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President Obama Inauguration

President Obama Inauguration
Star Chart

President Obama Inauguration

January 20 (Day 20, External gates):   Barack Obama was inaugurated the 44th President of the United States. The oath of office was administered by US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr.   The oath was administered 10 minutes late at 12:06 PM EST with a slight faux pas when the word "faithfully" was shifted to the end of the sentence.  Obama took the oath on Lincoln's bible, which was held by his wife, Michelle, who was wearing a yellow dress.  Just as the number, 44, stands for suffering, the President spoke about the urgent problems facing the country in his inaugural address.

Obama's Hand

As Obama raised in right hand to take the oath, the photographs of his right hand were clear enough to reveal some personal traits.  His hand is long and narrow, like a liberal arts major with inherent instability and a person reaching for the stars.  His fingers are short to the extreme compared to the length of his hand, which means he runs mental models rather than making use of empirical data.  He has a long thumb for a strong will and the ability to get things done.  He has a long little finger, for a good communicator.  His Head Line was separated from the Life Line at the beginning, a sign of an independent child.  The Marriage to his wife at age 31 was boldly marked in the center of his hand.  And his Heart Line runs up between his first two fingers, the sign of a person who is swept off his feet and carried away emotionally in love.  A line crossing his Destiny Line about Age 43 marks his election to the US Senate in 2004.  Another line crosses his Destiny Line about Age 48-49, which marks another hurdle apparently after becoming President.  He has an athletic shank at the base of his thumb, and a bow inside the Life Line, for a strong supporter in his life.  And he has a very pronounced Mount of Wisdom that indicates an instinctive awareness of danger.

Star Chart

Obama InaugurationThe Star Chart of the inauguration of President Obama contains a Bowl, which symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing.  The Pivot, or tipping point, of the Bowl was the God of the Covenants Planet in Leo, the sign of the power of a ruler.  Three planets, including the Sun, were in conjunction with Midheaven in Capricornus.  Conjunction with Midheaven signifies a glorious event with high publicity.  The Ascendant sign was Aries, the symbol of a new leader.

The Sun Sign was Capricornus, the Goat.  The Sun in Capricornus symbolizes Gentile glory.  The United States is a Gentile nation.  The Moon Sign was Scorpius, the Scorpion.  The Moon in Scorpius symbolizes the Synagogue of Satan.


Midheaven was in conjunction with the Sun, Savior, and Almighty God Planets in Capricornus.  The Sun and Savior Planet were within 7 arc seconds of each other.  Planets in conjunction with Midheaven signify high glory and publicity.  The event received world-wide publicity.  These planets in Capricornus mean:

  1. Savior - Rescuer.
  2. Sun - Gentile glory.  The US is a Gentile nation.
  3. Almighty God - Gentile Empire (the USA).
So, Obama has the sign of a glorious rescuer of a Gentile Empire.  This would correspond to a Gentile Moses.

Sun Sign

The Sun Sign was Capricornus.  The Sun in Capricornus symbolizes Gentile glory.  The inauguration of Barack Obama was seen by many as a glorious event in world history.  The signs in the heavens bore out the glory, but the final destination was not so apparent.

Moon Sign

The Moon Sign was Scorpius, the Scorpion and symbol of the evil one.  The Moon in Scorpius symbolizes the Synagogue of Satan.  Christians in the churches at Smyrna and Philadelphia were Jewish apostates who were said to be members of the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9; 3:9).  Satan sponsors religion and apostasy.  The inauguration was full of apostasy and the lies of religion.  Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  The Synagogue of Satan implies relationships with the Prostitute of Babylon, the love of money, the root of all evil, and resulting economic woes.

The Bowl

The Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing, such as the bowl judgments of Revelation.  At the top of the Bowl the God of the Covenants in Leo was in opposition to the conjunction of the Mediator Planet and Morning Star in Aquarius.  The God of the Covenants Planet in Leo symbolizes the power of a king or ruler.  This was the Pivot, or tipping point, of the Bowl, which is the most important planet in the Bowl.  It symbolized the power being given to the new President.  Since there is no authority except from God, this was God's Sovereign decision (Rom 13:1).  Leo corresponds to the region of Washington, DC on the Zodiac Map.

The power of the new ruler had to be brought into balance with the Mediator Planet and Morning Star in Aquarius.  The Mediator Planet in Aquarius symbolizes a representative, such as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, who administered the oath of office.  The Morning Star in Aquarius symbolizes the herald of a new day, or administration.  Furthermore, President Obama's message has consistently been about change.  The year, 2008, was a paradigm shift.  His message continues to be in concert with a new historical paradigm.  The two planets in conjunction in Aquarius symbolize a witness and corresponded to Chief Justice Roberts standing with President Obama as the oath of office was taken.


Two planets were in Sagittarius, the Archer, and symbol of a raiding band, or terrorists.  The Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes an enemy attack, and the Red Planet in Sagittarius symbolizes suffering in a group.  Obama is the 44th President of the US, were 44 is for suffering.  He came on the scene during a great economic crisis in the US.  In spite of his attempts, the economic crisis was due to God's Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon, who was highly respected in the inaugural ceremony.  The Stock Market Dow Industrial Average dropped below 8,000 today.  Presidential programs will not reinvigorate the economy.

The handling of the war against the Islamic terrorists is another major threat to the US.  The new President has promised new leadership, but the enemy attack must be handled.  It is not going away.


The inauguration of President Barack Obama was written in the stars as would be expected, since God selects Presidents.  There were powerful signs of glory of the Gentiles in Capricornus.  Nebuchadnezzar also had glory before he was chopped down and sent out to eat grass like a cow.  And there were powerful signs of the counterattack of terrorism and suffering in the sign of Sagittarius.  The sign of the Synagogue of Satan was conspicuous.  It symbolized the evil roots (root of all evil) of the nation's apostasy and the underlying love of money.  The Synagogue of Satan included the Prostitute of Babylon and recession.  The Mediator Planet and Morning Star in Aquarius symbolized the inauguration with Chief Justice Roberts administering the oath of office to Obama.

Author:  Larry Wood