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More Sun Halos

Sun Halos 4-20-09, 1256 EDT


Sun HalosSun Halos 4-20-09, 1256 EDT

April 20, (Day 110, Witness):  At 12:45 PM EDT another Sun halo appeared over Titusville, Florida, which followed those that appeared on April 9.  Like the halos on April 9, the halo today was also a full circle around the Sun with a partial double ring.  The pictures of today's halo are composites of several photos.  Refer to the April 9 article for an explanation of the meaning of Sun halos.

Today's Sun halo on Day 110 occurred 11 days after the halos on April 9.  The halos repeated and the number, 11, for a witness also repeated.  If there was any doubt about the April 9 halos confirming the Lord's Covenant, today's repeat performance should leave no doubt.
Staff, 4-20-09, 2345 GMT

Weather Signs

The weather elephant that stretched across Florida to the Yucatan resembled a shepherd's crook, or staff.  The curved end of the staff over the Great Lakes resembled a horse's head.


Sun halos appeared over Titusville, Florida on April 9, 2009, Day 99 and again today, April 20, 2009, Day 110, where 20 is for the external gates of the military, and 11 is for a witness.  Today's halos looked almost exactly like those on April 9.  The repeat performance symbolizes confirmation of the New Covenant to the Church.

The weather photo of a staff taken in relation to symbols of the passover on April 9 corresponds to the staff of Moses.  Moses used the staff to bring the Plagues of Egypt, which is the meaning of the year 2009.

Author:  Larry Wood