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Burning Tires Hail Bush Return from Egypt

Burning Tires Hail Bush Return from Egypt

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January 17 (Day 17, Lawlessness):  A huge fire at a Florida tire recycling plant followed President Bush's return from his Middle East tour.  The tire fire in Cocoa, Florida sent flames 100 feet into the air along with black smoke as a pile of tires 20 feet high and about 50 yards long burned.  The fire was reported about 10:10 AM EST (1510 GMT).  President Bush completed his Middle East tour in Egypt yesterday.  His tour was a quest to give the Palestinians a state and foster peace.  But, Isaiah warned, "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help" (Isaiah 31:1).  A massive 70-vehicle holocaust in Florida coincided with the beginning of President Bush's Middle East tour, and a massive tire fire announced his return.

The tire fire was a stern warning from God to President Bush, who defied the Abrahamic Covenant and tried to play the role of peacemaker.  The symbolism is described by Isaiah, where tires symbolize boots of soldiers:

Isaiah 9:5-6
5 For every boot of the booted warrior in the battle tumult,
And cloak rolled in blood, will be for burning, fuel for the fire.
6 For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;
And the government will rest on His shoulders;
And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. (NAS)
This is a description of the Second Advent when the Lord will return and destroy the enemies of Israel.  The enemy soldiers wearing boots will be burned.  Those enemies of Israel are the very ones whom President Bush courted for peace.  There will be no peace until the Millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

The black, sooty tire fire also symbolized the Lord's making of the Abrahamic Covenant when a smoking stove and a flaming torch appeared.

And it came about when the sun had set, that it was very dark, and behold, there appeared a smoking stove and a flaming torch which passed between these pieces. (Genesis 15:17)
The smoking stove and flaming torch that passed between the animal parts was the Lord, who was making a covenant with Himself.  According to the custom, the animals split in half represented the two sides of an issue, and two people walked between the two halves to symbolize the making of a covenant (see explanation March 22, 1999).  The Abrahamic Covenant established the boundaries of the Promised Land (Gen. 15:18), and foretold Israel's slavery in Egypt (Gen. 15:13).  The Lord destroyed Egypt with the Plagues (which will also happen next year) and settled Israel in the Promised Land.

The burning tires in Florida were yet another warning from God of cursing in store for anyone who opposes the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen.12:3).
Cocoa Tire Fire
Star Chart

The meaning of the Florida tire fire was also explained in stars overhead.  The fire was reported about 10:10 AM EST.  At 10:00 AM, the Mediator planet crossed the Ascendant, which was in Aquarius.  The Ascendant is the sign coming over the horizon at the time.  It symbolizes birth or beginning.  Aquarius also corresponds to Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Mediator planet symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Mediator between God and man at the Cross.  It also symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the High Priest of the Church.

President Bush was trying to play the role of mediator between Israel and the Palestinians.  That function belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the only hope of Salvation for the two, and there will not be peace between them until the Millennium.  Pointing out the Mediator planet was a stern reprimand to Bush's foreign policy.  And when he returned to the USA, he was also greeted with dire economic news.

The planetary configuration was a Bucket with a focus of the God of the Covenants planet in Leo, which symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah at the Second Advent.  A Bucket focuses all of the planets on one side of the chart on the single planet on the other side of the chart.  Thus, the focus was toward the God of the Covenants planet, which symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the maker of the covenants.  The covenants include the Abrahamic Covenant, which President Bush was trying to ignore as well as the New Covenant to the Church, which establishes the Church Age in which the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Savior for Jews and Gentiles.  Bush, as a Christian, was the ambassador of Christ, who is the only hope of the Jews and Arabs.  If they don't accept Jesus Christ per the meaning of 2008 for the New Birth, then they will face Judgment in 2009.

The Bucket stretched from the Morning Star in Scorpius to the Red Planet in Gemini, which is associated with Israel.  The Sun was in Capricornus, which points to Texas as the home state of President Bush.

Weather - Heathrow Plane Lands Short of RunwayElephant, 1-17-08, 1545 GMT

A weather elephant that stretched across Florida was over Cocoa at the time of the tire fire.  The elephant's trunk was shaped like a phallus, a sign of Phallic Reversionism corresponding to January 17, for lawlessness.  And the initials, "U K," appeared east of Florida in the elephant satellite photo.  Although such things are generally discounted, a Boeing 777 had just fallen from the sky and crash landed short of the runway at Heathrow Airport in UK.  Flight BA038 from Beijing lost power and crash landed at 1242 GMT, three hours before the weather photo.  The crash landing of the flight from Beijing occurred as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was waiting to take off for China and India.  His flight was delayed because of the crash.  China is in the region corresponding to Leo, where the God of the Covenants was in the Star Chart.

The meaning of the numbers tells the story.  January 17 is for lawlessness.  The number, 777, means "I'll fly away"; a tangent; radical change in course.  The number points to the futility of mankind prior to the Noahic Flood, which symbolized female promiscuity.  The number, 38, is for dying in the wilderness, and 1242 is for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  An elephant symbolizes a demon commander, such as Baal, the enemy of Marriage, Israel, and children.  And Heathrow Airport is at 51 N., for arrogance.


President Bush concluded his Middle East tour yesterday in Egypt.  His trip began with a 70-vehicle holocaust in Florida and concluded with a huge tire fire in Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Both were dire warnings from God of an impending holocaust.  The tire fire symbolized the burning of the boots of soldiers of the enemies of Israel at the Second Advent.  It was also a reminder of the Lord making the Abrahamic Covenant, which deeded the Promised Land to Israel, not to the Palestinians.  The planets overhead were focused on the God of the Covenants planet, another reminder of the Abrahamic Covenant.

Isaiah warned of those who go down to Egypt for help.  Egypt is a type of the world.  The Plagues of Egypt destroyed Egypt to free Israel to go to the Promised Land.  Next year symbolizes the Plagues of Egypt.  Those left in the world will face the Plagues of Egypt next year.  In defying the Abrahamic Covenant, President Bush is setting the stage for severe Judgment of the USA next year.

The fall of the Boeing 777, Flight BA038, from the sky at Heathrow Airport delayed Prime Minister Gordon Brown's take off for China.  This incident was also related to the burning tires in Florida.  China is in the region of Leo, where the God of the Covenants planet was currently located during the Florida fire.  This emphasizes the Abrahamic Covenant as the issue in the Middle East.  Coincidentally, the European Union Middle East envoy is Tony Blair.  England is in the region of Taurus.  The Red Planet, for the Blood of Christ and suffering, was on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus.

Author:  Larry Wood