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The Shooting

On the evening of Sunday, February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, 28, a neighborhood watch volunteer, was headed to the grocery store when he noticed a suspicious person in the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community.  He called the Sanford, Florida police non-emergency number to report a young black male wearing a dark hoodie and walking around in the rain as if he were on drugs or something.  The black male was Trayvon Martin, 17, who was visiting his father, who was living in the community with his girlfriend.  Trayvon had been suspended from high school in Miami for something related to marijuana possession.

Zimmerman parked his truck and walked out to see where Trayvon went.  He saw Trayvon run away.  When the non-emergency dispatcher asked for an address, Zimmerman couldn't remember the street name.  He was frustrated and decided to walk down to the next corner to get the street name. That was the first clue that he was under the influence of Satan.  He requested the dispatcher send the police.

In the meantime, Trayvon was talking on the phone, wearing earphones, with a girl from Miami.  They had been talking most of the afternoon.  He told her that a "creepy ass cracker" was following him.  She said she told him to run.

Then as Zimmerman was returning to his truck, Trayvon suddenly appeared out of the darkness.  He walked up to Zimmerman and asked if he had a problem.  Zimmerman, who accuses people behind their back, but not to their face, said "I don't have a problem."  To which, Trayvon said, "Well, you do now!" and punched Zimmerman in the nose, perhaps breaking it.

A struggle followed along with louder words.  Zimmerman wound up on the ground on his back with Trayvon on top straddling him, pounding, punching, and bashing his head into the concrete sidewalk.  As Zimmerman began to fear for his life, apparently never throwing a punch, he screamed for help for forty seconds.  Several residents called 911, and John Good went out and told them to stop but didn't lift a finger to help.  Trayvon ignored him as George screamed for help.  However, due to the cell phone mentality and cowardice of the residents, no one would help George.  John Good went back inside and called 911.  Then Trayvon went for George's gun, and George pulled the gun and shot Trayvon once through the chest.  The bullet went straight through Trayvon's heart.  Trayvon told George something like, "You got me."  Then George pushed him off and got on top of him to subdue him.  He didn't know the shot was fatal.  The single precise shot through the heart was another indication that Satan orchestrated the shooting.

Then George got up dazed.  Police had still not arrived, but they appeared in a minute or two.  The first officer took George into custody, and the second one tried to render CPR to Trayvon, but he never had a pulse.  George was cleaned up by paramedics and taken to the Sanford Police Station, where he voluntarily gave a statement and later was interviewed by a homicide detective.

The next day Zimmerman had his head examined by a medical doctor and went through a re-enactment for police.  After examining the evidence, the police were not inclined to arrest Zimmerman because his story fit the facts and appeared to be a clear case of self-defense.

Then the press got wind of the story.  On March 8, 2012, CBS Mark Strassmann did an interview with Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin.  He also talked to Sanford Police Chief, Bill Lee.  The story that was reported did cover both sides.  However, it seems that the audience and the rest of the press only heard the story given by Tracy Martin, which was that his unarmed son would have been trying to defend himself, not Zimmerman.

Tracy Martin says if anyone was trying to defend himself, it was his son.
"Why would he attack this guy?" asks the father. "He don't know this guy. What was he going to do -- attack him with a pack of skittles?"1
These are the lies, half-truths, and innuendo of the Prostitute of Babylon.  This attitude soon swept the country.

The Protests

As the press whipped up the lies about racism in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Al Sharpton on MSNBC on March 13, 2012, interviewed Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, who implied Trayvon had simply walked up to a white man and got killed.  Then on March 17 Sharpton announced that he was going to Sanford the next week to hold a rally at the First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  Baltimore evangelist Jamal Bryant planed a protest on March 26 in front of Sanford City Hall.

