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Missouri Killer Tornadoes and Hubble

5-13-09, 0230 GMT, PSC 5-13-09, 0245 GMT, UW SPC Severe Weather

Missouri Killer Tornadoes and Hubble

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May 13, (Day 133, Judgment of Holy Spirit):  After NASA grappled the Hubble Space Telescope on the STS-125 Mission, killer tornadoes swept through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.  Three people were killed in Missouri.  The image of the storm front on the weather map was a well-defined phallus that cropped out from a weather elephant.  The giant phallus stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes to symbolize the adultery of Reuben.  Two tornadoes were also reported in Florida near Tampa Bay at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.

The giant phallus was a reminder from the weather angels that the Hubble Space Telescope and the image on the STS-125 Mission patch of the telescope with a vortex symbolized a horn, corresponding to a phallus.  The STS-125 Mission patch, which had symbols of hurricanes in it, also contained the image of a tornado with debris in the vortex.  An hour after NASA grappled the Hubble Space Telescope at 1714 GMT (1:14 PM EDT), the first tornado struck near Milan, Missouri at 1810 GMT (1:10 CDT).


The storm front that brought the killer tornadoes to Missouri was shaped like a giant phallus.  The first tornado struck an hour after NASA grappled the Hubble Space Telescope.  The STS-125 Mission patch features a picture of the telescope with a vortex.  The image on the patch symbolizes a horn or tornado with debris in the vortex.  There were also tornadoes near Tampa Bay, Florida to provide the link to Florida, from where STS-125 was launched.  The Florida tornadoes were in Hillsborough County, which is Florida County #3.  There were three people killed in the Missouri tornadoes.  The Star Chart of the Launch of STS-125 contained a Sling, which is also the shape of a tornado.

The image of the phallus stretching from Texas to the Great Lakes symbolizes the adultery of Reuben.  Tornadoes are also shaped like an uncircumcised phallus.  This is a reminder of the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the male.  However, the tornadoes near the pudenda of Tampa Bay and near the Mississippi River also bring the female into the picture.

The tornadoes struck on May 13, 2009, Day 133, where 13 is for the double blessing of Israel and 33 is for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.

Author:  Larry Wood