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Lucifer Angel Over Florida

Lucifer Angel, 3-13-13

Lucifer Angel Over Florida

March 13 (Day 72, Criminal Justice System):  An angelic image of Lucifer appeared over West Palm Beach, Florida at Sunset.  The orange image was immediately associated with the news of selection of the new Pope.  The election of the new Pope was heralded by white smoke from the Vatican that appeared at 7:06 PM local time.  The angelic form over Florida appeared about 7:00 PM EDT (2300 GMT).  The orange color of the angel in the sky was the sign of evil in contrast to the pure white color of the clothing of Elect Angels.

Florida Gambling Bust, Lt. Governor Resigns

Florida's Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll resigned yesterday from the fallout from a federal and state conspiracy investigation into gambling and racketeering charges against an Internet Café company.  There were 57 arrest warrants served against people associated with Internet cafe company, Allied Veterans of the World.  Forty-nine Internet Cafes in 23 counties were shut down in Florida.  And the head of the company (International Internet Technologies of Anadarko, Oklahoma) that supplied the software in Florida was arrested along with his wife.  Warrants were issued in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.

Allied Veterans of the World claimed to be a charity organization for veterans, but it was accused of donating less than  two percent of its income to veterans.  It was operating in violation of state gambling laws.  In 2009 and 20010 Lt. Governor Carroll did some consulting for the company and was paid less than $1,000 in 2010.  However, it does not appear that any charges will be brought against her.

The investigation into Allied Veterans of the World began with a complaint from Florida's Seminole County.  Therefore, Seminole county is prosecuting the case for the Sate of Florida.  Seminole County is Florida County #17, for lawlessness.

New Pope Elected Chart

Pope Elected Chart, 3-13-13The Chart at the time Pope Francis was elected contains a Skull, a Yod, a Father and Sons configuration, and three pairs.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death.  And a Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing, like striking at the right time.

The three pairs of planets were in Pisces and Aquarius as they were setting.  The three pairs in parallel correspond to Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon, corresponding to being in the Satan's Cosmic System.  Two of the pairs were in Aquarius, corresponding to Florida, and the other pair was in Pisces, corresponding to the Criminal Justice System and Law Enforcement.  All of the planets except one were on the right, or Temporal, side of the Chart.

The Sun was in Aquarius along with the Savior and Morning Star, corresponding to a Father and Sons configuration.  The Sun symbolized an antichrist, and the other two planets symbolized witnesses or followers.  An antichrist is a false teacher under the power of Satan who claims to be, or act for, Christ, as does the Pope.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida.

Midheaven was in Gemini, for a notorious double blessing, corresponding to the meaning of the year 2013, and the day of the month, March 13.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Sagittarius, corresponding to the conspiracy against Jesus Christ that sent him to the Cross.  The Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Last Adam, for a Satanic attack.

Virgo was on the Ascendant.  When the new Pope spoke for the first time to the crowd, he said he would pray to the Virgin Mary.  That, of course, was blasphemy.  It amounts to praying to the Prostitute of Babylon.  All prayer should be addressed to the Father in the name of the Son.  Praying to angles or people is blasphemy.

Pisces was on the Descendant.  It contained three planets:

Lucifer Angel Chart

Lucifer Angel Chart, 3-13-13The Chart at the time the Lucifer angel appeared over Florida is almost identical to the Chart of the election of the Pope, except Leo is on the Ascendant and Aquarius is on the Descendant.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, and Leo corresponds to Washington, DC.

Pope Francis Birth Chart

Pope Francis Bergolio Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Pope Francis Bergolio contains a Kite and a Plow.  There is also a Field (dashed rectangle) that is somewhat off center.  A Kite symbolizes the ability to rise above the problems of life rather than being bogged down.  It is a sign of stability and flexibility.  A Plow is a sign of intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Sun in Sagittarius, for an angelic army or the armor of light.  Pope Francis appears to have both, except the light is pseudo light.

The Moon was in Capricornus, for a Gentile congregation.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Morning Star, for a Gentile King or leader, corresponding to the Pope as Head of the Vatican State.  The conjunction corresponds to the union of church and state as existed in the Holy Roman Empire.  This corresponds to the marriage of the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon as the Antichrist and False Prophet of Israel in the Tribulation.

In addition to the Sun, there were two other planets in Sagittarius, which give power to that sign in the Chart.  The Almighty God Planet in Sagittarius symbolizes a Mighty Army, and the Savior Planet in Sagittarius symbolizes a deliverer.

The Mediator Planet was in Aries, for a High Priest.  The Pope claims to the be High Priest of the Church, but the Lord Jesus Christ is the only High Priest of the Church.

The Red Planet in Virgo symbolizes a bloody son.

The Redeemer Planet in Leo symbolizes a king redeemer.

The Last Adam in Cancer symbolizes scourging.

The God of the Covenants in Aquarius symbolizes the Noahic Covenant.


Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires, which is the region of Scorpius, corresponding to Simeon criminality.  The big Florida Internet Café gambling and racketeering bust was announced just hours before the election of the Pope.  Pisces was setting at the time of the Pope's election.  Pisces corresponds to Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System.  Among the states in the investigation of Florida Internet Café gambling were Georgia and Alabama in the region of Pisces.  The sign of Pisces on the Descendant contained the Moon (Church), Mediator (Priest), and Red Planet (bloody priest).

The Pope was born under the sign of Sagittarius, corresponding to Chile and Southern Argentina in South America and Arizona and New Mexico in North America.  The former Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of New Mexico.  She was born in South America in Trinidad West Indies in the region of Libra in 1959, where 59 corresponds to Simeon criminality and Scorpius.  She left office in Florida in the fallout from criminality, which heralded the election of the Pope who was born in Buenos Aires in the region of Scorpius.  The previous Pope resigned effective Feb. 28, Day 59.  The loss of the Lt. Governor was a political blow to the Governor of Florida.

Therefore, criminality related to gambling and racketeering in Florida was the herald of the election of the Pope.  An orange colored angel appeared at Sunset over West Palm Beach Florida hours after the Pope's election.  The color orange symbolizes evil.  Thus, the angel symbolized Lucifer as an angel of Light.  This is the sign of the Antichrist.  Satan is a counterfeit angel of Light.  He can make the faces of his servants (like the Pope) glow with pseudo light.

The angel over Florida was raising his arms in praise, and people immediately associated it with the Pope.  None of the Elect angels would be stupid enough to celebrate the election of the Pope.  In the Tribulation, the "man of lawlessness" (the Antichrist) will appear "with all power, signs, and false wonders (miracles)" (2 Thess 2:9).  The signs are from Ecumenical Babylon as the false credentials of Christ to deceive even believers (Matt 24:24-26).  There will be great signs in the heavens before the Second Advent (Lk 21:11).  Only believers with capacity for life from Bible Doctrine will be able to discern between God's Truth and Satan's lies.


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Released March 14, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood