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Western Coalition Attack Chart
Western Coalition Attack Chart Planets


After the United Nations passed Security Resolution 1973 authorizing a no-fly zone over Libya, the Western Coalition entered the Libyan Revolution.  A French fighter jet fired the first shot near Benghazi at 6:45 PM (1645 GMT) on March 19, 2011.  It was the anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003.

In the initial attack Western Coalition forces led by the US, France, and Great Britain, fired 112 cruise missiles to knock out Kaddafi's air defense systems.  Kaddafi forces outside Benghazi were also bombed.  Air defense systems must be neutralized to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.  And Kaddafi's forces had to be stopped before they could find cover in Benghazi and wage war against the population.

The passage of the UN Security Resolution to authorize the No-Fly Zone with a vote of 10 0 was made possible by five abstentions from Brazil, China, Germany, India and Russia.

The day the Western Coalition attacked Libya, President Obama was visiting Brazil, and the famous polar bear, Knut, in Germany suddenly died.  Brazil corresponds to the location of Leo and the military.  China and Japan are in the region of Leo.  And Germany corresponds to the location of Libra, as does Libya on the Zodiac Map.  The polar bear was born on December 5, 2006.  It was a twin, whose brother died.  A bear symbolizes Baal and Russia.   Knut died around 3 PM as Aquarius, containing the Red Planet, for suffering in the water, was setting.  He began to rotate around in circles counterclockwise.  Then he had a spasm in his left leg and fell backward into the water and died.

Western Coalition Attack Chart

Libya West Strike, Mar. 19, 2011The Chart is for the time of the attack on Libya by the Western Coalition forces when the French jet fighter fired the first shot at 6:45 PM (1645 GMT) on March 19, 2011.  The Chart contains a Catwalk and a Skull.  A Catwalk symbolizes a narrow bridge across a gulf or chasm.  It can also correspond to the arms of a balance.  The East (rising) side of the Catwalk symbolized Free Libya and the West (falling) side of the Catwalk symbolized Kaddafi.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hand of Satan, who has the power of death.

The Sun in conjunction with the Mediator Planet had just set in Pisces.  This could be interpreted as the glory of the intercessor jet that had just set.  Kaddafi's jets had been flying through the air like intercessors between heaven and Earth, but the No-Fly Zone stopped their flights.  This could also be taken as the arrival of Allied jets at Sundown to end Kaddafi's reign of terror.

The Moon was Full on the Ascendant in Virgo.  The Moon symbolized the Free Libyan Opposition.  The Moon was Full for maximum response.  And it was rising on the Ascendant, which means the viewpoint  of the world regarding the Western Coalition attack would be the rise of the Libyan Revolution.

Midheaven was in Gemini, which symbolizes a famous witness.  Gemini corresponds to the location of France.  A French jet fighter became the famous witness by firing the first shot for the Western Coalition after the President of France led the free world to come to the aid of Free Libya.

The Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for the death of soldiers.  Thus, the connection of Midheaven in Gemini to the Bottom of Heaven in Sagittarius symbolized the attack of French jet fighters on Kaddafi ground forces in tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers.

The pairs of planets in the Chart symbolized a flood.  There was a flood of refugees fleeing Libya into Egypt, but columns of airplanes or cruise missiles headed to Libya could also be considered a flood.

The Red Planet in Aquarius near the conjunction of the Sun and Mediator Planet symbolizes a family, corresponding to the Libyan tribes.  The Red Planet in Aquarius symbolizes martyrs, rivers of blood, and suffering from the seas, corresponding to the cruise missile attack from the US and British Navy in the Mediterranean.


The Catwalk was perfectly aligned between the Ascendant and Descendant, corresponding to the East (place of rising) and West (place of setting).  On the East were the Moon and God of the Covenants in Virgo. The Moon symbolized the Free Libya Opposition and the God of the Covenants symbolized a caretaker, such as the medical services for treating the casualties of war.

