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NASA STS-123 Mission

STS-123 Mission Patch
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March 26 (Day 86, Arab Persecution of the Jew):  The Orbiter Endeavour made a night landing at Kennedy Space Center, Florida on Runway 15 after the first landing opportunity was waved off due to cloud cover.  Main Gear touchdown was at 8:39/08 PM EDT (0039/08 GMT), Mission Elapsed Time 15 Days 18 Hr. 10 min. 54 sec.  Nosegear touchdown was at 8:39/17 EDT, and Wheelstop was at 8:40/41 EDT.  Landing was on Orbit 250.

Landing was on March 26, for Political Babylon, which corresponds to the darkness of the night landing.  Maingear touchdown was at 8:39/08 PM EDT, where 39 is for the sin unto death, and 08 is for the New Birth, which corresponds to the meaning of 2008.

Miami Crane Collapse

Miami Crane Collapse

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March 25 (Day 85, Eye):  As Orbiter Endeavour returned to Earth from the Space Station for a landing the next day, a crane fell in Miami into a house and killed 2 people and injured 5.  The crane crashed through the roof of a two-story house that was being used by the construction project.  It crashed into the safety office at 1:45 PM EDT (1745 GMT) at 2066 N. Bayshore Dr. just north of downtown Miami.  The crane fell from the Paramount Bay Condo, a 46-story luxury building under construction.  A 20-foot vertical extension was being hoisted to raise the crane from near the 37th floor when the section fell.  A crane fell in Manhattan on March 15 during the installation of Dextre on the Space Station.

Later in the day at 5:20 PM EDT a Passenger Train was hit by a boxcar loaded with lumber near Canton Junction, Massachusetts.  About 50 passengers received minor injuries and about 10 were taken to hospitals.  The passenger train was MBTA No. 917.  Canton Junction is at 42 N., for Baal, and 71 W., for a strait.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.

Star Chart - Symbol of Fall of Tower of Babel

Miami Crane CollapseThe Star Chart at the time of the Miami crane collapse contained an overturned Castle, a Plow, and a Coffin in the shape of a tower.  The Red Planet was rising in Gemini and the Last Adam was setting in Sagittarius.  This was basically the opposite of the STS-123 Launch Star Chart in which the Last Adam was rising and the Red Planet was setting.  The opposition in the Plow between the Red Planet and the Last Adam corresponds to the beam that fell from the crane in Miami.  The overturned Castle corresponds to the house on which the crane fell.  The Coffin corresponds to the two people who died as well as to a tower.  The tower corresponds to the Miami 46-story Paramount Bay Condo building as well as to the International Space Station, which is like a tower in the sky corresponding to the Tower of Babel.  The Almighty God planet in Sagittarius was setting, which symbolizes the waning influence of victory of the raiding band.

The opposition of the Red Planet and the Last Adam in the chart was directed toward the Sun in Pisces.  This formed a Plow in which the opposition of two planets is directed toward a third at right angles.  Pisces is the sign of a priest, who represents others before God.  The Sun symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ, the Light of the world.  Thus, the Sun in Pisces symbolizes Jesus Christ the High Priest of the Church.  The Sun in conjunction with Midheaven symbolizes divine glory.  The message of the Last Adam and Red Planet in opposition with the Plow directed toward the Sun in Pisces is found in Hebrews 9:11-12.

Hebrews 9:11-12
11 But when Christ Himself (Last Adam) appeared, the High Priest of divine good, having come by means of a greater and more perfect Tabernacle (third heaven), not hand made, that is not of this creation. 12 And not by means of the blood of goats and young bulls, but by means of His own blood (Red Planet) He has entered once and for all into the Holy of Holies, having obtained eternal redemption.
The Star Chart also contains a Stellium of the Mediator, Savior, and Morning Star in Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida, where Endeavour is scheduled to land the next day.  The Mediator in Aquarius symbolizes a tower, and the Morning Star in Aquarius symbolizes a ship's captain or a crane operator.


