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Spark of the Arab  Revolution 2011

Spark of Tunisia Revolt
Self-Immolation Chart
Self-Immolation Chart Planets

Spark of Tunisia Revolt

The spark that ignited the fire of the Arab Revolution of 2011 began with the self-immolation of a frustrated street vendor, Mohammad Bu Azizi in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisa.1,2  Bu Azizi, 26, set himself on fire after a humiliating confrontation with government workers who threatened his livelihood.  On December 17, 2010, Day 351, he was selling fruit and vegetables from his cart when a woman municipal inspector threatened him for not having a license.  She demanded that he pay a 10 Tunisian dinar (Dh26) fine.  When Azizi refused, an argument followed, and Azizi's uncle stepped in to calm the situation.  The woman left, but soon returned with helpers.  She proceeded to throw away his produce.  They wrestled.  She slapped him, and Bu Azizi was beaten by two of the woman's team.  She seized his weighing scales, and threw away his produce.

Azizi needed the scales for his business, by which he supported his family.  He was humiliated.  He went to the municipal building to demand his scales, but there he was beaten again.  Then he went to the governor's office where he was refused an audience.  He felt totally hopeless and became highly agitated and hysterical.

Around noon, he poured paint thinner on himself and set himself on fire in front of the gate of the governor's office.  He was taken to the hospital with burns over 90 per cent of his body.  Because of the public outcry, the President of the country visited him in the hospital.  After he died on January 4, 2011, protests spread throughout Tunisia.  On January 14, President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who had ruled as a dictator for 23 years, was forced to flee the country.  Protests followed across the Arab world.  Protests began in Egypt on January 25, and President Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office on February 11.

Self-Immolation Chart

Bu Azizi Self-Immolation, Dec. 17, 2010The Chart of the self-immolation of Mohammad Bu Azizi on December 17, 2010 contains a Skull and an opposition.  A Skull is a sinister sign of death.  It symbolizes Satan, who has the power of death.  The opposition from back to front of the Skull bore an uncanny resemblance to the bullet that pierced the skull of US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot on January 8, 2011.  The opposition set the Moon in Aries, for Jezebel, against the Morning Star in Libra, for the herald of Judgment, which was about to sweep Tunisia and the Arab world.  Libra is symbolized by scales and corresponds to the location of Tunisia in Africa on the Zodiac Map.  The Arab Revolution was against Jezebel, who had attacked Bu Azizi.  Jezebel is the power of the police state.

A Stellium of four planets, including the Sun, was in Sagittarius.  A Stellium gives great significance to the influence of a sign.  Sagittarius signifies a raiding band, which corresponds to the protests and confrontations that later erupted in the Arab world.  The planets in the Stellium were:

  1. Sun - raiding band.
  2. Savior - deliverer - Azizi's uncle, and later the protesters, who demanded freedom from oppressive rulers.
  3. Last Adam - Satanic attack, which includes the attack of the Prostitute of Babylon, who is behind police states.
  4. Red Planet - fire.  Bu Azizi set himself on fire to express hopelessness and willingness to join Satan in the Lake of Fire.
Sagittarius corresponds to the location on the Zodiac Map of many of the Arab states in the Middle East, including Yemen and Bahrain, where the protests soon spread.

The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius can symbolize a food vendor or market, which corresponds to Bu Azizi's business.

And the God of the Covenants in Virgo symbolizes a caretaker, such as the medical workers who cared for Bu Azizi in the hospital.

The conjunction of the Almighty God and Mediator in Pisces symbolizes Propitiation, which means God's satisfaction with the payment of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world.  Bu Azizi could have accepted God's solution rather than choosing to burn in the Lake of Fire with Satan.


The Self-Immolation Chart of Mohammad Bu Azizi contains a Skull, which is a morbid sign of death at the hands of Satan, who has the power of death.  He administers the Sin Leading to Death, with God's permission.  Bu Azizi was the victim of the Prostitute of Babylon in the police state of Tunisia.  His economic woes and the seizure of his weighing scale left him in a hopeless situation.  He was the victim of a Satanic attack from the police state as symbolized by the Last Adam in Sagittarius.  His plight was shown by the Stellium in Sagittarius.  The Sun in Sagittarius symbolized the raiding band of municipal inspectors and government workers who took his scale and beat him.  He needed a deliverer.  His uncle stepped in and helped him during the first confrontation with the female municipal inspector, and the Lord Jesus Christ would have delivered him from Hell if he had chosen Salvation.  Instead, he chose to join Satan in the Lake of Fire, as symbolized by the Red Planet in Sagittarius.

The opposition of the Moon in Aries, for Jezebel, and the Morning Star in Libra, for the herald of Judgment, symbolized the conflict in the Arab world that was sparked by the martyrdom of Bu Azizi.  Jezebel was the power of the police state that enslaved Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa.  The Lord Judged Jezebel and the Arabs rose up with one voice without fear and threw out their evil rulers.  First came the President of Tunisia and then, Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak.  Egypt was the head of the Arab world, the King of the South in Bible language.  Protests swept through other Arab nations, including Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Oman, Algeria, and Iran.

The upheaval in the Arab world was not just chaos.  It was carefully orchestrated by the Lord.  The weighing scale that was seized from Bu Azizi was the symbol of a balance as well as justice, judgment, and business.  The scale corresponded to Libra in the heavens and to Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria. Tunisia was like the fulcrum, and Libya and Algeria were like the arms.  In the human body, the fulcrum is like the neck, which symbolizes freedom and supports the head.  The Skull in the Self-Immolation Chart was the head, and the opposition of the Moon in Aries and the Morning Star in Libra symbolizes the balance, or scales, as well as shoulders and arms.  The fall of the President in Tunisia symbolized the breaking of the neck, and the fall of the President in Egypt symbolized the crushing of the head.  The fall of Colonel Kaddafi in Libya (currently taking place) symbolizes the Judgment (breaking) of the shoulders and arms.  The death of the Evil Kings of the Arabs is opening the door for freedom so that people can make their own decisions about their future.

Bu Azizi set himself on fire on December 17, 2010, Day 351, where the numbers mean:  12th month - authority; 17 - lawlessness; 2010 - Laws of Establishment (10); 351 - judgment (300) of arrogance (51).  The breakdown of authority leads to the conflict between Lawlessness and Legalism (arrogance).

Mohammad Bu Azizi Self-Immolation Chart Planets

Sun Sagittarius Raiding band
Moon Aries Jezebel
Savior Sagittarius Deliverer
Morning Star Libra Herald of Judgment
Red Planet Sagittarius Fire
Almighty God Pisces Propitiation; monster whale
Ring Planet Virgo Caretaker
Mediator Pisces Propitiation; priest
Redeemer Aquarius Food vendor
Last Adam Sagittarius Satanic attack



1.  Habib Toumi.  "Tunisian man who set himself on fire recovering," Gulf News, January 1, 2011.
2.  Kareem Fahrim.  "Slap to a Manís Pride Set Off Tumult in Tunisia," NY Times, January 21, 2011.

Released February 28, 2011

Author: Larry Wood
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