On March 22, Al Shapton attended a rally in Sanford in which racial discord and strife were whipped up in demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman.  The US Justice Department Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of the Department of Justice established as a part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, was deployed to Sanford.  According to the Orlando Sentinel,

They helped set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police Chief Bill Lee, said Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.2
On March 22, on the suggestion of Florida Attorney General Pam Biondi, Governor Rick Scott appointed Angela B. Corey, State Attorney for the Jacksonville district, as prosecutor for the investigation of the death of Trayvon Martin.  Angela Corey had been Biondi's campaign chair when she was elected Attorney General.  Brevard-Seminole State Attorney Norm Wolfinger was forced to step aside.  And Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee (an honest Christian) temporarily stepped down after a no-confidence vote the previous night in the Sanford City Commission.  The Mayor and City Manager accepted the story of the protesters without considering the evidence.

Governor Scott also appointed a task force to study Florida's "stand your ground'' law.  The task force would be led by Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and vice-chaired by Rev. R. B. Holmes Jr., pastor of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee.  Neither of the two were legally qualified.  Carroll was like a political public relations liaison, and Holmes was a pastor.  Note the three people at the podium in the video, corresponding to Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babaylon.3  Ironically, on March 12, 2013, Jennifer Carroll was forced to resign as a result of a state-wide Internet gambling case that was brought by Seminole County, the county in which Trayvon Martin was shot.

On March 23, President Obama entered the fray and said, "You know, if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" (video).  The President was running for re-election.  He succeeded in winning Florida's 29 electoral votes.  The US Justice Department opened an investigation of Zimmerman for racism.  However, after a thorough FBI investigation, nothing was found.  Zimmerman was not a racist.

On April 11, 2012, Angela Corey announced that George Zimmerman had been charged with Second Degree Murder and arrested (video).  She began her investigation by meeting with Trayvon Martin's parents and praying with them.  She's an Episcopalian.  They wanted justice for Trayvon, and God answered their prayer.  However, that was not the answer they wanted.  Corey skipped the Grand Jury and rushed to charge Zimmerman, even leaving out exculpatory evidence of Zimmerman's injuries, for which she was later indicted.

At trial, there was no evidence presented by the State Attorneys to support a claim of Second Degree Murder.   The charge against Zimmerman had been without factual basis.  The Governor didn't ask for the facts; the President didn't ask for the facts; the US and State Attorney Generals did not ask for the facts; and when the trial judge was presented with the facts, she refused to consider them.  Zimmerman's lawyer filed two motions to dismiss, which the judge refused to seriously consider.

The Trial

Before the trial, Zimmerman's lawyers filed charges for sanctions against the Prosecution for withholding evidence.  The Prosecution produced expert witnesses in voice recognition that were exposed as frauds.  The judge finally ruled that automated voice recognition could not be used in the trial.  The judge also ruled that Trayvon Martin's phone data and school records could not be used in opening arguments.  They were not allowed in the trial either.  However, Zimmerman's past calls to police as neighborhood watch volunteer along with his school records were allowed.  As a result of the steamroller case against him, Zimmerman, who was one credit shy of graduation from junior college, was kicked out of school, and his wife was kicked out of nursing school.

Zimmerman's trial began on June 10, 2013.  Six women jurors were selected.  The triral, according to Defense Attorney Don West, was bizarre.  The State acted like defense attorneys, and the Defense acted like prosecutors.  The Defense finally resorted to proving their client innocent rather than just defending him.  The trial had degenerated to a contest of winning or losing, not justice and truth.  Two days before closing arguments, the State tried to tack on charges of Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Gun, and Manslaughter.  Then the next day the State tried to add the charge of Felony Third Degree Murder by reason of child abuse.  This, in the words of Don West, was a trick.  The trickery was evidence of Satan.

In closing arguments, the State attorneys mocked Zimmerman, invoked the Martin Luther King Dream speech, made racial insinuations, played up the victim complex, told lies and half truths, and appealed to the emotion of the female jurors.  They did not stick to the evidence.  They never had any evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime.  This was more evidence of Satan's attack on truth.

