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NASA STS-119 Mission

NASA STS119 Mission Patch
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March 28, (Day 87, Donkey):  NASA's Orbiter Discovery landed at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida on Runway 15 under cloudy skies.  The first landing opportunity was waved off due to approaching clouds and high crosswinds.  Main gear touchdown was at 3:13/17 PM EDT (1913/17 GMT), Mission Elapsed Time 12 Days 19 Hr. 29 min. 33 sec.  Nose gear touchdown was at 3:13/40 PM EDT, and Wheel stop was at 3:14/45 PM EDT.  Astronaut Sandra Magnus returned home after spending 134 days in space, where 134 stands for the division of the land , which is associated with the Israeli-Palestinian land for peace process.

Air Crashes During Mission

Several air crashes occurred during the STS-119 Mission in keeping with the symbolism on the Mission Patch, which featured a plane crashing.

  1. 3-22-09, 6:49 AM local - a FedEx Corp. MD-11 cargo plane crashed (Bloomberg) while landing in Tokyo in high winds and killed the pilot and co-pilot - Kevin Kyle Mosley, 54 years old, from Hillsboro, Ore., and Anthony Stephen Pino, 49, from San Antonio, Texas.
  2. 3-22-09, 3:26 PM MDT - a small plane (CNN) carrying three families nose dived into Holy Cross Cemetery near Butte, Montana.  Three families with young children onboard were killed.  Dying in a cemetery is a bad omen, like being doubly dead (Jude 12).
  3. 3-25-09, 10:00 AM PDT - an F-22A Raptor crashed (AP) near Edwards Air Force Base, CA and killed the pilot, David Cooley, 49.
In addition to the plane crashes, the Mt. Redoubt volcano erupted on March 22, Day 81, for the cursing of the Prostitute of Babylon (81, grace counterattack of Jezebel).  The eruption of the volcano symbolizes Fire Testing associated with the female. The Tokyo FedEx plane crash was in Tokyo, which corresponds to Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakat, who was transported to the Space Station on STS-119.  The plane crash in the cemetery in Montana corresponds to the bones of the dead as per the Skull on the astrological chart associated with the launch of STS-119.

Note also that the number, 22, is for cursing, and the lines of the number 49 correspond to the number of days before Pentecost (the beginning of the Church Age) as symbolized by the crash of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River earlier this year.


STS-119 Launch


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March 15, (Day 74, Spiritual Freedom):  NASA's launch of STS-119 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida made a spectacular sight.  As the Shuttle rose up above the Sunset shadow into Sunlight, the dragon-shaped vapor trail had a band of red and orange with a white head.  Launch was at 7:43/44 PM EDT (2343/44 GMT) shortly after Sunset under clear skies.  The mission will deliver the S6 truss segment to the Space Station and deploy two solar wings to provide power for a crew of six.  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata was aboard Orbiter Discovery (OV-103) enroute to the station to replace Expedition 18 Flight Engineer Sandra Magnus, who will return to Earth with the STS-119 crew.

The colored dragon in the sky was a fitting tribute to a week of cursing from Satan and problems with the NASA launch.  Today's launch was on Sunday because of a delay from a launch scrub on Wednesday, March 11 due to a Hydrogen leak.  March 11 was Day 70, for a pastor.  A pastor, Fred Winters, was murdered last Sunday in Church in Maryville, Illinois.  The gunman walked down the center aisle and shot him.  The aisle corresponds to the path through the center of the STS-119 Mission patch.  The murder of pastor Winters made him a martyr.  The Red Planet in Aquarius today symbolized a martyr.  And Illinois corresponds to the region of Virgo, the Ascendant sign for today's launch.

STS-119 LaunchThe Wednesday launch attempt was heralded the afternoon before by a mass murder in Samson, Alabama, the worst in Alabama history.  The gunman killed his mother and grandmother along with other family members and outsiders.  The killing of the mother and grandmother corresponds to the Four Generation Curse as well as the destruction of our Client Nation (Hos 4:5).  The Samson shootings called attention to the Samson Complex in which the killer brings down the roof on himself, i. e. he also commits suicide.  This also applies to suicide bombers.  And Alabama is in the region of Pisces.  The Sun had just slipped into Pisces for today's launch because of the delay from Wednesday.  And Wednesday morning in Germany, there was another mass murder at a school.  Germany corresponds to the region of Libra and Dan, which represents the federal judiciary.  STS-119 stands for the witness of Dan, or the federal judiciary.

