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NASA STS-126 Mission

NASA STS-126 Mission Patch
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Landing Edwards Air Force Base

Landing Edwards Air Force Base

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November 30 (Day 335, Rest from Enemies):  Orbiter Endeavour landed at Edwards Air Force Base, California.  The landing was diverted to California due to high cross winds and thunderstorms at Kennedy Space Center in Florida due to a passing cold front in the form of a weather elephant  Main gear touchdown was at 1:25/06 PM PST (2125/06 GMT), Mission Elapsed Time 15 Days 20 Hr. 29 min. 37 sec.  Nose gear touchdown was at 1:25/21 PM PST, and Wheel stop was at 1:26/03 PM PST.

Mumbai Massacre

Mumbai Massacre

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November 26 (Day 331, Evil King):  Terrorists struck Mumbai, India with bloody vengeance.  They bombed, shot, and burned in attacks on as many as 19 targets.  Targets included Leopold's Restaurant, VT Railway Station, and the Oberoi and Taj five star hotels.  They sought out British and American tourists to take hostage.  The terrorists also killed police responders and lobbed grenades from a hotel roof.  And they set hotels on fire.

The Mumbai massacre had all the markings of an al-Qa'eda attack.  And it correlated to the Sunburst and Red Planet on the NASA STS-126 mission patch.  The Sun and Red Planet were in conjunction with the Savior Planet in Scorpius, the evil one.  The Sunburst symbolizes a bomb blast, and the Red Planet in Scorpius symbolizes bloody violence.  It was November 26, corresponding to STS-126, where 26 is for Political Babylon.  NASA astronauts spent the day packing the Leonardo Logistics Module for return to Earth.  It was Day 331 for the purifying judgment of the Evil King (31).  India in Asia corresponds to the location of Texas in the US, home of NASA's Mission Control and corresponding to Capricornus, the Goat and symbol of the Gentiles.



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November 14 (Day 319, Federal Judiciary):  NASA successfully launched STS-126 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 7:55 PM EST (0055 GMT) at night as a large, bright Moon rose in the East.  The Moon was just two days past full.Orbiter Access Arm

Linchpin, 11-9-08, 1845 GMT, NOAAAbout 15 minutes before launch the door frame on the Orbiter Access Arm was observed to be loose due to a missing pin.  However, this was not deemed to be a constraint for launch.  A linchpin, as would be used for pinning the door, was actually observed earlier on Nov. 9, the day after Hurricane Paloma, on the weather map over Kennedy Space Center.

The STS-126 Mission of Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105) will take the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Leonardo to the Space Station.  Launch was on Nov. 14, for the passover, and Day 319, for the federal judiciary.  The number, 19, is the number for Brevard County, which is Florida County #19, where Kennedy Space Center is located.

Relation to G20 Economic Summit

The STS-126 Launch time coincided with a White House dinner for the opening of the Group of Twenty (G20) Economic Summit in Washington, DC.  The G20 richest (or leading industrial) nations are meeting to deal with the current global financial crisis.  The STS-126 Mission Patch features a horned snake in the path, which symbolizes the snake in the path of Genesis 49:17 that bites the horse's heel and causes the rider to fall.  This symbolizes Libra, the Scales, which represent Justice and commerce.  Scales are used for measuring money.  So, the NASA launch during the opening of the G20 Summit points to the financial crisis to be discussed during the Summit.

Star Chart
STS-126 Chart, 11-14-08The Star Chart at the time of the launch of STS-126 contains a Grand Cross and a Yod.  A Grand Cross is the sign of intense suffering, like going to the cross.  A Yod indicates a period of critical timing, which requires striking when the iron is hot.  The Moon, which rose just before launch, was in Taurus, the Bull, which symbolizes a prosperous group, like the G20 leaders at the Washington Summit.  The Yod points to the Moon, which means the critical timing issue is the G20 Summit.  The Mediator Planet was in Midheaven in Aquarius, which symbolizes publicity, or high visibility, of an ambassador, or in the case of STS-126, a linchpin.  A linchpin holds to parts together like a mediator.  The NASA technician who failed to pin the doorframe of the Orbiter Access Arm for the STS-126 launch, gained high notoriety.  This also points to the ambassadors attending the historic G20 Summit.  The Ascendant sign, which signifies how the world sees the issue, was Gemini, the Twins, and symbol of Marriage, a witness, and the double blessing.  The double blessing corresponds to California, where a major forest fire burned 100 homes today.  Homes were the toxic assets that set off the world financial crisis.  California in the US corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  And forest fires symbolize Fire Testing.

