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Little Giant Hurricane Felix Hits Nicaragua

Horse, 9-5-07, 0145 GMT, NOAA Hurricane Felix Landfall, 9-4-07, 1115 GMT, Navy

Little Giant Hurricane Felix Hits Nicaragua

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September 4 (Day 247, Peace):  Hurricane Felix, with a small 12-mile wide eye, made landfall on Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast as a Category 5 hurricane with estimated 140-knot (160 mph) winds and a pressure of 939 mb.  It crossed the Miskito Keys and made landfall in a region occupied by the Miskito people, native indians, who are mostly Moravian Christians.  The mining town of Bonanza, about 90 miles inland, was in the path of the hurricane.  Hurricane Felix was the 31st Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic since record keeping began in 1851.  Later, Hurricane Henrietta made landfall on Mexico's Baha California peninsula just east of Cabo San Lucas near San Jose del Cabo around 2030 UTC.  It was the first time two hurricanes from separate oceans hit North America on the same day.

The name, Felix, is Latin for great happiness and prosperity, felicity.  It corresponds to the Hebrew Asher.  The Tribe of Asher was richly blessed with happiness and prosperity.  The greatest happiness comes from the worst suffering.  War is Hell, but the prosperity of peace, which follows victory, is a time of great happiness.  "Weeping may endure for the night, but a shout of Happiness comes in the morning!" (Psa 30:5).  This is the clue to the meaning of Hurricane Felix.  It followed Hurricane Dean, which hit the Yucatan and symbolized Christ the cornerstone from the suffering of the Cross.  Hurricane Felix also represented suffering, especially for the Miskitos.  At the time of landfall, the star chart contained a Grand Cross, which symbolizes the suffering of the Cross.  It was the 31st Category 5 hurricane, where 31 is for an evil king and a reminder of the defeat of Saddam Hussein.  President Bush visited Iraq yesterday and found some bright spots in the peace that has followed the Iraq War.  While the President was in Iraq, Felix blinked and went through an eye replacement cycle, which demonstrated its relationship to Iraq.  Felix made landfall on Day 247, for peace.  Thus, Felix, for happiness, symbolizes the happiness of peace that follows the suffering of war.  Fighting the war was easier than winning the peace.

After landfall of Felix and Henrietta, the weather map contained the image of a horse with the rider trying to seize the reins to control the horse.  The image of Felix at the time appeared to resemble a Turkey.  Bush's foreign policy has previously been symbolized by a turkey (ref. 4-25-02 | 6-17-02).  The turkey also corresponds to a terrorist from Turkey, who was one of three terrorists captured in Germany in a plot to bomb a US military base.
Hurricane Felix Landfall, 9-4-07, 1100 GMT
Hurricane Felix Star Chart

The star chart of Hurricane Felix at the time of landfall in Nicaragua reveals a Grand Cross, the symbol of the suffering of the Cross.  The symbol of the Cross not only pointed to Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, but also to the Miskito Moravian Christians, who were in the path of the storm.  The star chart featured the Almighty God planet (Jupiter) in Scorpius, which symbolizes Satan's attack that sent Jesus Christ to the Cross.  The Almighty God planet is normally at home in Taurus, the Bull, but in the opposite sign of Scorpius, it represents the Satanic counterattack of a giant, such as Baal or Jezebel.  In Taurus, the Red Planet and Moon are in conjunction.  The Red Planet symbolizes the Blood of Christ, which is His substitutionary spiritual death on the Cross for the sins of the world.  The Moon symbolizes the congregation of believers.  The opposition of the Almighty God planet and the Red Planet was resolved at the Cross, where Jesus Christ won the victory over Satan.

The horizontal beam of the Grand Cross has the Sun in Leo, the Lion, in opposition to the Mediator planet (Uranus) in Aquarius, the Water Bearer.  This portrays the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ as King.  Also in opposition are the Redeemer planet (Neptune) at home in Capricornius, the Goat, and the Morning Star in Cancer, the Crab.  This portrays the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ who will return to redeem Israel and establish His Millennial Kingdom (Isaiah 1:24-28; 44:6-7, 22-23; 49:26; Jer 31:10-11).  The happiness and prosperity of the Millennium is symbolized by Asher in Israel and Felix in the Church Age.


Hurricane Felix was the 31st Category 5 Atlantic hurricane, where 31 is for an evil king and points to Saddam Hussein.  The landfall of Felix in Nicaragua symbolizes a military attack (like the Second Advent).  Landfall was on Day 247, for peace, and the name, Felix, is for happiness and prosperity, which comes in peace after intense suffering.  The star chart at landfall revealed a Grand Cross, the symbol of the suffering of the Cross of Christ and the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua, who are Moravian Christians.  The mining town of Bonanza lay in the path of the Hurricane.  A Bonanza is a rich lode of gold or silver, which corresponds to the meaning of Felix and Asher, which include great happiness and prosperity.

Hurricanes Felix and Henrietta made landfall on the same day in North America.  Felix was in the Caribbean in the region of Political Babylon, while Henrietta was in the Pacific in the region of Ecumenical Babylon.  It made landfall in Mexico's prosperous tourist area.  US foreign policy is in Political Babylon, and Congressional oversight of the Iraq War with the Surge review next week is in Ecumenical Babylon.  President Bush carried with him to Iraq, the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates of Iran-Contra fame during the Reagan administration.  During the Reagan administration, Nicaragua was under the control of the Sandinistas,  who were opposed by the Contras, which included the Miskito Indians.

Author:  Larry Wood