On the West side of the Catwalk were two pairs of conjunctions in Pisces.  The Savior and Almighty God Planets were paired and close to conjunction.  Taken together the planets symbolize Savior of the whale, corresponding to the Lord's Grace provision and protection of the freedom of animals.  Whales symbolize Baal, and Islam is associated with the worship of the Moon god, which is Baal.  The meaning of Savior of the whale is God's Sovereign decision to give Grace and freedom to the Gentiles, like the Libyans, in the Church Age.  This concept is explained in more detail in the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Crisis.

Also on the West side of the Catwalk was the conjunction of the Sun and Mediator Planet, which corresponds to the end of the glory of Kaddafi's intercessor jets upon implementation of the No-Fly Zone, as previously explained.

The Skull

A Skull symbolizes death at the hands of Satan, who has the power death.  Satan is allowed to administer the Sin Leading to Death, with God's permission.  The Skull corresponds to death on battlefields in war, as per the Allied Invasion of Normandy on D-Day in World War II.  Apart from military casualties, large numbers of civilians are being killed in the war in Libya.  A Skull was on the Chart of Mohammad Bu Azizi, whose self-immolation sparked the uprising in Tunisia, which led to the uprisings in Egypt and Libya.

The path of the Crosswalk through the Skull corresponds to the path of the bullet through the skull of US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in January.  Her alleged shooter had the same morbid sense of doom as the Tunisian who set himself on fire and inspired the Tunisia uprising.

Other Planets

The Morning Star in Capricornus symbolizes a Gentile leader, which corresponds to Muammar Kaddafi.  And the Redeemer in Aquarius symbolizes the service of a redeemer.  The entrance of the Western Coalition into the Libyan Revolution was the service of a redeemer for the Free Libyans.


The Western Coalition entered the Libyan Revolution on March 19, 2011, Day 78 on the anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003.  The US is in now in three wars.  The 19th symbolizes the Tribe of Dan and the federal judiciary, corresponding to Libra, the scales of justice.  The number, 3, symbolizes the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  The number, 11, is for a witness, such as the corporate witness of Marriage.  And the number, 78, is for sexual abuse.  Men abuse women in the Arab and Japanese cultures, and women abuse men in the Western cultures.  The abuse is associated with influence from the Legalistic and Lawless sides of Jezebel.

The configurations of a Skull with a Crosswalk through it on the Chart of the Western Coalition strike on Libya corresponds to the Head (Skull) and shoulders with arms (Catwalk).  The Arab uprising began in Tunisia, which corresponds to the fulcrum of a balance.  Then Egypt fell.  Egypt is in the location of Aries, the head.  Then Libya began to fall.  Libya is in the region of Libra, a balance, corresponds to the arms.

At the time of the Western Coalition strike on Libya, the Catwalk was perfectly aligned East to West to symbolize the rise of Free Libya and fall of Col. Kaddafi, who seized power in a coup in 1969, for running the course of life (rising to setting).  Midheaven was in Gemini, corresponding to France, and the Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, corresponding to the death of soldiers (of Kaddafi).  A French fighter jet began the attack.  Gemini symbolizes a witness, per the meaning of the year, 2011.  The twin polar bear, Knut, died, as the symbol of Baal (correlated to the Monster Whale), Russia, and the god of Islam associated with the Moon.  And Knut died in Germany, where its caretakers defied the laws of nature and God by trying to play God and keep a wild animal in captivity, just a Kaddafi has done to the Libyan people.

The polar bear, Knut, had the mannerisms and slit eyes of Muammar Kaddafi.  The animal spun around in circles before his death.  The circles symbolized running the course of life, as represented by the number, 69.  Kaddafi came to power in 1969.  Falling backward symbolizes falling back to destruction (sin unto death) (Heb 10:39).  The twitching left leg indicates the animal could no longer stand after God struck him down.  His fall symbolizes the fall of Kaddafi.

Western Coalition Attack Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Divine Glory
Moon Virgo Free Libya Opposition
Savior Pisces Savior
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile leader
Red Planet Aquarius Martyrs, suffering from the sea
Almighty God Pisces Monster whale
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Pisces Intercessor
Redeemer Aquarius Service of a redeemer
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released March 21, 2011

Author: Larry Wood
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