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Hurricane Bill, Locust Centaur

Hurricane Bill, 8-22-09, 2115 GMT Hurricane Bill, 8-22-09, 2030 GMT

Hurricane Bill, Locust Centaur

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August 23, (Day 235, Rest from Enemies):  Hurricane Bill raised its ugly head off Massachusetts yesterday in the form of a locust centaur.  Locust centaur demons will come out of the bottomless pit to terrorize people during the Tribulation.  The demons will appear like horses with the faces of men, hair like women, teeth of lions, breastplates of iron, and tails like scorpions (Rev. 9:1-11).  Their sting will be like the sting of a scorpion, and the pain will torment for 5 months.  They will be led by Abaddon, the worst demon criminal in all creation.  Hurricane Bill flew right up to Martha's Vineyard, off Cape Cod, and stared it in the eye.  President Obama, who had planned to go to Martha's Vineyard on vacation, delayed his trip until after the storm passed.

Hurricane Bill, 8-16-09, 2030 GMTLast week as Tropical Storm Claudette was bearing down on Florida, Hurricane Bill appeared with the hair of a woman as the Prostitute of Babylon in the Atlantic, which is the region corresponding to Political Babylon.  The prostitute was sitting on many waters.  She wore a pigtail, like a squaw.  A pigtail symbolizes human good.

Relationship to NASA STS-128

The significance of the symbolism of the locust centaur demons is explained fully in relation to the NASA STS-128 Mission Patch.  The locust centaurs will sting people, which is a health problem.  The locust centaur demons are not allowed to harm the environment.  Thus, the attack of the locust centaur demons symbolize the pain and suffering of people, which President Obama and Congress are trying to solve by a government takeover of health care.


Hurricane Bill flew by Martha's Vineyard in the form of a locust centaur demon, which will bring terrible suffering to people in the Tribulation.  The suffering of the people is designed to get them to accept Jesus Christ as the only solution for Salvation.  The locust centaur demons are awesome creatures for punishing mankind.  When Hurricane Bill rolled up to Martha's Vineyard where President Obama was going for vacation, it meant that the health care problem is due to divine punishment of reversionists and the greed of insurance companies.  Man's insurance solution is inefficient, but it is free enterprise.  The awesome symbol of the locust centaurs is a stern warning not to tamper with free enterprise and socialize health care.  The flyby on August 22, Day 234 symbolized cursing (22) from the division of the land (34), which points to US foreign policy in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The awesome symbol of Hurricane Bill as a demon also indicates that President Obama and Congress are not the origin of this attack.  It is Satanic.  Satan is opposed to free enterprise, and he is opposed to the United States of America.  This is spiritual  warfare, which Christians must fight.  The Spiritual solution will determine the temporal solution.  As goes the Christian, so goes the nation.

Author:  Larry Wood