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Judgment of the World Economy

Judgment of the World Economy

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October 10 (Day 284, Weakness of Church):  The world financial system has seized up as banks hoard cash and refuse to lend to each other due to fear and distrust.  All week stock markets world wide have fallen drastically in spite of frantic attempts by national governments to infuse banks with cash.  The lies of the money changers and government leaders have finally led to customer fear and people have pulled their money out of the world markets.  The Group of Seven members of the world's richest nations will meet in Washington, DC tomorrow to try to do something to help.

The global financial system, which is ruled by the Prostitute of Babylon, has suddenly ceased to function.  And it is God's Judgment that has brought it to a halt.  The world financial system is an international system of Satan that violates the principles of nationalism and freedom just like the Tower of Babel.  A nation should protect itself from other nations destroying its economy, but the world's national leaders were so immersed in the Cosmic System that they never thought of finance as a national enemy.  Well, 2008 is the year for the New Birth and a paradigm shift, and God has just ended the old paradigm.
US House Rep. Bailout Vote
Jezebel, 10-6-08, NOAA
The US Congress has blindly engaged in socialism along with the rest of the world to alleviate the problem, but it isn't working.  The US House of Representatives failed to pass a bailout bill on September 29, 2008, as the Dow-Jones Industrial Average fell 777 points.  The Star Chart contained a bowl that symbolized a bowl of cursing like those in Revelation.  That bowl has been in the Star Chart all week.  After the Senate passed the $700 billion bailout bill on Oct. 1, the House passed it on Fri., Oct. 3, and the President signed it.  On Oct. 3, the Moon had moved into Scorpius, which symbolized Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  On Mon., Oct. 6, the US Dow closed below 10,000 at 9,955, and the image of a smiling Jezebel appeared near Louisiana in the region of Simeon criminality and Scorpius.
Eagle, 10-8-08, NOAA
On Oct. 8, the US Federal Reserve Board along with four other central banks lowered interest rates by .5 points.  On the weather map, the image of an eagle was taking a rabbit prey over the east coast and Washington, DC.  An eagle symbolizes a Throne Angel, which judges the Client Nation, and a rabbit is a symbol of Baal and Jezebel.

Horse, 10-9-08, NOAA
On Oct. 9, the Dow fell to 8579.  The image of a war horse appeared over the Washington, DC area, and a whirlwind was over Georgia.  On Oct. 10, the Dow closed at 8451.  The image of a gray-haired old man appeared over the Washington, DC area.  Although the old man favored Uncle Sam, he must have symbolized Jehu because the morbid image of a female like Jezebel appeared across the Mississippi River.  It appears that the Mississippi symbolized the wall of Jezebel's castle, and Jehu had come to kill her (2 Kings 9:30-37).

Jezebel, 10-10-08, NOAAThe story of the death of Jezebel (ref. Babylon the Great) parallels the story of the death of the Prostitute of Babylon in the Tribulation (Revelation 17-18).  The Prostitute of Babylon rules all of the world's commerce for Satan.  She will be symbolically raped, killed, and burned, by the evil kings of the European Union in the Tribulation.  This symbolizes the destruction of the world economies and the other institutions which she rules.   The Prostitute is the mother of Prostitutes and sits on many waters, a symbol of the world.  The Prostitute symbolizes the city of Babylon, which will destroyed in one hour, a symbol of a short time.  During the past month the world economies have fallen.  This is a short time for such a great catastrophe.


The current world financial crisis is God's Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon, who has taken control of world commerce, including businesses and many other institutions.  She is in the process of usurping the authority of national governments.  Free enterprise is not free when it is controlled by Satan and his Prostitute.  The old paradigm of free trade with the Prostitute in her global financial system has proven to be a grave security danger.  The US economy is enslaved to the Prostitute in her global system.  The nation, along with the other nations of the world, is being held captive to her system.

Utopian Socialism is being used by government leaders in an attempt to regain control.  The actions of US government leaders is reprehensible.  However, this is a spiritual crisis, and Christians are the only hope of solving it.  The love of money is a root of all evil.  It enslaves people to the Cosmic System and the Prostitute of Babylon.  The slaves perpetuate the devil's lie.  Christians must take their stand on the basis of faith to oppose this evil.  The power of the Prostitute of Babylon must be neutralized in order to have free enterprise.  The Holy Spirit will lead the believer in business dealings.  Those who refuse to do business with the Prostitute will have freedom and help provide it for others in the nation.

The year 2008 requires paradigm shifts.  In addition to the need for a new paradigm for commerce, the transportation system also needs a new one.  Changes, such as electric cars, are needed.

The Lord has brought this world-wide cataclysm in His divine wisdom and Justice.  In so doing, He has honored those Christians who reject the love of money and the Prostitute of Babylon, who is the enemy of Marriage and free enterprise.  When this life is over, money will not matter.  The rewards of Heaven are not based on money.  After Salvation the Christian must learn to produce divine good, which will be the basis for eternal reward.

Author:  Larry Wood