The end of the STS-123 mission was heralded by a crane collapse in Miami and a train wreck in Massachusetts.  The Miami crane collapse, like the New York crane collapse, corresponds to the installation of Dextre on the Space Station.  The Star Chart at the time of the Miami crane collapse the Mediator Planet in Aquarius, for a tower (or crane).  A configuration in the Chart was shaped like a tower or building along with an upside down Castle, which symbolized the fall of a house.  Putting this all together, the Space Station with its connecting steel beams symbolizes the Tower of Babel, which the Lord will knock down.

Miami is at 25 N., for Sovereignty, and today was March 25.  The Almighty God planet, which symbolizes Sovereignty (per the number 25) and victory, was setting in Sagittarius.  This means waning influence of a mighty warrior or the end of victory of the raiding band.  The raiding bands in the news today were the Shiite militias fighting in Basra.  The Almighty God planet setting can also symbolize the fall of the giant.

The train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  It was at 42 N., for Baal, which matches the symbolism of the pentagram on the STS-123 Mission patch.  The train was hit by a boxcar loaded with lumber.  Lumber is symbolized by the color, yellow.  The crane section that fell in Miami was yellow.  The Pentagram on the STS-123 Mission patch was yellow.  Jesus Christ was crucified on a wooden cross.

Endeavour is OV-105, for a giant, such as Baal.  Two were killed and 5 injured in the Miami crane collapse.  The total of 7 casualties corresponds to the 7-pointed stars on the STS-123 Mission patch.

Bloody Bridegroom Marriage

Bloody Bridegroom MarriageSTS-123 Kibo Opened

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March 15 (Day 75, Sovereignty):  Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Takao Doi floated over the threshold of the new Japanese Experiment Logistics Module Pressurized Section of the Kibo laboratory at 9:23 PM EDT on March 14.  The Star Chart overhead hailed the opening of the first section of Kibo as a conjunction of the Red Planet and the Moon with the Ascendant of Virgo.  This is the symbol of a bloody bridegroom marriage.  The Red Planet symbolizes the Blood of Christ, and the Moon symbolizes the congregation of believers.  The Moon also symbolizes the wife, and the Red Planet can also symbolize a bloody bridegroom.  Moses' wife, Zipporah, called him a bloody bridegroom after she had to circumcise their son.

The two latest additions to the Space Station, Dextre and Kibo, symbolize the man and woman in marriage.  Dextre had been asleep without power due to a faulty power cable.  However, Dextre was awakened shortly after Kibo was opened.  Power was confirmed to Dextre at 10:10 PM.  Between the time Kibo was opened and Dextre woke up, a tornado hit downtown Atlanta. Space walkers installed the arms of Dextre during the night of March 15.  Prior to completion of the job, a crane fell  from a high-rise in Manhattan at 2:20 PM EDT, smashed another building, and killed at least seven people.

Star Chart

The Star Chart over Kennedy Space Center at the time of entrance into the new Kibo pressurized module for the first time revealed the Red Planet in conjunction with the Moon.  The Red Planet symbolizes blood and suffering, like going to the Cross, and the Moon symbolizes the woman. The conjunction of the two symbolizes a "Bloody Bridegroom."

Then Zipporah seized a flint knife and cut off her son's foreskin and threw it at his (Moses') feet, and she said, "You are certainly a bloody bridegroom to me." (Exodus 4:25)
As Moses journeyed to Egypt, he faced the Sin Unto Death for failure to circumcise his son.  His wife, Zipporah, did the job, and Moses was spared.  However, Zipporah, from her Midianite Arab culture, was disgusted with the circumcision that she had to perform.  She rejected the Jewish doctrine of circumcision.  She had a cultural split with Moses.  In her reaction she entered Ecumenical Babylon and became the Prostitute of Babylon.  This led to a divorce.

In the Star Chart, the Red Planet and Moon were in Gemini, the Twins and symbol of Marriage.  The Ascendant, the sign rising over the horizon, was Virgo, the Virgin and symbol of the mother of the humanity of Christ.

