Tropical Storm Barry and the Four Horses

Tropical Storm Barry, 6-2-07, 1715 GMT NOAA
Trop. Storm Barry
Tropical Depression Barry Horses, 6-3-07, 0215 GMT
Four Horses
Tropical Storm Barry and the Four Horses
Barry Landfall Chart
Iowa Tornadoes
Barry Landfall Chart Planets

Tropical Storm Barry and the Four Horses

June 2 (Day 153, Big Fish or Ship):  Tropical Storm Barry, which was named on the first day of Hurricane Season, made landfall north of Tampa, Florida around 9:00 AM EDT (1300 GMT) and proceeded toward Jacksonville, Georgia, and South Carolina.  The storm with winds no stronger than a tropical depression and without much of an eye, did have an impressive cloud pattern that brought welcome rain to the drought stricken southeastern US.  Although lacking in tropical characteristics and appearing more like a cold front, it did have a storm appearance characteristic of judgments from the weather angels.

Tropical Storm Barry was named at 5:00 PM EDT on June 1, the first day of Hurricane Season.  Whether from over-zealous hurricane truckers or not, it was a slap in the face from God and a reminder to listen and obey the doctrinal message.  Upon making landfall north of Tampa Bay, the storm appeared as a horse on the satellite map (ref. top left picture).  Landfall in Florida was about an hour after Tropical Storm Barbara made landfall in southwestern Mexico at the Guatemala border.  Barry is from Gaelic meaning fair hair (or white hair), and Barbara is from Greek meaning foreigner, or barbarian.  The pair might be the old man and the young foreigner, or some sort of pairing of a man and woman in Marriage.  Barbara is also similar to Barbaro, the name of the famous race horse, who was euthanized on January 29, 2007.

As Barry rolled north over South Carolina, it joined into a diagonal row of horses - about four all together (ref. top right picture).  The four horses represented a raiding band of mounted cavalry like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1-8).  Although this is not the Tribulation and these were not the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the horses were revealed as the divine outline of current history (ref. Four Horses of Apocalypse History Timeline).  A horse symbolizes war and a male phallic reversionist.  A row of horses in the oblique order of battle obviously symbolizes war.  The horses were portrayed as crossing the Mississippi River.  The left horse was over the region of severe tornado damage in Iowa  The horses and tornadoes crossing the Mississippi symbolized Joshua's entrance into the Promised Land and the Second Advent.  The landfall of Tropical Storms Barbara and Barry also symbolized the Second Advent.

Iowa Tornadoes

Powerful tornadoes with winds of 136-140 mph ripped through eastern Iowa and destroyed homes and businesses.  There were also tornadoes in Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida.  A waterspout came ashore as a tornado in the Florida Keys at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

Barry Landfall Chart

Tropical Storm Barry LandfallThe planets overhead at the time of Barry's landfall formed three major configurations.  There was a Plow that pointed at the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, which symbolizes landfall and corresponds to the location of Florida.   A Plow represents suffering like being plowed under.  There was also a Kite, which symbolizes Jesus Christ lifted up on the Cross between Heaven and Earth.  And there was a Yod (finger of God), which represents a crisis in timing.  The Yod pointed to the Morning Star, which symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent when He returns to conquer the enemies of Israel.  The Morning Star was in Cancer, which symbolizes the herald of alarm.  Tropical Storm Barry was named on the first day of Hurricane Season, which heralded alarm for the rest of the season.

Tropical Storm Barry Landfall ChartThe Ascendant Sign was Cancer, which contained the Savior Planet, for a sanctifying spouse.  Marriage Culture is at the root of tropical storms, since they symbolize rejection of the Grace message of the pastor by the congregation like the woman who rebels against the authority of her Right Man.  The Descendant Sign was Sagittarius, which contained the Moon, for an army, and the Last Adam, for an enemy attack.  A tropical storm making landfall symbolizes an invasion, and when a tropical storm makes landfall, it starts down to destruction.  That was symbolized by the bottom of heaven, IC, in Virgo, for a woman (tropical storm) going down to the grave.