In one leg of the Grand Cross was the God of the Covenants Planet in Leo, the Lion, in opposition to the Mediator Planet in Aquarius.  The God of the Covenants Planet in Leo symbolizes government powers and corresponds to Washington, DC.  The world governments are attempting to take action to handle the financial crisis.  Leo also corresponds to the Leonardo module.  The Mediator Planet in Aquarius signifies the ambassadors at the G20 Summit.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida.  In the other leg of the Grand Cross was the conjunction of the Morning Star and Last Adam Planets in Sagittarius, the Archer, in opposition to the Moon in Taurus.  The Morning Star in Sagittarius symbolizes Commanders with Armies, and the Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes an enemy attack.  This corresponds to the destruction of the Prostitute of Babylon by the Evil King, which produced the current financial crisis.  This will also occur in the Tribulation, when the world economy is destroyed.  The Moon in Taurus symbolizes a prosperous group, and it also symbolizes the glory of the Bride at the Second Advent.  This is the glory that the Prostitute of Babylon is trying to usurp.  Thus, the Morning Star and Last Adam in Sagittarius in opposition to the Moon in Taurus can also symbolize the attack of the Evil King upon the Prostitute of Babylon.

The Sun was in Libra, the Scales, and symbol of commerce and Justice.  The Sun in Libra symbolizes Sovereign authority, which the leaders of nations have.  The Savior Planet was also in Libra to symbolize being rescued.  The G20 leaders have been implementing rescue plans for the financial crisis.

The Red Planet was in Scorpius, the evil one.  This symbolizes bloody violence inspired by the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning.


The Launch of STS-126 with the Mission Patch of a horned snake in the path pointed to the G20 Summit, which was opening in Washington, DC with a White House dinner.  The horned snake in the path is associated with Libra, the Scales, and symbol of Justice and commerce.  The G20 leaders will attempt to solve the current world financial crisis.  A Grand Cross was overhead, which symbolizes intense suffering.  The current world financial crisis is very significant.  It is the type of Judgment that will happen in the Tribulation.  It could be called a millennial judgment for something that might happen once in a thousand years.  The current crisis is like a world war in finance as Bismarck once described a similar crisis precipitated by Abraham Lincoln in 1862, when he bypassed the bankers and printed his own Greenback dollars.  The Prostitute of Babylon, who rules the world economy for Satan, has been knocked down.  This is a big deal in the Angelic Conflict.

The number, 126, stands for Political Babylon.  The G20 Summit is a political attempt to solve the world financial crisis.  The STS-126 launch was in Florida.  One of the legs of the Grand Cross on the Star Chart connected the God of the Covenants Planet in Leo to the Mediator Planet in Aquarius.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC and Aquarius corresponds to Florida on the Zodiac map.  The launch was from Florida County #19 on Day 319, where 19 is for the federal judiciary.  The federal judiciary of nations is attempting to deal with the financial crisis.  The federal judiciary corresponds to the Tribe of Dan, which is symbolized by Libra, the Scales.  Libra is the sign in Genesis 49:17 that contains the horned snake of the STS-126 Mission Patch, and points to the current problem with commerce.

Finally, there is the famous linchpin story, which was foretold by a linchpin on the weather map over Kennedy Space Center, Florida on Nov. 9.  Prior to the STS-126 launch on Nov. 14, a technician failed to pin the doorframe of the Orbiter Access Arm.  A linchpin is a physical symbol of a mediator.  And the weather angels had designated the ambassadors attending the G20 Summit as linchpins because they represent their nations to God and other nations of the world.  And the Mediator Planet in Aquarius can symbolize a linchpin.  Further, the Mediator Planet in conjunction with Midheaven indicates notoriety, which the technician who failed to pin the doorframe received.  The linchpin on STS-126 was left out on purpose in the Divine Design of God to make an issue of Divine Security.  The G20 ambassadors are not the linchpins of the economy.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the linchpin (Mediator) of the economy.  He alone guarantees economic security.