Because of the launch slip from Wednesday, the Moon slipped into Scorpius, which symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon.  This corresponds to the adultery symbol with the horn and Pentagram piercing the ring in the middle of the STS-119 Mission Patch.

The Star Chart for launch contained a Skull configuration, which is a sinister sign of death from Satan, who has the power (with God's permission) to administer the sin unto death.  The dragon-shaped vapor trail in the sky after the launch was also a symbol of Satan, the serpent.  The colored band near the top symbolized a mortal wound.  The red color symbolized blood and suffering.  The orange color symbolized separation.  And the white symbolized sanctification after the snake was killed.  Launch was on Day 74, for Spiritual freedom, which comes from Spiritual Warfare.  Launch was at 7:43/44 PM EDT, where 43 is for fulfillment, and 44 is for suffering.  The mission is carrying the S6 truss to complete (fulfill) the configuration of the Space Station.  And the launch countdown was accompanied by suffering in Spiritual Warfare with Satan.

The Bat

There was also a bat clinging to the Hydrogen section of the External Tank.  The bat was there during tanking and through liftoff.  According to a wildlife expert, it may have had a broken left wing-arm and injured right shoulder.  Bats normally fly away at dusk, the time the Shuttle launched.  The bat is a night flyer (the most skillful, next to NASA) that feeds upon insects.  Thus, it is the symbol of Beelzebub, who is Satan as lord of the flies.  As such, the blind bat is symbolic of expensive idols of silver and gold associated with the false value and root of evil of the love of money (Isa 2:20).  The idols along with the high-minded will be destroyed at the Second Advent.  The name NASA in the Hebrew means to rise up.  The bat is classified as unclean and unfit for human consumption (Lev 11:19; Deut 14:18).

The bat was on the Hydrogen portion of the External Tank.  The External Tank corresponds to Political Babylon, which is associated with darkness.  The darkness of Political Babylon corresponds to Beelzebub and his demons of darkness.  It also characterizes US foreign policy as well as the darkness of outer space and those who go there (2 Pet 2:17; Jude 13).  Hydrogen corresponds to the male in Marriage Culture.  The bat on the Hydrogen portion of the External Tank completes the sequence of problems that delayed the launch for months.  First, there was the problem with the circumcised Hydrogen Flow Control Valve poppets, and then there was the Hydrogen leak (symbolizing fornication).  Then the bat on the External Tank symbolized the attack on the male by Beelzebub to administer the sin unto death, as symbolized by the Skull in the Star Chart.  However, the grace-oriented male can defeat the devil and slay the dragon, as symbolized by the bloody and sanctified vapor trail after launch.

Poppet Circumcision Delays Launch

Poppet Circumcision Delays LaunchEngine, 2-20-09, 1545 GMT, NOAA

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February 20, (Day 51, Arrogance):  NASA managers failed to set a launch date for STS-119 due to concerns about circumcision of Hydrogen Flow Control Valve poppets.  After a 13-hour Flight Readiness Review the managers decided to take a few days off and develop a better plan for getting over the problem with the Main Engines popping their poppets.  They expect to have a game plan together by Feb. 25 when they may decide to fly as is, do more analysis, or perform more tests.  The weather angels painted a picture of an engine in the shape of the STS-119 patch over the northern US during the Flight Readiness Review.
STS-126 Poppet
The problem occurred in 1992 and some changes were made; however, it resurfaced on STS-126 when some of the tip of the poppet of a Hydrogen Flow Control Valve popped off.  The fear is that the broken stainless steel projectile could damage something.  The poppets pop up like the nozzles in a sprinkler system to vent Hydrogen gas back from the Engines to pressurize the External Tank.


The Hydrogen and Oxygen in the Space Shuttle symbolize the man and woman in Marriage Culture.  As goes Marriage Culture, so goes the nation and NASA.  The Hydrogen fuel symbolizes the Right Man and the Oxygen symbolizes the Right Woman.  The breaking off of the tip of a gaseous hydrogen poppet of a Flow Control Valve is analogous to circumcision of the male phallus.  The Engine vibration appears to be causing the metal fatigue that cracks the poppet head.  This symbolizes lack of harmonious rapport between the man and the woman.  The root cause of the problem, however, is not the man's poppet, but his head because circumcision of the heart is required for Spiritual Rapport with God and harmonious rapport with the Right Woman (Deut 10:16; 30:6; Jer 4:4; Rom 2:29).

