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NASA STS-127 Mission

NASA STS-127 Mission Patch
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Landing, Sign of Second Advent

Landing, Sign of Second Advent

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July 31, (Day 212, Authority):  NASA's Orbiter Endeavour landed successfully on Runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  Skies were clear as a few buzzards hovered around.  Main gear touchdown was at 10:48/08 AM EDT (1448/08 GMT), Mission Elapsed Time 15 Days 16 Hr. 44 min. 58 sec.  Nose gear touchdown was at 10:48/21 AM EDT, and Wheel stop was at 10:49/13  AM EDT.

Japanese Space Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata returned to Earth after 4.5 months in space.  There were 5 space walks on the mission.  Endeavour is Orbiter 105.  The number, 5, for a giant, was on the Mission patch.  Today was July 31, for an evil king, and it was Day 212, for authority.  At the time of landing, the Morning Star was in conjunction with Midheaven in Gemini, which stands for the husband as the authority in Marriage.  The conjunction with Midheaven adds great glory to the event.  So, it could also symbolize the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ with His Bride, the Church.  He will appear as the husband of His Bride at the Second Advent.

A bright spot (NewScientist) appeared in the clouds near the southern pole of the Morning Star on the day of STS-127's  Launch.  Four days later on July 19, a large space object hit the Almighty God Planet and left a dark scar.  The horn-shaped bright clouds on the Morning Star resembled the yellow horn that stretched across the center of the STS-127 Mission patch.  Large, horn-shaped, pointed clouds also occur in the clouds of Earth.  All these horn-shaped cloud formations symbolize the point of an attack.  The meaning of the horn-shaped bright clouds of the Morning Star in relation to the dark scar on the Almighty God Planet, is that the Lord Jesus Christ, the bright Morning Star (Rev 22:16), will return in the clouds (Rev 1:7) as the Lord of the Armies  at the Second Advent  to destroy the enemies of Israel.  This clarifies the meaning of the yellow horn on the Mission patch as the Lord's attack on Satan, the giant and Baal, at the Second Advent.



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July 15, (Day 196, Spoils of Victory):  NASA successfully launched STS-127 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida under hazy skies.  It was NASA's sixth launch attempt of STS-127 after dealing with hydrogen leaks, lightning strikes, and unacceptable weather.  Launch of Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105) was at 6:03/10 PM EDT (2203/10 GMT).  Numbers in the launch time mean:  3 - Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering; 10 - Laws of Establishment.  Launch was on July 15, 2009, Day 196, where the numbers mean:  15 - a covering; 2009 - the Plagues of Egypt; and 196 - the spoils of victory.

After five failed launch attempts, STS-127 was about to get the reputation of "Never Go Kibo."  Only two previous missions had six failed launch attempts.  They were STS-73 (Oct. 20, 1995) and 61C (Jan. 12, 1986).  Both launched on the seventh attempts.  Charles Bolden was the pilot of STS-61C on which Bill Nelson also flew.  The launch delays for STS-127 pushed launch time back until today when the Ascendant sign of Scorpius was coming over the horizon at launch time.  Scorpius symbolizes Satan, the evil one, who was associated with the scrubs for the hydrogen leaks and with the Mission Patch.

The Star Chart for Launch continued to have pairs of planets, which symbolizes a flood.  After Launch a flash flood struck Orlando and produced two tornadoes southwest of the city.  STS-127 is the number for a horn, or tornado. which symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.  Floods symbolize the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity.

Today the Senate confirmed Charles Bolden, 62, as the next NASA administrator and Lori Garver as the Deputy Administrator.  It was Day 196, for the spoils of victory.  The appointment of NASA administrator was some of the spoils of victory of President Obama.

Homosexual Hydrogen Leak Scrub #2

Homosexual Hydrogen Leak Scrub #2

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June 17, (Day 168, Serving in Edom):  A repeat performance of the gaseous hydrogen leak forced NASA to scrub the launch of STS-127 again.  The leak popped up a little sooner than the other one, but it was in the same area around the Ground Umbilical Plate (GUP), which connects the a vent line to the side of the External Tank.  The leak was detected around 12:56 AM EDT during Fast Fill.  This time, however, the heavens were alive with angelic choreography and the planets overhead pointed out the symbolic meaning of NASA's misfortune.

Tanking was delayed almost 3 hours due to lightning from a huge thunderstorm that hovered over the pudenda of the Cape, where the Launch Pad stands.  The storm did not roll through as expected, but stayed over the Cape with a fiery display of lightning and booms of thunder.  This was a delaying tactic of the weather angels who were sent to delay the Launch attempt until the planets overhead could reach their destinations to explain God's purpose.

Star Chart

STS-127 Launch Scrub #2, 6-17-09, 0056 EDTThe Star Chart was similar to the one for the previous scrub on June 13.  The main configuration was a Bucket with the Focus of the God of the Covenants Planet in Leo, a symbol of the powers of rulers.  However, this time the God of the Covenants Planet was setting.  It was on the Descendant.  The Sun had also moved.  It was in Gemini, the Twins, and symbol of a glorious marriage (or Marriage Culture in general).  The Moon was in Pisces to symbolize the Church.  And the Ascendant Sign was still Aquarius, which corresponds to the location of Florida.  And Midheaven was in Scorpius, for Satan's glory, which is associated with the worship of Satan as portrayed on the Mission patch.

The Redeemer and Almighty God Planets in Aquarius had risen.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius symbolizes refreshment, and the Almighty God in Aquarius symbolizes a flood,  which could also symbolize a leak, e.g. a flood of hydrogen gas.  The planets were grouped in pairs, a symbol of the Flood.  And, as before, all the planets were on the spiritual side of the chart except for two on the temporal side.

The new meaning gleaned from the chart of Srub #2 was the setting of the God of the Covenants in Leo, the symbol of the powers of rulers.  When the big issues all over the chart of the Flood and Marriage along with the symbolism of the leak are considered, the meaning becomes obvious.  The hydrogen vent arm attached to the External Tank symbolizes two phalluses joined.  The leaking hydrogen symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the male.  Today, President Obama signed a memorandum to extend federal employee benefits to homosexual males and females.  He has pledged to scrap the Clinton-era rules on homosexuals, such as the Defense of Marriage Act and policy for military service.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fell and broke her right elbow today.  So, the NASA hydrogen leak at the end of the vent arm connected to the massive External Tank was a symbol of the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the homosexual male.  And the planets overhead correlated the event to the power of a government ruler, which appears in this case to be the US President.

Hydrogen Leak Scrubs Launch

Hydrogen Leak Scrubs Launch

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June 13, (Day 164, Weakness):  NASA was forced to scrub the launch of STS-127 following another hydrogen leak.  The leak, which cropped up after tanking was underway at 12:20 AM EDT (0420 GMT), was like the one that delayed the launch of STS-119 in March.   As the External Tank was being topped off, a gaseous hydrogen leak was detected around  the Ground Umbilical Plate (GUP), which connects the a vent line to the side of the External Tank.   Launch was officially scrubbed at 12:26 AM EDT.

Star Chart

NASA STS-127 Launch Scrub, 6-13-09, 0020 EDTThe hydrogen leak on STS-127 was written in the stars overhead.  The leak occurred at 12:20 AM EDT just after the Moon had risen and the Redeemer and Almighty God Planets had reached the Ascendant and begun to rise.  The Moon was in Capricornus, for a Gentile audience.  The Redeemer and Almighty God Planets were in Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which corresponds to the location of Florida.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius symbolizes refreshment, while the Almighty God Planet in Aquarius symbolizes a flood, or a large leak.  The hydrogen leak was large enough to force NASA to scrub the Launch of STS-127.

The main configuration in the Star Chart was a Bucket.  In a Bucket all the planets are on one side of the chart except for one on the other side which becomes the focus.  At the focus was the God of the Covenants in Leo, which signifies the powers of rulers.  The big news story was the re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the riots which followed.  Also North Korea said it would weaponize all plutonium in response to UN sanctions.  North Korea is in the region that corresponds to Leo in Asia.

The Sun Sign was Taurus, the Bull, which symbolizes a king's glory.  If it were the Millennium, it would symbolize the glory of Jesus Christ on the Throne of David, but today it refers to the leaders of nations, such as Iran, North Korea, and the US.  The Moon Sign was Capricornus, for a Gentile audience, such as the spectators for the STS-127 Launch or the supporters of the Iranian presidential candidates.  Midheaven was in Scorpius, the Evil One, which symbolizes the glory of Satan.  This was precisely the meaning of the Mission patch, which glorifies Satan.  Also the Last Adam nearby in Sagittarius symbolizes a Satanic attack, and Sagittarius corresponds to the location of Iran on the Zodiac Map.

The right side of the Star Chart symbolizes the temporal, while the left side symbolizes the spiritual.  Only two planets were on the temporal side of the chart.  Therefore, the meaning of the chart was mostly spiritual.  Even the hydrogen gas that leaked corresponded to the spiritual.  And the Mediator Planet was in Pisces, which corresponds to a priest, who functions in the Spiritual life.

There were two planets in Aries.  The Red Planet in Aries symbolizes a bloody leader, and the Morning Star in Aries symbolizes a military leader.


NASA was forced to scrub the Launch of STS-127 due to a gaseous hydrogen leak.  The hydrogen fuel for the Shuttle corresponds to the male in Marriage Culture, while oxygen corresponds to the female.  Thus, the leak points to a breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the male.  The same thing happened on STS-119 in March.  Further, a gas corresponds to the spiritual, since a solid corresponds to the physical and a liquid to the soul.  The Star Chart symbolized the spiritual, since all of the planets except two were on the spiritual (left) side of the chart.  Furthermore, the point of the pentagram in the STS-127 Mission patch symbolized the spiritual, according to the occult doctrines of demons.  Midheaven was in Scorpius, which symbolizes Satan's glory, and corresponds to the worship of Satan as symbolized by the Mission patch.

The hydrogen leak occurred as the Redeemer and Almighty God Planets in Aquarius reached the Ascendant.  The Ascendant signifies the horizon.  Thus, at the time the Redeemer and Almighty God Planets rose over the horizon, the hydrogen leak occurred.  The Almighty God Planet in Aquarius symbolizes a flood, which could also be a leak, where something is pouring out like a flood.  The hydrogen leak in synchronism with the planets overhead indicates God's control over His Creation through Divine Design.  Furthermore, Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where the Launch attempt occurred.

Florida has been associated with the Palestinians in Gaza.  The problems with Iran and North Korea are cursing for the USA.  Evil US foreign policy has defied the Abrahamic Covenant, which promises cursing to those who violate it (Gen 12:3).  The Launch scrub was on June 13, where 13 is for the double blessing of Israel.  It was Day 164, for weakness, which corresponds to failing the Capacity for Life test as symbolized by the color yellow on the Mission patch.

Various elements of the Star Chart corresponded to the presidential election in Iran.  The vast majority of the planets on the spiritual side of the chart was no accident.  Iran corresponds to Cosmic Babylon in relation to its neighbors, Iraq (Political Babylon) and Jordan (Ecumenical Babylon).  Note, the term, spiritual, also signifies cosmic when applied to Satan's domain.  Midheaven in Scorpius, for Satan's glory corresponds to Iran and the worship of Satan per the top point of the pentagram on the Mission patch.  Sagittarius corresponds to Iran.  The Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes a Satanic attack.  Satan was promoting the Iranian president.  The God of the Covenants Planet in Leo, the focus of the Bucket, signifies powers of rulers, and corresponds to the Iranian presidential election and to the problems with North Korea.

Launch Processing

Launch Processing

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June 6, (Day 157, Zebulun):  NASA's launch of STS-127 is scheduled for June 13, 2009 at 7:17 AM EDT (1117 GMT).  STS-127 is the third and final mission to assemble the Japanese "Kibo" laboratory.  An external scientific platform will be delivered and attached to the end of the Japanese module.  In addition a new Space Station crew member will be taken up and another one returned to Earth.

Mission Patch

The STS-127 Mission patch, which features a circle with inscribed pentagram and crescent, portrays the worship of Satan through witchcraft.  In Satanic worship, a witch typically stands inside a circle and traces a pentagram in the air with a pointer.  The circle symbolizes a covenant, which binds the witch to Satan, as symbolized by the pentagram.  The pentagram with its five points symbolizes a giant, such as Baal (one of the demon managers that symbolize Satan).  The crescent symbolizes reflected glory.  It also symbolizes the horns of judgment.  The blue crescent on the patch was meant to symbolize the Earth as seen from space.  The blue color symbolizes self-righteousness, as when Satan proclaimed:
'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High.'  (Isaiah 14:14)
The patch with the pentagram and crescent in a circle then symbolizes Satan's attempt to rise above his kingdom of Earth and sit on the throne of God in Heaven.

However, Satan hasn't won yet, in spite of infiltrating NASA's patch with the doctrine of demons, the work of an antichrist.

1 John 4:
1 Beloved stop believing every spirit, but validate the spirits whether it is from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this, learn to recognize the Spirit of God:  Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God. 3 And every spirit that is not acknowledging this Jesus is not from God.  Furthermore, this is the spirit of the Antichrist, whom you have heard that he is coming (in the Tribulation), and now (Church Age) is already in the world.
The Christian with doctrine can overcome this.
You are from God, little children, and you have overcome them because greater is He who is in you (Holy Spirit) than he who is in the world (Satan). (1 John 4:4)
The power of the Holy Spirit in the Christian can overcome the power of Satan, the ruler of his Cosmic System of the Earth.  All it takes is one Christian with the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat Satan.  The power of the Holy Spirit in the Christian is greater than the power of Satan.

There is even more evil symbolism on the patch.  The pentagram is irregular, which means the lines and angles are not equal.  This is an occult sign for calling on the power of darkness rather than Satan as an angel of light.  The patch is black, which further symbolizes the darkness.  And the Pentagram appears to begin from the lower left, which means it is part of the banishing Earth ritual, where Earth is not the planet but one of the five elementals.  This is a standard ritual of witchcraft.  Perhaps this is also symbolized by the crescent Earth, which portrays leaving Earth behind while flying in space (the meaning of Isa 14:14).  Furthermore, the pentagram on the patch was drawn with a horn-shaped (pointed) stylus as it would be done in witchcraft.

The number, 127, on the patch is for a horn, 27, which is the symbol of power.  Demon powers are symbolized by animals with horns, such as a bull or a goat.  The crescent of Earth on the patch symbolizes horns, like the horns of a bull.  And the yellow orbital path is also horn-shaped.  The belly-up orbiter in the vortex of the orbital horn symbolizes death, like a dead fish that floats belly-up.  The color, yellow, symbolizes life, such as a capacity for life test.  The three lines that form the point of the yellow orbital horn symbolize Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of Satan's Cosmic System.

There are two groups of five stars on the patch, where 5 symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.  The number, 5, also corresponds to the Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105), which will fly the mission.  The stars are grouped in pairs, which symbolizes the Flood.  There is currently flooding in the Miami area.  The blue crescent of Earth, in addition to symbolizing self-righteousness,  may also correspond to water.  And the red maple leaf is a sign of suffering and of an autumn leaf, which symbolizes dead works (Jude 12) and chaff (Psa 1:4).

Author:  Larry Wood