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Tropical Storm Claudette Landfall Florida

Tropical Storm Claudette

Tropical Storm Claudette Landfall Florida

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August 16, (Day 228, Cosmic Stronghold):  Tropical Storm Claudette made landfall at Destin, Florida at 11:30 PM CDT with some peak winds estimated at 45 knots by the National Weather Service.  Claudette formed as a tropical depression on August 15th off the southwestern peninsula of Florida while weather forecasters were preoccupied with Ana and Bill on the other side of the Atlantic.  Claudette made landfall at 30 N., for a priest, and 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.

Hurricane Bill, 8-16-09, 2030 GMTAs Tropical Storm Claudette was bearing down on Florida, Hurricane Bill appeared as the Prostitute of Babylon in the Atlantic, which is the region corresponding to Political Babylon.  The prostitute was sitting on many waters.  She wore a pigtail, like a squaw.  A pigtail symbolizes human good.  And she was looking at her right hand as someone was grasping her little finger.

Star Chart

Tropical Storm Claudette LandfallThe Star Chart at the time of landfall of Tropical Storm Claudette contained a Grand Cross and a Teeter-Totter.  There were also two crossbars of opposition through the center of the Teeter-Totter.  A Grand Cross is the sign of the suffering of death, like going to the cross.  It is the most intensive sign of suffering.  A Teeter-Totter is formed by all of the planets distributed in two groups on opposite sides of the chart.  It is a type of balance.  The two ends are balanced against the middle, like a political process.  The cross bars through the center of the Teeter-Totter are like the bar carried by a high-wire walker.  So, the Teeter-Totter is finely balanced like an acrobat walking a high wire and signifies walking a fine line.

The Ascendant Sign, which describes how this time is viewed by the world, was Aries, which corresponds to Egypt (Zodiac Map).  Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak arrived in the US on August 15th as Claudette was forming off Florida.  He is in the US to meet with the Vice President and President on the Middle East peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.  The Red Planet in Taurus was a sign of the Plagues of Egypt, which is the meaning of the year, 2009.

The Sun Sign was Cancer, which symbolizes security in general and the Lord as the keeper of Israel.  The Moon was in Gemini along with the Morning Star.  Here the Morning Star symbolizes the husband's authority and the Moon corresponds to a household.  Gemini also corresponds to California, where wild fires are symbolizing Fire Testing, and to Israel.  Gemini symbolizes Marriage Culture, which is the beginning of the Middle East conflict.

Midheaven was in Capricornus, the Goat, and symbol of the sins of the Gentiles.  Midheaven signifies public notoriety, which corresponds to the Mubarak meetings in Washington, DC.  The Almighty God Planet in Capricornus symbolizes a Gentile empire, like the USA.  And the Almighty God Planet was paired with the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, which signifies refreshment or hospitality.  Aquarius corresponds to both Florida where Claudette made landfall and to the Palestinians at Gaza.  As the rain refreshes the parched earth, good news refreshes people (like the Palestinians and Israelis).

The Grand Cross is like the spokes of a wheel without a rim.  This makes for a bumpy ride as the wheel rolls from spoke to spoke.  Each spoke brings more suffering as the previous spoke is forgotten.  This describes the Middle East peace process.

Iran is also symbolized by the Last Adam Planet in Sagittarius, which corresponds to the region of Gad on the Zodiac Map.


Tropical Storm Claudette formed off the southwest peninsula of Florida on August 15th as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak came the US for meetings with the US President and Vice President on the Middle East peace process.  Claudette made landfall in Florida at Destin at 30 N., for a priest, and 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  Mubarak is planning to tell President Obama that the Palestinians will not recognize Israel's right to exist until after a peace deal.  Meeting with Egypt will bring a curse upon the US (Isa 31:1).

Across the Atlantic, Hurricane Bill assumed the image of the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters (Rev 17:1).  The Atlantic corresponds to the region of Political Babylon, which describes US foreign policy between Israel and the Palestinians.  A tropical storm brings heavy rain, which also symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon (Prov 5:16).  The Prostitute of Babylon is Satan's leader for world peace.  World peace will occur in the Millennium and not before.

Author:  Larry Wood