The Sun Sign was Taurus, for the king's royal majesty.  The Sun was at the top of the Kite and directly opposite the Almighty God Planet in Scorpius, for Satan as the ruler of the world.  Thus, the Sun in Taurus symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ ascending to His Millennial Throne to rule the world in the place of Satan.  The implication of the powerful opposition of the Sun in Taurus and the Almighty God in Scorpius, gives credence to the use of the sign of the four horses of the Apocalypse for interpreting the current historical timeline.  The opposition of the Sun and Almighty God was translated into the point of the Plow, which was the Red Planet in Pisces, for suffering saints, corresponding to Tribulational martyrs.  The Red Planet was near Midheaven, which adds even more notoriety.  However, care should be taken not to be overly precise in the apparent conjunction of the Red Planet and Midheaven based upon Local Mean Time (LMT), since Tropical Storm Barry had such a large, ill-defined eye that it would be impossible to pick the precise time or point of landfall.

The God of the Covenants was in Cancer, for rules of safety.  Prior to landfall of Barry, tropical storm watches were posted to warn people of the approaching tropical storm.


Tropical Storm Barry was named on the first day of Hurricane Season to symbolize divine punishment through tropical cyclones.  The Yod in the landfall Chart pointed to the Morning Star in Cancer, for the herald of alarm.  The formation of a tropical storm on the first day of Hurricane Season was a cause for alarm.  It  was a sign of cursing - not blessing.  Hurricanes symbolize the rejection of the Grace teaching of the pastor by the local congregation like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  However, history later proved that the real cause for alarm was not an overly active hurricane season, but the symbolism of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse in the historical timeline and the approaching Black Horse of the Great Recession, which began in December of 2007.

Barry made landfall on June 2, 2007, Day 153, where 2 is for divine division, and 153 is for a big fish, or ship.  On June 1, when Barry was named, a US Navy destroyer fired upon Al-Qa'eda in Somalia.2  Tropical Storms Barry and Barbara made landfall within approximately one hour of each other.  They symbolized a Right Man - Right Woman relationship in Marriage Culture.  Tropical Storms represent the breakdown of Marriage Culture.

Landfall of Tropical Storm Barry was heralded by tornadoes that devastated parts of eastern Iowa and crossed the Mississippi.  A tornado in the Florida Keys was at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  After landfall the cloud pattern of Barry appeared as a horse that joined other horses in an oblique line that crossed the Mississippi River.  This symbolized the Four Horses of the Apocalypse as well as entering the Promised Land and the Second Advent.  Landfall of the two Tropical Storms also symbolized the Second Advent.

The Chart of the Florida landfall contained a Plow pointed at the Mediator planet in Aquarius, which symbolizes a transition and landfall in Florida.  The Plow represents suffering like being plowed under.  Thus, the heavens also foretold the impact of Barry on Florida.  Although Barry brought rain relief from the drought, it nevertheless represented the Spiritual suffering of the nation due to rejection of Bible Doctrine by Christians.  It highlighted the curse of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and revealed the Four Horse of the Apocalypse in the historical timeline and the approaching Black Horse of the Great Recession.

Barry Landfall Chart Planets

Sun Taurus Kings royal majesty
Moon Sagittarius Army
Savior Gemini Sanctifying spouse
Morning Star Cancer Herald of alarm
Red Planet Pisces Suffering saints
Almighty God Scorpius Satan, world ruler
Ring Planet Cancer Rules of safety
Mediator Aquarius Landfall
Redeemer Capricornus Water in the desert
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



1.  "SPC Storm Reports for 6-1-07," NOAA's National Weather Service.
2.  "Report: Six militants killed in Somalia," CNN, June 3, 2007.

Released February 2, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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