The case went to the jury on July 12.  The jury was asked to consider charges of Second Degree Murder and Manslaughter.  The instructions for the manslaughter charges were complicated and presented difficulties for the jury for charges that had not been discussed at any time in the trial.  In a scene reminiscent of Pilate's wife, a personal dream occurred the morning before the jury reached its verdict.  The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty on July 13 at 9:59 PM EDT (0159 GMT).

Shooting Chart

Shooting Chart, 2-26-11The Chart at the time of the Death of Trayvon Martin contains a Coffin and a Pit.  A Coffin is for burying the dead.  And a Pit symbolizes fiery judgment and going down to the grave.  The pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood, which could correspond to the flood of protesters that turned out, in addition to flooding in the country from water.

The Bottom of Heaven was in Sagittarius, for death in battle.  Trayvon died in a fight.  Midheaven was in Gemini, for a famous witness.

The Sun was in Aquarius, for an antichrist.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where the shooting occurred.  What followed in the persecution of George Zimmerman with the posturing of politicians, lies in the media, and injustice in the legal system, was evidence of the evil influence of the man of lawlessness (2 Thess 2:3).

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel.  The rush to prosecute George Zimmerman was from Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon, who rules the criminal justice system.

The Red Planet was on the Ascendant in Leo, for a tyrant or bloody king.  Trayvon Martin was the tyrant.  It was in his Birth Chart.  The bloody king corresponded to the government officials who rushed to join Jezebel in judging Zimmerman without the facts.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC, where President Obama and Government officials led the attack against Zimmerman.  Leo also corresponds to Florida's Leon County, where the Governor and State officials rushed to join Jezebel in judging Zimmerman.

The Savior Planet had just set in Aquarius, for a reporter.  Reporters were going to join Jezebel in the propagation of lies.  The Mediator Planet was also near the Descendant in Pisces, for a pastor or priest.  Much of the lying associated with Jezebel came from activist pastors.

The pair of planets in Aries with a third planet in Pisces symbolizes a family.  The Martin family was the focal point for the opposition of Zimmerman and claims of racism.

Trayvon Martin Birth Chart

Trayvon Martin Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Trayvon Martin contained a Grand Trine and a Sling.  The Grand Trine is a sign of strength, power, and stability in the face of rigorous tests.  Trayvon at age 17 beat up George Zimmerman.  A Sling symbolizes a sling for slaying giants.  Both Martin and Zimmerman were born on the 5th, which symbolizes a giant.   The focus of the Sling was the Red Planet on the cusp of Leo, for a tyrant.  He attacked George Zimmerman and apparently threw all the punches.  According to Zimmerman, Trayvon threatened to kill him.  Martin's focus, according to writings in social media included street fighting.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC and Florida's Leon County, the location of the state capital.

The Sun sign was Capricornus, for Gentile lawlessness.  Martin was lawless, and Zimmerman was legalistic.  Also in Capricornus, to add even more intensity to the power of the sign, were the Savior, for a rescuer, and the Mediator, for worldly conflict.  Martin was in Sanford because he had been expelled from school, and he was keen to pick a fight with Zimmerman when he had every opportunity to avoid it.

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel, just as it was in Trayvon's Death Chart.

The God of the Covenants was in Aquarius, for a news bearer.  Trayvon was reporting his actions over the phone until just before he attacked Zimmerman.  Aquarius, corresponds to Florida.

In Sagittarius were the Redeemer Planet, for a band of robbers, and Morning Star for a leader of battles.

There were also two planets in Scorpius, for the influence of Satan.  The Almighty God symbolized Satan as the world ruler, and the Last Adam symbolized a victim of Satan.  Trayvon's death appears to be from Satan at the hand of Zimmerman.  Both Martin and Zimmerman had strong influence of Satan in their lives.

George Zimmerman Birth Chart

George Zimmerman Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of George Zimmerman contains a Bow, for a person who goes in one direction with great fortitude, strength, and power.  There is no defense against a person with a Bow.  Even though Martin was beating Zimmerman to death, Zimmerman pulled out a gun and killed him.  Even with the President, Governor, federal and state prosecutors, and FBI after Zimmerman, he won his freedom in court.  A Bow also symbolizes a charmer.

The Bow in Zimmerman's Chart was centered at the Last Adam in Libra, which symbolizes being cursed by the law.  The full weight of the law was applied to Zimmerman.  He was placed under a million dollar bond and forced to pay for his own protection for 15 months even though he was not guilty of any crime.  Also in Libra was the God of the Covenants, for the law.  He had major legal trouble.  He was guilty until proven innocent.

Zimmerman's Sun Sign was Virgo, for peace.  He was a peaceful person and didn't have it in him to fight.  It was near the New Moon with the Moon also in Virgo, for a woman's servants.  Zimmerman was tried before a female judge and jury.  Being born near the New Moon means lack of supporters who would respond and see things George's way.

There were two planets in Scorpius.  The Mediator Planet symbolized an accuser.  Zimmerman was an accuser, especially behind people's back.  He accused Trayvon Martin.  He was also accused by Satan (Rev 12:10), which explains the attempt of the world to crucify him.  The Almighty God symbolized Satan, as the world ruler.  Trayvon Martin had the same sign in his Birth Chart.

The Savior Planet was on the cusp of Virgo, for Rachel's children, corresponding to weeping over the death of children.  This came true when Zimmerman was forced to endure the grief of Trayvon's relatives.

There were two planets in Leo, corresponding to Virginia, where Zimmerman was born.  The Red Planet symbolized a roaring lion, like Satan seeking someone to devour.  And the Morning Star symbolized royal glory.

The Redeemer Planet was in Sagittarius, for being redeemed from the enemy.  This happened in the fight with Trayvon and in court.

Angela Corey Birth Chart

Angela Corey Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Angela Corey contains an overflowing Bowl.  A Bowl symbolizes a person with all his eggs in one basket and a charmer.  An overflowing Bowl is even more pronounced in overflowing blessing or cursing, such as a spill.  The eggs in one basket and the overflow corresponded to the strong charge of Second Degree Murder against George Zimmerman and other stiff charges she has made, including prosecuting a 12-year-old as an adult.  The Bowl corresponds to a person headed in one direction as if on a mission.  The Bowl also is a half empty chart with no planets on the back side.  Thus, the person with a Bowl has a blind back side.  Corey was indicted on July 2, 2013 for leaving out evidence of Zimmerman's injuries in the arrest warrant.

There are four planets, including the Sun, in Libra, corresponding to her strong interest in criminal justice.  The Sun symbolizes Sovereign power, which Corey exhibits in her actions.  Even after losing the Zimmerman trial, she came out smiling and claimed she was right, even though the shortcomings of the prosecution were obvious to others.  The God of the Covenants symbolizes law.  The Savior Planet symbolizes being rescued.  And the Redeemer Planet symbolizes a fine.

The Moon was in Sagittarius, for an army, corresponding to a large support staff of aggressive prosecuting attorneys.

The Red Planet in Capricornus symbolizes criminal suffering.

The Chart turns on the Mediator Planet in Cancer, for a negotiator.  She negotiates with judges, juries, law enforcement, news media, and the public to win their support.  Also in Cancer was the Almighty God, for a prison.

The Last Adam was in Leo, for a person standing before the footstool of a king.  This corresponds to Corey's high level relationship with governing officials.

Pam Biondi Birth Chart

Pam Biondi Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Florida Attorney General, Pam Biondi, contains an almost perfect Bucket with a Plow centered in the middle.  The person with a Bucket directs all of his focus on reaching the goal, which is the focus of the Bucket.  The focus of the Bucket in this Chart is the Almighty God Planet in Gemini, for a Marriage feast.  A Marriage feast is the most joyous, festivity of a lifetime.  This person would see life as a grandiose celebration.

A Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  In this case, the Plow points to the center of the Bucket at the Savior Planet in Scorpius, for a Satanic attack on a believer.  So, along with the Marriage feast is a Satanic attack to destroy it.  This corresponds to Biondi's two divorces.  The Satanic attack against Marriage comes through Jezebel.

