Crowns in the Church
Crown of Righteousness
Crown of Life
Crown of Glory
Testing for the Crowns


1.  Crowns are the highest rewards that will be presented to Church Age Believers who are faithful in executing the Christian life.
2.  Greek  stevfano" (stephanos) = wreath, crown (1 Cor 9:25; 2 Tim 4:8; Jas 1:12; 1 Pet 5:4; Rev 2:10).  This is not the crown worn by a king, but the wreath, or crown, of a victor.
3.  The English word, crown, is derived from the Latin corona, from the Greek korone, for culmination or something curved like a crow's beak.


1.  Crowns were presented to winners of athletic contests and to soldiers who distinguished themselves in battle.
2.  Crowns given to Roman soldiers carried with them large sums of money, tax exemption, payment for education of children, and a new house.  Crowns and other decorations were presented by an officer from a reviewing stand after the battle.
3.  Crowns were worn on the head.  The higher the decoration, the higher it was worn on the body.

Crowns in the Church

1.  The highest decorations for faithful service in the Church will be crowns.
2.  The crowns will be presented by the Lord Jesus Christ after the Resurrection.  They will be worn with the uniform of glory of the Resurrection Body.
3.  Three crowns are listed for the Church.
     a.  The Crown of Righteousness for keeping the faith.
     b.  The Crown of Life for passing Capacity for Life tests.
     c.  The Crown of Glory for faithful pastors.
4.  The crowns are given to believers who faithfully execute their own Spiritual life until they die (2 Tim 4:7-8; Rev 2:10).

Crown of Righteousness

1.  The Crown of Righteousness will be given to believers who faithfully execute Bible Doctrine until the day they die.
2.  Paul explained that he would receive the Crown of Righteousness just prior to his death (2 Tim 4:7-8).
2 Tim 4:7-8
7 I have fought a good fight; I have finished the course; I have kept the faith (doctrine).   8 In the future there is laid up for me a Crown of Righteousness, which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all those who have loved His appearing.
     a.  The word, Righteousness, in Crown of Righteousness is the Greek dikaiosuvnh (dikaiosune), which means Righteousness raised to a higher power, Righteousness that demands Justice, +R2, or capacity for Righteousness.
     b.  This Righteousness comes from metabolization of Bible Doctrine, erecting the Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS), obeying Bible Doctrine, and executing the Spiritual life.
     c.  "Those who have loved His appearing" refers to those believers who loved the Lord Jesus Christ and were waiting for the opportunity to meet Him at the Rapture, i. e. those who were applying Rev 22:12.  These are the ones who believed that the Rapture was a time when they would be evaluated, and therefore, they had been faithful in order not to be embarrassed on that day.
3.  The Crown of Righteousness corresponds to the X-axis of the Spiritual life.

Crown of Life

1.  The Crown of Life is awarded to those who persevere under testing and demonstrate Capacity for Life.
James 1:12
Happy is the person who perseveres under testing; for after he has been approved by testing, he will receive a Crown of Life, which the Lord has promised to those who Love Him.
     a.  The Greek dovkimo" (dokimos) means approved (by test); verified, Acceptance Tested.
     b.  Those who Love the Lord Jesus Christ will persevere under the testing that He orders for them.

2.  Receiving the Crown of Life requires being faithful until death (Rev 2:10).
3.  The Crown of Life corresponds to the Z-axis of the Spiritual life.

Crown of Glory

1.  The Crown of Glory is reserved for faithful Pastor-Teachers (Phil 4:1; 1 Pet 5:4).
2.  Glory refers to the light of Resurrection Bodies.
3.  The characteristics of faithful pastors includes studying, teaching, leading, and being examples for the flock.  The pastor must teach voluntarily and not for monetary gain. (1 Pet 5:1-3)
4.  The Crown of Glory is associated with the Y-axis of the Spiritual life.

Testing for the CrownsTesting for Crowns

1.  Crowns are awarded to Church Age Believers who have passed rigorous tests over years of faithful service.  These believers operate in the Filling of the Holy Spirit under Grace in the Divine Dynasphere.  They use the Problem Solving Devices of the Spiritual Life to withstand the temptations of the Cosmic System and pass the tests to develop Capacity for Righteousness and Capacity for Life.
2.  Testing for the Crown of Righteousness requires obedience to Bible Doctrine to avoid the temptations of Lawlessness, as shown in green on the illustration.  This requires staying in the Divine Dynasphere to avoid sins like worry, fear, and lasciviousness as well as human good.  The believer must reject the temptation to enter the Cosmic System.  Testing for the Crown of Righteousness corresponds to the X-axis on the right side.
3.  Testing for the Crown of Life requires passing Capacity for Life tests.  This requires staying under authority to avoid Legalism, as shown in blue on the illustration.  It includes staying in the Divine Dynasphere and avoiding sins like arrogance, bitterness, and self-righteousness as well as evil.  The believer must refuse to enter the Cosmic System by over-reacting to problems and injustices.  Testing for the Crown of Life corresponds to the Y-axis on the left side.
4.  So, the Crowns are associated with the X, Y, and Z axes of the Spiritual life.



Author:  Larry Wood,   Released - January 27, 2013 - Revised Feb. 15, 2015

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