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Awesome Eagle of Hurricane Noel

Noel Eagle, 11-2-07, 1715 GMT, PSC

Awesome Eagle of Hurricane Noel

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November 2 (Day 306, Man):  As it traveled up the east coast, Hurricane Noel formed the awesome image of an eagle staring at Washington, DC.  The wingspan of the giant eagle stretched from Panama to Greenland.  An eagle symbolizes Jesus Christ as the Heavenly Son of God in the Gospel of John, who came down from Heaven at the First Advent (John 6:41, 51, 58).  It also symbolizes a throne angel, which punishes the Client Nation.  Hurricane Noel (French, for Christmas, pronounced knoll) became the deadliest Atlantic hurricane of the year with the latest death toll of 118 in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The deaths were due to flooding and mudslides when Noel was a minimal tropical storm on the southern coast of Hispaniola.  From Hispaniola the stormed moved over eastern Cuba before turning north and becoming a hurricane yesterday.  Noel is predicted to become extratropical later today and continue up the east coast as a powerful cyclone and hit Nova Scotia on November 4.

Tropical Storm Noel Star Chart
Tropical Storm Noel, 10-28-07
Noel became a tropical storm when it was south of the Dominican Republic on October 28 at 1:40 PM local time (1740 GMT).  The configuration of the planets overhead at the time revealed a Grand Cross, the symbol of the suffering of the Cross.  At the time, the Almighty God planet (Jupiter) was in Scorpius.  Scorpius, the scorpion symbolizes Satan, the enemy of Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union, who inspired the crucifixion, but  was defeated at the Cross (Jn 3:14-15, 12:31-32, 16:11; Luk 10:19).  The Almighty God in Scorpius symbolizes God the Father's imputation of the sins of the world to Christ on the Cross.  In opposition to the Almighty God in Scorpius is the Moon in Taurus.  Taurus, the bull symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Redeemer, who will return as a mighty warrior at the Second Advent to redeem Israel (Hebrews 10:13-14) and establish worldwide prosperity for a millennium.  Taurus, the bull, as the largest and most expensive sacrifice, also symbolizes the fat of the land (Isaiah 30:23-24; 32:20) - i. e. prosperity.  The Moon symbolizes the congregation of believers and the Right Woman, both of whom are identified with Christ in His death (Romans 6:1-7; Galatians 2:20; Colossians 3:3).  The Moon in Taurus at the Cross means the believer who died with Christ cannot benefit from worldly riches or human good.  The Moon identified with the Cross also symbolizes the Eclipse Testing of the woman, whereby she goes to the cross or dies the sin unto death because of her Right Man.

The other arm of the Cross has the Mediator planet in Aquarius in opposition to the Morning Star in Leo.  Aquarius, the water bearer, symbolizes carrying the water of the word (the Gospel) to evangelize the world.  The Mediator planet in Aquarius symbolizes the gospel message of Jesus Christ, the Mediator between God and man (1 Timothy 2:5).  Leo, the lion  symbolizes Jesus Christ, the King of kings as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, who will return at the Second Advent and conquer the enemies of Israel.  The Morning Star symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ in his battlefield royalty when He returns as conqueror at the Second Advent (Revelation 2:28; 22:16).  Thus, the Mediator planet in Aquarius in opposition to the Morning Star in Leo symbolizes the contrast between the gospel of the Cross at the First Advent and the destruction of the enemies of Israel at the Second Advent.

The Sun was in Libra.   Libra, the balance, or scales, symbolizes measurement and balance in general as well as justice (Job 31:6) and commerce (Revelation 6:5).  It symbolizes Christ, our justification, who satisfied the perfect Justice of God by being judged for the sins of the world (Romans 5:8-9).  The Sun in Libra associated with Tropical Storm Noel symbolized Judgment.  The worst Judgment in history was the flood, and flooding was the Judgment of the islands of Hispaniola and Cuba.


Tropical Storm Noel first tarried over Hispaniola, which is shaped like a giant turtle, the symbol of Baal, the enemy of children, Marriage, and Israel.  Over 100 people perished in the flooding.  Noel was drifting south of Hispaniola on October 27, 2007, Day 300, for Judgment.  Noah's Ark was 300 cubits long.  Noel was named a Tropical Storm the next day, October 28, for a Cosmic Stronghold.  Tropical Storm Noel next moved to Cuba, which is shaped like a horse's neck.  A horse symbolizes war and a male phallic reversionist.

Noel left Cuba and exploded into a powerful hurricane on November 1 when it was off the east coast of Florida.  Florida corresponds to the sign of Aquarius, which was at the end of one of the legs of the Grand Cross on the Birth Chart of Noel.  Noel is French for Christmas, which is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  France is in the same location in Europe as Israel in Asia.  The US government is trying to have a peace Summit in November to give the Palestinians a state in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The awesome eagle that resulted form the satellite map of Hurricane Noel off the US east coast had a wingspan that stretched from Panama to Greenland.  The eye of the eagle was staring at Washington, DC.  That was a dire warning of a Throne Angel capable of destroying the US.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).

A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor like the rebellious female  who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  As goes Marriage Culture, so goes the nation.  The Birth Chart of Tropical Storm Noel contained a Grand Cross, the symbol of the suffering of the Cross.  In the Grand Cross, the Moon in Taurus was in opposition to the Almighty God planet in Scorpius.  This symbolized the Satanic attack that sent Jesus Christ to the Cross as well as the believers who died with Him.  It also symbolized the Right Woman going to the cross because of her Right Man in the Eclipse Testing of the woman.  Those who reject Marriage Culture will die the sin unto death.

Author:  Larry Wood