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Hurricane Omar Skirts St. Croix

Hurricane Omar, 10-16-08, 0307 GMT Hurricane Omar, 10-16-08, 0345 GMT, NASA

Hurricane Omar Skirts St. Croix

Links:  | AP |Hurricane Omar, 10-16-08, 0430 GMT, NOAA
October 16 (Day 290, Victory Over Edom):  Hurricane Omar jogged to the east and spared St. Croix the strong winds of the eye wall as it passed to the east of the island this morning at 1230 AM AST (0430 GMT).  Maximum winds reported on St. Croix were 51 mph, gusting to 71 mph.  This was much less than the 90 knot winds in the eye wall.  The hurricane proceeded to thread the needle sparing the islands a direct hit as it passed through the Anedega Passage between the Virgin Islands and Anguilla (ref. pictures at top of page).  Consequently, there were some flooding problems, but minimal damage from the hurricane.  The Hovensa oil refinery on St. Croix, the second largest in the Western Hemisphere, was shut down for the storm.
Hurricane Omar, 10-16-08, 1015 GMT
The image of Hurricane Omar and the front that steered it, appeared like an eagle swooping down on its prey.  The eagle symbolizes a Throne Angel, which punishes the Client Nation to God.

Omar is a form of the Arabic Umar, which means long life (flourishing) or first born.  It is a popular Sunni name.  St. Croix, which means cross in French, represents the Cross of Christ.  The path of Hurricane Omar cut through the Virgin Islands, which are part of the island chain that symbolizes a snake with Puerto Rico as the head.  The snake also corresponds to the tail of the beast rising from the sea.  The horse of Cuba symbolizes the head and neck of the beast, and the middle of the beast is the turtle of Hispaniola.  The path of Hurricane Omar symbolically broke the back of the snake, which symbolizes Satan.  The highly unusual path for a hurricane to the northeast occurred after the storm made a loop, the symbol of a criminal.  Hurricane Lenny hit St. Croix from the west on Nov. 17, 1999, and Hurricane Georges hit St. Croix from the east on September 21, 1998.

The symbolism of Hurricane Omar breaking the back of the snake is on the Mission Patch for NASA's next mission, STS-126.  The Atlantic Ocean corresponds to Political Babylon, which is symbolized by the number, 26.


Hurricane Omar dodged St. Croix and the other Virgin Islands as it moved northeast into the middle of the Atlantic without causing major damage.  This symbolizes grace and Providential Preventative Suffering.  The path of the storm symbolically broke the back of the snake, which symbolizes the defeat of Satan in the current world-wide financial crisis.  Satan's Prostitute of Babylon controls world commerce.  So, breaking the back of the snake should allow recovery from the current crisis.

A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the grace message of the pastor by the local congregation just as the rebellious female rejects the authority of her Right Man.  Hurricane Omar was in the Atlantic in the region of Political Babylon, which corresponds to the next NASA mission, STS-126, and to US foreign policy between Israel and the Palestinians.

Author:  Larry Wood