Hurricane Omar Sets Stage for STS-126

Hurricane Omar Sets Stage for STS-126

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October 16, (Day 290, Victory Over Edom):  The passage of Hurricane Omar through the Virgin Islands today set the stage for understanding the spiritual implications of the STS-126 Mission.  Hurricane Omar is part of the symbolism of the STS-126 Mission Patch.  After the recent Hubble trouble, the STS-125 Hubble repair mission was postponed until next year, and STS-126 was designated for the next launch.  The STS-125 Shuttle will be rolled back Mon., October 20, and STS-126 with Orbiter Endeavour will be moved to Pad-A on Oct. 25.

The STS-126 Mission will ferry the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Leonardo to the Space Station.  The logistics module will carry equipment necessary to sustain a crew of six on the Space Station.  This includes additional crew quarters, exercise equipment, galley, and life support equipment. An STS-126 crew member will replace a Space Station expedition crew member who will return to Earth.

Mission Patch

The STS-126 Mission patch in the shape of the Leonardo module appears like a window.  The Orbiter trajectory to the Space Station and back symbolizes a horned serpent.  A horned snake in the path that upsets a horse symbolizes the Tribe of Dan (Gen. 49:17).  Dan is symbolized by the sign of Libra, the Scales, which represents justice, measurement, and business because money was weighed on a balance.  The snake striking the horse's heel was recently symbolized by the injury of the race horse, Big Brown, on Oct. 13, 2008.  The injury ended Big Brown's racing career.  In his morning workout, the horse tore a gash in his right front heel when it was struck by his right rear foot.  Snakes symbolically strike the heel (Gen. 3:15).   Note also that the scales of Libra correspond to the current world-wide financial crisis.

The Space Station in the broken back of the snake bears a resemblance to a pair of scales.  However, the Space Station also corresponds to Hurricane Omar, which passed through the Virgin Islands this morning at 12:30 AM AST (0430 GMT).  The Virgin Islands and Leeward Islands form a chain that resembles a snake, which also corresponds to the image of the tail of a beast rising from the sea.  The clouds over the ocean in the patch form the image of a hurricane.  The Atlantic Ocean corresponds to Political Babylon, which is symbolized by the number 26.  The mission number is STS-126.

The constellation Orion on the right side of the patch symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Mighty Warrior who will return at the Second Advent as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  The name, Leonardo, from Leo, the lion, means brave lion.  The red star in the upper right is meant to be the Red Planet, a symbol of the Blood of Christ.  The stars in the belt of Orion are five-pointed pentagrams, the symbol of a giant, such as Baal.

The crescent Moon on the left is a sign of the horns of judgment.  The Sunburst is usually a sign of an explosion.  The Sun and Moon taken together are a sign of the Second Advent when the Sun is darkened and the Moon is blood-colored.  One of the Sun rays in the shape of a spike extends almost to the Space Station.  The spiked ray symbolizes an attack by a javelin.  The scene is over the ocean, which is a sign of the world and Political Babylon, as represented by number 26 in the mission number, STS-126.  Near the top is the astronaut symbol of three horns and a pentagram rising through a ring.  This symbolizes adultery and the Prostitute of Babylon.  The racehorse, Big Brown, had a pentagram configuration in his birth chart.


The STS-126 Mission patch portrays the symbolism of the current world-wide financial crisis.  The horned snake in the path that upsets the balance of the horse is the symbol of Libra, the scales, which symbolizes justice as well as measurement in business, commerce, and the economy.  The snake symbolizes Satan, the ruler of the world and his creation, the Prostitute of Babylon, who rules world commerce.  The current financial crisis is God's judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon.

The path of Hurricane Omar through the Virgin Islands today symbolized breaking the back of the snake in the path.  Breaking the back renders the snake hors de combat (out of the fight).  This spiritual judgment should help to alleviate the current world-wide financial crisis.

Author:  Larry Wood