Atlanta Tornado

A rare tornado struck downtown Atlanta at 9:40 PM EDT on March 14.  The pressurized module of Kibo had just been entered at 9:23 PM EDT.  The tornado caused damage to several buildings.  It hit the Georgia Dome where a Southeastern Conference basketball tournament game between Mississippi State and Alabama was in overtime.  After about an hour delay, Mississippi State won the game 69-67, where 69 is for running the course of life and 67 is for giving of worldly possessions.  The NASA STS-123 Mission patch resembles a race track.

Mississippi State and Alabama playing in Georgia symbolizes the three areas of law enforcement, city police (Mississippi), state (Alabama), and county (Sheriff's Office).  Georgia also symbolizes the land and relates to the land of Israel, which is suffering because of the peace process sponsored by the US government.  The tornado was at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 84 W., for the weakness of the Church.  It struck the night of March 13, for the double blessing of Israel.

New York Crane Falls

A construction crane fell from a high rise in Manhattan at 2:20 PM EDT on March 15.  This was during the time that NASA had the Dextre robot under construction on the Space Station.  The arms were finally install later during the night of March 15-16.  On one of the passes, the astronauts could look down and see New York.  The crane fell as the Dextre crane was being installed on the Space Station.  Dextre was the symbol of the Bloody Bridegroom.  The New York crane was being used to construct a 44-story condominium, where 44 is for suffering.

The crane fell at at 303 East 51st Street, where 5 is for arrogance, and 303 is for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  The building that was destroyed by the fall of the crane was at 305 East 50th Street, where 305 is for a giant, such as Baal, and 50 is for the Church.

Bear Stearns Bailout
Sky Hole, 3-14-08, 1400 GMT
New York Bear Stearns, Wall Street's 5th (for a giant) largest securities firm, was in financial collapse on March 14 when the Federal Government bailed it out.  The federal bailout symbolizes Political Babylon.  The Bear Stearns crisis began during the time the Dextre robot could not be powered up.  The Dextre power problem began on 13.  A power failure is the sign of the Judgment of Political Babylon.  The US position in the Middle East peace process is in Political Babylon between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Bear Stearns collapse was heralded by the sign of a hole (or melted spot) in a mackerel sky over Florida at 1000 EDT on March 14.  A mackerel sky symbolizes people.  The people were the investors of Bear Stearns who were demanding cash.  The hole in the mackerel sky was like a melted spot.  Bear Stearns was in a liquidity crisis.  The faint sundog was a sign of suffering.  All this shows that God brought the cursing per the cycles of national punishment.


NASA, STS-123 Launch


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March 11 (Day 71, Strait):  NASA successfully launched STS-123 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida at 02:28/14 EDT (0628/14 GMT) at night under a cloud-covered sky.  The STS-123 Mission of Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105) will deliver the first section of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's new laboratory module, Kibo to the Space Station. Also, Canada's new robotics system, the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator, or Dextre, will be delivered.

Today was March 11, Day 71, where 11 is for a witness, as in court, and 71 is for a strait.  Launch was at 0628/14 GMT, where 28 is a Cosmic stronghold, and 14 is for the passover.
STS-123 Launch Chart
Star Chart

At Launch the stars overhead formed a Mystic Rectangle, as has been seen recently in the Lunar Eclipse of Feb. 20 and the Wendy's Shooting.  The Mystic Rectangle requires balance between the planets in opposition at the corners of the rectangle.  The Last Adam and the Red Planet were in opposition near the Ascendant, which marks the dawn.  The top half of the zodiac is in daylight and the bottom half is in night.  The Last Adam, symbolizing the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union, was preparing to rise, and the Red Planet, for the Blood of Christ, was setting.  This would have been the scene as Jesus Christ was hanging on the Cross after He had finished bearing the sins of the world.  This was when He said (or was about to say), "Finished."  Sundown was approaching for the Red Planet, which symbolizes the substitutionary spiritual death of Christ for the sins of the world.

