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NASA STS-124 Mission

NASA STS-124 Mission Patch
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June 14 (Day 166, Worldliness):  The Orbiter Discovery landed at Kennedy Space Center, Florida on Runway 15 under a slightly cloudy sky.  Main gear touchdown was at 11:15/19 AM EDT (1515/19 GMT), Mission Elapsed Time 13 Days 18 Hr. 13 min. 19 sec.  Nose gear touchdown was at 11:15/30 EDT, and Wheel stop was at 11:16/19 EDT.  It was the 69th landing at Kennedy Space Center, where 69 means running the course of life.

Landing was on June 14, for the passover.  Main gear touchdown was at 11:15/19 AM EDT, where 15 is for a covering, and 19 is for the federal judiciary, which corresponds to the number for Brevard County where Discovery landed..

Breach in Flame Trench WallSTS-124 Flame Trench Breach

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June 3 (Day 155, Blessing):  Post launch inspection of STS-124 revealed large breaches in the wall of the Flame Trench at Launch Pad 39A.  There was a large debris field of firebrick and concrete scattered all the way to the perimeter fence 1,500 feet away.  Some of the pieces even went through the fence like cannon balls.

STS-124 was launched on Day 152, where 52 stands for a wall, which symbolizes security.  A breach in a wall symbolizes a security failure (Ezek 22:30; Psa 106:23).  City walls were built for security.  A debris field symbolizes a dunghill (King James, Ezra 6:11; Dan 2:5; 3:29), which represents destruction, like being trashed.


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May 31 (Day 152, Wall):  NASA successfully launched STS-124 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 5:02/12 PM EDT (2102/12 GMT) under a partly cloudy sky.  The STS-124 Mission of Orbiter Discovery (OV-103) will deliver the Japanese Pressurized Module of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's laboratory complex, Kibo, to the Space Station.  This is the largest habitable module of the Space Station.  It has its own robotic arm.  The first section of Kibo, which was delivered on STS-123, will be placed atop the Pressurized Module.

The launch was described by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin as a "huge milestone."  This corresponds to the Locomotive configuration of the planets overhead.  See Star Chart for the Manhattan Crane Collapse from yesterday, which contained a Locomotive configuration like today.  The "milestone" corresponds to the Last Adam planet (the pivot) in Sagittarius.  This mission, which will make heavy use of robotic cranes, was heralded yesterday by the collapse of a crane in Manhattan.  And the world's largest crane collapsed 3 hours before launch at 12:20 PM MDT (2:20 PM EDT) at the Black Thunder coal mine in Wright, Wyoming.  The Sun was in Midheaven in the sign of Taurus, which means "glory in the highest" (Luke 19:38).  Wyoming corresponds to the region of Taurus.  The crane blocked a railway, which symbolizes a strategic blockage or failure.

Launch was on May 31, Day 152, where 31 is for an evil king and 152 is for a wall (security and protection).  Launch was at 5:02/12 PM EDT, where 2 is for divine division and 12 is for authority.

Mission Patch and the Fenway Hawk

Launch Target Date

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April 3 (Day 94, Footstool):  NASA recently set a new target date of May 31, 2008 at 5:01 PM EDT for launch of STS-124.  The STS-124 Mission of Orbiter Discovery (OV-103) will deliver the large Japanese Kibo Pressurized Module to the International Space Station.  The delay was attributed to weather that delayed shipment of the External Tank, which arrived at Kennedy Space Center March 26.  The number, 124, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

Mission Patch

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The STS-124 Mission patch is shaped like a baseball diamond.  The yellow Sun with its rays approximately match home plate and the paths to the ondeck circles and the bases.  The belly-up Orbiter matches the picture of the hawk that attacked 13-year old, Alexa Rodriguez at Fenway Park on April 3, 2008, Day 94.  The belly-up Orbiter also symbolizes a dead fish.  A hawk symbolizes an Evil King.  On the day of the hawk attack, NATO approved deployment of the US-developed missile defense system in Europe.  President Bush was at the NATO Summit in Rumania along with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The hawk symbolized Putin, who opposes the deployment.  Fenway Park is in Boston at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 71 W., for a strait.

On the right side of the patch is the Japanese module, Kibo, with a symbol of the red Sun.  The red Sun at Sunrise symbolizes the Resurrection.  The symbol of the red Sun on Kibo also symbolizes the Red Planet.  Kibo means Hope.


The target date for launch of STS-124 is May 31, for an Evil King.  The Mission patch portrays the scene of the hawk attack of the 13-year old girl in Fenway Park.  A hawk symbolizes an Evil King.  The hawk attack corresponded to the NATO Summit in Romania in which the US missile defense system was approved for deployment in Europe.  That was opposed by Russian President Putin, who symbolizes the Evil King.  Fenway Park is in Boston at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Baseball is played with a bat, which symbolizes a war club, the weapon which symbolizes Baal.  The hawk attack from the air on April 3, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, symbolized a missile attack from the air.  The day of the attack was 94, for a footstool, which symbolizes prosecution of the Evil King after he is conquered.

Author:  Larry Wood