There were two pairs of planets and a triple conjunction in the Chart.  One of the pairs included the Sun, and the triple conjunction included the Moon.  The pair of pairs are a strong sign of a witness, as in court.

The Sun was on the cusp of Scorpius, for Satan, who disguises himself as an angel of Light.  The Sun in Scorpius is also associated with Simeon criminality, which Biondi is sworn to oppose as Attorney General.  The Sun was leaving Libra where it symbolized Sovereign power, corresponding to the role of Attorney General.

The Moon was in Leo in conjunction with two other planets, corresponding to strong influence in Leo.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC and Leon County, Florida in which the capital is located.  The triple conjunction in Leo included:

  1. Moon politician
  2. Mediator government mediator.  Biondi mediated with the Governor to appoint Angela Corey as prosecutor of George Zimmerman.
  3. Last Adam standing before kings in operation footstool.  The Zimmerman jury delivered its verdict on July 13, 2013, Day 194, where 13 corresponds to the double blessing and to Leon County, which is Florida county #13.  And 194 stands for a footstool (94) and corresponds to a momentum test.
The Redeemer Planet was in Libra, for a blood avenger, corresponding to Biondi's zeal for prosecution.

There was a pair of planets in Sagittarius.  The Red Planet symbolizes the conspiracy against Christ.  This was played out in the George Zimmerman case, where he was railroaded like Christ in His trials.  And the Morning Star symbolizes a commander with his army, corresponding to the leadership position of the Florida Attorney General.

The God of the Covenants was in Aquarius, for a news bearer.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida.  Biondi is a news maker, who captures the attention of the press.  Trayvon Martin had the same sign.


The tragic death of Trayvon Martin was orchestrated by Satan.  He lured Martin to vent his wrath on George Zimmerman, who was also under the power of Satan.  This was evidenced by Zimmerman's memory lapse (aka "brain freeze") over a street name that he saw every day and his flat affect afterward as noticed by Lead Investigator Chris Serino.  Zimmerman's screams for help were unanswered, which was not surprising.  It was the cell phone, coward mentality.  In general, people will stand around and watch someone die, and then cry crocodile tears of guilt afterward.  George Zimmerman was left to die before the shooting and even after the jury's verdict, which was not supported other than with lip service by government officials.

The women of the jury had a difficult time setting aside their emotional subjectivity and looking at the facts.  This was only possible by the intervention of Almighty God, who protected them from Satan long enough to think straight.  The jury was the last hope for George Zimmerman.  The prosecution lied and mischaracterized the evidence.  The judge would have convicted him in a minute had Zimmerman's lawyers not kept the case out of her hands and demanded a jury.  The press wanted him crucified, and the people were willing to be the dupes of the conspiracy.  Like the prosecution, they could differentiate but they couldn't integrate.  They wanted to justify their human viewpoint, which was under the influence of Satan.  And pastors without divine viewpoint joined in to fan the flames of emotion and disregard the truth of Bible Doctrine.

Zimmerman was saved by the Grace of God.  But Satan will return and try to drive him to suicide.  Zimmerman has concluded that this was God's Plan, but he must believe it if he wants to ever have a life worth living.

The shooting occurred on February 26, 2012, Day 57, where 26 is for Political Babylon, 12 is for authority, and 57 is for Zebulun, corresponding to Florida, where the shooting occurred.  The cursing that followed was a test of true authority with government officials at all levels acting for political motives from Political Babylon.  The trial itself was an arguing contest without respect for the rule of law.  It was like a game rather than a search for truth.

Shooting Chart Planets

Sun Aquarius Antichrist
Moon Aries Jezebel
Savior Aquarius Reporter
Morning Star Pisces High Priest
Red Planet Leo Tyrant, bloody king
Almighty God Aries Commander
Ring Planet Libra Law
Mediator Pisces Pastor, Priest
Redeemer Aquarius Redeemed from pit
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released July 16, 2013

Author: Larry Wood
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