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Angelic Art of Hubble Space Telescope Release

Angelic Art of Hubble Space Telescope Release

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May 19, (Day 139, Sin Unto Death):  The weather angels celebrated NASA's release of the Hubble Space Telescope with art in the clouds over Florida.  After completing repair and refurbishment, NASA released the Hubble Space Telescope back into space at 8:57 EDT (1257 GMT) on orbit 119.  The angelic art portrayed the event with the picture of an arm that stretched along the eastern seaboard to Florida with a cat watching from the east.  The cat resembled an owl, but its eyelashes set it apart as a cat.  The scene was similar to Michelangelo's Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

NASA was quite pleased with the triumph in space, and the angelic watchers left their artistic expression to reveal the truth in the midst apparent anachronisms.  The release occurred on Day 139, where 39 is for the Sin Unto Death.  Perhaps Hubble got a new lease on life.  The arm of the Lord of creation symbolized the Orbiter robotic arm, and the pussy cat watching symbolized the Hubble Space Telescope.  A cat symbolizes a female and Baal as the Prostitute of Babylon.  The cat resembled an owl.  The creatures are quite similar.  Both sit around at night with big eyes watching for mice, and both are symbols of Baal.  Another night creature, an opossum, appeared over the Atlantic.  A possum is another symbol of Baal.

The weather changed over Florida with the Launch of the STS-125 Hubble repair mission.  The previous parched dry conditions changed to rain.  Today a low pressure area over Florida was whirling counterclockwise and bringing more rain.  Deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope was at 8:57 AM EDT, where 57 is for Zebulun and Florida.


The angelic art just prior to NASA's release of the Hubble Space Telescope after its repair, portrayed an arm and a cat.  An arm symbolizes strength, and a cat symbolizes Baal as the Prostitute of Babylon.  The mission represented NASA's strength.  It was a great engineering achievement.  Yet, the angels portrayed the Hubble Space Telescope as a cat, the symbol of Baal and the Prostitute of Babylon.  Five space walks were required to repair Hubble, where 5 symbolizes a giant, such as Baal.

This is all Spiritual Warfare in which Christian believer-priests behind the scenes are fighting along with the angels on God's side against Satan and his demons.  With each new beautiful picture from Hubble, the Prostitute of Babylon spouts the lies of the devil about its meaning.  Scientists don't know the Red Planet from Adam's house cat.  Only enlightened believer-priests can see the true beauty of God's creation.  Angelic art is a form of angelic worship which portrays the truth about God's production in human history and the Angelic Conflict.  Of course, with the aid of satellite cameras, we can also profit from the wisdom of our angelic friends.

Hubble repairs were completed with the last space walk yesterday as US President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.  The angelic art today also portrayed that meeting.  In the Oval Office, Obama talked with his arms and hands while Netanyahu shuffled his feat and purred like a pussy cat.  Of course, when Obama offered to reach out to the Arabs to make peace with Israel,  Netanyahu was smart enough to realize that Obama wasn't the Messiah (Eph 2:11-22).  Peacemaking in the devil's plan is relegated to Baal as the Prostitute of Babylon (the cat), while pressure is maintained from Baal as the god of war (the arm).  The only one who will ever unite the Arabs and Jews is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The foul weather over Florida yesterday and today were a reminder of the STS-125 Launch in which the pairs of planets overhead symbolized the flood.  The Hubble Space Telescope was released at 8:57 AM EDT, where 57 symbolizes Zebulun and Florida.  It also corresponds to Gaza, the home of the Palestinians.  The release of the telescope occurred on orbit 119, and today was May 19, where 19 is for Dan and the federal judiciary.  STS-125 was launched from Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, which is Florida County #19.

Author:  Larry Wood