The Ascendant was in the sign of Scorpius, which symbolizes the evil one who conspired to send Jesus Christ to the Cross.  The Last Adam in Sagittarius was preparing to rise.  Sagittarius, the archer, symbolizes the conflict of Jesus Christ with the evil conspiracy that crucified Him.  It includes the symbolic arrows that pierced Him as well as the Roman spear that pierced His side and heart and released the blood and water.  The previous sign beside Sagittarius is Capricornus, the goat, which symbolizes the blood sacrifice for unlimited atonement.  And the sign before Capricornus is Aquarius, which symbolizes the water bearer.  Therefore, the Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes the Crucifixion; Capricornus symbolizes the blood for unlimited atonement; and Aquarius symbolizes the water of the Word (Gospel) of Salvation.

The Sun was in Aquarius, which corresponds to the location of Florida, the launch site of STS-123.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Mediator planet, which symbolizes Christ the Mediator between God and man.  A Stellium of three planets, the Redeemer, Savior, and Morning Star, were on the cusp of Capricornus and Aquarius.  These planets were in opposition to the Ringed planet (God of the Covenants) in Leo, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  The Redeemer, Savior, and Morning Star symbolize fulfillment of God's covenants with mankind.  The Redeemer and Savior fulfill the Adamic Covenant, Mosaic, and New Covenant to the Church, and the Morning Star fulfills the Abrahamic and New Covenant to Israel.

STS-123 Patch Chart

Mission Patch

The STS-123 Mission patch matches the Star Chart at the time of Launch as shown in the picture of the Star Chart overlaid on the mission patch.  The mission patch is shaped like the Star Chart with objects that portray the scene in the Star Chart.  The patch has a rim that is yellow on the top and red on the bottom.  This division corresponds to the daylight and dark halves of the Star Chart.  The yellow symbolizes light and life.  It was the color of the light reflected off the clouds of the night launch.  And the red symbolizes the red Earth and the Blood of Christ.  The red Earth in conjunction with the yellow light symbolizes the Resurrection.  The Sun is red when it rises.

The Dextre robot on the left is shaped like a man and a tree.  It symbolizes the humanity of Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union on the Cross, i. e. the Last Adam (1 Cor 15:22).  The red maple leaf of Canada symbolizes the heart of Christ.  His heart was pierced with the Roman spear.  The spear is symbolized by the three horns that project up to the pentagram.  The horns gore like the spear.  The name, "Gorie," is beside the spear for emphasis.  The three horns symbolize Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon, and the pentagram is a symbol of a giant, such as Baal.  The spear pierced the side of Christ and entered His heart, and out poured blood clots and serum (water) upon the red Earth beneath the Cross.

On the right side of the patch is the Japanese module, Kibo, with a symbol of the red Sun.  The red Sun at Sunrise symbolizes the Resurrection.  The symbol of the red Sun on Kibo also symbolizes the Red Planet.  Above Kibo, the Space Station with its dual solar arrays forms the image of the sign of Gemini, the twins.  The Red Planet was indeed in the sign of Gemini on the Star Chart.  Thus, the patch with Dextre in opposition to Kibo corresponds to the Star Chart of the Last Adam in Sagittarius in opposition to the Red Planet in Gemini.

The Orbiter rising also symbolizes the Resurrection.  The seven-pointed stars are evidence that the launch was scheduled for 2007 but slipped into 2008 just as its predecessor, STS-122.  The number 7 symbolizes categorical completion, and a star symbolizes a resurrected believer.  Also, note that the number, 123, is spelled out by the planets in conjunction beginning with the Moon in Aries (1), the Sun and Mediator (2), and the Morning Star, Savior, and Redeemer (3).


NASA launched STS-123 at night at 2:28/14 EDT.  The number, 123, symbolizes an historical uptrend.  The night launch was at precisely the right time to verify the meaning of the mission patch and communicate the Gospel message.  When Jesus Christ was crucified, He bore the sins of the world in His own body.  He died as a substitute for all mankind.  After He had finished bearing the sins of the world, He said, "Finished."  Then He died physically and was Resurrected on the third day.  The NASA STS-123 Launch demonstrated all that. Since all the sins of the world have been paid for, there is nothing to prevent anyone from receiving Eternal Life.  Salvation is freely available to anyone who will believe in Jesus Christ.  Those who believe will receive the New Birth, per the meaning of the year, 2008.

Author:  Larry Wood