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Hurricane Paloma Portrays Jezebel's Death

Hurricane Paloma Portrays Jezebel's DeathHurricane Paloma, 11-8-08, 1745 GMT, NOAA

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November 9 (Day 314, Passover): Hurricane Paloma barreled into Cuba with 100 knot winds last night and broke to pieces over Cuba today as it was trapped and sheared.  Paloma made landfall at 7 PM EST (0000 GMT) last night at Santa Cruz del Sur.  The death of the major hurricane under the symbolic horse of Cuba portrayed the death of Jezebel, who was trampled by Jehu's horse.  The image on the satellite map of Hurricane Paloma approaching Cuba roughly resembles Jezebel falling under the horse with her head and arm pointing down.
Hurricane Paloma, 11-8-08, 0245 GMT, NOAA Huricane Paloma, 11-8-08, 1145 GMT, NOAA
Hurricane Paloma Cayman Islands
Hurricane Paloma Wind Analysis, 11-8-08, 1030 GMT
Earlier Hurricane Paloma jogged to the right and barely missed Grand Cayman before plowing into Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.  The eye passed over Cayman Brac, which took an almost direct hit with the Hurricane's 100 knot winds.  The wind speeds quoted here are from the NOAA wind analysis, which differs from the media hype.  However, reports from Cayman Brac are using the term devastation to describe the aftermath.

Grand Cayman is at 19 N., for the federal judiciary, and 81 W., for a grace counterattack from the Prostitute of Babylon, or Jezebel.  The Cayman Islands are the fifth largest banking center in the world with 279 banks.  The islands feature offshore tax-free banking; so they are very popular with international companies.  The name, Cayman, means alligator, a symbol of Baal and Jezebel.

Paloma means dove, which symbolizes love.  It began as a Tropical Depression which popped up the morning after the Presidential Election along with a whirlwind off the US east coast opposite Washington, DC..  It was named a Tropical Storm the morning of Nov. 6 and became a hurricane the next day.  By Nov. 8, it had become the second strongest November hurricane in history.  The year, 2008, has had a major hurricane in each of the five months of hurricane season, where 5 is the symbol of a giant, such as Baal.

Star Chart

Hurricane Paloma, 11-8-08, 0245 GMTThe Star Chart at the time Hurricane Paloma reached Grand Cayman on Nov. 7 at 9:45 PM EST (0245 GMT) contains a Bowl and a Plow.  The chart is quite similar to that of the 2008 Presidential Election on Nov. 4.  Refer to it for the details, which will not be repeated.  The only differences are the Ascendant and the Moon in Aquarius, which symbolizes disciples or adherents of ideologies (e.g. socialists, communists).  The Ascendant of Gemini, the Twins, heralds the next target of the hurricane as Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

The Plow points to the Morning Star in Scorpius, a sign of Satan's fall that leads to his doom.  An example of this has actually been played out this year in the fall of the Prostitute of Babylon in the world economic crisis (ref. 10-10-08).  The image of Jehu opposing Jezebel was seen on the satellite weather pictures.  So, as Hurricane Paloma reached Grand Cayman, which is at 81 W. for a grace counterattack of Jezebel, the Plow was symbolically plowing under Satan and his Prostitute of Babylon.

The Sun was in Libra, the Scales, and symbol of justice and commerce.  The Cayman Islands are a major world banking center.  Also in Libra were the Red Planet, the symbol of bloody judgment, or suffering, and the Savior Planet, the symbol of being rescued.  The world is currently engaged in rescue (or bailout) attempts for the banks.


Hurricane Paloma, meaning dove, a symbol of love, became the second strongest November hurricane in history.  It rapidly intensified and crossed through the Cayman Islands.  Under the belly of the horse of Cuba, the hurricane took on the symbol of Jezebel as it passed Grand Cayman at 81 W., for the grace counterattack of Jezebel.  As the hurricane passed Grand Cayman, the Sun was in Libra, the sign of justice and commerce.  The Prostitute of Babylon (Jezebel) controls the world financial institutions for Satan.  Jehu trampled Jezebel with his horse.  As Hurricane Paloma hit Cuba, it was blocked and sheared to pieces to symbolize the death of Jezebel under the horse of Jehu.  Cuba resembles a horse's neck.  Hurricane Paloma came up under Cuba (the symbolic horse).  The image of the hurricane on the weather map also appeared like a horse.

So, Paloma was yet another symbol of the fall and death of the Prostitute of Babylon, who rules the world financial institutions for Satan as well as most churches and other civil institutions.  A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the grace message of the pastor like the rebellious female who rejects her husband's authority.  The rebellious female is under the power of Jezebel.

Author:  Larry Wood