the woman who died after childbirth and whose son Benjamin completed the family of Israel.

A Boomerang is for critical timing.  The Boomerang pointed to the Moon in eclipse, corresponding to Rachel in childbirth.  The crisis in timing corresponds to the current immigration crisis in the US Congress.

The Sun was in Capricornus in a Father and Sons Configuration as well as a Family Configuration.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven opposite the Moon in Midheaven, corresponding to curse of foreigners flooding through Texas.  This corresponds to a breach in the wall of the US.

Congressional Train Wreck Dunghill

An Amtrak train carrying Republican members of Congress hit a garbage truck in Virginia West of Charlottesville at 11:20 AM EST (1620 GMT).  Members of the Senate and House of Representatives were en route to a retreat at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia when the wreck occurred west of Crozet, Virginia.  The driver of the truck was killed and a passenger seriously injured.  There were no serious injuries among the members of Congress.  The railroad crossing where the wreck occurred had a railroad crossing signal.  The train, which had a rear engine, was able to backtrack to Charlotte, where the members of Congress could catch a bus to the retreat.

              Wreck ChartThe chart at the time of the train wreck was upside down from the eclipse chart.  The two charts were precisely 180 degrees apart.  The focus of the Bucket in the eclipse chart was in Midheaven and near the Bottom of Heaven in train wreck chart.  The Moon in Cancer could symbolize Rachel, a family, or group, such as Congressional Republicans.  Thus, the upside down Bucket in the chart of the train wreck symbolized Congress being overturned.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  The Republicans were going to a retreat in West Virginia (symbolizing the Prison System), and they were forced to fall back and regroup in Charlottesville after the wreck.  Garbage was strewn after the train wreck as the symbol of an ash heap (1 Sam 2:8; Ps 113:7; Lam 4:5), dunghill (Isa 25:10; Lk 14:35), or refuse heap (2 Ki 10:27; Dan 2:5; 3:29).

Thus, the Lord had some very harsh criticism of the Congressional Republican immigration plans just as he did the Tower of Babel.  The train wreck means the immigration plans are strategically wrong.  Hitting the garbage truck and strewing garbage means their plans are a pile of garbage or refuse.  And their backtrack to Charlottesville means they are falling back to destruction (Heb 10:39).  They are compromising with the Tower of Babel.  


The Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 was a significant celestial event.  The Moon at perigee was extra bright, and the planetary configuration was a Bucket with focus of the Moon in Cancer.  A Boomerang further emphasized the critical timing of the relation of the Sun to the Moon at eclipse.  The significance of the Moon in Cancer called attention to the suffering of Rachel, who died after giving birth to Benjamin, the last son in the family of Jacob.  The crisis in timing corresponds to the current immigration crisis in the US Congress.  Congress is on the spot to act on the immigration crisis before the current continuing budget resolution expires.

At the time of the eclipse the Sun was in a Father and Sons and Family Configuration in Capricornus.   This calls attention to the blessing of the Gentiles in the Church Age, and to the Four Generation Curse.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, whose open border policy has contributed to the destruction of the US.  The open borders of the US amounted to breaches in the wall of security of the Client Nation.  The foreigners were led here by Satan in an attack like the Tower of Babel.

After the Lunar Eclipse at 11:20 AM EST an Amtrak train carrying Congressional Republicans to a retreat, hit a garbage truck in Virginia.  The chart at the time was turned upside down from the eclipse chart.  This means the Republican immigration plan was turned on its head.  It was a pile of garbage.  There were railroad crossing pillars at the crossing where the train wreck occurred.  The railroad crossing pillars correspond to the bronze pillars outside Solomon's Temple that symbolize the meaning of the year 2018, for a pillar in the temple.


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Author:  Larry Wood,   Released - Jan. 31, 2018

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