The weather map contained the image of an engine over the region of Dan, which corresponds to Libra, the Scales.  This region corresponds to the federal judiciary and to the number 19.  STS-119 was stuck on the launch pad in Brevard County Florida, which is county #19.  And a new government was in the process of being formed in Israel.  Libra symbolizes a balance, which corresponds to measurement and business.  Measurement includes harmony like that between the man and woman in Marriage.  And from the business perspective, the DOW closed at a six year low of 7365, which symbolizes freedom (73) going down (65).

It was February 20, 2009, Day 51, where 20 is for the external gates of the military, 2009 is for the Plagues of Egypt, and 51 is for arrogance.



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January 14, (Day 14, Passover):  The Space Shuttle for the STS-119 Mission with Orbiter Discovery was rolled out to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center, Florida this morning.  The trip was complete at 12:16 PM EST (1716 GMT).  The Shuttle will carry the S6 truss segment to the Space Station.  Launch target date is February 12.

Mission Patch

The STS-119 Mission patch in the shape of a solar array viewed at an angle turns out to also resemble an engine.  And it resembles double doors with a red door frame to symbolize the blood on the door frames at the Passover.  The doors are slightly open to show the stars outside when the children of Israel left Egypt at night after the Lord destroyed it with the 9 Plagues.  The American flag at the top symbolizes a curtain or veil for a door or window.  The belly-up Orbiter with the red and white vapor trail symbolizes a plane going down with engine trouble.

The blue inside of the patch with the indigo path in the middle symbolizes Israel crossing the Red Sea.  As the people walked across the Red Sea at night the stars were visible overhead.  The two walls of water correspond to the blue inside of the patch.  Crossing the Red Sea, called the Baptism of Moses, symbolized Salvation with Positional Sanctification (1 Corinthians 10:1-2).  The whole nation that left Egypt at the Passover were saved.  The subsequent crossing of the Red Sea symbolized their Salvation and Positional Sanctification.  Egypt symbolized the world, and the Promised Land of Canaan symbolized Heaven.  The Red Sea symbolized sins, which would be judged on the Cross.  The sea also symbolized the world.  The pocket of stars in the flag at the top of the patch symbolizes the congregation of Israel in Heaven - i. e. Positional Sanctification.  At Salvation, the believers of Israel were entered into union with the Lord in Heaven.

The year, 2009, stands for the Plagues of Egypt, which destroyed Egypt so the Lord's promise to Abraham could be fulfilled.  In the Abrahamic Covenant, the Lord promised Abraham the land of Canaan.  In order to give the land to Israel, the Lord had to destroy Egypt to redeem Israel from slavery.  Thus, the destruction of Egypt and the Passover symbolized the Cross, and crossing the Red Sea symbolized Positional Sanctification for those with Salvation.

The astronaut insignia, the horn with a star piercing a ring, symbolizes adultery and the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Prostitute of Babylon was defeated in the destruction of Egypt.  The Evil King, Pharaoh, and his army were destroyed at the crossing of the Red Sea.  Thus, the Lord made a complete destruction of Egypt with its army just as He will do at the Second Advent when He will return and destroy the enemies of Israel.

The numbers on the patch are 119 and 15.  The number, 119, stands for the witness (11) of the federal judiciary (19); or the witness (11) of the plagues (9).  The number, 15, stands for a covering, which is God's solution.


Rollout of STS-119 was on January 14, for the Passover.  The Passover is symbolized on the Mission Patch with red door posts (the red border of the patch).  The patch is shaped like an engine and a wing.  It contains a plane landing in the water (or over water) with a bad engine.  This was fulfilled on January 15 with the landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.  The passengers walked out on the wings to be rescued.

The patch also portrays the symbolism of the crossing of the Red Sea, called the Baptism of Moses (1 Corinthians 10:1-2).  The crossing of the Red Sea symbolized Positional Sanctification as Israel left Egypt behind and headed from the Promised Land, the symbol of Heaven.

Author:  Larry Wood